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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 14, 2018 8:00am-8:31am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin is it game over for israel's prime minister israeli police say benjamin netanyahu should be indicted on charges in two separate corruption cases but he's sitting back saying the claims are baseless we'll get the latest from jerusalem also coming up. it is exactly one year since german turkish journalist dennis you joe was jailed in turkey and still there's been no indictment and no trial we'll take a look at how his case continues to affect relations between ankara and berlin.
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plus germany's social democrats in chaos the resignation of the party's chairman triggers a leadership battle shortly ahead of a crucial vote on a new coalition deal which sounds from ackles conservatives who can revive this fractured party. thomas a very warm welcome to the show the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is future is very much in doubt this morning the country's police forces saying it has enough evidence to recommend he be charged with bribery fraud and breach of trust israel's attorney general must now examine that police recommendation and decide whether to file charges and it televised address live netanyahu denied any wrongdoing. remember low in my years as prime minister
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i have been subject to at least fifteen inquiries and investigations with the aim of toppling me from power to motion. those attempts resulted in nothing and this time too they will come to nothing. i'm sure it will really i will continue to lead israel responsibly and faithfully for as long as you the citizens of israel jews me to lead you. has been questioned a number of times over the past year and as a suspect and two as mentioned separate corruption cases. israel's prime minister benjamin bibi netanyahu has held the post fanaa and years but now his political future seems at best uncertain for many months a special police unit has been investigating serious allegations against the prime minister these probes known to israelis as cases one and two thousand case one
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thousand netanyahu and his family is suspected of accepting lavish gifts from business people and rich friends champagne cigars and other items worth tens of thousands of israeli shekels in case two thousand the prime minister allegedly tried to influence the publisher of a daily newspaper in order to receive more favorable coverage netanyahu has built his career on the image of mr security according to surveys he's still the favorite prime minister of many israelis but in the last few months some israelis have gone out to protest. it's now up to the attorney general to decide whether to follow the recommendations of the police netanyahu himself has denied all accusations and called the investigations a witch hunt against him and his family. so what are the next steps for netanyahu
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and for israeli prosecutors for more spring indeed of his middle east correspondent tanya kramer tanya how strong is the evidence against netanyahu that's been handed over to prosecutors one of the for the police and they say they have a solid evidence but now it's in the hands of the attorney general and his team to look at this evidence and then to decide whether to file the indictments against the prime minister and also on what charges and that could take really some months some could be a very lengthy process what people are looking at you know his father what's happening on the political arena right now now last night when the recommendations read published the opposition already cold for mr prime minister netanyahu to resign he had a lot of support from his only could ministers saying this is just a move to oust the prime minister that you can whence a fine saying this is a coup but what really matters now are his coalition partners two ministers in his
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government coalition they have said in the father become indications have published that they were wait what the attorney general decides but they will look at this very closely and the see whether they have to leave this ship that before things so whether they will stay on this coalition ok this is also an issue of israeli political culture isn't it netanyahu succeeded a who overheard as prime minister whom self went to prison on corruption charges is this a case of political deja vu for israelis. i think for many is very it's a bit like that it's a dish a real although it was expected because these and this edition have been ongoing for over a year but they remember very well that also then prime minister you had all much less addressing the public saying he wanted to stay on your bench he had to resign and was indicted and later also served as some time in prison but what's very ironic here and some of the israelis have been talking about that is that at the
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time netanyahu was in the opposition then had also criticized prime minister all meant that he couldn't stay on as a prime minister that he should resign so now he's in the same position and these so those israelis who would like him mother to leave his post they remember that time very well well can netanyahu and will he continue on as the nation's leader while the case against them moves forward. well i think the israelis hear that too can if i could simplify it that way i mean that those few of you saw it in the report they have been going out to protest they wanted to speed up these investigations and really put pressure on the attorney general to move forward they are the ones that want to see they had enough they're fed up with prime minister netanyahu they have been always scandalous around his family and they say enough is enough he should leave but he also has a huge support still within his coalition is quite stable coalition. and his
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fighting government and people would like him to stay give us one of their favorite prime ministers so i think he is certainly politically weakened now it will matter what happens in the coming days and weeks. but this will decide certainly his political future tanya kramer thanks very much for that tanya from jerusalem. now for some of the other stories making the news this hour denmark's royal palaces prince henrik has died henricus the husband of queen margaret the second the palace said he died late tuesday in a sleep having earlier been hospitalized with a lung infection he was eighty three years old. in new york a judge has sentenced the man convicted of planting bombs in downtown manhattan to life in prison plus thirty years ahmed khan rahimi a naturalized u.s. citizen was captured on video depositing pressure cooker bombs in december of
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twenty sixteen no one's was killed in that but thirty people were injured. the former guatemalan president has been arrested in a corruption investigation nearly his entire former cabinet has also been detained prosecutors and the u.n. and the corruption body are looking into a public transit deal they say financially benefited public servants. oil was exactly one year ago today that the german turkish journalist in his huge oil was taken into custody by turkish authorities they're holding him on terrorism and espionage charges and yet there has still been no indictment and no trial the german government is again calling for his release saying his detention remains one of the biggest hurdles to improving relations. his colleagues in berlin are not giving up. as they've been campaigning for dennis you just released since he was
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imprisoned a year ago the hash tag free ten is in place and on the roof of his newspaper's offices. hugely seen here on a talk show surely before his arrest because according to turkish authorities he's been held on suspicion of producing terrorist propaganda and incitement to hatred. but no charges have been brought and so far no court proceedings he just spent months in solitary confinement and has only recently been moved to a normal cell. the relationship between berlin and ankara has been tense for some time and is huge as imprisonment is a big point of contention between the two countries. to free a terrorist agent supposedly journalist who was hiding in a german consulate for a month i told her we have a justice system he'll be put on trial and won't be released before that. foreign germany has managed to gain consular access to you but insists that
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detaining him without charge is a human rights violation. let us make no mistake it is not in accordance with rule of law if an executive in this case turk is executive pre-judge as an individual as has publicly done to dennis you jel then is. dennis you jealous one of dozens of journalists currently being held in turkish prisons reporters without borders ranked turkey one hundred fifty fifth out of one hundred eighty countries in last year's world press freedom index. you never used during jones has been following the story from the very beginning for us he joins us now from istanbul dorian what can you tell us about them as you gel and the conditions of his imprisonment. there's been a very difficult year for dinner much of it has been spent in solitary confinement
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in a sixteen square metres cell where the only thing he could see from the window was a brick wall he spoke quite a motive lein statement smuggled to his lawyers where he said solitary confinement is almost like torture now he has been transferred into general circulation now and he has been meeting with other prisoners he's even been starting to write accounts of the situation faced by those prisoners some of the being held for decades in jail or to jail the particular for him is that it doesn't appear to be no end in sight given the fact that he can be held for up to five years in jail before appearing in front of a call door and other german citizens have also been arrested on political of charges and turkey they've been freed what's different about the huge oh. well i think one big factor is the to the turkish president reject type furred one has personally intervened in this case at the time of his detention critic led him a spy he would never leave the country while he remained in power now that
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certainly has complicated things although we have seen some movements by some turkish ministers expressing concern the fact that he hasn't appeared yet in court now despite those voices of concern the usual still hasn't appeared in front of court and there is a suspicion the usual has become a bargaining chip between the two countries there is speculation that encourages demanding certain gestures from berlin possibly an arms deal has been possibly reported both sides have tonight this but the fact that such are a high profile many see as seeing him as a very important chip that they will we expect major concessions from berlin for in exchange for his release you know this is not just about dennis you jel after the failed military coup and twenty sixteen out of one ordered conducted mass arrests many turkish journalists were incarcerated what do we know about their fate. world the the prosecutions in jailings are continuing in fact later this week there
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is expected to be the culmination of a very high profile case of several leading journalists there facing life imprisonment if convicted and these prosecutions are continuing some high profile journalists have been released from pretrial detention but their cases are still going on and the specter of these ongoing prosecutions is creating a growing self-censorship alter censorship of reporters that are continuing to work in this field and the current crackdown on even social media. is also going on and we've had the latest survey strictures now on internet broadcasting which many journalists are now turn to there are now greater restrictions on those broadcast things that see it as a final step for stamping out any really independent journalism within the country during jones for us this morning from istanbul thanks very much for that. mark is here now a conference in coors but attempting to get together
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a lot of money for iraq for iraq war torn iraq of course brian now iraq says it is open for investors that at least is the message officials are pushing an international donor conference currently underway in kuwait iraq is hoping to lure a major investment from its allies aimed at reconstructing the country after decades of conflict the united states has already pledged a loan worth three billion dollars from ex-im bank but that is only a fraction of what's needed numerous iraqi cities were reduced to rubble in the war against islamic states and it will take time and lots of money to breathe life back into iraq. rebuilding a country doesn't exactly come cheap iraq estimates the cost at close to ninety billion dollars. and wiis are some of the people the iraqi government is hoping to woo high ranking officials from the worlds of politics and business here to find
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out what part they might play in the reconstruction of iraq. the government is offering projects in almost every sector of the economy including its oil industry . zeman c.e.o. joe kayser told you his company is rebuilding four power plants he said securing availability of electricity is probably iraq's biggest challenge right now we know that the grade is under tremendous stress. and the us secretary of state rex tillerson announced a three billion dollar loan from ex-im bank to help the country rebuild. the funds that we've announced that we've already committed and that we announced today there were are committing our all around stabilization in iraq and syria this is the first step that then provide the conditions for reconstruction. we have to restore those basic utilities and keep the area safe and secure in order for reconstruction
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to be again the conference is taking place just two months after iraq declared victory over the so-called islamic state it's an achievement the government is hoping will convince international businesses that now is the time to invest in the country's future. earlier in the day tillerson laid a wreath at a gulf war memorial a reminder of just one conflict iraq is hoping to leave behind as it braces itself for what it hopes will be a more prosperous future. and for more on the iraqi donor conference i'm joined by felix nygaard c.e.o. of the german chamber of commerce in the gulf states he joins us in kuwait good to have you with us and when we see those images of devastation in iraq it is very hard to imagine that those broken cities could ever be rebuilt again certainly not in the future you will that what hope do you have for iraq. well i participated yesterday in the business day in the frame of this iraq
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conference in kuwait and this took place in a hotel in the ballroom was literally packed with hundreds of business people so the interest on behalf business on behalf of journalism is definitely there and iraq definitely has business cases it's huge construction it's on the one hand but on the other hands it's on the third or fourth in the world so there is at least in the long run it will be also revenue to cover part of this ok so there are huge needs no doubt and there is business interest you are telling us but iraqi officials say that they will need some eighty eight billion dollars to rebuild the country right now we are light years away from that what exactly do you think a german companies in particular can do to help i think the germany and german companies have a lot to offer in this reconstruction process precisely because the needs of iraq to brought in social infrastructure are so large. one example of course is power
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generation distribution that was already mentioned in your report we have the proverbial german engineering we offered specialized machinery and material for construction work or also another very important sector that has come from a suitable for use with young companies also already very active now iraq is also looking for investment in order to prop up its oil industry is that something germany or europe as a whole should be interested in. well in terms of oil industry i think there's no major german investments to be expected in this future german companies come rather in suppliers offering pumps for ng metering. devices specialized gear but there are now as an other sectors of course investment projects some in west new projects by german companies some have been actually
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blocked by the world received by red tape but we have also to keep in mind if you look at investment projects investing is something that can only be justified if there's a certain market coverage certainty mond in the market in this i think we have to develop in the first place through trait through project management and then investment in a way for the suit you just mentioned red tape that is also something that the german development minister get addressed at the conference kuwait as well as rampant corruption could the tampa the reconstructing process. the business environment so to speak in iraq has definitely to be improved. there are many issues german companies are facing that starts with the rather cumbersome process for visa approval to travel into iraq there are many bureaucratic hurdles
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which needs to be made easier. and obviously there's also the security situation which has improved greatly over the last couple of years but it's still an issue for many german companies so the iraqi government in the framework of this conference has promised number of really important reforms in various fields and will be will be very glad to these three to the. implemented in the next couple of weeks and months. i get their c.e.o. good german chamber of commerce in the gulf states talking to us from kuwait thank you so much. thank you well now to a quite incredible story the ups and downs we're witnessing here in the german political landscape more downs at the moment. germany's second biggest political party the social democrats are in chaos shortly head of a crucial vote on a new coalition deal with conservatives party chair martin scholtz has resigned in a bid to ease tensions but his plans to install andrea nala says the new chair hit
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a snag with party members accusing him of breaching long held protocol now that has triggered a leadership battle and the outcome is anything but clear. martin short sleeve same tea hand it just a week ago it looked like he would become foreign minister in america's new government now he's given up that in bishan as well as the s.p.d. leadership. spots. i've given up my s.p.d. post and any position in the future government because i want to help end the debate about individual members of the party so members can focus on the coalition agreement. s.p.d. members will vote on the coalition deal between the social democrats and conservatives in the coming weeks supporters of a new coalition worry that all the party infighting could hurt the deals chances
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are they hope this woman under this could now reassure the rank and file and help rejuvenate the party she's been endorsed to show successor but the party won't formally elect a new leader until april special conference which bit is if i'm told to the end i want to take on this is you it's the responsibility to the country because i will endorse entering the grand coalition. i will campaign for it and do everything i can to make it was finding this of killing it. scholz shots at the top of the s.p.d. just a year ago but since then his popularity has hit rock bottom. but come on wouldn't admit of course you get hurt but time heals all wounds and i'm sure the social democratic party will get back to its form a strength in government with and to nonis at the top and with the members support in the fullness can you know so i was not cuffed so it couldn't understand until
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march to convince the s.p.d. four hundred sixty thousand members to approve the grand coalition with merkel's conservatives. i think. it's to kenya now where opposition groups are accusing the government of cracking down on the press and of stifling dissent after a contested presidential election opposition leader. staged a mock inauguration of themselves president now the government closed down t.v. stations planning to air that event most are now back on the air but as the dummy is counter to one bow reports the political crisis is far from over. for a little over a week katie and n.t.v. and citizen t.v. will be pulled off from pay t.v. platforms by the kenyan government the crime giving opposition leader bryan loading to at time there was verbal instruction that media houses should not like that event and as editors we felt that some of the root tech how about that is an
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editorial position it was a decision that cost the outlets millions in losses the secretary general of the ruling party rafael today defended the switch off he said the media have a history of stookey tension it is work in progress and all of us have a role to play but in the heat of the political process you know all caution is that we don't become part of the excitement we become part and parcel of propagating. ethnic polarization. reports indicate that a section of the kenyan media helped fuel violence that erupted following disputed elections in two thousand and seven. t.v. stations century political ads and broadcast hate speech over one thousand people were killed. during the election in two thousand and thirteen the media turn down their content but some say they pleaded to see if and in doing so lost their
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credibility but his turn to thirteen was informed heavily by what had transpired in twenty zero seven two thousand and seven the country broke down to pieces basically and the media had to be more careful there was a lot of cats can buy it as a media houses not to be the key go whatever may go wrong about the election since two thousand and thirteen the kenyan media has been trying to regain the trust of their audience but it would seem that mistakes of the pos continue to haunt it some accuse the government of exploiting the media's credibility crisis to dictate what outlets should report on the ruling party rejects that accusation. i don't think the political trolling information i think support professional conduct but all of us. one media house is sued the kenyan government is encouraging the nine day switch off many feel the fight between the media and government is far from over especially in light of the un results political crisis in kenya. and
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football tonight sees real madrid locking horns with jermaine in the first leg of their champions league match up media attention is focused on whether p.s.t.'s prized asset neymar will make a move to the spanish club. neymar was the most expensive player of all time when paris man signed him from barcelona last august it's no secret the trib have had their eye on the forward ever since he was thirteen and they still interested in bringing the brazilian to the spanish capital despite him scoring twenty eight goals in all competitions this season he hasn't always been happy in paris but for now he and his team mates will be focused on stopping me from winning a third straight champions league title. historically with twelve titles but they've made a trajectory that we all admire and we want to get to that level you know it's an opportunity to show where we are and where our progress can take us.
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in the first coach to ever successfully defend the champions league trophy star studded madrid title last season but now his side is seventeen points behind league leaders. and the coach finds himself on the hot seat still he's not letting that into a distraction. what i can control is what we're going to do on the pitch we're just going to prepare a good match and play well with some glimmer of. success in the champions league for real madrid would go a long way towards guaranteeing job security facility in sudan. that's all for now thanks so much for being with us.
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