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tv   Quadriga - The New Arms Race A More Dangerous World  Deutsche Welle  February 16, 2018 1:30pm-2:01pm CET

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has reacted to dennis news of dennis you choose impending release let's take a listen to what he had to say. yes the turkish court has announced that denis you joe will be freed without any restrictions. i assume that means he will be able to leave the country we are very pleased with the court's decision. so that was the german foreign minister reacting to news that it is your to be soon be free and with me is good again soon and she's the chairwoman of the german fundamental human rights committee so what we heard from sigma governor he seemed to be quite confident that denis really be allowed to leave the country when he's freed from prison do you share his optimism definitely i share his optimism however i'd like to point out and also ask the chairwoman of the committee for human rights in the german bundestag still some some space left for some some small criticism maybe at at this point of time time because then it's huge as i said he's just one example
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for for the situation off human rights in turkey and for us a very very special case used german turkish citizen who used to work at the back to one year. and with his colleagues and i share the confidence that they have that he might be might be home very soon ok if that is obviously very good news for his supporters his family and his friends and colleagues but i did my think again why is this case more important said the five other journalists who are being held in turkey on what berlin considers politically motivated charges that why did this case in particular become such an important point to friction between berlin and well first of all i would say it's the fact that dennis you judge didn't have any formal charges brought up against him so he's been serving more than a year now three hundred and sixty eight days to be exact without knowing what he's
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been doing wrong there were some some. brought up charges i would say of of terror propaganda and. he was just doing his job and that's what he said and i think this is the example that he's been giving also to to the european media to the international media that. at this moment in turkey there is there there is kind of a. i'm not sure how to put it but. it should be the case that a journalist can work and speak his mind freely and this is not the case in turkey at the moment so he is an example not only for germany but for the world and for the world media as if this is. the argument being that independent journalism is the foundation of democracy in the has a set of concern in germany and in other parts of the world that turkey is curbing
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the rights of genesis and in fact coming in the way of a free press and then if you had become a symbol of that trend that he was trying to do his job and he was imprisoned for that in turkey let's take a look at more about denis you're the german turkish journalist who's said to be released in turkey his colleagues in berlin never gave up they've been campaigning for dennis you just released since he was imprisoned a year ago the hashtag free don't is him blazoned on the roof of his newspaper's offices huge rallies seen here on a talk show shortly before his arrest according to the turkish authorities he was held on suspicion of producing terrorist propaganda have been siteman to hatred. but no charges were brought until now and there were no court proceedings he just spent months in solitary confinement before being moved only recently to
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a normal cell the case further strained relations between berlin and ankara speaking last march turkey's president justified you chose detention. argue america wants us to free a terrorist agent supposedly journalist who was hiding in a german consulate for months. germany managed to gain consular access to you general and insisted that detaining him without charge was a human rights violation. let us make no mistake it is not in accordance with rule of law if an executive in this case turk is executive pre-judge as an individual as has publicly done to dennis you jel then is. dozens of other journalists is still being held in turkish prisons reporters without borders ranked turkey one hundred fifty fifth out of one hundred eighty countries in last year's world press freedom index. telling it to you not
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a good day you're the chairwoman of the fundamental human rights committee how much leverage do you think germany has over turkey to get its to actually you know release the five other journalists also there is usually said to release today but there are five other still waiting in turkish custody now good question i think it is important to also stress and point out that turkey of course is a nato ally and is fighting again against i says and is a partner and in these conflicts and solution matters however. i think it is important to still on diplomatic of values to point out to turkey and also the prime minister and i meant also president adlon that we cannot accept journalists especially us. a german journalist being held like this and this is why dennis you're jealous only one of the topics we're discussing so i'm sure of the
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delegations from your organization all members of your stuff would have gone to turkey and carried your message of human rights there one of the sponsors do you get that you go in there well i haven't been in person but i. hear from other colleagues that they they get both sides of the metal the ones that say well where and in favor of president. arguments and we trust his statement and his judgment on the charges that is now being brought forward on the other hand there are people who are saying and i think in my opinion if the majority that it is does not a fair trial let's hope that the trial is going to be fair and if your show is taking responsibility for the freedom of press and speaking his mind and being critical also with the government and this is very important and i like to stress that also and the committee writes of course assistants and journalists from will receive but
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also took his gens who under immense pressure from the government this a good against cinci of almost a villain bottom to human rights committee thank you very bus for joining us in the studio and sharing your thoughts and of course we'll talk to you later now let's take you to live i'm seeing pictures the german chancellor angela merkel is about to address join this of the sea life which is coming up and we hope to get them to you as soon as possible she's just had talks with the polish prime minister and of course expectations that she will be addressing the case of dennis huge and let's go live to those pictures if we can. so. once. they will be traveling on to the munich security conference we've worked a long time on this additional visit. but i'm very glad that you know if you come to visit us and. created you're with military
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honors we've spoken about german polish relations. on the one hand they're very close and intense especially in the border region and in economic respects. trade volume is growing dynamically. and there's. not just a few large investments but own a broad front. and i will do everything in my government to do everything so that this trend continues we've also spoken about civil society. we can use. improve and expand our relations. we would have. continued visits to germany students to. other concentration camp memorial sites. and of course germany very definitely
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recognizes its guilt in this and its responsibility in this respect and. we've also agreed to expand exchanges diplomatically and the environment a triangle format. we've also spoken. nick minorities our two countries and where you. come in is assured the polish government the polish. minority living. will also be able to learn polish and germany. this is being conducted together with the german federal statesmen because it's in common. and foreign ministry is will continue to work together on this point.
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you know before you also talk about it could be a topic of ukraine. agreed upon a common approach. to continue the normandy format and he pursued the minsk. that was the deal and then she was talking after discussions with the polish prime minister the two neighbors poland and germany have prickly relations and there was much hope that this meeting would have overcome some of the issues they're facing so we heard a recap from the german chancellor and of course the hoping that she would at some point address the issue of a dentist you chill the job and took as john this was said to be released after a year in custody in tookie so we turn to her as soon as we. address is that issue you are watching the news coming to you live from your chile was jailed on suspicion of spreading propaganda in support of a terrorist organization and inciting violence and he denies the allegation that in
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fact he was never charged with any crime his detention has strained relations between germany and turkey and you just impending release comes a day off of the american push for movement on your chess case in a meeting with the turkish prime minister been yelled at em. ok now let's get more on that story from our correspondents there monitoring this this is dorian jones in istanbul and nina at our parliamentary studios let me start with you nina being us up to date as to what do we know about dennis you just impending release still now. what is coming through now is that there seem to have been a lot of meetings behind closed doors in actual fact secret trips by. german germany's acting foreign minister who in the last ten days traveled to rome
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to meet president at a one there who was there to meet the pope and. ask president on they discussed the case then as you tell a week later. then allegedly went to istanbul to continue those talks to try and find a solution in this case that had strained relations between the two countries so much now is it my galileo you have to remember is in a terribly weak situation himself as foreign minister lots of people don't want him to continue the job in this new government so he apparently put a lot of pressure and he used his current role to bring this matter forward this case that have become the symptom or the symbol of all those people who germany says are in jail without charges and unfairly. ok let me turn to you now during this of course a great sense of relief for the news that did is due to maybe release from prison soon but there are also some impending charges tell us more there is
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a shadow be cast over that there's some lack of clarity what is the situation from the turkish perspective on this case. we understand from information from the lawyers of ten a future elder called service morning did issue this order to the prison for his release. pending court proceedings the same time prosecutors successfully farden. was accepted by the court against any future for inciting. among the people terrorist propaganda and they were calling for a sentence of up to eighteen years now that indictment has been accepted is unclear when the case will start and also there is still remains unclear whether dennis will be under some restrictions or pending back or case and crucially whether he'll be allowed to leave the country but if it is the case has been reported that there was his intent diplomatic relations are going on behind the scenes it would be
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a big surprise if there is usually wasn't allowed to leave the country as this would cause a major cloud over these developments at a time when will be hoping this will be a major boost if their friends to normalize relations with perlin and i don't think it's why did they keep get this usually in prison for one year before finally kind of you know putting some formal charges against him. well it has to be said that turkey is under emergency rule and people being cared for long periods of time before being even receiving an indictment even that are unusual in fact under turkey's judicial system you can be held for up to five years in jail before been formally charged in appearing in front of a court so the reason that are unusual but the fact that this was against a foreign journalist a german journalist i think did cause a great deal of surprise and outrage outrage among many of his supporters and there and he did fuel the suspicion that this was
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a very much politically motivated case and given the fact the then as you just profile continue to be raised and became such a of course. in germany many for many for the. perceiving this is someone think of a major bargaining chip they have on their hands and the big question is that we will be asking wall to give an exchange for this gesture although both sides insist that the judiciary is independent but i'd like to turn to you know you mentioned the german foreign minister and his statement let's take a listen to what sigma had to say before i return to you. we have held many discussions with the turkish government over the past few months especially with my colleague the turkish foreign minister and we try to establish a report of trust and urged ankara to expedite the case of the german journalists and these huge oh to be flowing again turkey's government stressed that it would be an independent decision by the judiciary and they didn't want to interfere. but
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they also made it clear that they were willing to excel or at the process they did so successfully in the past few hours and days or some of. the turkish court has announced that denis future will be freed without any restrictions. and that means he will be able to leave the country we are very pleased with the court's decision. so that i mean as we heard sigman gabriele the foreign minister of germany saying very pleased with the decision that did his usual is to be set free he also uses big word trust and trust has been actually absent in relations between the two countries over the past few years does this new decision by turkey symbolize of the could be a change at all in relations between the two nations. well the fact that i'm glowing markel the german chancellor met with the turkish prime minister was
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already seen yesterday in berlin was already seen as a sign by many that things were beginning to look up in the relationship between turkey and germany and this is what led some people to believe that the release of dennis you tell at least could be imminent because they've said for a year now the german chancellor am hasn't met with turkish authorities after. she criticized the turkish authorities for imposing this emergency law and for the strong grip on the executive powers by president at all and so yes absolutely things are beginning to look up and then this huge shells released if indeed it happens is one major step that was something that the spokes person of uncle americal said earlier today and she stressed that it was just one first step but i don't how do you see it from then on this case has been dragging on for twelve long months why did uncle are decide at this point to make what many in in turkey would
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see as a concession to berlin. well i think they're saying that this was purely up to the courts to and their deliberations although very few people will believe i think that is has been the product of intense diplomatic negotiations that have been going on behind the scenes particularly these reports now of the german foreign minister meeting face to face with the turkish president i think that they do this will in fact maybe that will please our own crap because i always like sees a face to face meetings particularly the president and i think certainly that did help to expedite relations and i think it is aware of its growing international isolation it is aware that germany is its main trading partner in europe and germany is a world power at the same time it has very difficult relations with the united states the other major world powers so i think that there is realisation and has to take steps to normalize relations at least with some of these countries because it
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is facing growing international challenges and also it is aware that it will need cooperation on key issues going forward with the european union which has made a priority of also trying to improve relations with and out there any indications about the future of other german turkish journalists who are in detention in turkey . well i think there will be major hope that these two will be released particularly the fact that there are many ways was the most contentious of all of those detained particularly because the president intervened against him at the time of his calling him a spy when that happens that complicate matters or normally the fact that it does appear is now going to be released and possibly back to germany as well this will open the door to further releases particularly if. reciprocating more meetings that these high profile meetings. relations are starting to normalize i think that
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if we still see step by step. for sure then the expectation most of the most of these if not all of them will be released in the near future but we have to say this is early steps and early days at the moment particularly with still hasn't got a formal government and what will the government's attitude towards turkey be going forward will be also a factor i think in the situation facing these other detained german nationals and talking about jim his government turning to you nina i mean after all if this does go well then dennis your children turns on that would be quite a diplomatic corps not just for the fundamental garbage but also for america remind us why was it so important for germany to get this release as quickly as possible. well we have been reporting from the munich security conference all day that is starting in
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a few hours time where germany is the host and germany goes into this munich security conference in the weakest position for years we don't have a government we have an acting government but we don't have a new government yet five months after the elections and after some quarrelling with other partners angle america the german chancellor eventually had to go into negotiation talks with the s.p.d. with the social democrats and of course we know that even though they reached a deal last week a coalition deal still the s.p.d. members will have to decide about whether or not they actually want to go into government so on the americans fate also hangs in the hands of the s.p.d. members half a million people and will find the result on march the fourth so very tricky days for the chancellor and of course he doesn't have the same powers as he usually does who just want to you know door in turkey and germany have very strong trade ties do
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you think that was also a factor that played a role in in this case of dead tissue chip. of course yes i mean money is his number one trading partner in the world the very important relations who also have to realize that there are major german companies operating in turkey divide is very important for the turkish economy as well and i think the fear that if this terrible crisis of relations. became something that was almost permanent there be the fear that some of these countries some of these major companies could ultimately pull out of turkey so i think that there is realisation that yes there have been these tensions but there is this need to send a message to all those who have an involvement in turkey that we are taking steps to slowly bring relations back on an even keel with but also have to point out their own crystal has
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a major number of issues there that is not happy with the fact that it has granted asylum to many people no longer accuses of being involved in the twenty sixteen failed coup attempt here in turkey there is a strong belief that in some way berlin was involved in that strongly to annoy there is a great deal of mistrust and suspicion between both sides and that will take a long time and a lot of efforts to improve and ultimately i think perspective as well they were looking at the overall human rights situation in turkey which have not improved their messages is. still continue even though has been released is why the concern of acumen rights will be a major issue not only for turkey's relationship with germany but all of the international community in fact we're just getting reports from a correspondent there is usually has been is out of prison and this also seems to have been confirmed by his wife of course we'll be following that story we're also
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waiting to hear from german chancellor angela merkel she's holding a press conference with the polish prime minister and this issue may come up there and if it does of course we'll take our viewers live to that press conference as soon as possible you know what is your reaction if indeed it is confirmed that dennis is out of prison what this really is hope for the other journalists the german turkish journalists who also be held in custody in turkey. americal spokesperson earlier said that dennis you jells case was the first one and the german government has always made it clear that they're not just talking about this you jail they're talking about the fact that according to their opinion turkey is putting innocent people into prison and not even giving them a formal charge and that that is something that needs to be discussed and that needs to be criticised and even chancellor angela merkel has been very vocal in her criticism we know her as somebody who is reluctant to voice criticism openly
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usually she will only do so if things are. really important so she did that a few times and that was a clear indication that they were always talking not just about this single case they were always talking about the general situation the german citizens are in custody and of course this is all linked to the fact that the german government is very critical of turkish authorities interfering in the life of turkish people here in germany like dorian said earlier we have four million people almost living in germany with a turkish passport and the turkish president has come here several times talking to . dina has it upon an interest to do this and dorian jones in istanbul thank you both very much for your input into that story and we'll talk to you again later in the day thank you very much for now. you're watching the t.v. news coming to you live from london let me just recap our top story that we're following for you the judge's job and his future has been freed from jail and has
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players move. to. this is deja news coming to you live from the hill give the best to the lisa to his german journalist tom christen apologies biffy dennis you chill out there holding him in the bucket for a year but he could still face trial on charges of supporting terrorism to get the latest from our correspondents on the cases. that strained relations between turkey and germany. also coming up security in the spotlight diplomats defense ministers and world leaders gather at the munich security conference to assess the biggest threats facing the was.


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