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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 15, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CET

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this is deja vu newsline for no way but out for south africa's president jacob zuma . i have therefore come. to the decision to resign as president of the property with immediate effect the leadership crisis and one of africa's biggest economies appears to be over we'll look at what comes next. seventeen people are dead following a shooting at on the flop florida high school the suspect a nineteen year old former student there had been expelled is now in police custody
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will get you the latest from washington. and berlin from paris force annual film festival we preview some films and ask about the impact of the me to movement here in germany. i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show we begin this program in south africa where president jacob zuma has resigned the decision comes after his a.n.c. party ordered him to stand down or face a no confidence vote in parliament his departure clears the way for the wealthy former businessman cyril ramaphosa to be elected as the country's new leader later today he's promised to fight the legacy of corruption left behind by his predecessor. the end of an era for south africa. ever the showman
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zuma began the final address of his presidency with a typical moment of humor and gentian right to do serious work kind of in six different. what's happening. yet when the smiles had passed. a weary figure abandoned by the a.n.c. which he'd served for over sixty years he said violence and party infighting that swayed his decision to step down. see should never be divided in my. i have therefore come to the decision to resign as president of the republic with immediate effect. zuma became president in two thousand and nine with the a.n.c. i call the looking on zuma had been jailed alongside mandela in the apartheid years
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but his rule was soon dominated by economic stagnation and corruption scandals. and see became odd in wrangling over his fitness for office that culminated this week in a demand for his resignation but even on wednesday zuma insisted he done nothing wrong i have a feeling that the leadership is unfair is not even helping me to understand what is it that is so critical. it doesn't you know you must go you must just got a problem with that but the allegations of corruption aren't going away on wednesday armed police staged a dramatic raid on the home of zuma as close associates the wealthy gupta family. it's alleged they are unfairly one lucrative government contracts and even influenced the choice of ministers in zuma as cabinet. with zuma now gone
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many south africans are hoping things will change. because it's about storage and. there's no way he would have ever suffered i think jacob zuma was bad news for the a.n.c. and this is for the country and i think if you know look it better for both the a.n.c. and the country major battles lie ahead for jacob zuma against the scandals hanging over him for the a.n.c. against south africa's economic hardship. our southern africa correspondent christine manuel joins us now for more good morning christine what lies ahead now for south africa well it's just coming in the last few minutes that the pot image will elect a new president today we expect that to be several from a policy he will then go on to be sworn in we understand that the a.n.c. once i'm opposed to to give the state of the nation address tomorrow evening soon
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after that he's got to build a new cabinets because with the resignation of president jacob zuma when a sitting president resigns deputy ministers and ministers need to follow suit ok you know looking back at zooms presidency we have a lot to look forward to in the days ahead you know it was beset by scandal corruption allegations to walk us through some of the i think one of the most poignant was the gunga scandal as was rainy when taxpayers were told that the president had used state funds to upgrade he's personal home and the amount was really staggering there was also the eight hundred charges of corruption that's often cited around president jacob zuma these are charges that date back to the arms deal but what makes them so scanned this is the fact that they were dropped just days before he became president people saw that as political manipulation those charges brian have since been reinstated and he is facing those charges in the future it is laughed off the presidency the number staggering eight hundred isn't it it is a staggering number you know and he's also been tied of course for
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a long time to the gupta family their home a number of their residences allusions were a raided yesterday we understand that one member of the group the families and fearing in court today are we see the beginning of a concentrated push now to clean up corruption in south african politics and i think that people are looking at this as the so-called abramoff was a fake people think that this has to do with the fact that soran the polls that has made a commitment to tackling corruption the timing of all of this the raids that took place at the gupta compounds yesterday was very interesting. it looks as though it came across just africans that president jacob zuma had put a veil of protection around the group has that had been removed yesterday when he's part was was significantly diminished and so people are looking forwards to two more such a race more such raids the all several of the people who have been accused of having access to the state's cough is because if they puts that proximity to president jacob zuma and so south africans all waiting on what they call the state
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capture inquiry that's looking into those allegations and people accused in the case of them so we can expect more arrests just mentioned against private ok as you mentioned from opposable be sworn in tomorrow evening we can express expecting them to address the nation what does he need to do in his first days in office to reassure the country that it is now on the right track i think one of the most pressing things well for south africans all the most pressing painful signficance would be the economy we know that plus of africans are getting even poorer that's what the numbers are telling us that the country is pretty much stagnating there was about a recession in the last financial year those were the pricey challenges and lot of south africans without work we also are being told that the business community has not been investing in the economy because of this in the presidency the corporate sic to saying we don't trust the policies of the chips of administration and we're not going to invest in the country and so when markets welcomed so ramaphosa coming into office
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a lot of south africans took that to mean that this person is going to be the president that will be creating the jobs and of course tekken corruption so hope for a new start for south africa christine was thanks very much a surprise we're turning now to the u.s. state of florida where a community is in mourning at this hour after a gunman killed seventeen people in the latest school shooting to shake this nation the suspect is a nineteen year old former student at a high school north of miami former classmates of described him as troubled violent and obsessed with weapons. children fleeing for their lives students and teachers tried to escape the high school campus in parkland florida swat teams pulled into the area where the shooter initially feared to be still at large the school day was drawing to a close when the attack a struck reports say he set off the fire alarm in an attempt to draw students into the holes he then opened fire twelve people were found dead in the building three
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more outside two died later in hospital. there were emotional scenes as parents arrived reunited with the children during. this evening fell the survivors told of their ordeal if you like is a normal day at school you don't expect the lakes only like to come in bring that gun to shoot it to you realize it they just like you never you like start taking advantage i love you and you never know i if you get shot or killed right then there was dead body there on the floor and on the floor how many people died five of their floor. look like students. one teacher forced. the suspected shooter was arrested shortly afterwards nearby he's a nineteen year old recently expelled from the school president donald trump
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tweeted his condolences he said no child no teacher should ever feel unsafe in an american school. this is the kind of weapon the attacker is thought to have used an a r fifteen rifle with multiple magazines this incident looks set to again race serious questions about america's gun laws. each time i'm in these mass shootings occur wherever it is in the country we say enough is enough and then it happens again. and the long and short of it is here in the senate we cannot even get senator feinstein's bill. that would prohibit people on the terrorist watch list from buying a gun. since twenty thirteen almost three hundred shooting incidents have been reported in u.s. schools that's an average of about one every week now this of
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the other stories making the news this hour zimbabwean opposition leader morgan tsvangirai as died of cancer at the age of sixty five he founded the movement for democratic change was a fierce critic of president. you want about half the vote in the first round of the two thousand and eight election a boycott of the runoff and mugabe a victory. the save the children foundation says more children than ever before are living in conflict areas and are at risk of death and violence syria afghanistan and somalia are the worst countries for young people the global charity says more than three hundred fifty million children that is one in six worldwide are living in conflict zones. u.s. defense secretary jim matters as urge turkey to remain focused on fighting so-called islamic state in syria he spoke with his turkish counterpart at the nato summit in belgium last month turkey launched
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a military offensive against kurdish fighters who've been at the front lines of the battle against islamic state. well berlin's annual film festival the belly nala begins tonight it's the first major international film festival to take place since the flood of allegations of rape and sexual misconduct against phil mogul harvey weinstein and other big hollywood names as our correspondent on your cost reports the me too movement against sexual violence has also reached berlin's red carpet. where the red carpet will be it still looks like a building site. construction crews here are racing against time with just a few hours left until everything has to be ready. no high heels but relaxed natural beauty that's what actress and when i left shin once she supports the initiative nobody stops the dress code on the red carpet she says it's
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part of an outdated view of the world. via his ability to matter much as that the cameras capture have a huge effect on people all around the welt on women on children on everyone who sees them. a lot. and women are portrayed as though they can only be attractive and successful if they have a certain look. on this is scary snitched us view. festival director dieter karslake this is own take on the debate. there are lots of initiatives and this is one of them and it's an important one. where you got for you i can only encourage every woman to wear what ever she marks . doesn't mean there has never ever been a dress code for the belly nala i'm not about to reject anyone and i certainly won't be rejecting the woman wearing flat shoes you know what i be turning away
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a man wearing high heels. thank you most likely the opening film will be without any here whatsoever acclaimed director wes anderson is showing i love dogs the first animation ever to open the betting on. get out of here and don't come back. not the benny not a would be unthinkable without an iranian film. the concept of it which is a closet a sign a movie in this year's director money huggy looks at states elect listing film directors pick is an ironic turbulent comedy. refugees and migration will be twin themes at this politically charged fin festival gemini's coast down pat salt tells the story of a refugee if you win world war two reflected in the fate of those who off today.
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movie lovers can choose from a total of three hundred eighty five films over the next ten days this is due to be news live from berlin thanks so much for being with us. the whole g.w. . global insight the news out for local heroes. w made.


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