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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 15, 2018 2:00pm-2:15pm CET

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this is the news coming to you live from berlin and the new leader of the south africa. already klug. julie a lot closer than all that it probably goes on. in front of hundreds of drama poser takes the helm a day out of jacob zuma palace to party oppression resign our correspondent christine money will be join me in the studio. also on the program deep divisions in nato put their forces heading for a possible confrontation in syria the u.s.
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defense secretary clashes with his turkish counterpart in drugs. welcome to the program i'm on the thought she. south africa has a new president he's sitting. his election comes a day off the jacob zuma finally agreed to step down after his spotty the a.n.c. give him an ultimatum to quit or to face a vote of no confidence south africa spot have been convened this morning to elect the new president the session in pretoria also some festive scenes and then this is what the chief justice said. one candidate has been nominated to men. or. polls song the nomination is an
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auto. accordingly in terms of item five of part eight of shade real threat to the constitution i declare. the owner montgomery ala said obama. julie elect the president of that it probably goes on. joining me now on the studio is christine one body doubles correspondent who's been closely following this story welcome christine so we're seeing the dawn of the new era in south africa bring us up to date as to what's happened in the past allan what we can expect in the next couple of days or so sixteen hours after jacob zuma handed in his resignation several polls that is now the new president off the country we understand that he will be sworn in later this afternoon the chief justice who made the announcement of him being elected the president will hope will hold the bible full circle as he is sworn into the presidency and then tomorrow we will shift from sorel also for the first time as all their focus president when he gives that match anticipated state of the nation address now this seems to be
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a great sense of excitement you know with this political transition which is taken this tell us more about the serial number four's than what he stands full well so i'm opposed to really came from that nelson mandela school of point to succeed was meant to to succeed nelson mandela and was very disappointed when that didn't happen in fact so upset he didn't attend mass mandela as it will be ration batsman in a went on to give him the i'm now pleading if it's to draft a new constitution for south africa a constitution that's effectively seen him being sworn in today he is a businessman you know that when he left politics and he didn't become president off to mandela he went into business he's since come back once a life because wealthiest men he's been embraced by south africans across the radio the border they see him as you know that the kind of president that embodies all they have their values they look closely at my mental and they think that's the reports that will carry out the same legacy because of the fact that he was pretty much made in his understudy and so the fact that he's also a wealthy man
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a lot of south africans think he's not in this for the money that he's not going to be interested in looting the state office. as as we have seen allegations leveled against president jacob zuma for doing just that so a lot of excitement across the board and just interesting listening to a.n.c. m.p.'s break out in song they taunted the song. to basically say rise up from a poll say your time has come oh wonderful because you were just looking at the pictures of us going to m.p.'s don saying in the past have been one of the big challenges do you think that. it's the economy. we have a situation in south africa way the unemployment rate has been sitting at a stubborn twenty seven percent a lot of that is young people in the country without the prospect of work we also have a situation where government state owned enterprises are not functioning while often needing to be bailed out and the economy rated growing at a sluggish rate and so those are the immediate challenges right now because plus of
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africans are getting poorer that gap between the rich and the pool poor widening in south africa so a lot of young black people in south africa are looking to sort of of course to open up investment opportunities so that jobs can be created and then there is also this overarching theme of corruptions all africans were excited to see the back of president jacob zuma because of the extent of corruption and he said ministration they once or impulse to come in and tackle that and talking about zuma taught for the outgoing president jacob zuma he was a liberation fighter who flipped against apartheid and do things so this political legacy has been completely mobbed by all these many and deep corruption allegations against unfortunately so for a lot of people president jacob zuma personifies corruption all that people associate with this man is corruption even though he has he's credentials and he for example is credited with dealing with south africa's hiv aids crisis getting
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a lot of people onto treatment these are things that south africans don't even remember anymore because of the allegations around corruption unfortunately it specially towards the. and of his presidency on a regular basis there were more allocations more charges about graft and looting and it just didn't help that sam the opposition was also very very strong in making sure that these allegations were kept alive and well in the media so that is unfortunately the legacy that he leaves behind that he is probably one of the the worst that the a.n.c. has ever put forward as a leader we saw the party making significant losses in the last government election losing key metropolitans and it was conceded by the party that brand zuma had cost the a.n.c. dearly right in the fall of the letting go christine mcvie like you very much a ring us up today by patiently to. heading out of brussels where a major difference ministers have gathered for a second day of talks on the agenda was the global coalition in the fight against
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so-called islamic states but there were deep divisions at the table with the united states and turkey supporting opposing factions in syria defense ministers in jim motus and his turkish counterpart exchanged bombs over their country's diverging interests the u.s. is backing kurdish rebels in syria a group that turkey has branded a terrorist organization are chorus line tell you she was joins me now from the nato headquarters in brussels today the two who need two partners are not on the same bridge when it comes to turkish military operations against the kurds in syria what did you hear what did the u.s. defense secretary say about his meeting with his counterpart. well one of the things that sticks in my mind the most is that defense secretary mattis who spent his entire life in the military says this is the most complex situation he's ever seen in four decades of fighting so that gives you some insight into how difficult it's going to be to solve now of course here at nato they are trying to maintain
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this is a bilateral issue between the u.s. and turkey but these are the alliances two largest military so everyone's watching very closely defense secretary mabus said that they are finding common ground in their talks on what to do in the north of syria where the u.s. supports the y.p. g. kurdish group and turkey maintains they are a terrorist group mattis says that the u.s. will maintain its support for the wife as it's fighting isis and turkey says that they must they must stop supporting the y.p. gee turkey has has demanded that the us split the wipe out of the syrian democratic forces because it maintains that it is a terrorist group now what matters didn't say in the press conference but what i heard later from turkish journalists from their defense minister is that mattis came with a plan and told the turks that not only is the u.s. so certain that the y.p. g. is not part of the p.k. k. which everyone agrees is a terrorist organization for turkey but that the y.p. do you would actually fight that if given enough support so i'm told that this
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seemed a bit outlandish also to the turkish side but mattis believes that this can be done and tell you what it took. these suggestions and comments from octaves. the two defense ministers were speaking at exactly the same time which is also interesting in itself minister john equally was briefing the turkish journalist while mattis was briefing the english speaking and most of the international press so it made it difficult for us to get immediate reactions but what i heard from turkish sources is that the turkish side did not give any ground on saying the white is a part of the p.k. k. a terrorist organization and that the u.s. as well didn't give any ground on saying that the wife is not a terrorist organization and is in fact the best chance to fight isis in the north of syria so as a defense about secretary mabus said there is common ground and there is uncommon ground but he also said that there is a lot of honesty and transparency in their discussions and that he believes that
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they will continue negotiating in this way and it is very urgent because obviously we've seen there are heavy civilian casualties in the north of syria and nobody wants this situation to continue any longer than it than it absolutely must carry shows at the nato headquarters in brussels thank you very much. you're not going to take you live to south africa to pretoria read the new president saddam was a is addressing parliament let's take a listen to what he's saying of the metra by talking about a pro to or to them and how we can work together to put our country first that is precisely what our as president of the republic would want to do so a free come must come first in everything that we vote. general or lisa. who continues to call me his secretary
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general because when he was a member of the african national congress we called each other with wonderful india and i said general to him you continues to say secretary-general and i accept that and i agree with you that we should find ways of working together on issues as you said correctly of national interest and. general why i'm so beyond the beers of what's out. there that already is a good side of demonstrating that up crossed party lines we should have an opportunity of sitting together and it to meet and i would like to take you up on that i'll tell you i'm on the. honorable for to vote. yes i want to join you in saying that it would be wonderful if the level of debate in this house can be raised to
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a level where we really begin to engage our national issues without screaming at each other without you know. a point of order on a ongoing basis and the disorder that as often defined what happens in this house i will yes i would want us to rise to that level and also and i agree that you would want a president who would respect not only this house but the members of this house i join you completely on that but i think the flipside of that coin also says that we should respect one. but in respecting one another it means that we are respecting this house that our people set up it means that we would be respecting our people so i would say that let's underpin everything that we do here
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through a great sign of respect to our people because when our people look at this parliament they see themselves represented and they don't want to see this or doubt they don't want to see poor levels of debate they want to see debates that are going to leads to the improvement of their lives let us rise to the occasion. reverend. reverend michel and i share history together and maybe it's important that we should both confess not. we were at university together. and we both belong to the student christian movement. the difference was is that i was his leader when we were
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members of the student christian movement and he followed me and so it's wonderful that we are both in this parliament representing our people yes reverend to measure would pay heed to the advice that you're giving that we should choose a great team that's precisely what our people deserve to have a team that will work for their interest in their interests thank you yes. and also that all of us it does not only be hope on the president but all of us should be able to work and lead our people with great courage and that is precisely what we want to seek to do deputy president of the i c s you and i were both deputy presidents of our organization i'm sorry that you elect to be behind
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a little bit before. but i'd like to welcome your very kind words. where you say you will support the work that i will be doing and that you will give us much support as to what we will all be doing collectively so i think you for that my dear is d p. thank you very much. to the leader of the p.c.'s this is not here to whom we've never thought that this was true what we've all really said is that we are going to seek to improve the lives.


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