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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 14, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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one hundred feet or so from starting february eighteenth. this is news live from berlin south africa's president jacob zuma addresses and then nation as his party calls for him to resign he says he does not fear losing a vote of no confidence or exiting political office but he says that he will only leave any matter prescribe by the constitution. also coming up at zimbabwe an
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opposition leader morgan tsvangirai has died after a long battle with illness we will look at his legacy. of seroquel and welcome to the program we have team coverage this hour with my colleague christine one south africa's president jacob zuma has announced his resignation he made the announcement in a televised address to the people of south africa a short while ago the move coming after an order by his a.n.c. party to resign by the end of today or face a no confidence vote in parliament let's listen to what he had to say. actually i've just been told by my producer we don't have that statement from zoom us to we're going to get straight to the analysis now christine when he was here
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with us on the set and you have been covering this from the very beginning christiane what a week it has been apparently now we can talk about a resignation of south african president jacob zuma and that literally came through in the last couple of seconds really i imagine was difficult for jesus to get to get that that that sound bite but it came down to the party essentially threatening president jacob zuma with a vote of no confidence in parliament that essentially was going to be one of the most disgraceful exits the president could have will be that the policy was really reluctance to do specially so ramaphosa who is going to take over from president jacob zuma he hadn't wanted to go down this way but we understand even just listening to the prisons in the give his address and you talked about the fact that he had always agreed to resign at some point what he didn't understand was why the a.n.c. what wanted that to happen so quickly spoke about the fact that he had agreed with sort of a poster that they needed to be a transition period where for example he could take him to the brick summit and
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introduce him to the other leaders take him to the african union summit and say this is the person who will follow me and fortunately the posse did not want that they wanted him gone and when we heard from the parliamentary caucus this morning they were talking tough we have the chief whip in the treasury centuries saying he needs to go back today otherwise he faces a vote of no confidence in parliament tomorrow we saw him trying to buy time up until the very end i just want to talk about some of the rhetoric that he used in this. address to the press that we just saw he said that he must accept that if his party wishes that he be removed from office they must exercise that right and do so in the manner prescribed by the constitution but he him also saying there that you know no leader should stay beyond the time determined by the people that they serve alternately saying. that he should serve until the next election until twenty nineteen do you think that this is really final here or is he positioning what zuma
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was doing now as he was talking to his people much of the speech was really airing . dirty linen in public he was basically reiterating his line he once again stated the fact that the party has not given him the reason as to why he has been record he said that earlier when he gave a lengthy interview to south africa's public broadcaster he says the party has failed to give him the reasons as to why he's been record he said he's done nothing wrong and surely if there were charges against him within the party then party structures disciplinary structures should have been used so he takes issue with the fact that the party once him out so quickly so much of what we heard today was was addressing his supporters in the public essentially saying this party has treated me unfairly but i must nonetheless respect the fact that if the constitution is brought into play here i have to abide by that christine over the past week we have been talking about the possibility that zuma may in fact leave office at some point
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that seems to really be coming to fruition right now zuma a larger than life political figure and we really need to ask now what happens next because cyril rama posts i mean he has he has quite a task at hand so what happens now what happens now is the parliamentary procedures have to take place here we understand that the a.n.c. wants to move as quickly as possible they have a when the prison resigns there is the period of time that the national assembly has to elect a new president listening to the agency's parliamentary caucus this morning they are going to speed this up we will probably even see it i'm opposed to give the state of the nation address as early as friday he comes in and one of the first things that people expect him to do is to clean up that cabin as a lot of zuma appointees have charges and allegations of corruption targeted at them and then it's about growing so therefore because economy one of the most pressing challenges i mean one. telling us that poor south africans are getting poorer we're hearing off the distrust between government and and business
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essentially seeing the corporate sector not investing billions into the economy and so all the warning signs are there that immediate work needs to be done they all various policies that that would put it into into play were in seumas time those need to be looked at again because investors say we cannot invest in a country with such and freddie policies so these are some of the things that some oppose it has been saying he will do it's the economy and it's tekton corruption including making sure that probes into state capture for example allegations that people close to president zuma have been gaining access to state resources these other things that's what africans say need to be done so i would say if you were to put it into words it will be tackle corruption and it will be get the economy growing again ok and just to recap for our viewers apparently south african president jacob zuma has resigned with immediate effect we can confirm that at this hour we actually have him saying it in his own words we want to play that for you right now and then christine will get your reaction after. coming
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to the decision to resign as president of the republic with immediate effect. did you think you would ever hear those words in fact when you started that speech as he walked into that room he was so jovial he joked he said it's a good evening to everybody and obviously the room was quiet and he said what's wrong everyone and as he went through that speech it almost sounds like we were not going to get that resignation when he said i fear no vote of confidence i feel no impeachment these are provisions by the constitution and i don't i'm not scared of fast and it almost sounded like we're going to hear a president telling the party to go and do this in parliament but he then obviously brought the sentence along with a lot of south africans i can tell you breathed a sigh of relief i was monitoring twitter and you could see a lot of people expressing that they're happy about this and i can also see that it makes life easier for for the ainsley leadership the party did not want to have to go to parliament and and back an opposition led motion of no confidence really it's
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a voice that you can do an election is coming up next year they need to re brand essentially and go to the public and say we flee into house we've cleaned the cabinets look we've brought you so or i'm opposed to the markets have welcomed him he's going to clean up the corruption in cabinet he's one of the africa's wealthiest men so a lot of celebrities have the sense that he's not in this for the money so to say if you're an ally of jacob zuma are you worried today christine because we saw for example a bit earlier the police basically swooping in on the property of the good does that's one of south africa's richest families apparently there are allegations of corruption there between that family and jacobs and the himself are we going to see a charges being brought are we going to see arrests perhaps to the does the public want that the public once that the public also wants to see president jacob zuma himself see his day in court yet prisoners and eyes right now are a worried where they are it was clear this morning when we saw those rates essentially the timing of it was very interesting this investigation has been
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ongoing into the group has and their ties to president jacob zuma and the fact that they have had access to state resources believed to be because of that that close relationship that they have with him. and so these rates could have happened at any point but the fact that they happened the day off to prison jacob zuma was recalled by the party a lot of people said well the power that president jacob zuma had to protect his family he doesn't have any more we've also seen various cabinet ministers who have been staunch zuma allies in public all of a sudden turning changing their tone insisting that he go warming up to sort of a poster who they could clearly see was coming into the fourth so yes we will definitely see more of the stand there is currently an ongoing probe into what they call state capture in south africa essentially looking at the extent to which people in cabinet were influenced by outside is and assisted looting state resources essentially so we know that a number of people were taken into custody today this have said they would have
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themselves over voluntarily and we know that most such raids and arrests will be taking place in the days to come down to his very own christine one dog reporting on this breaking news just to recap for our viewers south african president jacob zuma resigning as president of south africa heeding orders by the ruling african national congress to bring an end to his nine scandal plagued years in power christine thank you so much for putting it into perspective for us leftish there. well meantime the leader of the opposition in zimbabwe morgan tsvangirai has died of cancer at the age of sixty five the announcement was made by the vice president of his political party the movement for democratic change. was his party's candidate in the controversial two thousand and two presidential election losing to robert mugabe he later contested the first round of the twenty two thousand and eight election winning almost half of the vote claimed to have won
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a majority but mugabe held on to office until deposed last november. well want to turn to another breaking news story news just coming in of a shooting at a school in florida in the united states at least one person reported to have been killed dozens injured in the town of parkland a gunman is said to be still at large pictures from a local television station show emergency services close to the school a police spokesman says that b. majority. stoneman douglas high school had been placed on a code red lockdown. as well as people apparently being treated at the scene these pictures seem to show people perhaps pupils being led away from the school. let's bring in nicholas snyder who is standing by with the very latest from florida for us and nicholas what are you hearing about the incident could even the broward
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school district as a state is not around risk time at two forty pm which roughly was about an hour ago suffered serious reported hearing gunfire orders over the course of my school year arc with florida school of roughly around three thousand two hundred children ranging from grazes time to twelve and the stand causes immediate code red lockdown on promises. been reported hope or injury injuries and i won't go for people on green green place and for fire rescue ambulance search your house for farmers raid around the scene now the information being provided on scene is a limited by the multiple law enforcement agencies that have responded to the shooting officials are focus right now on tracking down the gunman that reported could still be at large and nicholas this is unfortunately a pretty familiar scene there in the united states where school shootings are pretty common we have to say just walk us through what procedures are in place not only on the part of authorities but also on the part of schools in order to you
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know ensure that there is not panic and that certain order is maintained. in these situations it's very difficult to maintain order as you as you may may think as mentioned before could read walk down have been announced this means that there's a threat inside the building and staff is instructed to lock down all exterior and interior doors ultimately to provide zero access into the building so basically no one is allowed access into or out of these classroom work spaces during this code red lockdown once everyone safe to do so aside emergency team all clear the hallways and direct students and stop to a secure location but our schools practice a variety of drills including this code red lockdown on a regular basis this basically helps keep students and staff prepared safe and calm during the midst of chaos unfortunately as as you did say it is happening much more than everyone here would like to see. nick what can you tell us
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a little bit more about that area of florida. yes it's located in broward county a little bit north of miami florida there at the school of marjorie stoneman douglas high school you have a bit of a sure bourbon type area a lot of the kids going there there would be in a better i would say it's better standpoint to be to be not fearing about their neighborhood this is a good neighborhood this is a good school special trick this is not something that they see regularly if there is a low violence in the neighborhood this is something that's caught everyone off guard and want to thank you very much for bringing us up to date nicholas snyder as we mentioned we're looking at live pictures there from marjorie stoneman douglas high school in florida in broward county where authorities are responding to reports of an active shooter at a high school in the town of parkland that's according to a spokeswoman for the sheriff's department speaking
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a short while ago nicholas thank you for reporting on that incident for us. up to date now on g.w. news i'm sarah kelly in her leg thanks for watching up to say you're going to. learn german with. anytime anyplace. with or with jo jo and her friends. it's going to be doing a lot of mischief straight seasons for sure.


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