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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 16, 2018 2:00pm-5:00pm CET

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this is deja news coming to you live from berlin till he prepares to release a turkish german journalist strong christian apologies be feedin as your chill after holding him for a year but he could still face trial on charges of supporting terrorism we get the latest from our correspondents on the case that strained relations between turkey and germany. also coming up security in the spotlight diplomats defense ministers and while leaders gather at the munich security conference to the sas the biggest threat facing there was.
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kind of a warm welcome to you on the thought she. turkish german journalist dennis you chill has been released after a year in a turkish prison but you child has now been indicted on charges of spreading terrorist propaganda the court ordered that you should be allowed to leave prison pending trial prosecutors are seeking a jail term of up to eighteen yes it's still unclear if you'll be allowed to leave the country his detention has strained relations between germany and turkey here this impending release comes a day off the german chancellor angela merkel pushed for movement on your case in a meeting with the turkish prime minister yet. germany's acting foreign just sick mug obviously had this to say about his release just a short while ago. a turkish court has announced that denis
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you joe will be freed without any restrictions and. i assume that means he will be able to leave the country we are very pleased with the court's decision. that was a villain fanmi just sigma governor let's all take a look back at how this case unfolded one year ago dennis you jel was detained in istanbul turkish authorities accused the correspondent from the german newspaper developed of terrorist propaganda but never charged him with any crime you child has spent most of the time in solitary confinement in an interview he said he was innocent because he'd only been doing his job the german foreign ministry confirmed the news of his release. we are relieved and glad that the reports confirm that mr yoo jail is now free and has been released from prison. after. the german government has complained vigorously for the release of you jail as well as other
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journalists imprisoned in turkey many civilian organizations also demonstrated for his release it's still unclear whether turkish president recha tayyip erdogan is behind the decision while you just has been released from jail turkish state media reports that the public prosecutor's office are demanding eighteen years imprisonment and for the very latest on this case let me join our correspondents dorian jones in istanbul and a political correspondent and berlin tour and let me start to you fuss can you confirm that the german turkish journalist denis has been freed. yes actually left the prison that's what we understand from reports he's with he's with his wife his images their appearing all over social media of him embracing his wife outside the prison city prison walls so the very emotional moment for them as usual for his supporters people who've been campaigning for over
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a year now since his arrest and detention and also for supporters all around the world and particularly in germany so a very very special moment here but it is a bittersweet moment because while the court has. released him from prison they have accepted an indictment against him which are for spreading enmity among the people of turkey and terrorist propaganda and that carries an eighteen year sentence right i'll come back to that in just a bit and jordan we're turning to you now we heard cigna garber the foreign minister say say that he thinks you should really be able to leave turkey indeed and. said he was very happy and that it was a very good day for dennis here gel and his family and that he was positive it was very confident that the turkish courts. were actually going to release him to let him go home to germany and. of course this is
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a question of personal interests that he carries away this victory because it my god the governor himself has become a bit of a controversial figure here in germany as foreign minister not everybody wants him to continue the job but don't return to what you said turkey is demanding eighteen years in jail for dennis you should at the same time he's been allowed to leave prison so how does that how does that all square up. well i mean it is not is not unusual for people to be released from pretrial detention the fight is quite normal in most courts around the world it's very rare that you are held in detention trial except in exceptional circumstances and that's why this case of is so contentious he's a journalist doing his job and he's been for a year without even receiving indictment but no i mean i think certainly international pressure particularly from he has been released at least from pretrial detention bharti does now face the prospect of going to call and facing
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a convicted eighteen years in jail and people are being convicted and journalists are facing these long sentences for a work which most people in the world would think was normal journalistic work i think the key question here will be wilderness future old be allowed to leave the country. that is crucial in many ways ok so let me let's just look at the picture that you mentioned about dennis your kid and his wife hugging each other that's the picture as you said a very emotional moment an emotional moment for many germans who've been following this case especially for the family of dennis you change his friends his colleagues at the newspaper where you work. there's a first tangible evidence that we have that dennis is indeed out of prison and this was a fort a graph of dennis usual and his wife hugging each other outside the prison you can see the prison walls behind them and it was treated by the lawyer of dennis you
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chip and return to your authority and i know you said that the crucial thing is that really be allowed to leave the country and what are the indications there now that has come so far that it will actually let him leave the country. well i think that is i think the expectation given the fact that the german foreign minister has said that is going to be the case although it does raise questions about how come he knows so much about the circumstances of his release given the fact this is meant to be a judicial decision but be that it is may he does i think. he should be allowed out of the country very quickly particularly as so much importance has been attached by both. to this case i don't think they want anything to cloud will be seen as a positive news day in its efforts to normalize diplomatic relations with a key ally role in. this release comes just
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a day after the turkish prime minister was here in berlin he had talks with the german chancellor angela merkel the two of them were very tight lipped about this case yesterday after their meetings do you think there's a link between this release and that meeting yesterday. well of course efforts to get done as you tell released had been pushed forward by german authorities over recent months in fact we're only getting to know details now as we speak about the trips that the foreign minister undertook with angela merkel's permission of course so there were lots of meetings between my gabrielle and the foreign minister of turkey but even with the president everyone in the last ten days we have heard that . met the president added one twice in fact that is highly unusual and that of course also went with angela merkel's permission so lots of things happened before the two met yesterday but when they. really radical uncle americal and
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president gilder him then we saw this as a clear sign that things were beginning to look up and many people expected also the release of dennis your child and don't do you have any kind of thoughts as to why the turkish authorities would suddenly elect dennis usual freedom in this case has. going to bring on relations between the two sides for twelve. months sorry i beg your pardon i think i'm just hearing that we have lost dorian jones in istanbul really trying to reestablish that line a little but let me return now to you nina has now i think we still hearing reports that in fact all the dead this year chile is free they are other political prisoners german turkish prison still being held in custody what look at you tell us about that well international organizations are saying that some one hundred fifty five journalists are held in prison that's international internationally speaking and five german citizens are among those who are held in prison for
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political reasons and germany considers them to be regular respected journalists those people are also among the people that germany german authorities want to press free and in fact everybody including tonsil americal has stressed that the release of them is you can only ever be the first step ryvita has a thank you very much for now let me now draw in another for correspondents who is following that story and that is melinda crane she is at the munich security conference and she's been talking to people then getting reactions on the news that dennis you chile is free has been released from prison in turkey linda what's the latest you're hearing there. well i am here at the munich security conference where relations with turkey are a perennial topic and where there has been a great deal of concern about developments in turkey over the last year and
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a half so definitely a very very police response to this news but still a lot of questions surrounding it and in fact i am joined now by a member of the german parliament alexander craft store for was for many years in brussels in the european parliament is now in berlin and tell us please your own reaction and whether you see this as the beginning of a real shift in relations with turkey there's actually two reactions one on the human level of course one cannot be but happy it's wonderful for mr usual to be free at last and that's that's that's good news on a second level however politically speaking he's only one journalists out of many many who have been behind bars and who still continue to be behind bars we have six german political prisoners still in turkey more than one hundred journalists there so the overall human rights situation has not fundamentally shifted however if for
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the turkish government this is a first step towards a change that would be something that we would of course welcome but we'll have to wait whether that is really the case for you when you look at the agenda of this conference which of course among other things is devoted to the risks looming the forests in this year risks that the conference head himself has assessed as a very very high how would you see the risks of strongman behavior emanating from turkey also in terms of the larger middle east where i believe we have seen a few years of strongman behavior the republic has been turned into a presidential regime mr erdogan runs the show as a strongman modeled obviously on russia's president vladimir putin the problem for turkey is that. this foreign policy that he has followed has led into isolation and i believe you shells of freedom now can also be seen as one attempt of turkey to
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break out of this isolation because i believe that turkey has been going down a dead end in terms of its foreign policy and maybe trying to change that no very brief second question related to your many years in brussels prior to your current position european defense corrugation is very high on the agenda here in this opening session today how do you see that going forward do you expect european countries really to walk the walk as well as talk the talk there's lots of talking the talk you're absolutely right but to put it briefly yes i do but more slowly than some people expect because our publics are generally loath when it comes to defense expenditure to defense matters more generally so it will take a lot of explaining a lot of financing a lot of time i suppose as well xander claflin star thank you so much for being with us. so melinda crane there to at the munich security conference and melinda be of course waiting for the german
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defense minister to start speaking shortly with thank you very much for not only of course come back to life as soon as that happens. ok returning now to our top three news of dennis' futures impending release has of course become the most discussed topic on twitter in germany within the last past hour as a huge us lawyer treated minutes actually a lawyer tweeted this picture of the journalist hugging his wife delaying your chin and this is outside what appears to be the prison compound the fortress being shed more a house than times or ready and you can see why his one year in prison twelve months exactly this week have now come to an end his colleagues his friends have begun of lobbying for his release and now finally he's out. of the bed where he was working what delighted in the newspapers editor in chief or four shot
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tweeted that his release was the best news ever so happy thank you to all the supporters. let's not take a look at going to sit in he was a correspondent for the german broadsheet the event as i mentioned when he was the rest of the year ago accused of supporting terrorism but then called his arrest politically motivated leading to a vigorous campaign to free him here's a closer look at the your case his colleagues in berlin never gave up they've been campaigning for dennis you just released since he was imprisoned a year ago. the hashtag free dinner is in place and on the roof of his newspaper's offices. huge ellis seen here on a talk show shortly before his arrest according to the turkish authorities he was held on suspicion of producing terrorist propaganda had been siteman to hatred. but no charges were brought until now and there were no court proceedings he just spent
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months in solitary confinement before being moved only recently to a normal cell the case further strained relations between berlin and ankara speaking last march turkey's president justified you chose detention. to free a terrorist agent supposedly journalist who was hiding in a german consulate for a month. many managed to gain consular access to you jel and insisted that detaining him without charge was a human rights violation. let us make no mistake it is not in accordance with rule of law if an executive in this case turk is executive prejudged as an individual as has publicly done to dennis you tell me then is. dozens of other journalists are still being held in turkish prisons reporters without borders ranked turkey one hundred fifty fifth out of one hundred eighty
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countries in last year's world press freedom index. far. ok now let me just being a medical has been talking let's have a listen to what she had to say. i'm afraid we seem to have lost that sound by. now let me just kind of have been a dentist which is impending release has become one of the most hotly debated and discussed topics on twitter the newspaper where he was working posted in fact a photo of a reporter with simple words dennis come try dennis is free his gun is if the newspaper obviously clearly delighted as is the friends and colleagues ok let's take a listen listen and see if we can get. sound bites for you. ok
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i'm afraid we don't have that sorry about that but let me try and talk now to our political correspondent nina has there who's been following that case over dennis a year to nida remind us again as to where we are with this case the latest we know is that we've seen this lovely four to go off posted by denise you choose lawyer off the husband and wife hugging each other outside what we believe is the prison in istanbul. well i've been looking at reactions here in germany as well i've tried to follow what's happening on social media and i must say that it is a very mixed picture that we're getting lots of people celebrating of course saying that it is a happy day and lots of people retreating that picture as you said but then there are just equally many people who are saying we must never forget the others who are still in prison and then as you can only be the first one to be released and that the five other ones the five other german citizens first of all need to be freed as
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while and then we need to deal with the situation as a whole because there are reports as well that at the same time as dennis huge hell was released some turkish journalists were actually sentenced to life long sentences in prison so this is a very mixed picture that we're seeing in germany right nina has in berlin thank you very much for that update and we will return to that story later in the program ok let me down take you live to the munich security conference where the german defense minister just up on the line is about to address delegates there let's take a live look at what she has and share floors of the lead ladies and gentlemen. four years ago i stood here for the first time facing the stand for us at the time that america the federal president the sort of minister of defense and foreign affairs and myself the same message germany must assume greater responsibility in the area
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of foreign and security policy back then on february twenty fourth teen we had no idea how soon the overall security situation could put us to the test because shortly after the conference the situation began to to deteriorate rapidly. and so many people interested in how germany would respond to another and we took our responsibility. to find out what it means germany and france set up an initial. a tickle framework aimed at resolving the conflict in ukraine the minuscule green light special medical support of the o.e.c.d. special monitoring mission in eastern ukraine we strengthen nato's eastern flair with the news media t f the very high rate on this joint task force and the air policing mission over the baltic states from day one presence in lives and we have shown our commitment to our in-house forward presence in the area support mission and strengthened our involvement in the resolute support mission in afghanistan
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that we have participated in the fight against isis by providing the consul's flights refueling aircraft and put it quickly and training the peshmerga about one we have continuously increased our commitment of mali especially as part of the ministry of the mission yes i mean from day one we have taken action. in these so field operation and other nato activities in the igi and see so in other words we have been taking action together with our transatlantic and european partners my last year i opened this conference with my colleague tomatoes and today it is my on a privilege to open the conference with my colleague from from my. house. where you both cases are an expression of german politics you want to remain transatlantic but we also want to become more humanity and. that's all
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we need ambassador you want to enable you to carry more weight in terms of a metric coverage too so that europe can become more independent and self-reliant and ultimately that includes nato. we have made a start and december last year we launched the european defense union at last. so in a way we have embarked on a political journey. yourself and i will be when tend to work on an army of huge. minds we have the european defense fund on my mind something that is providing significant boost in this respect and we are working. not this process with france but always entails cooperation with nato and in a transparent way not. just us establishing capabilities and structures is one face of the other thing is our common desire to actually make use of this military waste
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in different circumstances so require that top michael so president marcos is perfectly right on all of them with him telling europeans that we need no hope he put ten issues. the europe that protects its citizens so we europeans must be fairly free we need to capabilities but also political determination. in view of global challenges such as terrorism poverty and want to climate change europe must now begin to finally build that moment of violence those who are willing must be able to move ahead without being blocked by individual nations. as we have already managed to do this with the launch of pests go. he would step in the area of defense when it comes to european foreign policy we are not yet very good. when it comes to making controversial decisions we are always hampered by the
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need for you the minute unanimity. has but ladies and gentlemen i believe we have really needs thing like pescado in foreign policy as well and of mine now is the time to do this but we also need a common strategic culture for europe we need a common understanding with respect to our interests our objectives our foreign policy instruments this is the only way for europe to build up sufficient leverage . i wished and when i speak of more independence and self-reliance my mind is exists not just minutes in a purely military context lights i mean by the military is making a major contribution towards managing crises one hundred flights kind however there is no such things as a purely military shortcut leading towards a stable and sustainable peace order. in europe we've seen this again and again over many decades and the goal of cones in afghanistan.
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nowadays in mali syria and iraq guns clubs misfits who needs that clearly there are cases where it is necessary to focus on hard military force and comforting in the fight against. terrorism expect. action attempts would have been futile. for the images of the attempted genocide against the years it is a burned into our memories if one does not negotiate i still beheads people is about was so it was correct to force the coalition against terrorism the minds of the jointly we have made sure that i still suffer the military defeat and be able to well in the long run however we can only prevail to show because if this region in this region if we manage to establish political and social stability. that means your it is clear that military interventions cannot prevent a very close election of entire generations of young people. by some extremist violent extremism primarily thrives where politics and governance are failed. where
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poverty exclusion and marginalization are the order of the day. and where the prospects for the future are so bleak that violence and extremism extremism seem a looming and a dot and this is where we must start if we're serious about taking greater responsibility for a security. would rise what we need rice and gentleness and what we packed is that fear and comprehensive. passwords. for comprehensive security this must be our answer as your dr no you would get our converged on this approach is also advocated in the new coalition agreement in germany so we have broken new ground to be done something unique we have. decided. that in the next four years. additional budget funds will be prioritized
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for two fields of action that is defense. and development policy. and by this i mean our nato target. ratio both areas will be. equally important and joy of a few months because it is foreseeable that this will result in a considerable increase in funding allocated to both areas in real terms storage tanks to growth coming up for me as the german federal minister of defense this is a far reaching decision because it means we can continue. the trench of course as we started in the border disappear for months once if we need that badly because for twenty five years we have been cut in about it and it's impossible to undo that until he knows. but will continue to increase the boost by us and our strength will continue to invest and modernize. but are getting all the investment that were insufficient over twenty five years that cannot be undone in the couple
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of years you need more years to undo that. idea and we want to pursue and vicious digitalisation strategy with and win this year. this is our objective for the next decade george with these commitments. and come back to germany now for the first time agreed on a binding package for comprehensive security in hard currency and state says i germany stands by its commitments i made to the united nations. and to germany stands by the agreements it has with nato. but because we are convinced his highness that you cannot have one without the other it security and development and it would be on this one to actually ask the president all know that nothing you want to attain if we manage to drive eisel out of the city or we can only win the
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hearts and minds of the people by ensuring that water electricity and jobs are quickly restored people need food they need medical care they need work. at the same time aid workers need to know that they are not alone in defenseless they are protected by our military personnel and by the police force of the aid workers and the soldier need one and i don't want to go. ladies and gentlemen. don't you think about it this is really the basis of our transatlantic partnership. side after the darkest hour in german history. after the military victory over nazi germany like america did not turn its back on us. instead they gave us the marshall plan that's my men on it and those were wise men and women who decided to do that right i mean by. this because they understood their
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own need for security in the long term and the same is true today. since russia's aggression against ukraine the united states has once again not been increasing its military presence in europe does this not i'm also as a means minus. our colleague my respect to mattis can take credit for this. and i respect him for that if i may stop and i mean i will repeat i'm most grateful for the sign of solidarity thought would present. the whole the united states and canada that is also involved in the unspoiled presence we are most grateful to are in this americas globally committed to pursuing security and freedom for itself and for us exact that's all i can afford and i'm saying this as the representative of a country that is currently still falling short of its target to spend two percent of its economic output on defense that's. something the united states has long
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since been doing life nevertheless the basic idea have been of a joint effort. embodied by the marshall plan and nato is absolutely right you can't have one without the other shot that we're both in conjunction can create lasting stability and security. in mind in the middle of therefore it is point of concern to us to see that some of our partners continue to roll spending on diplomacy international aid and the united nations. do our views really it differs so greatly on the report of combining defense diplomacy and aid right when it comes to security. how. do our views really differ so much with regard to the importance of the united nations. as friends and partners we need to talk openly about this. and this
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conference is the perfect place to do so. really five nights in germany wants to strengthen the united nations but i didn't come then you are not in the coming years we are willing to make an even greater contribution to solving the many tasks faced by the united nations. says it is important to us to raise the prestige of this comprehensive approach to security and security and work security and climate change which security and health. mentioned security and human rights. these factors go hand in hand lead more equality for women more involvement these are the key factors that if my neighbor is doing well i am more likely to do well myself. and secretary general good to find a fine that has provided proposals to reform the united nations and that is
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a step in the right direction but that's when i'm not known as the protector of the real basis of global order the united nations must be strengthened not limited in its options. yes it's true the united nations needs to be reformed but not we cannot read it as it would you want to we may not like every visit lucia every decision by the united nations and yes it's true that sometimes it's very frustrating when mind the security council blocks itself because of vetoes but ladies and gentlemen let us not forget we are the united nations the u.n. is only as strong as we make it i am not alone. because we have all learned some tough lessons from the refugee crisis. we must strengthen organizations like u.n.h.c.r. the world food program. and the children's fund unicef. we must
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strengthen them in order to break the cycle of hopelessness and discrimination leading to a vertical eyes ation of violence. right in our neighborhood and one of the discussions over the last few months have shown is that tradition might start transatlantic burden sharing cannot consist of a model and under which some are responsible for the shop end of the stick on the mines while others deal with humanitarian measures and reconstruction i know by all of us are responsible for both aspects of both sides of the coin is restored by and this must become a guiding principle on both sides of the atlantic then it's. done and if we do this our transplant our partnership will retain its strategic strength that you need for the strength it has always had over the past decades. here just to be quite clear we replay ins must make
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a huge difference if we are to meet this self-imposed demand about how we cut our american friends to. have a precious obligation sides which goes beyond military matters and that's. just consider this what use is it to family in most who would have. to be freed from terror. and that they starve to death what do you say. to a farmer in mali to install a very gracious system and then he is slaughtered by terrorists what use is it to young women in afghanistan who covers may be to finish her law degree and run and then she just hits a wall of discrimination and corruption one last record is what does it mean just as durations that the average age in europe is forty three. in finding in the united states thirty eight years does the average age.
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is fourteen today. we can imagine not what our children will be faced with in the future but right and we sense the responsibility we bear nelvis to ensure that their tasks will not be insurmountable. for them ladies and gentleman. if germany is a stable democracy does not hide behind its past. but accept that its military must fight for freedom and it kept and security up and they must be well equipped to do so. and nice to have countries see international aid not just as optional extras like nice to have but it's something they can't afford not to give in other words security and development are no longer seen as a contradiction but if soldiers police teachers doctors and lawyers and work together if national self interest no longer prevails. but
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a co-operative world order that's only there i'm sure our children may one day say to us you use your time well thank you. you know you're watching live coverage coming to you from the munich security conference we've just heard the german defense minister was a lot on the line and let's not listen to the chair of the munich security conference. which ministered of defense first and then we have a joint q. and a sessions by them this matter least you have to feel. for them i mean if crimea there is an issue sheriff you know your civil.
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minister. do you also learn that he was initially. to say. that. on the. political it's great that we have come here together for this festival of exchanging ideas. really more. recently i am here on this podium. at least and i mean it's no coincidence as we have heard that it was the last should share this panel with me and this year it has been very generous. of all stand our to the river brian has become just a river and no longer a border we have joint a cabinet meetings our political leaders are constantly in contact
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our industries are merging and our armed forces are deployed to the same fierce hosts we have joint brigades join us air craft joint helicopters. and on the thirteenth of july last year we decided that we will have in the future a joint drone drawing to. and joint fighter aircraft. and imagine just. in the next couple of months we will see a further intensification of this great partnership. how do two nations get closer to each other and their values their vision their shared. targets. the shared history but also the threats we face.
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and there is certainly no lack in threats. i don't want to give you a scary list of all the threats we're faced with you know that much better than anybody else but i think we should stop and pause for a moment because this is really the backdrop against all our action and this is also our altimeter sponsibility of the seventy hours citizens. let us remind us of the year two thousand we embarked on an aircraft as if it were just about. c.p.s. since two thousand and one we have been searched but be searched like a criminal at the airports. and it's we have remember that in two thousand and fourteen. the military in paris was only seen on. the fourteenth of july but after.
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this year in twenty fifteen there are thousands and thousands of air out of our forces off armed forces now patrolling the cities and the villages of our country in two thousand we thought that the internet would be a space of prosperity and in two thousand and fifteen seventeen it was the single i t x hack that cost a french company millions of euros. let's remember that the south china cheap china sea was just a group of little islands and in two thousand and eighteen it is. a quagmire off destroyers that are traveling. the area. in two thousand and thirteen the ukraine was believed in europe and soon afterwards
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it was dismembered in one thousand nine hundred nine we believe that on the ruins of the berlin they're all we would see universal horizon of democracy but fifty interviews later. where i too many people ations attempts to interfere with elections of several countries free countries the democracy the best of our liberties became the target of subversion because what has happened to those certitudes. that. we let me just sort of dream to in over the last fifteen years the. ability of borders the peace dividend a vanishing nuclear threat the kid he jand of are we society is. solves the integrity of our democracies. the power centers are moving in
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a direction that is not the direction of liberal democracy as. we have an increasing risk of global confrontation. the alliances has their aspirations but we the old robust europeans it's still have to take a serious look at ourselves excel let's do it. our alliance with the united states. specially in nato are indispensable given the latest developments and we must do everything we can do to promote them. but above all and this is my second deliberation in this in numerous worlds that is just being born in europe is not a nice to. have it is a must. live up to
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them all. of europe. that is a word. charged with meaning and with many dreams. it is the words of the builders and the visionaries but we gave up this board we left it to the bureaucrats the tyranny of consensus and the passion for procedures not even our we do not. know if an organization things it is normal to live only and communicate only with. verbal notes with silence procedures and with the number of papers i think we have a problem yes. civs again it is time to wake up. this beautiful word if you're up to that this is something that we have to rebuy.
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but we must be clear about one thing in europe that starts at home just like a healthy european economy. begins with a robust national economy is a robust european defense will start with or needs to start with efforts at home. this is why. my calm shortly after having been elected the decided to give our defense all the needs the means that they need and he has stated very clearly the french objective and that is to spend two percent of our g.d.p. on defense until twenty by twenty twenty five. this is a huge financial effort. and last week i started with the implementation of this effort with a military programming programming laure allocating three hundred billion
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euros to defense until twenty twenty five we want to increase our efforts so we want to take up new armaments projects modernize and upgrade our material we want to make our organization more gyal and we want to take a new partners a new course when it comes to innovation but europe is also a passion that we share and. just dry clean mentioned reminded us that we have made huge progress over the last couple of months a pest goal. is something that we have been taken up and is now filled with lies and the european defense fund really marks a cultural revolution in brussels and we hope. hope that this will be followed by a huge leap forward then there may be more projects. that maybe one day i already
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talked about freeman's. or that maybe the. general direction of competition will allow european industrial giants to establish maybe one day. that we would be able to move forward a little bit by voting for and where it might work cut maicon the french sent a clear message we wanted to revive the european idea and. they wanted to reject fatalism and populism and the recently signed coalition. contract in germany puts europe at its heart so we hope that the new chapters will be opened for the european defense in his speech at the saab on my com talked about the initiative for europe and i
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think this is exactly of course we have embarked to embark upon and we must not. accept the straight jackets that are still existing but we must focus on concrete projects and initiatives we must turn to develop our institutions the success of european defense does not depend on the institutions but it will come from new missions and operations. if this is why i would like to. briefly talk about the european intervention initiative that we have proposed what does it stand for. that it is about developing and what joint. strategic culture among europeans those who wish to and are capable of should be ready when they want to deploy.
2:49 pm
this must not be a concept but it should. be practical work we are not starting from zero at the center of planning and operations and paris from where france commands all its operations abroad. there are maybe a dozen of european liaison officers. and this is a real symbol because this is the object if we are heading for. we need to share a situational awareness same understanding of the crises we need a common threat analysis we need a shared feeling off urgency and a shared action plan for us to win so this is really an important work we're doing there. the ability to deploy to gather this goes really hand in
2:50 pm
hand and is in line with the press goal initiative because it is basically the same philosophy that they follow it added it's also coherent with nato it was always a reality that some countries because of their national decisions where better able or more resolved in taking action. but this capability is also a tool for the europeans a national possibility for the europeans to. accept more burden those who have read well the u.s. national security strategy will have noticed that they are refocusing on the biggest threats that's legitimate but what does it mean for us europeans. with you know if we. are threatened from our immediate neighborhood in particular from the south then we must be able to face these threats. even
2:51 pm
if the united nations or the alliance one ought to get less involved. and this is why we need our own autonomous strategy in the best sense of the term. in other words our capability to intervene without having to call the united states to rush to our sick bed. well. to have them relocates their ideas are means more their logistic support from other c.s. harris so the european intervention initiative can be a facilitator to us it was important that this initiative should not be dependent neither from the e.u. nor nato procedures because the abilities but also the us habitudes that have been developed in this framework shell
2:52 pm
benefits both organizations. this acuity of europe is in device visible. it's not just by the e.u. or nato this is the wrong debate we need to concentrate on the threats of today and of tomorrow. to do that so we need to enable those who wants to act and can act so let's look into the future let's look at the new possible areas of confrontation space and cyber these are areas where i intend to spend a lot of money on and it is important that we should be able to master these technologies because they are really the future capabilities that we know that i have such a renowned audience of strategic in front of me here so i think we should even try
2:53 pm
to look beyond the horizon it's not enough to prepare the wars of tomorrow we have to think off there was the day after tomorrow one example that is very dear to my heart is the safety of environmentalists safety and security not surprising from a nation who. had the has the motto make our planet great again. but we must really see and assess the importance that drugs that we have seen the floods the rising oceans dying off the coral seas are not just natural events or manmade one stay also military events they are drawing a new map they increase tensions they displace people. they create new fault lines new conflicts. we have an area
2:54 pm
of preventive environmentalists protection in which france will invest a lot so we need to be cautious but we need also need to. asked. so. you should know that france stands ready for the conflicts of today tomorrow and the day after hand in hand with germany we will defend the values of liberty and openness that are the essence of our shared identity thank you thank. you watching the opening of the munich security conference now france's minister of the armed forces just given her opening speech and before that we heard the german defense minister or the funded lion and the defense ministers are now going to be facing questions from the audience and it's being moderated by the chairman of the munich security
2:55 pm
conference was issue let's take a listen. while you are considering what to ask i would like to take this opportunity. to ask a question each to both missis. let me start with a question. on the line. what do you think your. shelf to be when you listen to the severe criticism leveled by the head of the foreign affairs committee of the german border stark. moment. he criticized the poor equipment the poor state of training of the armed forces that criticism in public so what is your reaction and i also have a question to the french minister of defense.
2:56 pm
and the plans for even close franco german and european corporations are ambitious ones. and certainly many of us will be enthusiastic about these plans. however for listening to. his views what do you think about what do you in paris think about the reliability of the german partner and i'm not talking about joint procurement and joint exercises or trading but also joint operations. by a lot of common operations how reliable do you think your partner is we still have the principle in germany that parliament decides about mandates in these markets is that not a continuous question mark and that's for
2:57 pm
a working relationship in times of crisis. is founded on. what he has let me start. yeah this is because of the fact and that is important to mention we have a parliamentary army in germany has got to make sure that the equipment and everything about the wind has to be decided by parliament so for this reason i took this as support i took this christmas you mentioned support because it means we are clear that something needs to happen we need more investment in the next year and we need to increase that and investment so this is how i took this criticism and i'm happy to take this on board. it is true that we have seen and still see the consequences. since the reunification of germany more than twenty five years ago. we have seen that we
2:58 pm
always cut off funds for the armed forces and we spend less than we should have in order to modernize and maintain our equipment so nell a quarter century has passed and now we can see the crises that i mentioned at the beginning when i started as a foreign minister the minister of defense the only issue wasn't gonna stop. we didn't have iraq we didn't believe the mali crisis only just started we didn't have the refugee crisis is that we didn't have the mediterranean crisis yet we did not the change of behavior on the part of russia so all of these issues are relatively new. so all that hit a point to say of which had gone through twenty five years of cut taxes and now all of a sudden it had to do more it's not surprising that it's difficult to do that and that problems occur. and that shows that the decision we took years ago to
2:59 pm
reverse the trend to reinvest has increased our spending that this do. cision must be upheld in future and we must continue along this path i have another thing to say that is important for parliament two years ago i think it was. when i presented a plan to parliament which covered one hundred thirty billion to be spent by the year two thousand and thirty. and it states what must be invested where if we want to make sure that our military is equipped in a way that enables them to fulfill the missions that we place on their shoulders. so this is forseeable not of course that's the way it is in politics we need to fight over these funds again and again but i'm quite optimistic . thank you very much.
3:00 pm
it was. a couple of weeks ago and i'll come back to the answer in a minute a couple few a couple of weeks ago the german ambassador to france. voiced a very nice idea. he invited us and other representatives and we decided to discuss the future of course and they said of course germans will never be french and french will never be german. his reaction to this statement was very quick very clear. but what i wanted to say is we are not identical we are not the same and because we're not the same. one that we does not mean we cannot be complimentary we cannot complement each other and this complementary element is something we can see every day in many fields. for example when it comes to operations since the beginning of the year we have
3:01 pm
been on an operation together. forward. ism's and you're up. there we work together again. for the common battalion. that. we needed in africa in the share which is a difficult terrain we cooperate as well we went there together you and me and germany supports. the armed forces there with tactical transport helicopters. and their. contribution made by germany is indispensable germany is very involved in those most well when it comes to industry we call pretty closely as well. we have a joint enterprise. came w. dexter and. that is important after that franco german summit of the
3:02 pm
thirteenth of july last year we decided to intensify our cooperation. and that in a clue dz a joint project for a joint fighter aircraft but also. by developing a joint main battle tank which is to succeed a look and the likud. so you can see that cooperation is not something that is imposed of from above but something you have to live every day the same goes for trust you need to build it step by step and you can build that when you have friend part that your side that supports you. a partner with whom you can create new projects together. and this is a road along which we must continue on to even tackle larger projects. of what
3:03 pm
could be a more ambitious project between two countries than the joint development of a battle system. is that. more important key to success than such a project so again we are not the same but we complement each other i'll switch back to english now. now is the time for you to ask questions. if you have a question please be so kind as to identify yourself i know many of you by the hour i don't know all of you. and please also indicate whether your question is directed to both or only to one of the two speakers i saw my old friend foresaw. in the backs of ones where you are first. is always. this is a real surprise will go. first of all thank you very much to
3:04 pm
both of you it is a great moment to see france and germany speak together and furthermore with. two persons of your quality five may say so repose in my kristoff also probably to do with your faso the. first showing that you speak french very well but i'll ask so i'll ask my question french i'd like to ask miss for the line but i assume that most people also want to react as. minister for the line. and your presentation. you mentioned the necessity of the joint strategic culture. has said that security must be inclusive the way of tackling it must be inclusive
3:05 pm
but i can only support you so far. so of course i applauded as many others did. however. i wonder where the in foreign policy we need something like. you said that to. me and i do have a few doubts there tesco has just been started all hear a pin countries of the year joined foreign and security policy joined apart from malta and of course that's a good thing. so a lot of support for this new initiative however we do not know. what the results of this. permanent cooperation will be. is it not a bit o. desh a day she has to present pesca as a model for foreign policy even now we haven't seen any results yet and we don't
3:06 pm
know yet. if pesca oh and that will in fact be suitable for foreign policy because we would be running out of time so who is the next one i see someone over there in the corner yes general. this is a kid's a better yes it's me and mine a flogger don't have a lot of thank you bassett or. my question is to madam minister but i'm probably. right of ours. i have a question about european invention intervention initiative that you mentioned and ways i'd like them here were described at this initiative and pesto as two sides of the same coin you also mentioned european armaments industry. and my question is where. was the export of germany you would like to harmonize i'm an
3:07 pm
expert exports to the european level what do you think about this proposal would you be willing to accept the strict rules we have in germany. i will read two more questions which have been handed to me and one of them is also directed to madam probably. come from this question comes from collar kaiser where are you karl way back. then was the years of george follies but i have got to read this in german class differences if you post is it conceivable for the french foster fashion to be to be granted a european function while preserving one guy. the right of decision making for france. and come good let's do it and if i get fired and look at us another question by edward lucas is that what it is because it
3:08 pm
goes to both. question to both of you how should deterrence work in the twenty first century. why are. i can't read this. can you say this edward what is this but i can't read your your handwriting. so the question is where the next generation to terence should look wider than just reliance on nuclear weapons maybe including financial to terence like very rapid financial sanctions baby that would be more credible and it's somewhere where the e.u. and nato can work together. this is an interesting question edward has recently.
3:09 pm
spoken about snap exercises not by the classic military but exercises to impose economic financial sanctions in a major ways led right i think that's the question so who wants to go first. that behind. them. let me start with the question of arms exports. i know that this is a subject which is very sensitive here in germany. very much under discussion. so let me briefly remind you of a few principles the first principle. in france and in germany. there is no mechanism for arms exports.
3:10 pm
which is not extremely strict. so anyone who says the country. is not really helpful in informing our population. is of course i'm aware i'm most welfare for most familiar with the french procedure here. there is a council comprising several ministries that the decision is made. taking into account numerous criteria for example it. equipment. this the equipment in question can only be used. in line with international treaties and agreements. that we have never hesitated to refuse permission for these for such projects it happens all the time
3:11 pm
and if the situation room demands it it is also possible to withdraw permission already given. and then these projects are not implemented. another mark. of the industry as well as other branches of. tree must come dogs consolidate themselves. because we europeans. are extremely fragmented right now. limbs. so one day. if we were to produce just for ourselves without exporting anything. good news we would want to be faced with a stark reality we wouldn't have the capacity to do this so. in other words. exports. must be handled according to very strict rules
3:12 pm
but they should not be presented as suspect it is a difficult complicated subject but it is necessary. because. this. is. now let me talk about pesca oh. tesco in foreign policy matters maybe my colleague should talk about that first let me just say. it will tesco a foreign policy pest go. is really in its infancy right now all you need. but we have made major steps forwards of course it is way too early to draw conclusions. but those of us who have more experience in this matter than i do to a more far sighted they tell me that the progress we've made in several months
3:13 pm
can create a dynamic of its own i don't i make that would have been inconceivable couple of years ago. that. together europeans have understood that they must take joint action against terrorism. and this has led to the mechanism. that we have now in the european union which is sometimes a bit complicated but it has. been implemented will by means of pescado this a new initiative that was presented a couple of months ago by the end of march we will select the projects which will then be pursued at a european level and that is quite an achievement quite an important step forward please don't forget that. there will be a second wave of proposals which are to be presented by the end of the year. for you and. of course there have
3:14 pm
been a many. discussions about what is to happen the next few years but what is really remarkable is that this is a pragmatic way forward. because it is based on concrete projects. so it is too early to draw conclusions but i am confident we are all the time. i'd like to answer in german that's easier for me. now about the question of what could be kind of pesky over european foreign policy what has happened we have the year that the defense union has already been mentioned in the lisbon treaty but then it's we remain dormant for ten years but now i think of the word never waste a good crisis we are in the cold we needed to understand we need to change things
3:15 pm
we need to become more self-sufficient so what if we change. first of all the mind france and germany worked hard to develop a step towards pesto and very soon it became apparent that other countries wanted to participate and they would clued it to the good thing about tesco is that it has to be decided by a qualified majority. so this is the political framework. but the current terms is a certain projects where we are determined to advance. quicker. then the there is no longer the need for unanimity but we still work together. in european foreign policy if we want to achieve something if we want to be heard and felt we must be quick must take quick action come up with quick results. and
3:16 pm
that also goes for foreign policy and i'm not talking about the same thing but something similar if that's what we need for foreign policy to make sure that when europe is called upon to act we can with one voice. the second question was about deterrence. we will always need a certain degree of military strength to make sure nobody. would risk tacking evilest square centimeter healthy lines territory. but the question should we have a more differentiated approach. as far as financial instruments are concerned i'm not an expert here. but of course your question in mind of me of something else. how can we face that global threat such as. i assist terror.
3:17 pm
and there from the start we have always included financial elements. in the beginning i sold was rich that we dried out this flow of money supporting them we built up strategic communication we included other in amenas it would go too far to discuss all that here but it serves to show. that you can use all these elements to fend dolphin existed danger when it comes to deterrence we need even more variation we need more elements not just military elements even though they are necessary the gentleman before we conclude the session and we need to concluded now we we're running into overtime already. i want to remind you that as this problem concludes there is no intermission this panel will be followed immediately by two very important statements one from the secretary general of the united nations and the next one from his highness the emir of qatar so don't try
3:18 pm
to get some coffee no there is time for that later. there's going to be a copy break some time later let me conclude this session and it by all of you to give our to analysts a warm hand thank you very much. thank you. if you're watching a live coverage of the munich security conference on d.w. we just heard the defense minister's office germany and of france addressing delegates there and then answered questions put by members of the audience of the session was moderated by the conference chairman was the gun issue. up next there or hoping to hear the u.s. secretary general antonio good tennis followed by the unmade of decca.
3:19 pm
thank you very much. please take your seats again. i am absolutely delighted ladies and gentleman. that it is that i have the privilege. of inviting antonio good terrorists to speak to us this i think if if i counted correctly is the fourth time you are speaking. but it is only the first time or is it already the second time the second time as secretary general of the united nations in your earlier capacity as high commissioner for refugees you came to speak here in twenty forty that was the year that was already mentioned when the president go spoke with the left under their own support it. and initiated this discussion about germany's larger
3:20 pm
political responsibilities. it is an enormous privilege for all of us to have you here. mr secretary general. and i would like to invite you now to address the audience and just to remind you after this. secretary general speech that will be followed immediately by this statement from the emir of qatar mr secretary. thank you excellence isn't gentleman it's an enormous pleasure for me to be back since last year's session and if i remember well last year on discussing the global threats we were facing i concentrated on in the absence of clear power relations the multiplication of new conflicts and at the same time the
3:21 pm
fact old conflict seem never to die between afghanistan and somalia or in the democratic republic of congo and indeed when power relations become unclear and predictability and impunity became the name of the game and as my grandfather used to say there is no longer any respect and so things happened conflicts appear everywhere with devastating humanitarian consequences and i remember having noticed that those conflicts are becoming more and more into related and more and more related to a set of a glue new global terrorism. threats to all of us. if you look at the map from mali to nigeria to libya to somalia to see iraq at the time to afghanistan yemen all these conflicts are interrelated with people fighting going from one to another with
3:22 pm
people then going back to their countries of origin and all this of all these conflicts clearly lated to this new set of global terrorism now we also noticed that. in this context dramatic violations of international humanitarian law human rights law and refugee law were taking place with people suffering enormously and that it was practically impossible to get an accountability if you lation to these terrible violations now when you're afterwards i have to recognize that the situation has not improved on the contrary the problems i described remain but we have two new quality of changes that make seeing skin see the body worst. number one for the first time since the end of the cold war we are now facing a nuclear threat a set of a nuclear conflict and that letter referring to the developments in relation to
3:23 pm
nuclear weapons and long range missiles by the democratic people's republic of korea as a valid point made in total contradiction with the will of the international community and in clear violation of several solutions of the security council. it is important to note that the unity of the security council has been able to demonstrate the will of the international community and there's been able to put through sanctions a very meaningful pressure over north korea and that's pressure in my opinion is absolutely essential to be maintained but that pressure also creates the opportunity for diplomatic engagement aiming at the denuclearized of the korean peninsula at duke there is a should i believe we all want to be peaceful and within the framework. regional security framework. it is true that in recent weeks we witnessed an
3:24 pm
improvement even relations i was myself in the olympic games of young child and it is always with emotion that we see north koreans and south koreans together in a competition like this well and of course the fact that the dialogue between the two koreas was established is a positive one and specially the fact that the hotline between the military of the two countries was an established is an important factor to avoid misunderstandings and that's collations but even if the relations between the two koreas improved let's be clear that is not the central question we are facing the central question remains the question of the nuclear ization and the question of the nuclear ization in my opinion requests that we all in gauge actively in order to be possible for i would say the two key stakeholders in duration to this crisis the united states and north korea to be able to come together and to have
3:25 pm
a meaningful discussion on these issues i believe united states is ready to do so and recent statements by the vice president demonstrate that it's absolutely essential to keep the pressure over north korea and to convince north korea that it is absolutely vital for them to come to the table and to be able to find a way for these denuclearized nation the peaceful nuclear as a shell of the korean peninsula to be possible obviously there is a role for all the other countries of the so-called six party talks obviously there is a role for the international community it is very important that we all abide by seventy thousand solutions it's very important that we all participate in these needs for pressure over north korea but it is also important not to miss the opportunity of additional resolutions leap american gauge meant as a military solution would be a disaster with catastrophic consequences that we cannot even be able to imagine.
3:26 pm
the second quality of change that i believe exists relates to what we are witnessing today in the broader middle east where i think we are facing a two. knots. we always had conflicts in the middle east since the beginning of civilization and in the last few decades we got used to a succession of conflicts and crises but always with this idea perhaps naive that these are still committed to be able to deal with each one separately or in succession. we have witnessed the arab israeli conflict and then progressively transformed into a palestinian israeli conflict we have witnessed the civil war in lebanon and then the conflict between there's ball and israel we have these are the different conflicts in iraq got involved and the most recent developments in the country and finally with the so-called arab spring we have seen the conflict in syria and yemen
3:27 pm
in libya but as i said until recently we always got the impression that scenes were more or less and the control and beach of the situations could be endl separately even if it was more and more obvious that there was an interview elation among them and that the restoration became even more clear when dash with its operations made the iraqi cries in the syrian crisis so obviously interconnected what i think is changed clearly is that today the whole global middle east became a mess and became a mess with a number of different fault lines that are completely crossing each other and interconnected the fault line that remains between israelis and palestinians the fault line that represents the memory of the cold war that is still there the fault line between sunni and shia and if you can look at these fault lines i described
3:28 pm
and it is clear that there is a very special position of a country like iran that has a fault line with saudi arabia and its allies the fault line with israel and the folks like the united states always seems naturally making the situation extremely complex and more recently a sunni see in the fourth line very clear in relation to the crisis of the gulf cooperation council but that's as i'm sure many reasons explaining it but in which a central aspect must be the different perspective that exists about the role of the muslim brotherhood in the. context of the region now all these different fault lines crossing each other have created a situation that is an authentic. and if you look at the perspective of the different countries that quagmire becomes more and more evident with the possible exception of iraq where even if things could have gone to members the wrong way if
3:29 pm
there was a civil war after the referendum than the truce is that it was possible to overcome that difficulty and i've been in kuwait just two days ago and there was a very clear show of confidence of the international community in the process of struggle ization in which iraq seems to be embarking at the present moment and let's hope the elections will confirm the vision of a democratic nonsectarian iraq but with these exception all the other situations are getting worst the israeli palestinian peace process is in a dead end if one looks at syria after the hopes created by the deescalation that reduce the conflict in several areas of the country the truce is that we are now seeing every ignition of that same conflict in italy and in eastern guta with their magic humanitarian consequences we have seen in the turkish operation in our free when we have seen chemical weapons again reappearing we see risks of fragmentation
3:30 pm
of the country and i remember that in the past israel used to look into the syrian conflict as some kind of a distraction in relation to the israeli palestinian conflict but in my recent visit to israel i could notice that the perception of the presence of militia is very close to iran close to the israeli border and the perception of a potential arc between tehran and they would. enhance or allowing for the announcement of the as moloch a pair cities seems to be to many israelis as an example set and the events of just one week ago. show of dangers these can represent for the situation in the syrian context and i would say the worst nightmare we might be able to face would be and i know that both israel and hezbollah do not want it but the worst nightmare would be a new war between hezbollah and israel that would mean the devastation of large parts of lebanon and we know that any spark that can trigger it and that we are far
3:31 pm
from being reassured that that conflict is impossible on the other hand we see that in yemen still no chance of a political dialogue starting at the same time we see that different perspectives in the gulf cooperation council as not only very complex implications within. the gulf but it has now destabilizing effect in somalia and other areas of the horn of africa which means that all these situations seem to give a reprieve what i said the guardian not obviously we have not been at the united nations we are actively engaged in any initiative that can relaunch a peace process that seems to be as i said you know they're there and in addition to policy in these rail is with a deep belief that only a two state solution can address both the interests of the palestinian people and the israeli people we are totally committed to relaunch the geneva process finding
3:32 pm
a political solution for syria into a cd and dialogue in geneva now that in sochi it was possible and i have to pay tribute to the russian federation on this to fully abide by the engagements that were taken and to get into that so she was not a parallel process but on the contrary was reaffirming the role of geneva and channeling into geneva the results of what was decided there fully in line with the second because a resolution twenty two fifty four and we'll do everything possible. to re activated to energize the geneva process at the same time we are totally committed to the in supporting the sterilization of iraq just to give you an example the united nations involved only in mosul in seven of the projects that employ about ten thousand people which means our strong we are committed to help
3:33 pm
iraq regain its role in the region and we will do everything possible possible also to stimulate the possibilities of a political dialogue to take place in relation to yemen and civil tenuously we have been supporting the way to mediation and the efforts of the united states of america in order to make sure that the gulf cooperation council crisis comes to an end but it is obvious that we are dealing in a fragmented way with a real with a reality that is no respect reality and requires a common vision and it's the common vision that is absent and if in relation to the situation we see the unity of the security council and fortitude that unity is completely absent in relation to the situation in the global middle east and in particular in relation to the situation in syria now i believe that there is an effective risk of escalation in difference of the indifference of the areas of
3:34 pm
several of the areas of the region and some of these forms of escalation can have absolutely devastating consequences that it is difficult for us to imagine and that reason justifies in my opinion that even if the contradictions of interests of both the global powers and the regional powers are clear i think the sets for all of us and the search for them first of all would justify the serious effort to come together and to try to cut these bargain knots there are several in sync suggestions on the tape. well for instance i remember during the cold war the old cold war the. process was an important moment to help the two groups come together and establish a platform of discussion and when i look at the cold war in the gulf i asked myself whether something similar could not be put in place allowing for at least some
3:35 pm
forms of dialogue to. encourage the these countries to come together and to find ways to address the very complex contradictions that they face and the very complex difference of interests is that indeed exists the situation in the global middle east is at my opinion today a qualitative different quality with different set that we face that requires the mobilization of all our efforts in order to be able to fully vested let me say a few words about another global strat that i believe is more and more in the concerns of us all and that is related to the cyber space. when one looks at today's cyberspace it is clear that we are witnessing in a more or less disguised way cyber war between states episodes of cyber war between states and the fact is that we have not yet been able to discuss whether or not the
3:36 pm
geneva conventions apply to cyber war or whether or not international humanitarian law applied to cyber war i think it's high time to have a serious discussion about the international legal framework in which cyber wars take place and i think it would be essential to use what it is the competence of the first committee of the general assembly united nations to do it and to do it sooner rather than later but the concerns go far beyond cyber war the concern as relates to what it is today the permanent violation of cybersecurity what it is the multiplicity of. by states and by different actors and even by amateurs what are the different uses that criminal organizations or terrorist organizations are making of the web all of these creating a level of threat that is becoming higher and higher and for which we have not yet found an adequate response not only the different methods of
3:37 pm
regulation both sets state level and through international conventions do not easily apply to a situation like these but there is the private sector involved in these areas the civil society the academia and research centers in order to be able to establish at least some basic protocols to allow for the wear to be an effective instrument for the good i don't intend that united nations as a leadership role on these but i can guarantee you that united nations would be ready to be a platform in which different actors could come together and discuss the way forward in order to find the ever quit approach is to make sure that we are able to . deal with the problems of cyber security especially now that artificial intelligence that is providing enormous potential for economic development for social development for the well being of all of us also in the opinion of many an
3:38 pm
existential threat for human kind all these creates the need for a serious effort in which we need to embark to be able to have in relation to the web a proactive form of if not traditional regulation at least the level of discipline that would be necessary and the capacity to take into account the ethical values that are necessary to make it an element for the good of mankind. now if you square that all these threats are taking place in the context in which civil time usually we feel that climate change is running faster than we are in which we feel that inequalities are growing in. the world even if the progress generated by globalization and technical development is enormous and the meucci feel that governments and other entities have been
3:39 pm
enable to properly manage the problems of human mobility of refugee and migration flows and all these facts combining are creating levels of mistrust between public opinion citizens and political establishments and international organizations like the when they put into question the cohesion of societies and also that creates doubts about globalism and multilateralism and this is a reason why i believe we need to be able to unite we need to be able to affirm that global problems can only be addressed with the global solutions and that multilateralism is to the more necessary than ever. that unity is essential. if we want to combat the polarization of our societies and if we want to affirm the importance of multilateralism and this is also the reason why i am so committed to
3:40 pm
the form of the united nations to make the united nations more able to respond to the needs and aspirations that we the peoples that generated these organization but it is also very important that we not ourselves you know other to make sure that the pair is agreement is respected and with an enhanced as a speed asian with an enhanced and bishan as we are all aware that even the commitments made in paris are not sufficient in relation to climate change that we engage together in making globalization a fairer globalization and we have to get jealous twenty thirty an important un contribution for what could be a meaningful debate for a global cohesion in relation to the global development process and specially to engage ourselves to unite decision makers leaders all over the world to understand that the peace and security problems that we are facing today are so serious at the level of set is so high that is much better to come together than to persist in the
3:41 pm
level of divisions that we are witnessing today and still paralyze the security council for instance in many of the dramatic rises that we face it might be naive to think that with the level of contradictions that exist today in the world that unity is possible but i think it's even more naive to believe that the violence we can survive facing the challenges that we are facing in today's world and so my strong appeal is to overcome our differences to overcome our contradictions and when the stand there to face all the challenges that today mankind humankind is facing we absolutely need to come together and these is the result of the united nations. this was the vision that led. many visionaries in the end of the second world war to create united nations and what i believe we need is to learn with demands from all of us
3:42 pm
a much stronger bet in the cohesion of also sciences and in the unity in building a true and strong multilateralism to address the challenges of the present times thank you very much. if you've just joined us you're watching live coverage of the munich security conference coming to you on did you just heard the u.n. secretary general antonio go terror speaking and raising issues of critical importance for global security the conference is being attended by some ninety five heads of government and state and not just leaders but also diplomats and security experts discussing various issues off in the international importance now the next speaker is the immediate off got there that is stop being a tiny let's take a listen. is. someone who has not spoken here before and this is why i'm particularly pleased to announce as our next.
3:43 pm
his highness the emir of qatar. i think the fact that you sir decided to come here and speak to us is a demonstration of the seriousness of the issues that plague your region the middle east and the wider middle east and i'm sure this audience is extremely interested in. hearing your message. and listening to your statement may i invite you to speak to us thank you. thank you mr mr. ladies and gentleman it gives me great pleasure to address
3:44 pm
this distinguished audience. germany has especially the appropriate venue for a meeting to discuss the present day and listening to your statement made by you to speak to us. thank you to mr. ladies and gentleman it gives me great pleasure to address this distinguished odious. germany has especially the appropriate venue for a meeting to discuss the present day global order and the threats to it. a nation that stands for the values of freedom and the rule of law. germany's also
3:45 pm
a major predator for the european union are seen by many as a bastion co-exist and and trans national corporation. while all of us here. are aware of the challenges facing the. we in the middle east and i'm sure it's elsewhere she did a u. as a proving that peaceful coexistent and collective prosperity are possible and the aftermath of horrific conflicts. as a body the e.u. demonstrate that a union can establish shared security based on mutual interest. even amongst. people who tore themselves apart in a war. like it or not the breaks it is an example of a peaceful resolution of differences no diplomatic ties were cut and no blood was shed. there is
3:46 pm
a lesson here for us in the arab region the european union provides a framework for regional and governance and the peaceful arbitration of disputes this framework is soley needed and the middle east. today many governments and international powers act with impunity without regard for human rights. the lack of accountability for good governance is widespread. it's no wonder why people are losing hope. individuals who would otherwise have to trial for war crimes against their own people are possible candidates and presidential elections. all disease audience such as yourselves must be able to see how and why many people entire nations are losing faith and international counted but if. they think are good be right. that many of the global mechanics and for
3:47 pm
conflict resolution and the maintenance of rights have been by lies and sidelined. my religion provides many examples of palestinians seventy years ago situation in syria libya yemen somalia and afghanistan. the suffering of the people in my region may appear distant to an old east in munich. but the waves of refugees make these injustices a european concern. and the darkness of terrorism. now cast a shadow on the entire world. suffering and injustice pave the way for terrorism to flourish evil actors will twist religious dogmas to poison the minds of desperate people. extremists religious ideas
3:48 pm
doctrines pose an undeniable challenges to all of us. they exist in every culture. and islam has no monopoly on them. but to sclera that we are obliged to come back to religious extremism but having said that i should be think that violent terrorism to extremist ideology is it's too simplistic. it does not explain why violent extremism has become a major threat in my region while extremist ideology can be found anywhere. the pattern failure of states in my region to provide basic needs to its people pave the way for extremism. so often their very states which neglect basic needs also block every possible pathway for peaceful reform.
3:49 pm
huge sections of the population mind and many other countries have been marginalized given oppressive regimes the chance to use it then use them. as a tool to dominate multi-faith societies. to this we must add the growing sense that the youth in my region hold that the world is defined by hypocrisy and in justice. to many in the middle east there is a feeling that the universality of human rights of post war order are always wrong hollow. this is one of the most glaring sequences consequences of failure to resolve regional conflicts and address grievances. people who strayed in their government and have no way to peacefully effect change . today as we speak isis is defeated in iraq and will soon be defeated in syria.
3:50 pm
but the real battle laying the foundation of peaceful coexistence has yet to begin . we must turn our attention to the ending circumstances which afford it isis a continuous cim of willing recruits in the first place. the circumstances are complicated. and the arab region or group will be this rising to power after independence how to promise to deliver freedom. social justice and i beauty to their people. and said instead of fulfilling those promises. the arab state has degenerated to become one in which the people have to choose between security in a basic physical sense and on the other hand their dignity freedom and aspiration
3:51 pm
for social justice. instead of wise leadership facilitating raja reform rejean stoner people into fighting for their dignity. the counted which followed the counter revolution is after the arab uprising of two thousand and eleven has shown all of us what the end result of this type choice is . that people called out for dignity and they were answered with violence silencing. this cycle needs to end this gathering together here in munich needs to bear fruit we need to walk away with a clear picture of how to end conflict and provide basic rights and security to our people. after noting that eight of the ten most lethal conflicts are rooted in the why their middle east this use unix security report should be to
3:52 pm
decrease these conflicts to a definite set of factors lack of social and economic progress growing sectarian division regional rivalries and shifting engagement for much their new powers. i would also factors recklessness i know from work for a framework for providing shared security. ladies and gentlemen but it's not stupid that during the most g.c.c. crisis my own country was able to experience some of the factors in full force. it has been a futile for crisis manufactured by our neighbors some of whom are major regional players once believed to be establishing factor on the world stage that is no longer the case. that adventurous policies have undermined regional
3:53 pm
security and they call them a cult look for the g.c.c. as a strategic bloc. had three generations been guided by a set of solid governance and the rule of law we would not have seen nations with the limited resources being a blackmailed into parting their foreign policies for external eight. other nations who also who also needed financial aid refused the offer and stood for their daughters. had regional races been guided by a set of solid governess principles and rule of law we would not have seen the exploitation of wealth power or geographical constraints to satisfy the thirst for power. ladies and gentleman. even with the regional turmoil qatar remains one of the most peaceful countries in the world despite the
3:54 pm
obstacles imposed upon us including a full land air sea blockade beginning fifth of june of last year qatar secured new trade routes accelerated the economy diversity and bonded together in unity. qatar emerged stronger. we have continued to trade with the wide the world we have not missed a single shipment of liquid natural gas during this time this is vital to the rest of the world. as we are the world's second largest exporter of natural because i now export ensure the stability of global energy supplies. by diffusing the impact of the illegal and aggressive measures imposed on our people qatar preserves the sovereignty. this fate blockade shows how small states can use diplomacy
3:55 pm
and strategic a strategic economic planning to weather the storms of aggression from larger and bush's neighbors. those i guess that axis wish to use small states i suppose within their power games and sectarian conflicts it is vital to the interest of the people of the middle east to guarantee then to penzance and sovereignty of states like qatar which refuses to be forced to take side and the standoff between two and. frenched comes. to preserving the sovereignty and then dependent decision making of countries like qatar ensures accelerated development. development like free media and free speech that the locating countries insist we surrender. in front of this distinguished audience. i believe that it is time for why do regional security and the middle east it is
3:56 pm
time for all nations. of the region to forget the past including us and agree on basic security principles and rules of governance and at least a minimum level of security to allow for peace and prosperity. all nations in the middle east small or large need to agree on a baseline of coexistence backbite by the arbitration macan ism and enforced by the collective body of the region. we can mirror the efforts of the european union separately to find common ground to rebuild and prosper. shifting from fuse to cooperation we require that we each be held accountable. like i lowing the flow for humanitarian aid to pass across borders alone safe and free
3:57 pm
passage for families providing access to religious sites to all faiths preventing but this a creation of historic religious sites and respecting common trade which. this should not be a pipe dream. too much is that risk. the middle east is at the brink. it's time to bring it back. all of us here especially those who enjoy it more power and wealth have a responsibility to solve the conflict. the middle east will need help from the larger international community to success to succeed in such a mission i ask all nations in the middle east to accept an invitation to participate in such a holistic security agreement i urge all nations to continue putting diplomatic
3:58 pm
pressure on my region to get this done we must start with a regional security agreement before the middle east camp of the turmoil in the past. with the greater good in mind we remain hopeful for a future where true security. both for the state and for the individual is establish for all nations thank you very much if. there was talk of time name out the time the address and the munich security conference this is an. international security policy conference that's taking place inside nine hundred sixty three d. w. is providing full and exclusive coverage to the world's largest gathering of its kind attended this year by about twenty has a state and seventy five defense and foreign ministers w.'s political correspondent linda crane is following that the conference for us on the ground that in munich
3:59 pm
welcome. today was opened by a defense ministers from the germany and then france germany sort of on the line and said that development workers and soldiers need each other what was she getting out. she went on to give an impassioned plea after that for an approach that sees that security depends on economic prosperity security depends on health security depends on climate security and a host of other factors and she said that she views with concern the fact that some countries are cutting back on support for the united nations on support for different diplomacy and on support for domestic development aid that was very much a message addressed to the united states there is a perception here that the united states increasingly sees security only or largely
4:00 pm
in military terms and that it's absolutely essential to look at the root causes of your security let me go over there because you had such stoltenberg secretary general of nato has now taken to the stage so let's see what he has to say look about to show for words about the transatlantic a partnership. in front of the new nato headquarters there are two memorial one is a section of the wall and the older a twisted girder from the wreckage of the twin towers in new york. to get the dates symbolize nato's steel hard commitment to our collective defense and always solidarity in the fight against terrorism but most the wall they symbolize the unbreakable bomb that unites the continents of north
4:01 pm
america and europe during the cold war nato successfully deterred the soviet union when the cold war ended we extended a hand of friendship to former adviser its and welcome them into your atlantic family. need to help to end two wars in the balkans and we remain in afghanistan to ensure it never again because a safe haven for international terrorists with out the enduring power of the transatlantic partnership none of this would have been possible. but the path of doxy is that through out our history people have questioned the transatlantic partnership. from the suze crisis to the iraq war promote america's pivot to asia to perceived lack of support for article
4:02 pm
five an unfair burden sharing all of this has fueled an impression all we can in transatlantic bomb. but the reality is that the bomb has proven to be resilient because both europe and north america benefit from the bomb. what we see now is north americans coming back to europe just as soon opinions are stepping up their contributions to our shared security not just in words but also in the us. after the end of the cold war the united states reduced its military presence in europe. in all to twenty thirty in the last american left europe. now the americans are back we did
4:03 pm
new armored brigade and this week washington rolled out a plan for further substantial increases in u.s. presence in europe. billions for equipment prepositioned supplies training and infrastructure. ken aden shoots also returned to europe for the first time in the generation leading a multinational butler group in lotto. but the transatlantic partnership is not a one way street european allies and canada have stood with america in the fight against terrorism for the better part or two decades in afghanistan in iraq and in syria. european allies are also sharing the financial burden of our security. for years defense spending
4:04 pm
by european allies and canada was in decline. but in two thousand and fourteen facing it changed security and violence all allies made a commitment to reverse that trend. we've promised to stop the cuts and the cuts have stopped we promise to start increasing the fans spending and the fans across europe and canada has increased for the consecutive years for the first time in many years we promised to move towards spending two percent of g.d.p. on the fence within a decade and we are moving remember that in twenty forty in only three allies met the two percent guideline this year we expect
4:05 pm
eight allies and by twenty twenty four we expect at least fifteen all nato allies to forward plans to increase spending in real terms. this is major progress and it is a bit a good stock but we still have a long way to go and hard work ahead this simple message is the transfer plan to kill lines remains the most powerful most effective and most reliable alliance the world has ever seen. because in times of need we are all prepared to do what is necessary for over shared security. let me turn to is efforts on the fence which i know will be one of the main topics discussed during this conference. i welcome e.u.
4:06 pm
efforts on defense they are an opportunity to further strengthen the european pillar within nato and contribute to better burden sharing. but with opportunity comes risk then reask o. weakening the transatlantic bomb there is scope of duplicating what nato is already doing and the risk of discriminating against non e.u. members of the nato alliance these risks must be avoided. the reality is the european union cannot protect europe by itself. european leaders themselves have underlined this point many times. nato countries outside the e.u.
4:07 pm
play a phenomenal role in the defense of europe. off the brics it. eighty percent of nato the fence spending will calm from norm e.u. allies however this is not only about mali it is also about geography. it is hard to imagine european security without the close involvement or norway in the north turkey in the south are on the united states canada and united kingdom in the west. but if we remove the risks and make the most out of the opportunities if the e.u. actions complement nato and are not seen arsenal turn
4:08 pm
a tip then i see great potential for improving european security that this of on a closer to nato e e u cooperation is vital. nato and e.u. are natural partners we share the same values the same challengers the same people more than mine the percent of the people living in e.u. countries live in that nato country i am proud that over the past couple of years we are made and present them good progress on nato you cooperation. today we are working side by side in the aegean mediterranean in afghanistan and iraq in georgia ukraine and the western balkans and on exercises cyber and the hybrid for its e.u. defense can strengthen nato and keep europe safe if they are
4:09 pm
anchored within the transatlantic partnership. then before i close let me say a few words about the emergence of nuclear challenges for many years the nuclear threat we see that from view unfortunately it is back on our agenda. and it would be irresponsible to ignore it. proliferation is happening now today and corner storm nuclear agreements are under threat including the i.n.f. treaty. i belong to a political generation from whom for whom the baits on nuclear forces in europe in
4:10 pm
the nineteen seventies and the one thousand eight this to find our understanding of security issues the deployment of s s twenty pershing and cruise me start as was a profound concern for publics aren't politicians alike. in one thousand eight hundred seven that are in their treaty banned all this weapons since then it has been the pillar for european security. the problem is that the us has determined that russia is in by a relation of the i.n.f. treaty. by the bella ping and flight testing a new in the immediate range ground launch cruise missiles we must protect the our left treaty and we call on russia to address the concerns of all
4:11 pm
that are lots in a substantial transparent aren't that a fireball way we see that tertiary is modernizing its nuke nuclear capabilities developing new nuclear systems and increasing the role of nuclear weapons in its military strategy this is a cause for real concern. at the same time north korea continues to develop its nuclear and ballistic missile programs which pose a threat to us all or our allies are now within range of north korea and besides. sean young is closer to munich dopiest to washington d.c. and therefore we must put mark simone pressure on north korea to abandon its nuclear program by political and diplomatic means and not least through effective
4:12 pm
economy sanctions. russia and china have a special responsibility as members of the u.n. security council as neighbors of north korea. iran also processes a proliferation concern but this is why nato allies place greats importance on the iran nuclear deal but to be affected it must be properly implement that. all these developments forces us to pay more attention to nuclear threats. and let me be clear nato scroll is a world with out nuclear weapons. but as long as they exist nato will remain a nuclear lungs
4:13 pm
a world where russia china not a north korea have nuclear weapons but nato does not is not a safe world. that is why. the ultimate guarantee of nato security instance to t.-g. nuclear forces of allies particularly those of the united states. we need to maintain a safe secure or an affective nuclear deterrent. at the same time our allies remain committed to reducing the number of nuclear weapons in the balance bit of fireball way and we have a strong track record. since the height of the cold war nato allies have reduce their nuclear arsenal in europe by ninety percent. in its
4:14 pm
recent nuclear posture review the us reconfirm its commitment to nuclear nuclear arms control and the nuclear nonproliferation treaty and to nineteen states has also reiterated its global leadership role in deducing the number of nuclear weapons or only last week washington and moscow announced that the limits of the new start treating have been reached restricting the united states and russia to fifteen hundred and fifty deployed warheads warheads each down from twelve thousand in one thousand nine hundred four when the first start treaty came into force that shows the importance of such landmark agreements it shows that all arms control can work and it
4:15 pm
shows that the risk of conflict can be effectively reduced. ladies and gentleman. our world may because more dangers but conflict is not you know that will. to preserve the peace we need the military strength of the nato alliance combined with the political courage to seek dialogue to deescalate reduce tensions and find a peaceful solutions to our differences then we move away from the brink of conflict thank you. of the. date of lenience live from brother watching live coverage of the munich security
4:16 pm
conference you just heard from again stoltenberg secretary general of the nato north atlantic treaty organization in just a moment he's going to take questions from the floor that secession will be chaired by a vulcan have is into. the chairman of the conference just while we're waiting for that to happen is interesting to just sum up some of what mr shelton back had to say he had praise and a warning for europe as europe moves towards integrating into deeper cooperation of its defense forces mr open but welcomed that but warned and cautioned europe act against. this cooperation being seen as a as competition to nato he also talked about the risks therefore weakening the trance atlantic bond of jupiter catering at nato where efforts and and then and actually discriminating against. it against non e.u. nato members ok let's go back to the conference so they're in munich and listen to
4:17 pm
the question and answer session as the united states and turkey are having a real problem so if you could tell us how you think this should be handled. and how it will be handled in order to reestablish a perception of a nato alliance that is not divided in a very important way the way to handle this is that the united states and turkey sit down and find ways to avoid any. incidents or conflicts or further problems in northern syria and i welcome the fact that that's exactly what they're doing. for instance during the defense minister meeting in brussels nato yesterday sector mathis met with his turkish complicated to pot sector team is
4:18 pm
a most recent thing onkar and we have seen the reports that they are now sitting down on the un really making efforts to solve the problems we all face in northern sudan but they are on the ground they are present nate the provides the support to the global coalition to defeat isis and turkey has been a key partner or member of the coalition the progress we have made in defeating isis in iraq and syria would not have been possible to achieve without turkey being . a key player because turkey is bordering iraq bordering syria and has provided a critical infrastructure airports and many other facilities which has been important. but now. the important thing is to find ways for
4:19 pm
for us and turkey to the conflict and i welcome that. that's exactly what they are doing through the many different high level meetings which are taking place now. i think you i have. cloudy have a lot. because a church from moscow and a couple of war yes karl as you and i have a question from flutes faget why why don't we take if you if you agree why don't we bundle them take three together and we'll start of course with claudia or. mr and thank you very much mr. i want to ask a question to mr dalton i don't think that what is happening in syria right now for this. kind of thing. which is attacked by a neighboring country turkey syria afrin can be reduced and broken down
4:20 pm
into a conflict between two nato countries it's not a conflict between two nato countries the u.s. and turkey but it's an attack on one nato country on those forces kurdish forces that are supported by another nato partner for a good reason that are trained by this nato part of the united states and they had been asked to put their lives at risk in order to provide our security in the fight against i so this is not a conflict between the united states and turkey between boys that started a fight it's about credibility of the credibility of nato how does need to behave in such an attack of an f. in of an attack on the civilian population it's a dramatic humanitarian situation why is that not a topic in the nato council. is so that the nato can provide clarity because i think nato loses what you said it would lose credibility as rules and values based on order and organization. but the fact that
4:21 pm
a nato member and yet launches a military attack on syria and has conducted it against the interests of nato on the other hand is nothing that i can understand or accept at all and your statement is not enough for me to clarify that. thank you. so i will read a question that is related not to syria but to iraq if you agree from with very good boy. in a recently ongoing discussion i'm quoting here nato is considering taking responsibility for a mission of capability building with the iraqi armed forces this project is meant to be a sequel to the war on dice aimed at stabilizing iraq the process of reconstruction . the objective is reasonable but why should such
4:22 pm
a mission be regarded to be a task for nato question mark but it's vague and boy and then we'll take the question from with the cause of please. thank you thank you mr secretary general my question would be both of the last part of your speech related to the dangers of proliferation of nuclear weapons you mentioned as far as i could see three nuclear countries russia china and iran to my surprise as there and this exist thank you then it was a misinterpretation ok but in any case. would you be so kind and make certain comments on. united states. attempts
4:23 pm
to set additional pressure on north korea expressing. its intentions to wipe north korea out of the earth face in the. u.n. general assembly this year as well as the united states threats or intentions to draw from the iranian deal how do you believe these actions and threats either. strengthen or weaken the year proliferation system and peace of north korea and in case of iran thank you. ok so we have three questions. first about syria well i was also about the challenges between turkey and the united states in syria that was the reason
4:24 pm
why i respond to that but i agree that the situation in syria is about much more than relationship between turkey and syria and united states of course we share their concerns about the humanitarian situation the suffering of the people the violence the killing of civilians and therefore their main message is that we all support the efforts to find a peaceful political negotiated solution and we strongly support the efforts of the u.n. and buys that on the must do it all to energize these efforts to find a political solution so nato's main message is to support those efforts then all of these that in the lack of a political solution we have a very difficult situation in the not on syria and the nato allies. have all participated in the campaign to defeat isis both in syria and iraq
4:25 pm
and nato is member of the coalition to defeat isis and we also provided is support to the coalition with our. surveillance planes and that would training over iraq a officers but again we don't think there is a military solution we need a political solution turkey house on some legitimate security concerns and know all the nato ally and has suffered more terrorist attacks than turkey but we expect them to. address these concerns in. proportionate and measured way and we also welcome the fact that turkey has a brief all nato allies on the operation in enough in the where several allies have underlined the importance of a measured and proportional response then on iraq. well the main message is that we are more safe when our neighbors are more secure and iraq
4:26 pm
is a neighbor of nato. neighbor of turkey which is a neighbor which is a nato ally. and so. in nato feels a responsibility to try to also help to stabilize our neighborhood we do that of course in close cooperation with the rocket goldman and nato has the structures the experience the knowledge of how to train forces and i think that we have seen a significant shift in the way nato is contributing to the fight against terrorism over the last years before nato conducted big combat operations as you for instance have done in afghanistan or many years now we are shifting from called by the to train so for instance afghanistan we ended the combat operation we do not training a local forces and that's exactly also what we are going to do or scale up in iraq because i believe that in the long run it's much more viable much more sustainable
4:27 pm
that we train local forces and they bring them to stabilize their own countries instead of nato conducting big combat operations so to enable the iraq it forces to avoid eisel or al qaida or anything like that to come back we have to help them build their military institutions train their officers and one of the issues where nato is going to work a lot is on how to build. military academies military schools to train the trainers and on and to help iraq could build a strong defense and security sector. of nuclear so us well first of all. we attach great importance to there on a nuclear deal and it is important that it's fully implemented. second. when it comes to north korea well i think the good news is that at least the u.n.
4:28 pm
security council with all the permanent members have or has it been able to agree on. tougher sanctions and we need maximum pressure on north korea which then of course depends on strict a comic sanctions and we have seen tougher sanctions and we have seen also that the sanctions are. implemented to a large extent not done before i'm not saying this is easy but i'm saying that pressure on north korea is the way to. denuclearize and to make sure that north korea abandon their nuclear programs. thank you we have time for really through poor questions there's a question to the back but there was called. so are you just read the question and
4:29 pm
answer session with yes. taking i answering the questions they munich security conference floor or d w is linda craig let's see if we can bring her welcome melinda during an such stoltenberg a speech. you may even much of europe's response to president trumps demands that europe do more to pay for its own defense but he had a warning as well. indeed indeed he had a warning he and several others here have emphasized that the u.s. is. needs to take a holistic view and also see that security is bound up with other aspects as well like health like climate security we heard that message not only
4:30 pm
from the general secretary of nato but also from the german defense minister osama funday lion who indirectly sent a message across the atlantic saying that she and others are concerned that some countries are cutting back on support for the united nations for diplomacy for development aid so a clear sense that partnership is very very important and that means not only transatlantic partnership but also a partnership amongst the nato members another message that we heard there from the head of nato just now concerned about a potential hot conflict between two nato members namely turkey which is currently attacking kurds in northern syria kurds who have in fact been trained and supported by the united states also a nato. member there has been a great deal of concern here about the potential for that conflict to escalate and in general a message going out here from all speakers that the world is in many respects
4:31 pm
a more dangerous place now than it has been in recent years the conference this year is titled to the brink and a number of speakers agreeing that we are on the brink but that hot conflict is not inevitable that issue of partnership is that seems to be a thread that is that has run through the whole conference today from a cell phones a line on the floor of the pali defense minister of france and germany also from until your terrace the secretary general of the united nations his speech i found particularly interesting dense as it was with if this happens then this might happen in this life and this is why that is all of our problem. yes mr good terrorists was essentially telling us that risks have become more systemic than in the past looking at the middle east he said all of the conflicts
4:32 pm
that we see in different regions of the middle east sensually are interrelated and that makes it all the more difficult to solve there too he called for a holistic approach that looks at the security in different regions of the middle east in the context of those other factors that i mentioned of economic development of climate and so on he also talked about as well as did the nato head about the risk of nuclear confrontation both of them of course referring to north korea and the u.n. secretary general saying the fact is we have all of the members of the security council in agreement on north korea and yet the risk remains very very imminent indeed i am no. joined by germany's defense minister or some affront to lyon who has just given the opening address here at the conference and minister you said in
4:33 pm
your remarks that you are concerned that some countries have been decreasing support for the united nations for diplomacy for development aid and you said that the development worker needs the soldier and vice versa one might conclude that you were sending a message across the transom across the atlantic with your remarks well i think we need a pact of comprehensive security because we know one cannot be without the other there is no security without step is a should we conciliation. and economic development. but you know yes i want to send a message over the atlantic but at the same time i want to send a message to ourselves as the europeans we have to be get better organized what the military means are concerned so we have to be more effective we have to invest more on the other side we know that we need the second leg which is economic development desperately the funding of the united nations is so important and none of us is
4:34 pm
able to solve problems on its own so all of us have to work towards those two goals that is security and economic development hope concerned are you that the united states is taking a two militarily driven approach to security are you worried about a kind of a division of responsibility where the u.s. does all the hard stuff and europe the soft. i was very clear that at that there can't be. a work share one is responsible for the. military and then the other one is response on support for reconstruction no none of us can shy away from both cost we have to fulfill and. therefore it is so important for us to understand in reality we know this because if we look at iraq for example we know that we military allies defeated i so this is very good but we
4:35 pm
know we will only win the battle against eisel the moment that people see a perspective in their region they see a medical aid they see that there's gas electricity water we fix their houses they get jobs this will be the fight against the ideology we have to fight to we've seen it in afghanistan we know it from africa so to us the. transatlantic alliance is so important that we know we stand on two legs. when we talk about messages across the atlantic certainly a message from the other side to europe has been take more responsibility now there's been a lot of talk here about hesco permanent structured cooperation the new initiative in europe to try to integrate defense and security but it's essentially still in its absolute infancy you're walking the you're talking the talk but when will europe really walk the walk on this well we made
4:36 pm
a huge step forward because for the very first time since europe the european union exists we have a legal frame around the european defense union for the very first time we have a single a projects with a few countries who are willing and able to act and to move forward of course we have to fill it with life not this is clear but we've never been as structured. within the procedures and as clear in the legal frame as we are right now and they're full of the beginning of the european defense union is that what is important for me is it's no competition to nato it's complimentary nato will always be a collective defense but they are other tasks if i just look at africa for example they are as a task. where europe is needed and up to a few months who wasn't able to act at all because we didn't have neither the procedures nor the structures now we are establishing those with the military
4:37 pm
command with the european defense fund just to name some examples so that we are able to act for our own security to a very brief last question on germany you've said germany is ready to do more it's ready to take responsibility but you don't have that two percent goal in the new coalition agreement all we have a clear goal fill the fairy first time this concrete pact for comprehensive us cunt comprehensive security which says we want to reach the nato goal as well as the old a goal that we have in the attic nations and. as i know that we will have to invest billions in the ody a quota system development assistance i do know that there will be billions full the defense too because we said we gonna raise the budgets one by one on an equal way so the for the very first time we have a very hard agreement thank you very much defense minister front and i am.
4:38 pm
ok i will interact more in berlin. interesting interview that with. the defense minister that was that last answer was the first time i saw her stumble or you seem to have served to rag on that the two percent while i have you can we talk about the mayor of qatar speech i thought that particularly interesting. he's asked to shoot his his line seems to be that. even though his is a little country is suffering this block area this regional blockade anyway the point but despite the regional blockade we haven't missed any of our gas exports which you the rest of the world need so he's also making the point that the world is interconnected. sorry phil i lost you i think there at the end but indeed his view also was arguing
4:39 pm
for that holistic approach i was talking about earlier it's interesting that he spoke today by the way because on the last day of the conference we will be hearing from saudi arabia the last day of the conference actually is middle eastern day but as you know the tensions in the middle east and he spoke to this in fact have also made qatar the odd man out as it were and this is how i think he wound up speaking here in the opening session of the conference and basically saying we need a new approach in the middle east that essentially gets all of the parties at the table and in which we try to overcome these axes of conflict whether it's sheets soon soon sunni or whether it's saudi arabia versus iran where we really get the parties talking and he essentially extended an invitation on. in that respect saying let us all sit down and try to take that kind of holistic
4:40 pm
approach that has been called for here by so many of the speakers for now our chief political correspondent belinda crane at the munich security conference we thank you. but as turner says in our survey of the main story we're covering today turkish journalist turkish german journalist that if your job has been released after a year in a turkish prison well the same day six journalists have been jailed for their alleged involvement in the failed coup twenty sixteen usual has been charged with spreading terrorist propaganda prosecutors are seeking a jail term of up to eighteen years it's unclear if you'll be allowed to leave the country before a trial this photograph of danny see chelsea released from jail was posted by his lawyer friday afternoon you gel in the arms of his wife after a year behind bars german chancellor angela merkel welcome to the decision to release the german turkish journalist why me feel if you as many other people i'm
4:41 pm
very glad that he was able to leave prison today i am of course happy for him and his wife and his family who had to endure a very difficult year of separation. also. one year ago denis you tell was detained in istanbul took a shot already he's accused the correspondent for the german daily developed of terrorist propaganda among other things but until today he had not been charged with any crime. turkish court has now made the decision that as of now dennis you joe will be set free with no restrictions i assume he will leave the country we are very pleased with the decision of the court. and try to get. the german government has campaigned vigorously for the release of you tell as well as other journalists imprisoned in turkey many civilian organizations also demonstrated for his release it is very likely that turkish president are the one
4:42 pm
is behind the decision you tell may have been released from jail but in their indictment turkish prosecutors have demanded up to eighteen years imprisonment. let's get more then from data because from then to julie hahn. and to political correspondent to all of us on it and welcome both we'll start with you julia what do we know at the moment about that whereabouts. well that's really the big question where is he right now according to our information he is still in town he's still and he stumbled in turkey he didn't leave yet for germany we heard that he was heading to the city center together with his wife to meet some friends over there but that's something we couldn't very feisal far because we're not able to talk to his lawyer to his wife they are trying to shut off the communication with media right now to have some private time
4:43 pm
probably we're just actually coming from slivery a prison at the outskirts of istanbul where many of us journalists went today because we were expecting him to come out of this jail and getting some pictures a glimpse at him so to say it but then he was being taken out of that jail in a car so nobody was actually able to see him so now really the big question is where is he but we think he's still in turkey judy is a lot of journalists expected him to be released i know that yesterday in the various meetings there was talk of movement but no one was talking about release yesterday what changed. well that's another big question this news today that he was being released on bail came as a total surprise for most of us for anyone who was observing this case specifically because it didn't even take a day after church prime minister said that he is expecting developments shortly
4:44 pm
and then suddenly we heard that an indictment was suddenly propose entered which we didn't have after one year now there is an indictment and a court's even released his immediate release him immediately pending trial so really this came as a huge huge surprise but of course it also raises huge questions about whether turkey's judiciary is independent at all or whether this was actually really a political deal a political command so to say to release him all of us well it's give us an idea. well of course the news here in berlin comes as a big relief first of all so the feeling of relief here is dominating but as julia just put it very well at the surprise is also massive i just followed the prime minister you'll the rooms visit to berlin yesterday and he had discussions here with america and you know both sides agreed that some progress has to be made but
4:45 pm
it was all quite vaguely and you'll hear him said he believes that some movement will be there in this process soon but nobody really thought at this point that it could happen that quickly now americal also was quite carefully when she addressed the press a little earlier she said hopefully he'll be in germany soon and apparently he will set free so quite careful words here from the german chancellor then of course the employees of the newspaper developed where dennis you chel used to work are celebrating the news coming from from turkey today the german foreign minister sigma gabriele is very much relieved as well he made a very happy impression earlier today he just spoke at a press conference and it could be regarded as a major victory for him he also called it a victory for diplomacy we shouldn't forget he met the prime minister he met
4:46 pm
president won twice he invited the turkish foreign minister into his home town so all of these were quite unusual steps to stress how important this case you chill is for the german government and as it seems all of these steps were successful the fact that there was huge was being kept in prison without charge for a year has been a burden on relations between germany. now that she's been released what does that tell us about the states of germany its relations. well of course it could be a first step to improve the german turkish relations just yesterday when you visited americal and when they too when the two leaders had their discussions. said that the relations were heavily strained between the two countries we're really looking at a historic low and of course one of the reasons was the detention of dennis you jel
4:47 pm
germany saw this case as saw him as a political a detainee of turkey and alongside this there were several other reasons that have to do with the political path that turkey is taking under president to one at the same time the two countries have been traditionally close partners just to mention the two million turks living in germany or germany being turkey's biggest trading partners so there was a huge interest of course to solve these issues germany is not the only country that turkey has diplomatic spats with and the u. chel case was quite an easy one to solve for turkey julie holland in istanbul then as usual of course was one of many journalists who was jailed juror cracked out what's the situation like for other reporters are yeah it's really important to mention this why this is a day of relief a day of happiness for everyone who is supporting who is loving been his huge l.
4:48 pm
this is of course also a dark day for everyone else for all the other journalists and there are dozens of them who are still behind bars in fact today several other journalists were being sentenced to jail times in peru in prison to a lifetime in prison pardon and these journalists were charged with a spreading terrorist propaganda as well and they are charged with having links to the land movement which the turkish government blames for having masterminded the failed minutes. very cool here so these journalists six of them have to spend maybe a life time in jail so this shows you how the emotions here on this day also really different emotions happiness on the one side but sadness and shock on the other side as well. of a silence in thank you both the news of
4:49 pm
a dennis usuals impending release has become the most discussed a topic on twitter here in germany usuals lawyer tweeted this photo of the journalist to his wife i do like my my usual i saw what appears to be the prison compound the photo has been shared more than two thousand times and his usual colleagues that developes are delighted the newspapers editor in chief post shot tweeted that his release was the best news ever we're so happy to all support us now one is free so many more to go free than all that tweet from the good against the chairwoman of the german parliament's a human rights committee referring to the hundreds of media workers imprisoned imprisoned around the world. poland's prime minister has mass with germany's chancellor with the aim of improving prickly relations with germany but he's also been forced to defend his government's latest policies which are many see as highly controversial amongst them poland has advised its citizens abroad to report
4:50 pm
criticism of the country to its embassies also also stands accused of white washing the roles of the role of poles in the holocaust d.w. nick connelly reports from polish capital. in warsaw history is never far away. it's a city built on the ruins left by more than five years of brutal nazi german occupation during world war two. more than seventy years on and poland's present government worries that memory of the war is blurring inside and outside the country. particularly when it comes to the fate of poland's three million jewish date shifting the blame for nazi crimes committed on polish soil to the poles themselves and downplaying christian poles support for their persecuted jewish combat treats when president obama mistaking referred to auschwitz as a polish death camp back in twenty twelve he it's a rule no. a government sponsored p.r.
4:51 pm
campaign seeks to redress that imbalance you tube ads targeted it uses in europe in israel seek to open foreigners eyes to poland's war record. more controversially a new law makes it a criminal offense to attribute nazi crimes to the polish nation its critics fear it could effectively criminalize open discussion of the holocaust rendering stories of individual polls collaboration off limits the new legislation has drawn stiff criticism from israel and the u.s. but for now the government seems unimpressed. adventure when you are this law will protect the polish nation and the polish people from false accusations it's just like the laws against holocaust denial on the go on your holocaust. but for this m.p. from poland's governing party the present lore is not the end of the line when it comes to addressing his country's troubled past the g.a.a. . to the present day germany has still not paid poland war reparations to poland
4:52 pm
lost twelve million of its citizens and fifty percent of it territory no one has made amends for this. carolyn of the guru is an expert on historical memory and poland's jewish community she says the law was rushed through in a hurry and is dangerously vague it is visible that the government did not expect such or such a reaction that the law was actually poorly prepared and that they werent able to foresee the consequences we head toward only surviving pre-war synagogue before the holocaust the city's jewish community numbered some three hundred thousand people today fewer than ten thousand remain but how is the new law being received here people do not feel restrained as such but people feel is there a place for me in poland today and it's a harbel statement for me to say the poles suffered horribly during world war two
4:53 pm
there were fantastic euros of the righteous among the nations the best people in the world and you also have individual poles and sometimes even groups of poles the collaborated with the germans and led to the murder of jews all those statements are true and in a democratic free poland we need to be able to say them openly without any fear of being prosecuted in court. more so in booming leaving ever fewer physical reminders of the war on the city streets but the memory shows no sign of fading quite the opposite as the question of who and what to remember comes to dominate poland's politics. and color reporting from warsaw ballons international film festival about an hour late kicked off last night. this year's i think phil was there when wes anderson animation isle of ducks. the band he not only has never seen the likes of this before drummers drumming in the opening
4:54 pm
movie and director wes anderson and been very jump up to join in the music while when fans who have been waiting in the cold for hours while tilda swinton is busy signing autographs. it's not the first time that a wes anderson finn has opened the band but one thing is the first opening the festival with an animated feature. i love dogs said in a disco peter future chip pan but. outbreak of dog flu rips through the city of medicine. mayor kobayashi issues an emergency order. calling for a sleepover to trash island becomes an exotic on. the isle of dogs scarlett johansson jeff goldblum and a host of other top class actors provided they are voices for the dogs and they seemingly took preparing for the jump very seriously. i went with diet i just
4:55 pm
started doing a lot of dry food and then just one throw something out of a king. and i bark. yeah but i got it by there's going to be a reason for me i'm not alarmed i'm the fin take this the issue of political corruption about all populists turning people against an entire speechless and movie was a political meaning even though it wasn't planned that way to the island because. we've been working on this movie a long time the world began to change in the movie and we offset. that seems kind of right for the moment. so you know maybe there were tiny places along the way where we were getting new inspirations from real life that were finding their way into the movie. and now move the movie. as found its way to the villain in film festival in competition for the prestigious golden and save the banners live as it jobs days i'll have a few at the top of the hour which is in just four minutes from now but thanks.
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to the be. the big. the because. the be. going to.
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empire to the present one hundred years so far starting february eighteenth. you. barely feel. the scars on. the pain still tangible. suffering for god. for cities and. they have survived but do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something . new beginning in peace time for the people making it possible what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance. out of darkness cities after war.
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starting march tenth on t w. dangerous and why the. venture of canada. the trip airplane seventeen thousand kilometers in six weeks breathtaking landscape. frank at a school. which strong image. is through china starting february twenty seventh took up.
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the state of the news live from circulations the turkish german journalist from prison authorities have helped finish usual for a year without trial or shot charges of supporting terrorism hoch non-paid life also on the program. defense ministers diplomats and world leaders gather at the munich security conference to assess the biggest threats facing the work. i'm facing up to machismo in brazil just one of a series of films featuring strong women in this year's berlin international film festival will bring you a full review.


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