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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 20, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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rebel against the mighty global news that matters. d.w. made for mines. this is it every news line from berlin the deadliest day yet to any perceived rebel held on cle in syria pro-government forces conduct their worst bombardment in a single day killing nearly one hundred people including children and families in eastern guta airstrikes alarming the un which calls for an end to senseless human suffering also coming up. germany social democrats start their make or break vote
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on whether to join chance on good marriage and a nother grand coalition well they're in danger of being overtaken by a party on the far right. as a whore king felix said as he usually hates film festivals but not the billion dollars where he's starring in a gus van sant movie don't worry you won't get far on foot stick around for all the buzz from our correspondent down at the red carpet. at the rock thanks for your company everyone. the war in syria is becoming even more fraught now escalating on two fronts reports just coming in suggest syrian government militias have entered the kurdish held northern enclave of our freen all that would likely put them in conflict with turkey which is preparing to besiege
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efraim in order to drive out kurdish fighters meanwhile the rebel held enclave of eastern ghouta is coming under heavy bombardment by syrian government forces monitors say as many as two hundred people have been killed. an air raid on. a suburb of the syrian capital damascus. scores of people have been killed according to the london based syrian observatory for human rights and hundreds have been injured the attackers or syrian government forces the suburb which is held by rebel forces has been under siege for more than forty years the united nations say the syrian government must stop targeting civilians there. completely deplore the the systematic use of violence against the united the civilian populations and the hospitals and schools.
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and law and all parties you know the u.n. is calling on all parties to deescalate the violence in syria meanwhile turkey is pressing its offensive against kurdish forces in syria in government held aleppo syrian kurds demonstrated against the offensive and in support of the mainly kurdish militia fighters and now it looks like syrian troops are joining them. on the syrian people. and we have one will. turkish president. may try to suppress that will he wants to prevent syrian kurds from establishing a stronghold in the region that borders turkey the region is controlled by the kurdish. which turkey claims is a terrorist offshoot of the kurdistan workers' party or. turkish forces are now closing in on the city of af. all of the siege of the city center will start
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rapidly in the coming days. turkey's offensive has further complicated an already bewildering web of alliances and rival recent syria that will become even more complex if turkey encounter syrian forces aligned with the kurds. all right let's get you the latest on those breaking developments syrian pro-government fighters entering a kurdish held efrem despite turkish threats dorian jones is in istanbul during what are you hearing well we are getting reports that a force of maybe several hundred possibly five hundred. syrian backed militias and possibly elements of his blog which is linked to iran have deployed in a large convoy into the afternoon they appeared according to video released on social media to be carrying heavy weapons even possibly tanks have been deployed with this heavy force it is now our latest escalation and it's very worrying
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situation how has turkey reacted to this development we haven't heard any initial reaction from from the moment it is a fast breaking story but this comes as following the turkish president. issuing a very uncompromising speech promising to laid siege to free and promising a quick victory and this comes the following him speaking of the day before with his russian and the reigning counterparts telling basically that they would not tolerate any the point of damascus backed forces in in support of the syrian kurdish militia it does appear that the math because has now called the bluff so what does this mean a potential war between syria and turkey. well i don't think there's an appetite on even sides of the mosque or to have a full out war but i think the problem lies here is that in its operation into africa is relying on large amounts of elements of the free syrian army and the
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militias linked to that organization and they were potentially now facing off against. militias and militias linked to the massacres now both these militias have very blood and the prospects of them facing off and gauging intense fighting is a very high prospect and with that brings the prospect that turkey backing its militia will be sucked into this and simply on the other side damascus and this poses a major problem for moscow because most broca's some solution to this rapidly escalating situation because it does for at a moscow the efforts of bringing an end to the syrian civil war and allowing moscow to pull out of syria and they are doing and yesterday we heard from syrian state television that they are going to support the kurds fight against turkey this alliance was unthinkable in the past what's in it for damascus well i think there are serious several factors here one is that the mask is is that the
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growing operation of turkey that was his initial expectation would be a limited operation but all the message from encore is that they are thoroughly escalating it giving no end to this now because doesn't want a large presence of turkey inside its borders given the fact that turkey very rarely retreats from any incursion it does launch on top of that i think that it also realizes that this is an opportunity of bringing in the syrian kurdish militia and its control and asserting greater control of its territory which is a key demand and a key aspiration of president. reporting thank you. and here in germany the center left social democrats have begun a critical party vote on whether to enter a second coalition with anglo american conservatives members of the party have a little over a week to cast their ballots the deal has deeply divided the s.p.d.m. rank and file and it's a battle that's pitting the party establishment against its future leaders. nothing
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is more important for the social democrats over the next ten days and these kind of town hall meetings the party's grassroot is deeply divided as to whether they should agree to a grand coalition deal or not and the face of the rebellion against american led coalition is this young man kevin community leader of the party is used to doing he's trying to get members to vote no. on off i believe that we can explain to the people why a no vote for this grand coalition deal which i am calling for doesn't only mean a no but also a yes because if we're serious and pledge our word it can be a chance to create a different more social democratic policy or to put it to someone. as the face of the internal opposition the social democrats general secretary is rooting for a yes vote it's a first face off of many tonight the debate civilized but passionate in the middle of the event news breaks for the first time the far right alternative for germany
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party has overtaken the s.p.d. in a national poll the new numbers are a disaster for the party but the coalition campaign thinks it's best to hold course the space is the best way to tackle bad poll results to develop good concrete policies which improve people's everyday lives that's why i want us to vote for this and then quickly get on your government implementing policies i bet the s.p.d. will also be stronger against it. that is why the party's establishment will tour the country in the next week in support of the coalition deal passed referendums have been formalities but this time as the town hall show is the result is far from assured. i have two hearts beating in my chest when i ask for social democracy on the other hand i'm a citizen of this country and as a citizen i am hoping to have a stable government and this is why i will vote for a grand coalition. because according to one system your agenda just doesn't represent our general. anymore that could lead to
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a coalition deal postponed all the important decisions too after twenty twenty five or it took a fatal decision such as the water protections. division is simmering at the grassroots of germany's oldest poteen and it's this kind of opposition that in the end could still prevention money from having a stable government anytime soon. international film festival we have melanie current of all we're going to go to right now hi reality what have you been seeing today. ok. so today i saw the movie don't worry you won't get far on foot but it goes on sunday it's premiering tonight it's a great movie about it's based on the on the true story of john callahan the american kid to nist and the story starts with him having an accident he is paralyzed he ends up in a wheelchair it's
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a real stroke of fate but his real demon is not bad not being paralyzed it's alcoholism and the movie really zooms in on this period after his accident when he's struggling with sobriety but he needs great friends along the way and really becomes we could we all know today. amazing director he's a real household name and the other he has been here four times and he has brought with him and mazing we have rooney mara we have jonah hill and supporting roles we also have phoenix of course he's playing domaine role in the i'm a neat we saw him today and press conference unfortunately he was not in a great mood that he's very media shy we know that but he didn't really want to answer any question my colleague asked him how he prepared for the role and he basically just said well you just do your research on the character and you just do it so the president was
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a bit disappointed that we already have some fans waiting here for him tonight hopefully they are not disappointed as well and he does have a reputation of being a reticent what are you looking forward to next friday. we're looking forward to william to follow with the amazing actor actually he's bright now in a press conference behind me you can see him he is here because he's getting the honorary golden bear for his lifetime achievement and you will know him from movies like the tune and of course spider-man he is the main villain in spider-man we all love him for that role he's drawing the likes of meryl streep and you macallan and receiving this honorary golden bat and we're all looking forward to seeing him tonight what's been your personal favorite so far and any tips for the winners. difficult question there are so many great movies screening this year but i think
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my favorite would be. allowed to be sporty she's one of only four directors of the night directors nominated for that award and i seem to don't like seeing women with bad movie which is about. very rules picture of motherhood we have two women fighting over. in the center she's ten years old and she's really trying to find out who she is who she belongs to one of the two mothers are fighting over her. all right mel in the bank you have five. you know i can think you. are now just in sports the champions league is back this evening byron munich take on the cache of turkey in the arena bahrain have dominated the bonus league of the season and are aiming only using that momentum to rack up a vital win over the turkish champions. the icy weather in munich couldn't keep by munich off their training page. thirteen match winning streak in all competitions
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has the german champions brimming with confidence boks coach you punk kids and he was resting on their laurels they are predicting a tough test. this man's name on the name that is on them and show you all will see that they can really play football. but it comes as no surprise to me that. they group and all the three away games open for us one young of a dozen and i just hope that we can put in a top performance so we can lay the foundations for the return leg look strong so leading the three of us will be. a packed stadium is expected at the allianz arena full of again this despite visit tash banning their supporters from attending the match by defender mats is convinced that will be plenty of turkish friends in the stadium to voice their support and that does it for us thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us we have to say again at the top of the hour
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for now if i. can read one line is made by you that is merely an eye. towards the channel. we have only four seasons stories yet they turn them in and then you go on to. tell us about the use of better check it out yourself.


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