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you're watching the news coming to live from a turkish german journalist shielding to keep radio will be featured according to german employer did his usual was accused of terrorism espionage by turkish authorities but he was never formally charged the kids had strained relations between turkey and germany to get the latest from our correspondent in istanbul and . also to show security in the spotlight diplomats defense ministers and one leaders gathered at the munich security conference the biggest threat to the.
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cut on welcome. turkish gentleman just as a dentist you chill is to be freed after a year into prison here's how it was jailed on suspicion of spreading propaganda in support of a terrorist organization and inciting violence he denies the allegations and in fact he was never charged with any crime she's detention has strained relations between germany and to keep huge as impending release comes a day after german chancellor angela merkel pushed for movement on your case in a bullet in meeting with the turkish prime minister. now journalists from the organization the vets have been celebrating the release of their colleagues a bundestag reporter younes linda tweeting this picture of dennis i'm afraid i think we'll probably go to our correspondents on this story dorian jones is
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standing by in istanbul and nina is at our parliamentary studios starting with you nina first tell us more about what is known about dennis you chills impending release well first of all armories are think it's important to remind everybody why this case is so important for the german turkish relations and then this huge shell had become something like the face of everything that the german government considered wrong in the current turkish system and so the german government whenever they talked about who they say was imprisoned for political reasons and the german government criticized that he was in prison without a formal charge they also meant the other five german citizens who are in jail who the german government say are in jail for political reasons what we do know is that
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about an hour and a bit ago. so dennis who tells employer tweeted that he was in fact going to be released there have been reactions by german politicians including the foreign minister is it not goblin who says it's a good day he is very happy for dennis and his family but of course we've got slightly different reactions from turkey right in turning talking about reactions from turkey let me turn to dorian who is there what are you hearing dorian about the release of the impending release of dennis. well yes he has been released under court supervision pending legal proceedings so he's in totally free is unclear whether under his release order he will be able to get out the country but at the same time the court has also accept an indictment by the prosecutors against him as you accusing him of creating entity within the country terrorist propaganda and those charges can carry between fourteen and eighteen
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years in jail now it's unclear when those trial will be heard and whether then a future will be allowed to leave the country before those hearings are start so there's still quite a lot of lack of clarity over the situation of the moment but yes it does appear that the court has ordered thirteen as you judge to be released from prison and that will take a number of hours of processing but or of all goes to plan he should be out to sea for me right so they have this lack of clarity as we heard from a door in on the legal situation here this announcement comes just after the turkish prime minister was here how much of a surprise is this announcement that. well in fact we had seen some fast indications earlier this week we got some signals that dennis might in fact be released fairly quickly and this is because german foreign minister especially has put a lot of pressure as it got there actually went to meet president added that is
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quite unusual for a foreign minister to meet the president to talk about these the case of then his huge shell and yesterday at the meeting between anglo american on the turkish prime minister they didn't mention it explicitly but the prime minister said in an interview that he hopes the turkish courts will come to a decision fairly quickly and this was already seen as some sort of an indication that things were beginning to move forward because up until thursday we still haven't seen a formal charge against him and during this seems to have been some preliminary discussion going on about this case because before that turkish prime minister came to blood and he did change that they would be a development on the case. well that's why when he was flying to berlin he. he expects that there will be developments in the case and they will be some hope for
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a positive development he did express the belief that he should these proceedings should be speeded up being a statement made by previous minister ministers in the past but the same time when he was in berlin need to take a step back saying that is of course is up to the courts and the legal procedures now has been very clear they say this is nothing to do with politics this is all about turkey's judiciary i mean system the judiciary is independent now it has to be fair there has been true of a great deal of skepticism both inside turkey among its critics of the government but also internationally given the fact that people are then issued on these five other german citizens and also we have u.s. citizens in a similar situation are increasingly seen as pawns in the ongoing tensions as with its western allies so during let me clarify if you can clarify for us what is the situation with dennis your change according to you he will be released from detention today but this could still be charges leveled against him legally.
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well that's. been reported across the turkish media and also the semi official news agency. have confirmed that the court has accepted an indictment by the prosecutors against as you tell this has been a major criticism the fact is taken well over a year but then as usual to face any formal prosecution now it appears about incitement has been filed and it's a very serious one it's called inciting enmity within the country and terrorist propaganda and these these can carry up to eighteen years in jail so a very serious offense is now the key question here will be will dennis you'll be allowed to leave the country or will leave or will the court in his decision insist that he stays in the country until this case has proceeded the evidence in previous cases where peter a well known german human rights activist he was allowed to leave the country pending his case against him on similar serious offenses last year by the way also the turkish journalist she has been forced to stay in the country until her case
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has concluded so it's on clear what will happen here but this will be a major issue of concern for supporters both inside the country and outside in particular also i imagine in berlin is that allowed to leave the country. in fact i just said that you know i mean as you mentioned the sigma the foreign minister or the acting foreign minister has spoken out on this case let's take a listen to what he says of that return to you. a turkish court has announced that denis you joe will be freed without any restrictions which i assume that means he will be able to leave the country we are very pleased with the court's decision. so that was the german foreign minister and he seems to be indicating that there. will be able to leave the country. well. i would take away a major victory in the global diplomacy if this is in case in fact the case and so
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i believe he wants it to be true of course we have to wait for news from ankara but if it is indeed true that then as you joe can leave the country then it would be massively important for the role and the position of the gobbler who as we all know is in a weak position because of comments. there is a lot of quarrelling going on in his own party and lots of people are saying he can't stay foreign minister in the new government coalition with angle americans conservatives for various reasons so if he does carry this away than it would be a massive victory so of course this case could play into domestic politics is what you're saying in fact we're waiting to hear from she's meeting the polish prime minister right now and there is going to be a press conference and they are of course expectations that she will touch on this case of dennis you should have read of course school life that as soon as that happens but you know standing with you now how much diplomatic pressure or what
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diplomatic leverage do you think germany has. to get a decision which would be favorable in the case of a dentist. we heard from some foreign policy experts that they were fairly confident that i. was going to be released and actually that he could be leaving the country fairly soon they said a few days ago because they said they were getting signs from turkey that the case was not important enough anymore for turkey to take such risks in its relationship with many that relations between the two countries are so strained and that for the german authorities the case of. who like i said earlier had become the face of everything that the german government had to criticize about the current system in turkey with the president at one strong grip all of this have been criticized and.
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become a symptom of it and so they're saying that they were not surprised that germany managed to put pressure on on even though on cross says that it's a matter that only the courts decide on. and do what it did to you because we've been hearing so much of tough talk coming out of unca is special relations between the two countries and with the european union what do you think made it possible for ankara to make what many would there would see as a concession towards berlin. i think he is aware that it is facing growing international isolation and although that does play very well among the mystic constituents in this country the president's supporters do buy into this thing that turkey needs alone it's fighting the whole world i think realizing in the real politics that this doesn't serve turkey's interests internationally well in turkey given the fact it does have strained relations with washington at the same time it does realize it does need and i think that there is
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recognition the berlin is a very important trading partner of turkey and turkey is looking to berlin to lift its opposition to the renewal of a customs union with the wider european union that is he was very important to the turkish economy germany is turkey's number one trading partner and also turkey has germany hosts a very large ethnic turkish population nearly four million that is also seen as important for the turkish president and his government so i think there is this realisation that they do have to take some steps towards normalization and the fact that there is usually seen as such or a point of tension i think that they realize that this is a possible bargaining chip that was worth cashing in on the bases they hope that this can start a process of normalization with all of the message from berlin is that has to do a lot more this will be seen by saying we have taken an important step here we are looking for some reciprocal reciprocation from you now and jordan during stay with you now you've been covering this case for us for the past one year and has been in
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detention for one year what kind of conditions was he kept in. well he's been very harsh i mean for most of the year of his attention it was in solitary confinement in a sixteen square metre cell the only thing he could see from his window was a brick wall he talked statement smuggled to his lawyers he said soldier confinement was a tkinter almost torture it was very very very difficult time that he felt that he faced and it was only recently that he was released into general circulation within the prison so i think there was a great deal of concern over the treatment not only its attention but the fact that he was placed in solitary confinement i think only fueled supporters in turkey internationally and i think that that is why many ways he has become such an important symbol of the manner of fact attention is made it such a key issue in international relations with turkey and the wider world right dorian
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jones in istanbul and parliamentary siddhis thank you both very much for now and we'll of course return to you as soon as we have more developments. ok and if you let's tell you a little bit more about the man who's at the heart of this case dennis this is a listen to more about him and his. one year ago dennis usual was detained in istanbul and turkish authorities accuse the correspondent from the german newspaper developed of terrorist propaganda but never charged him with any crime you tell has spent most of the time in solitary confinement in an interview he said he was innocent because he don't need been doing his job the german foreign ministry confirmed the news of his release. we're relieved and glad that the reports confirm that mr yoo jail is now free and has been released from prison after. the german government has complained vigorously
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for the release of you jail as well as other journalists imprisoned in turkey many civilian organizations also demonstrated for his release it's still unclear whether turkish president recha tayyip erdogan is behind the decision while you jail has been released from jail turkish state media reports to the public prosecutor's office are demanding eighteen years imprisonment. get it telling our correspondent joe johns in istanbul and you know has a parliamentary suit is starting with you dorian now remind us again what is the status with dennis. also in germany say he's a good to be freed a very sort and what are you hearing there. well that's right. should be released from his current pretrial detention. the circumstances of
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his release is still not clear whether he will have to be under some sort of court supervision in turkey where he can leave three there are reports of even to be allowed to leave the country but hasn't been legally confirmed but at the same time a turkish prosecutor has filed a not an indictment against him a huge role for inciting. in the country and terrorist propaganda a courthouse except that indictment and he faces between fourteen and eighteen years in jail so there has been both good news at the moment but i think the key question here is will be allowed to leave the country and go back to germany it does of course is the key question and let me put that question to nina hansei here in berlin you know what are you hearing about dentistry do you think are the expectations here in britain that he would be allowed to leave the country when he is released from prison. so far i can only quote the german foreign minister acting
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foreign minister who says he is happy and that it's a good day for them as you tell and his family. thanks. legal system thanks to judges and he also thanked the turkish foreign minister for helping speed up proceedings as he called it and he thanked german chancellor angela merkel for allowing him to put pressure on the turkish authorities because this is very important that we have only found out we only found out today that. he had meetings with the turkish president and president the one and those meetings we weren't aware of before but it was good talking to you let me just remind our viewers that we're waiting for chancellor angela merkel i'm looking at pictures there is an impending press. and so she would be talking after her discussions with the polish prime minister and of course we're expecting her to touch on this question of dennis' future maybe we have a little more clarity there meanwhile dustin with you remind us again why is this
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case so important for germany and at a case which had huge strain on relations between the two countries. well first of all dan is huge so is very well known here among. journalists who used to be a writer for the left wing. for the left wing newspaper. and then he moved over to develop so lots of people here in berlin have been following his coverage and he was probably the most prominent of figures of german journalist established journalists here who were put into prison in turkey there are the german government says another five german citizens who are in jail for political reasons were german germany demands their release as well so dense you tell became the face of those people who were put in prison illegally but it is something where you can say that
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then as you just have become the face of everything that germany had to criticize in recent months of the turkish authorities and its strong grip on all the executive powers in turkey invited has to be remembered of course as a job that he has a significant turkish german population and there was a lot of public support for the feet of dead is a huge chill here in germany but of course dorian turkey had a very different perspective on this turkish german journalist tell us about the turkey's perspective and why they felt the need to could hold him in detention without charges me at. well from the ruling party. including to the turkish president of police and that's because some of the articles he was involved in research he was involved in was looking into these alleged hacked e-mails of the then turkish energy minister parata barack who's also the son in law of the president all those those
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alleged e-mails alleged major high level corruption. was involved in researching that and for possible articles in turkey anything to do with research into allegations of corruption against key figures of the government and in particular those linked to the president is political to who and many previous three journal journalists are in jail for writing similar. allegations so this is why in many ways he was seen as such a. toxic person from the support the point of view of supporters of the government they see this as part of what they believe the time was this conspiracy being waged against turkey in fact they accused of of harboring those they blame for the twenty sixteen cooler temps of the novel point of tension between berlin lunker. treated many people involved in fact and they say that. journalists as part of the same
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conspiracy to undermine and this government and that's why he was in many ways the seem to treat being treated so harshly given nearly a year in solitary confinement and now these cases of. between fourteen and eighteen years in jail the journalist now faces right door enjoins in istanbul and neither has a parliamentary stooges thank you both very much for now and we will now move to say we stay with the story but let's move on to did obvious political correspondent michelle or crystal who is at the munich security conference which is about to get underway and she's also following that story for us michelle you've been talking to somebody who has been reacting to the dentist. being us up to date. is absolutely where of course you're getting those first two reactions with me is kind of critical for the co-chair of the european green party in the european parliament emissivity call for let me just ask you to start with is this really a breakthrough in relations between germany and turkey this release of denis you
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tell. i don't think we should jump to conclusions for some for most this is a day of joy and we can all and should all celebrate the fact that after more than a year dennis now comes free again but we know that there are many more journalists still languishing in turkish presence and that's just one step and i believe that the lesson that we can learn from the battle for the freedom of tanis which in germany has become almost a national movement. is that we should not allow. president. to make hostage taking a business model so to you is this a result of political pressure particularly from germany and a more senior day issue or do you sense
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a real change of tone that while we still really tough rhetoric from the ticket from out of one of those past months and in recent weeks we saw a kiss softening of tone that in the tone has been dampened down that that's also my perception and i guess that. some. smart people around mr add on have started realizing that if you multiply the number of people that you're antagonizing that doesn't necessarily make you more successful so i i would hope that this represents some new insights on the part of the turkish leadership that they cannot behave as if. everybody would need them more than they need everybody else now there are at least five more germans believed to be held on political grounds in turkey what would the next step have to be in defining the relationship between germany and turkey but also the european
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union which stands for the same values after all well as i tried to indicate already our relationship has always been and has to continue being multi-dimensional so clearly on the grounds of. their respect for human rights and the liberty of the media and the liberty of civil society involvement we will have to stand tall for instance just last week the two co-chairs from the truckers green party have been put in jail because they protested against turkey's war in northern syria i think we cannot yet assume that the mess that the law is giving up on also read tarion ism and all that. but at the same time not just stand tall when it comes human rights issues and so forth but also clearly signal to them what
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our interests are and where we are not going to give in to turkish pressure i for instance. in favor of granting turkey more trade privileges at this point in time when turkish democracy is still trodden under the hill of the governments so clear message that thank you very much kind of critical for co-chair of the green party in the european parliament and without back to you and we should look at the munich security conference thank you very much for being us reactions on the release of the impending release of denis thank you very much. ok now joining me in the studio is good again since she's the chairwoman of the german parliamentary human rights committee welcome to you you know first of all what is your reaction to news that dennis may soon be out of
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prison well thank you for having me again. actually i haven't i haven't had the time to process all of this to be honest i think it's a very happy day for dennis you challenge his family i'm happy for for him that he might be flying home soon that's what i hope. and i was a little surprised that it was just after three hundred eighty six no sixty eight days after the anniversary of that he's been imprisoned with no formal charges whatsoever so. it's a little surprise to be honest because you mocked his a one year anniversary in prison just this week so what is your organization been doing to try and push for his release well at this point i i think i should shouldn't be speculating i think it is more important to to hear how this day is going to be followed with the press conference with america i can only speculate on
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which which topics she might have been talked about with prime minister you did him but i think the human rights condition in turkey hasn't changed just because dennis . is maybe soon to be released so do you think given the spotlight on his case as a human does it tell us more about what you've been saying and doing in the last twelve months well i think it's important to stress that we've been trying to line out that dennis yourself cave is an example for the condition under which journalists and also other political prisoners in turkey are being treated with solitary confinement with not being able to to see their family members more than once. so we can dennis you just say so and this is this is against the human rights especially under the circumstance that he didn't have any formal charge brought to him i think this is what i heard just minutes ago that he's been had it he's had
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a formal formal charge giving from i think fourteen to eighteen years that's right i'm interested in in reading this these charges and what is actually being brought forward against him but for our committee and also for the german bundestag it is very important to stress how how much of an example he is for all the other journalists and political prisoners. of the chairwoman of the villain bottom and human rights committees of what exactly does your committee do well we tried to. take the discussion into our our committee and work our diplomatic connections we have we we were just or we're just ahead of the second seating this office term so it's very i cannot tell very much about the things that they've been doing in the last year however what is very important for me and also for the free
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democratic party is that now it is not a time to just say well now we're done for done it's your job and this is all there is but we need to focus on all the other prisoners and still stress that there is no good condition for human rights at the moment in turkey and if they want to keep on with the accession talks for the for example. that is going to be to have a change to the whole system and that's not what we're seeing at the moment so it does feel human responding to that you also advise government on policy yes definitely so what we are trying to to also ask questions to to the government on on projects on diplomatic. connections they have and they are supposed to brief us whenever where we're asking for it. the jimmy fund to sigma got a deal has reacted to dennis news of dennis you choose impending release let's take
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a listen to what he had to say. yes to the turkish court has announced that dennis you joe will be freed without any restrictions or. i assume that means he will be able to leave the country we are very pleased with the court's decision. so that was the german foreign minister said reacting to news that denis you're to be soon be free and with me is good again soon and she's the chairwoman of the german parliamentary human rights committee so what we heard from sigma governor he seemed to be quite confident that denis your chin will be allowed to leave the country when he's freed from prison do you share his optimism definitely i share his optimism however i'd like to point out and also ask the chairwoman of the committee for human rights in the german bundestag still some some space left for some some small criticism maybe at at this point of time.


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