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tv   Treasures of the World - Pamukkale Turkey  Deutsche Welle  February 16, 2018 12:15am-12:31am CET

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she probably won't live to the age of five. the program aims to prevent the mother to child transmission of a child from the german aids foundation is supporting the project in mozambique give the baby a future make a donation saying. waters
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waters that have been flowing for centuries for millennia without seen in the course of time they have changed the face of the landscape the healing power of these hot springs has drawn people hands since the dawn of time they were in or of the water and it shaped back old chap i'm kind of it was a cultic site in antiquity and to this day it has remained a fascinating natural spectacle at the foot of the jurchen as mountains in tacky. evidence remains of happiness as secret city of the greeks little is known of its origins or history one thing is certain if it were not for the springs no city would ever have a reason here. nature's
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lebar a tree is busy the people water is poor from the earth at thirty five degrees celsius at high pressure. on contact with the air carbon dioxide and calcium carbonate are released climbs to his deposited protein everything the water touches good gracious white chocolate nails.
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this is nature become stone marble capitals from the temple of apollo suggest the importance here apple is once had at one time it was the first great cultic site here and place was the center of the culture of seventy the great us mother till the time of classical antiquity it was thought that an entrance to the underworld lay here the sacred realm of pluto poisonous gases are still emitted from the cave in antiquity the thermal water was valued for its healing powers the remains of the name famine harappa less suggest the scale of the cult the complex built around the springs was visible from a considerable distance. at a rapid as there was a roman bathing culture in asia minor two thousand years ago the city had an
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estimated population of one hundred thousand. and him from the great bath house a sculpture founded. the theory is that a stone dislodged from the vaulting by an earthquake decapitated the figure excavations have been in progress for more than a century first by german and currently by italian archaeologists. only recently where the foundations of the south baffles cleared of limestone the counseling and carbonate borne by the waters had come to the walls to a height of five metres little by little the importance of harappan aspire roman bathing culture in the near east has become apparent hellenistic cultic site was
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transformed into a spot on known throughout asia minor numerous large pools remain to be excavated currently they're still buried under the limestone deposits at the springs indeed the excavations have barely begun. the glories of nature and of art went hand in hand out here. the theater is one of the best preserved in asia minor it was right in the heart of the ancient city.
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the amphitheater was sacred to the goddess artemis any quentin depicted by the reliefs on the person him. as in a play the life of the goddess of the hunt and of healing is presented here. and how mother neato. the midwife is seen washing the new born child. their infancy dandled on the mat the father's use. and had genes with cliff and bell and arrows. on time anna was one shipped in the
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roman pantheon and see that he had been by the greeks as the great asked mother. and. the stage was on two levels with separate spaces for the orchestra and the performers. in. the theater had an audience capacity of fifteen pounds and. cut. the low key.
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her. the old. thank you. thank you. thank you it makes a glaze c.n.n. pression has something of a polar landscape wasim to terraces with static tights the turkish name for the place cools this miracle of nature the cotton wool consul pongal claims cotton and kali is a consul. in the valley below palma coloring and we want to round the provincial capital of dennis leek the cotton fields extend where i feel one looks this is one of takis major textile centers. i.
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thank you. thank you. i thank you. for. your apple this was a textile center to an engine times the secret healing family waters proved ideal for dining and processing wool the delicate fabrics one by the roman senators came from here inscriptions on graves suggest that the city is textiles trade was brisk one man claimed to have made the sea journey to italy seventy two times to sell his lands here up and this was a cosmopolitan city where anatolians macedonians from greece romans jews and in due course christians all live together. the decline began in the fourth century a.d.
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the vice anti empire had little interest in trading with rome the bath houses were converted into a bestseller because the last impressive building dates from the fifth century. through inns of a church sacred to send philip the motor to council was a missionary and her up unless he established the first christian congregation here and was crucified here in the year eighty seven. the octagonal building has been left in a sorry state by numerous of quakes but its significance for the evolution of ecclesiastical architecture in christian culture is undisputed it is a kind of monastery with chapels around the octagon there are polygonal pillows and
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triangular and rectangular rooms and cells arranged within pollinated holes this was a place of pilgrimage. where apple is also possessed the largest next crop or less in asia minor no one can say how many pilgrims came to harappa listens ancient times to see the city and to die here before the city gates there are burial mounds sock off again and soon or a chambers dating from several centuries. many of the inscriptions include a particular message to him who deprives the deceased of his panoramic view. cast upon his progeny and they were born to him who identifies the wrongdoer.
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calling a miraculous unnatural spectacle to be joined in all eternity. to .
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this is our home it's god's country of her listen to other better place seventeen thousand kilometers through catholic up starting february twenty seventh. defensive stalwart minds and for nigeria and the world cup he'll be up against leo messi. plus kickoff reporter ed mccambridge.


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