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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 13, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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this is the deputy news that lives from bird lady president zuma ups the stakes in south africa's political showdown the ruling a.n.c. party tells him to go but the president says not yet. also coming up germany's oldest political party the as p.v. looks set to decide on its first female leader but can andrea knowledges unify the deeply divided social democrats. and yesterday we can saakashvili was dragged out of a restaurant and forcibly deported to poland today he says that he will continue his
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fight against corruption from abroad and rally political opposition. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us south africa's ruling party the a.n.c. has formally asked the scandal hit president jacob zuma to resign it says that he should go so the country can move toward political stability and economic recovery the pressure on president zuma has been growing since december when he was replaced as a.n.c. leader a by south africa's deputy president cyril ramaphosa he is ready to take over the top job but zuma remains in power saying that he will give his response on wednesday here's what the a.n.c. as secretary general had to say a short time ago. through as we were really good for business is moving. if you
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were do the space. tourist boat. we have here he wouldn't be needed. to tourists going where we have to go what do you believe to be exploited by the deep blue to do a good job that is if you expect him to do so i don't know if you love him but to visit leave you to visit with your books. from art let's bring and journalist alice van gelder who is joining us from cape town we just heard there the chair saying that he doesn't know what will happen let's leave it up to jacob zuma the party wants him to goes in the saying that he will go when he is good and ready what happens now yet he actually had said street and say earlier that he only wanted to get it was ready to go but only in three to six months while the a.n.c. yes they were scared they don't want that they urgently as they set want to want to remove him or actually want him to go if he refuses to go then the only option is
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to impeach him or to vote for a motion of no confidence in parliament so he only way is then parliamentary process and if that happens that can be more you many a saying forty eight c. and for president zuma in see isn't that scheme because this all went to a motion of no confidence on the table that was tabled by the opposition and they want to keep control over the process they want to keep it in their own hands so they are still hopeful that maybe tomorrow zuma will say i'm loyal to my party and i'm going to listen to them yeah but in the meantime i mean you know if we just look at the background if you just look at jacob zuma the politician he was replaced as deputy president of south africa back in two thousand and five when he was implicated in a corruption scandal he has really been dogged by scandal ever since but the party has stuck by him until now so walk us through what has changed. yes no indeed for the car to stop by and
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a part of the party is zoom out loyal and that's also why yes so they want to party any and decided to recall and this was a meeting that also thirteen hours so that says enough it says that there are still people within the party that support arms zuma that have probably been profiting from this system of corruption of petron actually build up what has changed in that in these ember there there was a vote today in a new party leader of the a.n.c. his name is thriller macaw so he's meeting these negotiations as well and he's here he's on to corruption he's on teasing him and he wants conspiracy and he wants to bring. back to it's all the use and that's now ideas he's also saying look we content these two separate sources of power one in cedar and jacob zuma and that's why as you might now has to move. ellis why not just have a vote of no confidence in the parliament i mean it would be pretty swiftly remove
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him from power and solve a lot of problems wouldn't it why is the a.n.c. not taking that route right now. if they're still using words like that they want to have respect for jacob zuma the dignity is very important and loyalty is very important and then they do feel it these are core reality is amin sees sodaine do want him to go with some sort of on or and say it's but they've also said if he does want to humiliate himself we will go to parliament so yeah if he if he denies to go one way or the other they're going to kick him out basically journalist alice van gelder with the very latest from south africa thank you. well here in germany martine scholtz has officially step down with immediate effect as leader of germany's social democrats schultz nominated andre analysis as his successor the move comes amid widespread disenchantment with schultz's leadership within the ranks of the s.p.v. party members are gearing up to vote on
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a deal with chancellor angela merkel's conservatives to form another groundcover ration senior s.p. two members say that they will back as nomination of knowledges as leader. so what does this mean for the party what does this mean for the country let's bring in political correspondent thomas sparrow who is standing by outside of s.p.d. headquarters here in berlin welcome to you thomas so now under a analysis we've just heard is expected to be elected as party leader in april but what happens in the meantime thomas because this is a really critical moment for the party as it gets ready to vote on a new coalition deal which is very critical for germany well in the meantime the party will be led on an interim basis by all off shows one of the s.p.d. deputies in the current mayor of. this decision was taken today here at the s.p.d. headquarters in order to appease some of the internal criticism by s.p.d.
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members who had argued that the decision whether to announce a leader or not to announce a leader should include why does membership of the party are not only leadership and that's why all of the shows was announced today as the into remote leader until that extraordinary party conference in a secure visa bodden on the twenty second of april and in the meantime we know andrea analysis she's actually just given a statement we want to listen in to that statement and then get your reaction there after thomas ellison. mine of course it's whom i want to express my joy about the high level of support i received today in the party executive and it's a duty that our now want to carry out. it's a responsibility for our country because i will endorse entering the grand coalition i will campaign for this and do everything i can to make it work for the frightening images of killing she is campaigning for
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a grand coalition apparently reiterating that in that statement a short while ago thomas what does that mean for the so-called grand coalition is it more likely that there will be a yes vote now in favor of it among s.p.d. members while the four hundred sixty three thousand s.p.d. members will certainly be voting on whether to accept or not to accept that deal and it had become evident that martin shows have become a burden for many of those s.p.d. members from that perspective it can be seen as a positive news for those who want another grand coalition but the fact is also sorrow that many who reject the grand coalition do so not because of martin shows but because they want their party to not be in a grand coalition but rather to start. from the opposition as the largest party in opposition so it is still unclear what this this decision today will mean for the
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wider party for the vote of the four hundred sixty three thousand members and obviously for the grand coalition itself. thomas sparrow in berlin thank you. well media reports in israel say police have enough evidence to recommend that prosecutors consider charging prime minister benjamin netanyahu with bribery netanyahu denies any wrongdoing but he's been questioned several times over the last year and is a suspect in two separate cases let's get more now on this breaking news with our. middle east correspondent tanya kramer who is joining us now from jerusalem and tanya a short while ago actually benjamin not netanyahu responded to his critics quite defiantly fill us in
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well prime minister netanyahu spoke quite in length he said you go to stay in office and he said that there was not one day that his family wasn't attacked and he said that these recommendations where. given by the police to deny to the attorney general that they view and nothing that has been his month all along that he says all these investigations against him is kind of the rich under guns to him and his family and that they will lead to nothing you dress described in the lengthy speech tonight television but tanya how can he be so sure i mean these these seem like some pretty serious recommendations what would be the norm all. next step when it comes to a matter like this. well these recommendations were expected here talking about investigations that went on for almost over
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a year so we're talking about two cases that are known to israelis as case one thousand which pertains to that netanyahu suspected to have been given. some pain and cigars and other gifts some very wealthy friends and businessmen worth and tens of thousands of shekels so the question here was did he have to get it and the paper in return and the other cases own as case two thousand rich pertains to that he was making a deal with the publisher which didn't go through at the end but for more favorite coverage in the daily news paper now the police were common day sions what would happen now demi be given to the attorney general and only then the attorney general would make a decision whether to indict the prime minister on the charges they recommend and as from what be understand the recommended charges are in two cases probably but also preach of trust now what is interesting then of course is what will happen on
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the political level and this will be the discussion that we will be following tonight. what he said and also what when more comes out what the police actually recommend that tanya kramer with the very latest from israel where media reports saying that police have enough evidence to recommend that prosecutors consider charging prime minister benjamin netanyahu with bribery tanya thank you for your reporting. ukrainian opposition leader mikhail saakashvili has said that he will continue his fight against corruption and rally people against the country's authorities despite being deported yesterday he was dragged out of a restaurant forcibly detained and sent to poland his lawyer says that he was kidnapped. dozens of mikhail saakashvili supporters braved the cold kiev night to protest his deportation they're backing his call for president pro tempore sankoh to resign accusing him of corruption the ukrainian government says saakashvili is
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trying to stage a russian sponsored through here saakashvili is attorney has called kiev's actions outrageous with them when it's a kidnapping and not the detention because the detention would be based on either a court decision or other documents and dispose of the case. the surveillance footage reportedly shows the moment border police arrested saakashvili for deportation saying he was an illegal resident in ukraine saakashvili had been a friend of poor shango arriving in ukraine as his advisor in two thousand and fourteen he renounced his georgian citizenship to become a ukrainian national and governor of the odessa region but the friendship turned sour saakashvili started criticizing poroshenko the government and launched a nationwide anti-corruption movement he was stripped of his ukrainian citizenship while abroad but he forced his way back across the ukrainian border in september flanked by his supporters and his deportation may not be entirely surprising just
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last week a ukrainian court rejected his appeal to be given special protection against a possible extradition and in his native georgia he's wanted for alleged abuse of office in january a court there sentenced in absentee it to three years in prison now in poland he's vowing to fight on. and fight feel good to get corruption and corrupt oligarchies ukraine as well as. this is my express this is my clear goal. i will do it from the time being from here from europe. because of free to move here ukraine that was all become harassed by police saakashvili said he would find a way to return to ukraine to fire the constant nations' authorities insisting that it is his country. a quick reminder now of the top stories we're following for you
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here on south african president jacob zuma has been formally asked by the ruling a.n.c. party to resign president zuma says he will respond tomorrow. they're up to date news i'm sarah kelly and thanks so much for joining us this half hour they hope to see you can see. the. freedom of expression. a value that always has to be defended in new. all over the world. of freedom freedom of art. a multimedia a project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot com or to freedom.


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