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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  February 20, 2018 1:02am-1:31am CET

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the war. a new alliance is born in syria and the web of war gets all the more complicated reports say that president assad's forces are teaming up with kurdish militia to push turkey out of the border enclave in offering that hat that it invaded last month the former head of the kurdish party governing the region joins me in an exclusive interview i'm sara kelly in berlin this is the day. you know that we have been back on this operation to eliminate the terrorist organizations y p g u n p k k that carry out attacks against turkey. with the regime and to our friend or not to do what is important if it comes to this why it's doing so. if the regime comes in to defend the white p.g.
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then nothing and nobody can stop our support the turkish soldiers use it to. excuse or to go. syria's war just got more chaotic as alliances shift the country save media says that pro regime forces are going to help kurdish militia expel turkish troops from the border region of afrin that turkey invaded last month the move pushes turkey a nato ally and syria one step closer to direct conflict possibly even war and so far neither side is backing down turkey's foreign minister responding to the news by saying that if the syrian regime moved to protect the kurds the turkish offensive would continue we will hear directly from the former leader of the syrian kurds in just a moment but first this report on the fighting in the territory that his party currently governs. an entire town in
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mourning this is become a familiar sight enough rain in recent weeks with residents regularly attending mass funerals for kurdish fighters killed in clashes with turkish troops. it's against this backdrop that syrian state t.v. reported on a move to change the dynamic of the fighting the news anchor of this bulletin announcing that militias allied to the syrian government would soon arrive in a free to help kurdish forces push back the turkish offensive. meanwhile in government held aleppo just south of a free syrian kurds have been demonstrating against the turkish offensive and in support of y p g find as many of whom can be seen in the city. and then there are the syrian army and we are one of the syrian people and we are one we are all one and we have one will. during
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a visit to jordan the turkish foreign minister said a deal wouldn't affect his country's resolve. if one of my kitchen. you know if the syrian regime really does enter affray into clans kurdish militia then there's no problem however if it comes in to protect them then nothing and nobody can do and stop the turkish army it's very clear operation olive branch and affray names to cleanse these areas from terrorists if it is that it would tell you. turkey is keen to avoid a kurdish stronghold on its southern border with syria so its own forces launched a major military offensive into a frame last month in a bid to expel the kurdish fighters that control the region the offensive has further complicated an already but will during web of alliances and rivalries in syria. i'm joining me now here in the studio is the former co-leader of the syrian kurdish party the p y d cell
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a muslim thank you so much for joining us this evening complain too much do you have a deal on military cooperation and offering with the syrian government no there is no deal yet where there is and maybe with some mediation by the russians and others still they have reached the idea of the we are just waiting for the announcement by them if they have done. anything well it seems as if syrian state media at least has announced a deal why do you think that they have gone ahead with that announcement if there's not currently a deal and say well it's rumors on that that's true there is nothing happened that may say that forces are moving forces i want to georgia three well even that of saying forces it which forces we just believe in the syrian army and the syrian military military is not the. procedure and iranians or is one of the them up to welcome to our areas so. a deal
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though however is progressing and you seem to be optimistic that there will indeed be a deal in the end what has been discussed have there been preconditions of the assad regime and what have might those preconditions have been what do they want from you well no actually there is no deal the politics of lies mainly is is a military voice because now we have priorities now as you know the bush government is the who are piling up part of syria which is an issue of the north of syria and they are trying to recoup by the author and also have their policies to match the demographic changes and so so the priority is to protect the civilians of syria and this is the developments the duty to do it now it is their mission and we of course from the beginning i mean from the beginning of the syrian
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revolution we stated all the time well part of syria we have to protect that the syrian territory and. i mean i'm not looking for any separation or any different ways all we are trying to do to get democratic syria for all the components including the traditionally poor and others and mainly they are saying kurdish forces is actually is not kurdish forces democratic syrian forces which include the kurds out of all the components over there in the north of syria and now even the forces are fighting in off limits to all the components are sharing it's not only the clippers so everybody is sharing to protect their homes their lands and their villages so this is the case and the priority is to protect this territory of syria so you say it's on the military level but of course we know that there isn't such a difference between the political and the military level that the two really go
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hand in hand at the end of the day ultimately. if the assad regime if the military forces were to step in and aid you know the white e.g. and the p y d. the the the the kurds there in syria aren't you concerned alternately about allying yourself with a regime which has spent much of the past seven years massacring its own people yet the last could be for protection of syrian territories or that but i mean in syria we have to agree to live by syrian territory you mean offering. all the other areas also north of syria i mean we are talking about shah behavior for example is a good point but turkish military already in general seem houses all these areas should be protected i mean even to the should get out of this areas so we are concerned about this one i mean just protecting growth the syrian territory
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is the priority now and then we look for the i mean the political solution how to live in syria democratic syria but it any time syria cannot return to the time before two thousand and eleven i mean this political regime must this region is could not be there should be a new syria i mean for the most i think for everybody and we are part of if offering is syrian territory. we know of course that that the kurds are currently governing that area would it be an option for you that the syrian regime would step in and be the administration in that area in exchange with your some sort of deal should be if you are talking of the motor things of course we have a project for that which is syria should be disarmed from the list because now we are talking about sudanese we are talking about the holidays the doozies is
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a disease the christians muslims. are talking about the the me now two months so have how you can keep all those verses all together should be democratic or otherwise you come up to them if you are talking about the unity of the syrian territory should be all of those should be in democratic system which we are to decentralize syria it means offering and other places not on the off but other places also they should have a democratic administration who used to live together and the people should decide so in this stage when we are talking about the protection of the syria protecting the syria it means the priority to defend syrian land not to be a group on it but on the other forces you mentioned a democratic system you mentioned the ability for the people to decide who are currently living there you mention people from various different backgrounds from
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from to various different areas we know that you have been fighting against the turks and what you say are authoritarian which are are not democratic according to your own definition but doesn't your government also have authoritarian tendencies as well because i mean we have reports for example of forced recruitment force consist conscription and restrictions on press freedom just to name a few demeaning the could share is already in the north of syria you know the small four through to you because we have. everybody is sherry and we have elections before the maybe communes and there were local elections and we were just going to make the elections for all the area also so it's democracy where . everybody is sharing and so is the marketing system and even for gender equality for example is not available in syria and other areas what we are trying to build
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is really democratic system and i think it could be an example for all of syria and it is the first time in the middle east i mean what we are trying to establish for the institutions the movement to constituents there grassroots democracy where everybody is sharing in it true this is the system you are trying to establish and that that democratic system you actually have a name for it and we just want to mention it for our viewers it's called democratic can federalism or democratic self administration is trying to be it's one that you talk about a lot but you know to that point. we have reports that your party p.y.t. does not allow other political parties to operate in the areas that you control i just want to bring in this quote from human rights watch and think that you are to respond to it because this is part of human rights watch is world report twenty eighteen this is what they said about your party they said the security forces in p y d controlled areas conducted a series of raids to close opposing political parties offices and detained and
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harassed members of the political opposition activists most were detained without any charges brought against them why do you not allow other political party doesn't it doesn't sound like democratic countries or at least it's not true we have a low for parties to establish parties and very is now at this moment about twenty two parties we should all over that have permission and if in the area different parties but those. some part is located in turkey mainly specially their heads and trying to do without permission they are trying to. do i think of it to be acted without any permission because they don't want to recognize the system over there so this is different we don't have parties i mean we have a lot of partners is very it is very democratic it's needed only one hundred members to say to get the permission for political work that's for an order that we
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have twenty two parties and everybody is allowed to go and see them. the i mean pewee is one of those parties and we we were the first party who applied to get the permission who work in political activities let's just ask you turkey says that the why p.g. and that the people id that these are terrorist organizations. they say that they are no different from the p.k. k. which we know that many governments around the world have classified as a terrorist organization the links are strong aren't they you know it's not true but i mean war where are you yourself though once with the p k k no i was with them civilian and you know i worked in so there. was an injury and engineering what is it about then that nothing to do with why is it then that for example the atlantic council they say that the y.p.
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g.'s casualty data confirms that kurds from turkey total nearly half of the y t g s self reported casualties between twenty thirty and twenty sixty the implication there now that those are coming from the p.k. no no no we have actually i mean we have some numbers there were syrian kurds or syria there were among the people and then when the syrian conflict started that example to defend their families and their syrian their curves for them not the people here anymore and we have i mean many people. because you know somebody for a mr o'donohue was in syria for twenty years and he was a pro-creation not wanted in syria and all of part of kurdistan so this is something different and to have all done in relations with the because it is different do we don't see people as a terrorist organization but what to say is trying i mean is that they just the. i mean the account everybody who looking for the democratic votes for the kurdish
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people as a terrorist and their want to connect them with a think it which is not true i would just like to look forward for a minute before we go because you know everyone recognizes the very important role that the kurds in syria played in fighting the so-called islamic state supported by the united states we have to mention this turkey says that it is going to push the y. peachey out of man bitch and then all the way back to the iraqi border that is threatening the system that you have in place right now that is threatening the territory that you are currently governing are you sure that your american allies are going to continue to support you well the question is not the trick is just dreaming to do it because we have defeated. i mean which was instrument of turkey. to be. implemented their plans their dreams because they are still
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thinking of mr humility and we defeated i mean it was because the people why puji envoy p.j. they have defeated the two instruments and we are depending on ourselves and our people in our organization and they want anybody we don't want anybody to to fight instead of us if we are have an accord a nation or or even with the international alliance against the still valid and doing the drop the perfect doing that i mean you know. didn't sort of brothers and these attacks enough when it is kind of support poor village because dyson meaning being defeated in the reserve so is a kind of relief i mean to open another front with the kurdish people and many fighters there were fighting in their resume out there withdrawn too often to defend their families over there so it's kind of support of them to feel supporting them. depending on the international alliance yes we have
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a member of the armed forces really have some kind of agreement with them and when i'm done she's not going to finish it used to be there was many statements by the american. i mean responsible people they're saying they're not going to withdraw from members from the areas so it means it's not easy not easy for that if you that it's that they're not able is there to go to the border or to any of their life they're just dreaming i think we want to thank you so much for joining us this evening to talk a little bit about the shifting situation there in syria we very much appreciate it form a co-leader of the syrian kurdish party the p.y.t. salah muslim thank you very much fun. over u.s. special council's decision on friday to indict thirteen russians suspected of meddling in america's presidential election has thrown international attention back on to kremlin backed internet propaganda d.w.
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has been speaking to a former internet troll who worked at the internet research agency in st petersburg which u.s. investigators say is a fake news factory she told the moscow correspondent yuri rich shadow that those thirteen arrest barely scratched the surface of what she describes as a mass operation. russia apparently behind the fake news operation aimed to disrupting the twenty sixteen race for the white house. two years ago this young journalist was working alongside the so-called internet trolls at the russian agency for internet research in st petersburg be fishel name of the troll factory whose bosses have now been indicted by the united states. and they have. employees at the troll factory get a list of topics every day that they have to work through bad news about the united states was always one of the more important topics. that it was getting.
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two years ago tortured rather tried to make contact with various working inside the building to no avail the revelations by lewd miller lifted the lid on the troll factory on savage the english streets in russia second city. curtains on the windows no sign at the entrance into that unsuspicious looking building here inside the pit as work so called internet trolls a supposed to have dramatically meddled in the us election american investigators say. this video from inside the complex was sent to torture followed by another whistle blower says they're better paid than the average russian more than a thousand people are thought to work here and it's by no means the only troll factory in russia will. test boys let's move today that no one can exactly say how far these trolls have really influenced the
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us elections and individual voters. but it's absolutely clear that there was a meddling going on. and as. it's enough for just one person to put out false information in return for payment that clearly constitutes an attempt to tamper at the. as for having sort of russians indicted in the us doesn't even begin to address the scale of the madeleine. in that sense there weren't just thirteen there weren't even just one hundred thirty of them there were many more there was and still is an enormous operation going on. biscay and the thirteen who have been accused are just the ones the americans have got hard evidence against i hope the investigations will continue to . get them there are simply so many people who are working professionally for the
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russian propaganda machine hope that others will soon be investigated. until that happens face indictments appears to reveal just the tip of the icepack of russia's fake news. well the berlin international film festival is underway right now and my colleague scott roxboro in charlotte tells him phil are among the lucky who get to see all of the films down there so guys. it's about half the time there at the berlin allah what are your favorite so far. yeah well for me i mean it's funny because it's the absolute first film i saw isle of dogs which open the festival wes anderson's movie stop motion animation film and it's just a delight i mean it's it's working it's fun it's a really weird sensibility what you expect from wes anderson i loved it from
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beginning to end i was why i get my tail to go whole thing and i think. and i have all the films i see since none of them popped this was this is my absolute favorite film so far of the band was really looking forward to this was on this income is one of my favorite directed in five days ways and isn't found out that he will not let you down. but i actually have my money on another film for the gold and best so far this and that is a most sensitive moment leaving film this could feel the in me a it's an italian film very strong female cause to female action a little girl as well and it basically tells a very complex story of motherhood and will say what it means to be a woman as a female director and i think if this means to climb at the moment i really think that this could be a woman's year that definitely definitely interesting stuff yeah everyone was wondering what pearl and olive would do with regard to that need to movement but in the meantime i want to ask you guys about an unusual press conference today for
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a movie that was screened right and i understand that you were there. you know the film is called you toilet screen today it's a very haunting and harrowing film it's the story of the norwegian massacre of true remember two thousand and eleven terrorist attack in norway where seventy seven people were killed and this film is sort of a rican. struction of the event in real time very powerful at the press conference this morning there were some of the survivors of the massacre and that's right the reason by the help the director of this film was part of the script and they were at the shoot so they really shared the stories of trying to and shape a picture of what happened that they were given a huge round of applause from the press in the press conference i think for those of us who watch the film and would draw with those with them on their own their story i think we especially need to then see here. and in person is very moving very very quickly but there has actually been
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a lot of criticism about this has to be said people worried that it was it was too soon as any seven years since the attack there was also considered concern that it would glamorize the attack and now the right director dressed that full on in the press conference he was saying if it feels like it's the right time it's already today for this film if it feels like it's not painful then it's the wrong time to this he also said that it's part of the address of the political environment at the moment let's take a listen to what he has to say. you see right wing. extremism coming up in the new europe i mean the new. bach so we need to remind people of what took place and what can happen again so for me it's a matter of sort of bracing into our collective memory about this happened not long ago and it might happen again if we don't stand up and protect our society. so such an important topic that was explored today just briefly guys just thirty seconds left in the show what's coming up tomorrow. tomorrow it's actually had
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a lot of. film so far it's going to be all about the star i was saying size of it what came phoenix on the right off its mark but that was jane a hero and one of my favorites. of star wars of platoon of star wars a spider man a platoon he's going to be here he's going on a lifetime achievement award so it's going to be a you. a day full of stars at the belly no legal rights fall on glad that sounds like the sounds very exciting to some fail scott rock spiral on the red carpet as always thank you. of the day is nearly done but don't forget as always the conversation continues online you can find us on twitter either at t w news my handle is sarah kelly t.v. and don't forget the hash tag as always is the day thanks so much for watching i'll see you again tomorrow.
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how do you chase the darkness away. how do you beckon spring. puts a carnival in the sea every year hundreds of thousands follows the fragrance of flowers and lose themselves in the magic. come and join in.
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the moment. an entire generation rob just them and their future syrian refugee children in lebanon on their exploited as wage slaves and forced to work stead of going to school on. it's a vicious cycle. but they are the ones who would have to rebuild syria cleanin on the last generation. forty five minutes long t w. lying dormant shoka leipzig the biggest favor seems sleep all the best goals we've got all the action deep delta is the home of german football shared experience every match. the mundus league of the weekend here d w. this
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is a fifteen year old girl. being gang raped. his teacher is beating a board for talking back and clowns for the rest of the transporters i'm sure is torture is being hit by his mother breaking a promise. just because you can see violence against children doesn't mean others and there are make them visible visible. might violence against children. welcome to another week of your max we kick off today so with lots of color at the court a zero. caliber bullets for the british and new problems become of us he's an.
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exotic moments an exhibition on the classical scholar.


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