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this is. president zuma the stakes in south africa's political showdown the ruling a.n.c. party tells him to go but the president says no yet also on the program. yesterday ukraine's opposition leader was dragged out of a restaurant and forcibly deported to poland today really says he will continue his fight against corruption and rally political opposition from abroad. germany's oldest political party the s.p.d. looks set to elect its first female leader but. the deeply divided social democrats
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. plus devastation in paradise tropical cyclone keaton through the pacific islands tearing roofs off homes and causing widespread flooding. i'm still going to welcome to the program. south africa's ruling party the eye and say has formally asked the country's scandal hit president jacob zuma to resign it says he should go so the country can move towards political stability and economic recovery the party has a new leader cyril ramaphosa ready to take over president zuma remains in power and says he will give his response tomorrow is the a.n.c. secretary general a smug assured. this is the. space . to respond. we have. needed.
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to restore where we. are expecting to do. more. let's leave it because there are groups who. correspond with christine. christine so the a.n.c. tells jacob zuma to go he says what i'm good and ready now what now we wait for some are because he is expected to release a statement a way he will one acknowledge that he has been recalled by the party and we're hoping that he'll indicates as to when he sees it first to resign it doesn't have to go does it he doesn't have to her this is a party structure cannot remove a sitting president it would eventually essentially have to force the a.n.c. to take the matter to parliament where they would have to use a motion of no confidence or launch impeachment proceedings and this is
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a president who is no stranger to scandal so he was replaced as deputy president in two thousand and five when he was implicated in a corruption scandal and he and corruption of sort of gone side by side in the whiff of corruption ever since just focus or some of his highlights or lowlights if you like there wasn't guns that way it was that he used state funds to upgrade his private home there were eight hundred charges related to the the on stealing. one thousand nine hundred seven when he was linked with corruption that were dropped convenient the just before he became president those charges have since been reinstated and then there's been the family this association with an indian business family that has been found to have had influence over cabinet positions effectively having them get government contracts big contracts from the south african government and despite this constant whiff of corruption around him to still be carrying president he will still be i am sees madam so why they are trying
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to dump him up until now zuma has had a consolidation of power he has been the party president and he has been the country's president we've seen anybody voicing opposition to him within the party structures essentially committing political suicide because those people have since left the party the tide turned in december when was the took over as the president of the a.n.c. because now those voices people who are opposed to him could now come out and it was seen as anti zuma when the ain't see voted for him of course and opted not to pick zuma is choice. his jujitsu and his term as president next year anyway given the with around him and the a.n.c. seeming inability to remove him could next year be the year that south africa votes for a normal a.n.c. president we're not there yet so what's missing in south africa's opposition space is a credible black party that middle class black south africans that poor of black south africans can relate to it's unfortunate right now in the sense that if you look at
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the opposition scene the main opposition is still considered to be a white party a break away from the a.n.c. failed back in two thousand and seven and that was the moment a lot of analysts will tell you that was the moment to create something that blacks all evidence could feel like there was still not selling out nelson mandela stream so to say so that is a problem is of africa's political space that black south africans feel for them it's the a.n.c. or nothing at most what we could see is support slipping for the a.n.c. but we are not going to see an opposition party assuming the presidency just yet so tomorrow is the day should look out for when dangerous area is forms a christian would rather hew. ukrainian opposition leader mikhail saakashvili has said that he will continue his fight against corruption and to rally people against the country's authorities despite being deported yesterday he was dragged out of a restaurant forcibly detained incense to poland he says he was kidnapped. dozens
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of meek are circus really supporters braved the cold kiev night to protest his deportation they're packing his call for president pro tempore shank go to resign accusing him of corruption the ukrainian government says saakashvili is trying to stage a russian sponsored through here saakashvili is attorney has called kiev's actions outrageous. when it's a kidnapping and not the detention because the detention would be based on either a court decision or other documents and this wasn't the case. the surveillance footage reportedly shows the moment border police arrested saakashvili for deportation saying he was an illegal resident in ukraine. saakashvili had been a friend of poor shango arriving in ukraine as his advisor in two thousand and fourteen he renounced his georgian citizenship to become a ukrainian national and governor of the region but the friendship turned sour saakashvili started criticizing poroshenko as government and launched a nationwide anti-corruption movement he was stripped of his ukrainian citizenship
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while abroad but he forced his way back across the ukrainian border in september flanked by his supporters and his deportation may not be entirely surprising just last week a ukrainian court rejected his appeal to be given special protection against a possible extradition and in his native georgia he's wanted for alleged abuse of office in january a court there sentenced in absentee a to three years in prison now in poland he's vowing to fight on. and fight field indicates corruption and corrupt oligarchies ukraine as well as. this is my express this is my clear goal. i will do it from the time big from here from europe because of free to move here ukraine that was all the time to rest by police saakashvili said he would find
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a way to return to ukraine to fight against the nation's authorities insisting that it is his country. germany social democrats are expected to appoint under a nod as their first ever female leader following the resignation of former party leader cantor to boston shields this comes amidst a deep party infighting in turmoil over a new coalition deal but i'm going to conservatives. for over one hundred fifty years the social democrats have been led by men among them former chancellor but aren't now germany's oldest political party could finally get it but never female leader. is set to hand over the leadership of the party and they are not the historic changing of the guard. we thought about what would be best in this situation and i also had to consider whether i can and want to fulfill this task after these processes of deliberation we both decided that this is the best course
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of action you can open this is the best of. as leader of the social democrat parliamentary group now list was valued for her ability to bring people together and motivate them she also has a reputation for being outspoken some say it was her speech at the social democratic party conference that secures the votes needed for starting coalition talks with angela merkel's conservative clark. thank you. s.p.d. party beliefs if we decide to govern and. her career in politics started out more than twenty years ago within the s.p.d. youth organization the young socialist she became the leader in one thousand nine hundred five back then she was a student of political science and told d.w. and one of her first interviews that she didn't plan
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a political career. for you i don't want to stay in politics for the rest of my life so after being chairwoman i want to look for a real job and for that i need a good degree of. not just finished her studies four years later and has stayed within the ranks of the s.p.d. ever sense as an m.p. party official and later as labor minister one of her chief moments is germany's minimum wage law she also fought successfully for better pensions just by this she's not very popular with the german public martin short is short tenure at the head of the s.p.d. is now it could be up to under the analysis to lead the party to its former strength. now for a look at some of the other stories making news around the world the suspect in last year's stock truck attack has pleaded guilty to terrorism on the opening day of his trial raclette said he wanted to punish sweden for fighting against so-called islamic state it killed five people and injured fifteen others the
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prosecutor. is calling for a life sentence. the trial of a palestinian teenager led to mimi has begun behind closed doors in an israeli military court to maybe faces twelve charges including assault and incitement for slapping and pushing two israeli soldiers last year for palestinians a seventeen year old symbolizes their struggle against israeli occupation as radio forces say she is an agitator. investigators say pilot error may have caused sunday's crash of a russian passenger plane that killed all seventy one people on board after studying the flight data recorder officials say pilots failed to turn on behaving unit for the plane's pressure measurement system that would have caused instruments to display the wrong speed a woman accused of exploiting her relationship with south korea's former president for personal gain has been sentenced to twenty years in prison tewson says was convicted of bribery abuse of power and other crimes the scandal that impeachment
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president to pardon hate last year and in fact implicated major corporations including sam so. the pacific island of tonga has been left devastated after a tropical cyclone ripped through it on monday night as neighbors are now scrambling to deliver emergency relief after the powerful storm tore roofs of homes and caused widespread flooding meteorologists are warning the gates of could still reach its full potential when it makes landfall in fiji on wednesday the family home reduced to rubble we they received. the kids cry with wind speeds that reached more than two hundred thirty kilometers per hour tongans was still in more than sixty years cycling gaeta downed power lines ripped roofs clean of houses and left widespread flooding. as well as flattening the century old parliament building. now must begin the task
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to clean up the devastation so far fissures have started really clear up while new zealand and australia have together pledged more than one million dollars in aid relief. but many here still claim their lucky on monday officials declared a state of emergency as the storm tore into nearby samoa but the category five level was never reached to verifying the racing through my window. this morning surely it must be people. but forecasters are cautious the category five threat remains ever present as the storm heads for fiji experts expect it will make landfall there on wednesday and reach new zealand by the end of the week. as a reminder of our top stories out there is south african president jacob zuma has
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been formally asked by the ruling and same party to resign president zuma said that he will respond to more. than germany social democrats are expected to appoint as a first ever female leader following the resignation of former party leader and candidate for chancellor. this comes amidst a party infighting a. new coalition deal with i'm going to miracles conservatives. don't forget you can always get d.w. news. from google plus still give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use it to satisfy and figures. out a quick look at what's still to come out what do you do when. over air pollution german government sets free public transport mobile with the business updates in just a minute. and i'll be back with the latest news update at the top of the i will get
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to. explain about moments before. the storms in so. it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us and inspired by distinctive instagram or zz. d.w. stories you talk to each week on instagram.


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