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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 14, 2018 11:00am-11:31am CET

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this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin pressure increases in south africa's in battle leda police in johannesburg grid the home of prominent business family at the heart of corruption allegations involving president jacob zuma that's as a nation waits for his response to demands from his body that he resign also coming up german journalist a dentist you're chill has spent the past year behind bars in turkey with the indictment uncle wrote in pieces about terrorism but insists his detention is
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politically motivated but as the turkish prime minister visits germany could there be new hope for his regime. and the man known as the flying tomato and round up the top of the podium at the winter olympics we tell you how american samoa border sure why that is gold. telling a woman come to you i'm to touch him a south african police of a risk that several people in raids on a business family with kills ties to president jacob zuma the raids on several properties in johannesburg included this compound belonging to the gupta family they are accused of links with the embattled prime minister both sides deny any wrong doing all financial impropriety the reads come just a day off of the ruling a.n.c. paul. demanded zuma step down from office. joining me
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now is christine for more analysis on that developing story welcome pristine now we know that rumors about the links between president jacob zuma and the group the family have been swirling around for a year and did talk about financial impropriety what can you tell us about the timing of these raids of this point the timing is very interesting and you talk about the proximity and the links between the gupta family and the president essentially those on dowsett we know that for example one of the president's sons daughters annie is is a key business ally with it with the group has and it seems that now as prison jacobs in his power is significantly diminished he no longer has the picture of the powers to protect to go to family we saw him in the timing a day off to his record by the african national congress the hawks move in to to to to carry out these raids which could have happened any time in the over the last couple of months or really and so the pressure surge in the is increasing on
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president jacob zuma as well so the aim being to put pressure on jacob zuma the region to hear about his fate again we expect raids and other allies of jacob zuma we understand that the hawks will be carrying out trades at several different locations today but these raids are in connection with for example there was a dairy farm scheme where money that was meant to be allocated to go given to poor black farmers instead was siphoned into the accounts of the group says but there is also this ongoing state capture inquiry at the moment and that has to do with the extent of corruption between people in government and people close to the president and for example the. key center to that and so the implications could really really reach far and wide and reach right up to the top of president jacob zuma because essentially what this family is accused of is benefiting of state resources because they are close to the president it was expected from president jacob zuma. today in
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response to the ensues call that he step down what's the latest on the we're expecting him to come out at some point today we conseco second when and to first acknowledge that he's been recalled the record by the party as the general spoke yesterday we were on air together he did say that the president had agreed to resign the issue was when the president will be resigning and so we hope that there will be some clarity when he gives a briefing today at the union buildings as to when he will be resigning there is also the possibility of reason that he might surprise us all and contrary to what they insist on for him to stay he might say he isn't resigning all of it is a possibility because he in c. has been very keen all along that you know president zuma is allowed to see if it is even if used to step down but time seems to be running out for zuma time's running out for president jacob zuma and that is pretty much clear now we need to really understand whether or not he believes that the a.n.c. would take the step of taking this matter to parliament and we'll get a good sense of that today when the indicates how long it's going to take him to
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resign because that would be the agency's next option really to take this matter to parliament where they would have to launch the impeachment proceedings or table a motion of no confidence either one of those two is disgracing the president something that the party has been reluctant to do and whether or not jacob zuma things the party will go to that extent we will know today when we see how long he thinks he can stay in office before he resigned christine well thank you very much for that analysis pleasure in rehab. let's take a look at some other stories making news around the wild denmark's royal palaces prince hendrik has died and because the husband of crete margarita the second the palace said he died late on tuesday in his sleep he was earlier hospitalized with a lung infection he was eighty three years old. in new york a judge has sentenced a man convicted of planting bombs in downtown manhattan to life in prison plus thirty years and much. a u.s.
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citizen was captured on video depositing pressure cooker bombs in september two thousand and sixteen no one was killed the purity people in. germany social democratic parties until more after party leader martin schulz stepped down the move throws a coalition deal with chancellor angela merkel's conservatives into doubt after almost five months without a new government and the analysis received the official endorsement of the party's executive committee it still needs the approval from the rank and file of the party . and exactly one year ago today that german journalist a dentist your child was jailed by turkish authorities they accuse him of terrorism and espionage charges burton says a politically motivated the german government is renewing cause for you just released and now it seems there's new hope the turkish prime minister has indicated they might be movement on the case soon it's been weighing heavily on german
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turkish relations. his colleagues in berlin are not giving up. as they've been campaigning for dentistry just released since he was imprisoned a year ago the hash tag free dan is in plays and on the roof of his newspaper's offices. future as seen here on a truck show shortly before his arrest because according to turkish authorities he's been held on suspicion of producing terrorist propaganda and incitement to hatred but no charges have been brought and so far no court proceedings he just spent months in solitary confinement and has only recently been moved to a normal cell. the relationship between berlin and ankara has been tense for some time then is huge as imprisonment is a big point of contention between the two countries. to free a terrorist agent supposedly journalist who was hiding in a german consulate for
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a month i told her we have a justice system and he'll be put on trial and won't be released before that. foreign germany has managed to gain consular access to you but insists that detaining him without charge is a human rights violation. let us make no mistake it is not in accordance with rule of law if an executive in this case turk is executive prejudged as an individual as has publicly done to dennis you jel then is. dennis you jealous one of dozens of journalists currently being held in turkish prisons reporters without borders ranked turkey one hundred fifty fifth out of one hundred eighty countries in last year's world press freedom index. and the studio with me is a doris she's a journalist and one of dennis' closest friends she also is the publisher of a book that you wrote in jail in turkey which was released today welcome doris
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middle we congratulate him on the publication of your book we'll talk about that shortly but first i want to ask you but that is. what kind of conditions is he living in prison well actually he lives in the same kind of conditions since one year they didn't change he's in solitary confinement there is no indictment. changed a little bit because in beginning of december he was moved to another cell and now he shares a yard with another prisoner so in the day he can speak with somebody and how is equal playing with this imprisonment one year now without any indictment without any trial well actually i don't know it because i can't speak to him i can write him he has no internet i just know what the lawyers and his wife is telling me that he's ok concerning his conditions he's back one day he's got one day he's not like normal people are but as far as i know he's ok ok now in fact there is some hope on
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a case which has weighed on german turkish relations the turkish prime minister. is visiting a bill in tomorrow he will be holding talks with. give a sign of some optimism and this is what he said he gave an interview in for that visit to berlin and he said i have hope that you childred be freed soon i am confident that there will be a development soon now do is to have do you have any idea what good do you really mean by that development no i have no idea actually hopeful what are you hoping will write and that there will be some development because we are waiting for that one year so i hope this message is some truth right so you don't know and you're hoping for the better let's also take a look at how the german government is responding to all of this and we have a statement from a spokesman of the german chancellor let's take a listen to what he said. you know i mean i think in fairness there are several
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cases where sometimes because of the pressure we applied there were positive outcomes and the prisoners were released for that this is not the case with an easy . there hasn't even been an arraignment. and it is a sad situation that we confront a new each week trying to solve it through german diplomacy and german politics you devote. and that was the spokesman of german chancellor angela merkel saying do you share his view that actually the german government is used all diplomatic avenues use all its powers to get your release well actually i can't answer this because i don't know what they did. mostly i think it's diplomatic and we don't know what they spoke about in the behind closed doors i hope that they did everything they could ok so now let's talk about the book which is just been
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released i mean this is the book that you have with you tell us more about this book well the book is a collection of texts written by the in the last thirteen years so it's not just about turkey. it's collection of columns funny text is about literature about german society days apart with his texts which were published when he was an active correspondent in turkey and then days apart. by with texts he wrote inside prison which were published three one published by developed by his newspaper and one new text you wrote for the book and what struck you most about his writings when you brought out this book well actually i know his texts because i know him for a long time a lot of these texts i had forgotten but he was the one remembering and telling me after two months we spoke about the book through the lawyers he said there is another takes he has a very good memory he's a very humorous person he's
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a very humorous writer so even in the new text your old which is a very good one a very nice one describing his situation when he was at the police station. he has still this humor and he still writes with this you say like an easy hand in german . but he is in prison and he still writes like that so i'm very happy that the still the author he was like before he came to the prison sentence has not broken his spirit is what you're saying why. i didn't mean to him do you think to be able to kind of have this book published even though he's in prison very very much it was his wish to do that i was a little bit skeptic because i knew it would be very much work for me. if you wish because i knew it would make him proud it would make bring a lot of fun to him and i think he's very proud that he did that during a journalist and a friend of dennis thank you very much for talking to us on d.w.i. thank you for having. now business news and iraq's efforts to collect
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aid for reconstructing the country has that for you right on iraq is open for investors well that is the message officials are pushing at an international donor conference currently underway in kuwait iraq is hoping to know and major investment from its allies aimed at reconstructing the country after decades of conflict the united states has already pledged a loan worth three billion dollars from ex-im bank but that is only a fraction of what is needed numerous iraqi cities were reduced to rubble in the war against islamic state and it will take time and lots and lots of money to breathe life back into iraq. rebuilding a country doesn't exactly come cheap iraq estimates the cost at close to ninety billion dollars. and these are some of the people the iraqi government is hoping to woo high ranking officials from the worlds of politics and business here to find
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out what part they might play in the reconstruction of iraq. the government is offering projects in almost every sector of the economy including its oil industry . zeman c.e.o. joe kayser told you his company is rebuilding four power plants he said securing availability of electricity is probably iraq's biggest challenge right now we know that the grade is under tremendous stress. and the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson announced a three billion dollar loan from ex-im bank to help the country rebuild. the funds that we've announced that we've already committed to the additional money that we announced today there were our committee our all around stabilization in iraq and syria this is the first step that then provides the conditions for reconstruction it's we have to force restore those basic utilities and keep the area safe and
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secure in order for reconstruction to be again the conference is taking place just two months after iraq declared victory over the so-called islamic state it's an achievement the government is hoping will convince international businesses that now is the time to invest in the country's future. earlier in the day tillerson laid a wreath at the gulf war memorial a reminder of just one conflict iraq is hoping to leave behind as it braces itself for what it hopes will be a more prosperous future. for more on the rebuilding efforts in iraq and what role german companies the playing tekken to our website at www dot com slash business where you can find the entire interview with siemens c.e.o. joe kaisa. well the new europe's growth engine just keeps roaring fresh data shows strong exports help to the german economy to continue its solid upswing at the end of last year and grow by north point six percent on the previous quarter
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on the year europe's biggest economy grew by two point nine percent in the fourth quarter of last year following slightly short of the consensus forecast still the federal statistics office confirmed the strongest four year g.d.p. growth since two thousand and eleven. and that of course must be new zick to the ears of investors let's ask willie bustle of the frank good stock exchange when he again is german exports keeping the economy on track any pitfalls in sight. i think the pitfalls are the strong euro and interest rates interest rates perhaps going up based on inflation now the problem here from the point of view of the markets which are reacting positively right now are the u.s. interest rates not the german ones the german figure as at one point six percent that's a little down from the previous month on an annual basis but everyone today is looking at the u.s. figure that's expected in about five hours to two thirty pm german time and if the
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u.s. inflation comes in just a tad above the expected one point nine percent for january then we have trouble here that's what everyone is saying then we could have another round of tumbles and jitters and perhaps a repeat or more of what one saw last week because of the repercussions for rates and what that means for star as an artist all right i was only bots there in front foot now from the word go u.s. president on a trump had a very clear idea about how he defines fair trade it is fat when america benefits from it aronoff and now he's considering a range of options including tariffs and quotas to address steel and the minium imports he says are unfairly hurting the u.s. produces. i don't look at it to be u.s. president met with lawmakers at the white house to determine whether to slap tariffs on foreign steel imports from countries like china. secretary rice
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submitted the result of the investigations to me last month my administration is now reviewing the reports and considering all options. and part of the options would be tariffs coming in as they dump steel that big tariffs substantial tariffs which means the united states would actually make a lot of money and. probably our steel industry and our limited edition would come back into our country right now which decimated. trump insists that the new tariffs being introduced on chinese steel are fair i mean the wordly super coal is a very important where we have countries that are taking advantage of us they're charging us massive tariffs to for us to sell our product into those countries and when they sell to us zero we charge them zero. well like the stupid people and i don't like to have that anymore so we're going to change that we're going to make it fair and that i call that fair trade to choose thirty no german companies fear that they'll be the next recipients of donald trump's fair trade
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tariffs. to the winter olympics that pyong chung did five of the games is upon us and a snowboard legend has added another gold medal to his tally johnson green from good obvious sports desk is here with me to tell me all about the action welcome jonathan was just about shaun white and his win yes another star performance by sean why these known as the flying tomato because of his red hair and the shorts these days that used to be but he was in his final run we can see that he was trading japan so you move him around the greens that run so the pressure was on but he delivered twisting and turning back to back jumps that and then about to see him finish with his signature move now or this is the super just just look at his reaction aboard it means when he knew he done well but the question was how well and then off to the judges to the bracelet that we got success can for ninety seven
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point seven five points out of one hundred wins for limp it go back of course off the disappointments and so he also had sixty two stitches after a crash you know. good and more they made someone he's a super boarding legend so why do many ways snowboarding mainstream fitting that in that that gold medal was the hundredth united states of the winter olympics a good only if not give us some disappointment for the host nation over short track speed skating yes this is in the women's five hundred meters short track find of a really dramatic event we've already seen at least kristie a crash sounds of that event not been set up a thrilling phenolic a pitch it's a nice area on the front and korea's scheuerman young against each other that they cross the line at practically the same time a photo finish actually. you can see how close it was there and the judges decided obviously funds on route one but then choi was later disqualified the korean dramatically judges deciding this here constituted interference so the main
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beneficiary of that was that kind of this can be found and she's been out of the middle positions but don't elevate the bronze the canadians happy that there is a very unfortunate side boss of this story and return us to town has been receiving a lot of abuse and even death threats on social media by korean fans are very disappointed in the i.o.c. has come out and said that we can't control what people put on social media but they have condemned it and they're urging everyone just to enter into the spirit of absolutely it's so important and i want to show which has been dogging these little bits is the strong a windy conditions what is the latest on that the wind and sign of losing its bluster i'm afraid of having more events concerts today this is primarily in the alpine skiing that we've all been looking for to mckayla shifrin going in the women's slalom but unfortunately that was one of the events last of the what the weather this time in four days actually an alpine skiing about has been canceled so it means that tomorrow will have a men's and women's events on the same day the plan was to keep the event separate but the i.o.c. as are about to hear still seem quite relaxed about the shuttling let's take
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a listen ok. continues to blow for the next fifteen days and i guess it might be a. prison everything is ok as we've said before. the international ski federation is well used to to destruction by too much snow by too little too much rain. all sorts of things. and i don't i mean the very briefly this have gone viral with one of a lot of a little every so as not to do with ski now you got to do with anything in the competition a very sort of athletes look at this something i see that's interesting maybe we'll be seeing this in the competitions itself now this is. a freestyle skier hopefully we can see the pictures now he's been taking his free styling skills to the escalator take a look at that so obviously athletes have a lot of time to kill in between events to get bored and this is the result his
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coach is part of breaking out in cold sweat forcing him to do this and then restoring the bit later by his teammate. for a bit of improvised. and the record syncrude running this when they were doing this to see this christine carrying on but i think they are. the videos that had about half a million views that see the three of us because now i want to try this and nobody to try the same for. a little looks absolutely stunning don't increase and thank you very much for all of that well. ok let's move on and change space and an iconic joe and bang this before school but it wasn't just any old band it wasn't just any venue joe invent kraftwerk but the seventy's hits like outer bon and tron syrup express was one of the major inspirations for techno music the legendary group put on quite a show and of course once closed to western artists. at moscow's kremlin palace and eagerly anticipated show brought in the crowds from right across russia
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german electro pop giant's craft truck have a big following here first you have to go to i've always loved electronic music ever since my school days even during the soviet union we managed to listen to cough that come to play copies. to crew played in russia in two thousand and four but haven't been back since. because. they are the foundation of modern electronic music the roots i love this bent i've been listening to the music since i was a teenager. the geek has been sold out for months someone left disappointed after failing to secure a last minute ticket. but just legendary no one else comes close.
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for two hours away for a powerful bass heavy sound washed over the crowd in the kremlin palace. crest identically in skin tight bodysuits the four techno pioneers behind the consoles and trance the crowd with new material and old classics. we were at the concert in two thousand and four our daughter wasn't even a year old although. we never thought she'd see anything like this but if you are you know you some of the music's the important thing. the fans at the kremlin palace would say i'm cool to that. you see one of my favorite bands the.
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hills a recap of the top stories that we're following feel some of the african police have arrested several people in a raid on the home of the good stuff family business friends of the countries in the battle to president jacob zuma this as the nation waits to zuma to respond to demands by his ruling a.n.c. party that he resign. and the turkish government says they could soon be movement in the case of german generals and then is your chance he's been held without trial for a year and i'll buy tickets to parties on terrorism related charges but and says his attention is politically made more debated and is demanding he be released. i'll have more news here in half an hour look forward to seeing you then.
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of cross-country skiing through a journey back in time on the fish background. or mountains in eastern germany are full of surprises no wonder and the limbic champion has found a new career and the tourists who. travel adventures in the center section eight of . the first. sixty minutes on the d w five. scars on the move the pain is still tangible. the surfer gone. for city and. they have survived but do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something
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