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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 14, 2018 4:00pm-4:16pm CET

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one hundred years of. starting. the state of use life from high drama in south africa president zuma defies an order by his party to resign he says he's being victimized the a.n.c. he says he was go by the end of the day or they will take it to parliament also on the program. german journalist and then issue joe has been held at a turkish prison for a year and still has not been charged is detention relations between brothers but
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now there may be a new hope for his release. until girl welcome to the program south africa's president is refusing to resign despite an ultimatum from his party that he leave today or face a vote of no confidence speaking on state television jacob zuma described the a and sees moves against him as unfair and said their arguments are wrong some of the leaders is they have been talking in the media and they repeated in that community that. we don't need to think out of power and that's the look at it is because there are no two thousand. and i have to the congress too to remember that when we used that phrase it was during the time we were coming to put one in
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national conference of the a.n.c. . so where are we up to in south africa christina can tell us well welcome christine so let's start with this two centers of power argument this is the a.n.c. using an argument they're expected to be responsive to why essentially yes because when the a.n.c. record as soon as peter says a tab in two thousand and seven zuma went on to explain that it made sense for make it to go on and resign as the country's president because he no longer had the party's backing and essentially that meant that he was governing the country and he's owed mandates and that created the situation where you've got one man in the state house and you've got a new man who's been elected by the party to carry out the party's mandate at the party's headquarters and he said these two centers of power rationed stability in the country and so when the a.n.c. officials and other people in the public domain say it will present your sake of zuma surely the same argument applies here and so he felt it necessary in that long
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interview that he gave his public vote costa to address that argument because on the basis of that he's been called a hypocrite this is like arguing with your dad no this is different. does the president have a point no court has convicted him of anything the amc hasn't demonstrated that he has breached any of their rules so when did being an electoral liability become grounds to remove a president duly elected by the people and this is the argument jacob zuma is making and there is some merit to that he is saying that the a.n.c. has not given me any reasons as to why i should step down he's gone on to repeat that it's almost narrate the conversations raises the leadership slip in front between them themselves not able to give him a solid answer as to why is he being required he said i have abided by the party structures and if there is anything i've done then surely the discipline and there is structures of the party should come into play he's also say that it when it comes to the court cases around him for instance pay back the money we talked about
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state funds used to upgrade he was ordered by the. well to pay that money back he says i've been paying the money back so on what grounds are you pushing me out of office going as far as addressing. and saying that just because you have the power doesn't mean that you should be flexing your muscles give me a reason as to why i should believe in but you and i had to stand full that the a.n.c. is under a lot of pressure right now that brand zuma has done enough damage not only to the country we've seen it from warning signs coming off from investors but the a.n.c. has also lost significant support because of president jacob zuma and we saw that in a local government election that the country held to two years ago the a.n.c. lost big metropolitans and it was votes is telling the party we don't want prison jacobson so the i am see tells president zuma to go he has said bring it on now was now it has to go to parliament and he's effectively told the party that i'm not going to own and if you're going to go to parliament then that's what you'll have to do there is a motion of no confidence on the floor already it was brought forward by the
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opposition the ia fifth and the a.n.c. is going to have to just amend that slightly to two table their reasons as to why they're backing it and then that will be carried through but the agencies treasurer general. went on to explain the process that will follow up and he said a quick listen to him because he pretty much all clients all the procedure will grant. but two more the motion of no court to this will be tabled debate that to remove the president of the public then all of the processes. of course this as the chief trades that if he goes through that process it is a government to sort of speak to the president very close to zero zero one two. three months only two days but we want to do things. and they didn't seize moving really quickly from what we understand off to that verge of confidence they won two election you president of course the constitution
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gives them a thirty day period to do that but they say we don't need we want to do it that often and if the chief justice of the country is available they want to switzerland or force that in as president and have him sworn in on friday and go on to deliver the state of the nation address immediately after that said no i'm going to bounce other they like to follow of a godfather movie we have an elite police squad raiding one of south africa's riches families this is the good defender that's that family that has been found to have close ties with the president for example one of the president's son is eight ally of the good times he's in business with them this family has been accused often unduly benefiting and having access to state resources on the basis of their ties to the president so this morning the hawks raided their properties created a business had a company headquarters there private home one of the brothers one of the brothers was taken into custody we understand that members have said that they will voluntarily give themselves to to the police but this all has to do with that and
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ongoing probe into the country as to really how much influence does this family have on the president to the fact that there are some allegations of course that they have had access to to cabinet ministers and appointing those two goes on a lot never a dull moment with jacob zuma we'll talk more about this in due course i'm sure for now though kristie model thank you. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world israeli police have recommended that prime minister benjamin netanyahu be charged with bribery fraud and breach of trust for the country's attorney general will now decide whether to file those charges mr netanyahu denies wrongdoing and described the allegations as biased extreme and full of holes like swiss cheese. flags across denmark have been lowered to half mast to mark the death of prince henrik the husband of queen margaret or henrik was born a french heiress to crass and often complained that he was only a prince concert that law rather than king he died in his sleep aged eighty three.
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germany's foreign minister has called for a fair and speedy trial of a german turkish journalist imprisoned in istanbul a year ago sigma gabriele's call comes after turkey's prime minister suggested there may soon be movement in the case the journalist then he sees you joe has not been formally charged as being arrested last year suspected of terror and espionage offenses has continued detention has soured relations between ankara and berlin this maximum security prison in istanbul is where denise is being held one year after the journalists arrest and no formal charges have been made so why the state nation it's a question for which turkish prime minister banally your theory has an answer here . it is not my decision to make but the courts. so i hope that he'll be released soon.
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and i'm confident there will be development soon or not and that. critics are don't feel that the judiciary will treat you case fairly. but you drams remarks have given germany renewed hope. this isn't about you want to miss about the mistake that there will be a judgement on your censure i don't quote more and i hope it will be a dentist you chose a favor you know as we've been working for weeks to ensure that happens and let's get started with. it is now up to turkey's high court to decide if one year will mark the beginning or the end of you just incarceration are good against that m.p. for the f.d.p. party i'm chair of the german parliament human rights committee welcome to day w i we just heard germany's foreign minister turkey's prime minister say they're looking forward to a developments what do you expect say well thank you for having me i think it is
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a slight and small glimpse of hope actually to hear that it might be giving some developments in the case of denis yourself on the other hand i think we can expect more than empty words that is what i'm expecting at the moment so i hope that this time it won't be empty words but actually a speedy release of tennessee jail and also the other journalists but only yields are quite properly said that this is a not a political matter this is a proper matter for turkish judicial system and it's out of his hands what's wrong with that. well i would hold against that that you did him and also president i do on used to say and also still saying that the turkish media is the freest in the world and i think that is a joke compared to what we're hearing and seeing from it and his use gels imprisonment so this is what i would hold against that this but regardless of what
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you think of the freedoms or otherwise of the turkish media. in a country where the rule of law is preeminence that this is not a political matter this is to be left to the courts exactly but also we we are still awaiting and dennis you jealous still awaiting an official charge which he hasn't had in three hundred and sixty five days this is against the human rights the human rights and also turkey has to and has to obey these these rules and press freedom and i think. the german members of parliament also think that we should engage in trying to free dennis you joe and also the other journalists and if we look at that way that president everyone is trying or is mislead it by by normal journalism he's doing his job dennis you jealous doing his
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job by a by broadcasting and writing his words and being imprisoned for that is against against human rights is the german government doing enough in this case. and my opinion it is not i would i would have hoped that it would be a more official setting when. invited president mr yoder him to germany i would have thought it would be in a more official setting so that some some expectations can be brought more forward otherwise i am hoping that also from the german bundestag and from the new coalition that is being formed right now we can expect more than just. phrases that the judiciary and in turkey can can be trusted i hope that
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we can engage and try to get dennis you jeffrey again that what more practically a government do if. another country is holding one of its citizens. for whatever reason what more can the government do well i would go as far as saying that at this certain point the e.u. accession talks with turkey between e.u. and turkey are pointless and if there is no more than empty words at the moment that we can that we can choose from i would like to see the german government enforcing were trying to get these e.u. accession togs stopped as long as there is nothing more from turkey than these words so you believe the case of them as usual is so important that the german government should say to turkey we will we will we will block your attempts to get into the e.u. unless you release him. i would say that this is an example dennis you chose case
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as an example for many journalists being being held captive being held for doing their job for speaking freely and this is one concept of the e.u. of the union of the european union and if a country doesn't cherish these these obligations i wouldn't say that. it is it is practical for for it to start or to go on with the succession talks good to have some thank you for joining the w thank you and then as usual the case is a hot topic on the w.'s recently launched freedom of speech platform take a look at v.w. dot com forward slash freedom to find out both or indeed to join in the discussion do on twitter as well at the w freedom finally tens of thousands of revelers have been celebrating mardi gras in new orleans they were parades showcasing slopes
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musicians and acrobats rolling through the city on tuesday the last day of carnival the beginning of the fasting season leave you with a look at some of the sights i missed or the. courage you. carry one might even. mellow. towards you tube channel. or see that story. tournaments that go on oh it's good to see you tell us about it you should better check it out yourself on youtube.


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