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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 20, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm CET

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this is utopia newsline from berlin a new battle opens in syria as pro-government fighters confront turkey for helping kurdish fighters defend the region of pasadena against the turkish offensive that began last month syrian state media say turkish forces are shelling the prune goldman fighter is also coming up germany's a social democrat start their make or break vote on whether it's a joint chance og americal and a nother grand coalition but they're in danger of being overtaken by a party on the far right. plus destroying the weapons of the so-called islamic
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state in the philippines but some believe president all that he could do thursday is declaring victory too soon we have a special report. and more medals up for grabs at the winter olympics are france's most dumb forgotten takes his third gold of the games in the willing finish to the mixed by a blonde reeling over a new that and a whole lot more from day eleven and john shaq. and a lot of from the bruin international film festival we just saw the crowd go wild for joaquin phoenix we'll tell you all about it coming up. thank you very much for your company everyone we start our broadcast in syria where government backed troops have entered. a kurdish enclave in the north of the
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country raising the specter of a deadly confrontation with turkey columns of fighters were seen moving into our city in the spite threats from turkey that it would lay siege to the city in the coming days are reports that turkey has already begun shelling the area their region is controlled by kurdish forces turkey considers them terrorists. all right let's get you the latest on those unfolding developments syrian pro-government fighters entering kurdish and african despite turkish threats and dorian jones is in istanbul dorian what more are you hearing where you are well turkish president one has spoken about this incident he's told to play it down he says turkey should tillery opened fire on these columns of militia heading towards the syrian kurdish enclave and he claims that they will forced to retreat back out of a free and he said that these militias who are acting on their own malt with the
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support of damascus and he said the incident is now closed for now this follows reports of large numbers of militia many believed to be linked to the damascus regime as well as the iranian backed militia had announced that they would joining the syrian kurdish militia the y.p. in its efforts to resist the turkish offensive into ok well daryn what do you make of this kind of conflicting reporting reporting that because yesterday we heard from the syrian state television that they are supporting the kurds fight against turkey who's telling the truth here. well it is it is an example of this ongoing tensions and disinform ation and information put out by both sides the turkish president earlier today was claiming a diplomatic victory he said after speaking with these russian and iranian counterparts he make clear that it would not tolerate any interference by any
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militias or syrian forces into his operation into africa claiming a victory and then announcing that his forces would have violence on the african main town also called afrin and lay siege now following those tough statements and it appears that the militia whether with damascus is support or not decided to bluff and try to break this ongoing see an offensive that is being launched by turkish forces it is very worrying though because this does bring the prospect of. because militarily facing off a nightmare some are it scenario to all those involved in this ongoing syrian civil conflict going by what you've been reporting just right now what is the likelihood and damascus facing off and an all out war. well i think the feeling is that neither side really wants to get into a direct military confrontation because that brings with it a whole huge number of risks as well as destabilizing not only syria but ultimately
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turkey as well but where the risk lies is of both sides of supporting militia which have had long fuse for out the syrian civil war the fear is that those militias will eventually face off and both sides of an damascus forces will be sucked in to a wider conflict and that is a nightmare scenario for moscow because most co is backing the syrian regime by the same time courting in its efforts to bring an end to the syrian civil war because of links and support of the syrian rebel forces behind the scenes moscow is working very hard to defuse these tensions because it really sees a threat to the railing its efforts to end the syrian civil war and provide an exit strategy for moscow out of this conflict dorian jones reporting from istanbul thank you very much and as dorian there has been alluding to in his reporting are russia plays a very significant role in syria's protracted civil war let's take you now to moscow
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where correspondent emily sherman is standing by and ali. explain to us exactly how russia is involved in this conflict. well it certainly is complicated first of all it's worth pointing out that russia has been backing syrian forces all along in this conflict but when it comes to afrin it seems that russia is going into some sort of a balancing act and that became clear today in the statements of the foreign minister sergey lavrov he said that russia understands both the kurdish position and the turkish position he also defended syria emphasizing the importance of syria's territorial integrity after all syria says that turkey has violated the territorial integrity so here's why russia is trying to balance between all those players syria is a long term ally of russia's and russia's been fighting on the side of the syrian forces and in part russia wants
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a foothold in the middle east through syria they've already agreed to have an airbase in syria for the next forty nine years now turkey is an ally that russia has been courting they've been selling arms to turkey especially as turkey becomes more distant to the u.s. and nato and when it comes to the kurds things are a little a little bit more complicated now there are historical ties there but the kurds say that they've actually been betrayed when it comes to afrin by the russians they say that turkey would have never gone into syrian airspace without russia agreeing so it seems the kurds have kind of drawn the short straw on this balancing act at the moment but certainly russia is bouncing between turkey and syria. probably won't be able to have it all so what can moscow do if anything to help book calm this conflict between turkey and syria. well it seems
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that moscow will try to take on the role of the mediator afterword after all they do have some sway over both turkey and syria particularly over syria and today the kremlin spokesman seemed to confirm that he said that russia is watching the situation in africa closely and that they are talking to both the turkish and the syrian side and they'll be keen to play that mediator role after all that's the role that they've been very much playing or trying to project themselves as playing in the syria conflict they want to kind of mediate the syrian peace they've been holding peace talks in austin and they also held peace peace talks this year in syria so they'll be interested in keeping out that mediating role and also russia is looking for an exit out of this conflict in fact the russian president vladimir putin said that most of the troops most of the russian troops have already been
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pulled out he said that at the end of the year that russia will be pulling out its troops so russia will not want this conflict to be flaring up again. and we sure are reporting from moscow thank you. and elsewhere in syria the rebel held suburbs of damascus known as eastern ghouta are also under siege government forces have been pounding the area for three days running and supported that up to two hundred civilians have been killed the syrian civil defense known as the white how much sway least this footage that you're seeing right here but porting to show survivors of shelling carried out earlier today the u.n. is warning eastern ghouta could become a second. while we've been seeing a cascade a very very alarming pictures coming out of that area and joining us now in the studio is how to do a google race he is a middle east analyst thank you so much for being here let's start with the eastern
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. what's going on there. and what has been on that siege for i think around three years now it is a majority some the region like the majority of syria the spin speed heading very bored lots of peaceful protests remember this is from damascus by six kilometer is it people in damascus can see almost everything that's happening in these them through those is unthinkable part of the miles because other than a nice three divisions this is damascus itself and this is the let's say the poor of working more working class or damascus border with good roots that has been the forefront of the initiative peaceful protest movements against the rules of the family. for the resistance right as residents have been describing it as an all out attack what is the assad regime trying to do here just force them to surrender yes i mean it's using increasingly this is been raising the ante of the
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firepower the. order on indiscriminate bodman to force the population to that end to to drive better but it's the look we had incurred. in so much civilian casualties that we have to evacuate and ride the infamous you know green buses which is very little incentive another would you had the population transferred and now you have seen their population transferred is basically ethnic cleansing so let's talk about the civilians why don't they surrender why are they still there well lots of them had fled but lots of them have because their homes are and they've learned the experience of other areas in syria or even the experience of the palestinians from the past that if you abandon your home in the middle east you're almost assured that you would never go about god just saying she's different the government saying they're being used by the rebels as human shields so they have a point where i mean i mean this is this is
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a tried and tried to use tactics by the government always to try to drive a wedge between their buddies and the civilian population and to try to divert the attention at the notion that this is a six thirty and and why not if you think that in the shimada getting headed by the media for the last forty years that wants to repeat the genocide and be i think claim things that they did not want against the sunni population the nineteen eighties this is equal to the should of the tactics as the father used against the sunni there but in the one nine hundred eighty s. this is essentially a sectarian struggle of a minority of government against the was right at the population let's talk now about the other situation that's unfolding as we speak after you. what do you make of the kurds uniting joining forces with the pro government troops is this a marriage of convenience well that this is not the first they've been told is united defacto united i mean the people aidid the kurdish militia from the onset of
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the cedar devoid have had the g.m. put down peaceful protests and present could this dissidents. to be chewed the delivered they could be just too and for that if you put it to good gains so this is not the first stone marriage of convenience or the first time a law is and remember that the allied with the government have this score to settle with the goods enough for you. in the seeds and destruction of aleppo again is the result at least on the population so that it is the middle school here if you look at those who are there freed compared to what the us that is doing but it looks like a months clean that war if it is that you think if there is such a thing and with so many players involved it's just becoming more fraught and of course the civilians are the ones that are suffering. over ways mideast expert here in berlin thank you well. i want to tell you now about some of the other stories
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making news around the world. the head of oxfam has apologized for the eight organizations handling of a sex scandal maher goldring was responding to accusations oxfam covered up allegations of sexual misconduct by staff in haiti goldring said he was sorry for the damage caused to the people of haiti. the palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas and hasn't called for an international peace conference to provide a long lasting solution to the mideast crisis and ensure a palestinian state appearing before the u.n. security council abbas also criticized america's decision to move its israeli embassy to jerusalem. iran says it has located the wreckage of a plane that crashed into a mountain two days ago with sixty five people on board rescue workers will have to recover bodies from the debris by foot due to the rough terrain records show the
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plane only recently resumed service after spending six years in storage. a new suspension bridge with a glass floor has brought the rails and delight to tourists in china. province the bridge some one hundred sixty meters above gorge was opened to the public just in time for the spring festival holiday. very brave souls here in germany the center left social democrats have started voting on whether to enter a second coalition with americans conservatives party members have a little over a week to cast their ballots and the results will be announced on march fourth the deal has deeply divided the espy's rank and file and it's a battle that's pitting the party establishment against its future leaders. nothing is more important for the social democrats over the next ten days and these kind of town hall meetings the party's grassroot is deeply divided as to whether
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they should agree to a grand coalition deal or not and the face of the rebellion against american led coalition is this young man kevin the leader of the party is used to doing he's trying to get members to vote no. and. really what are we can explain to the people why a no vote to this grand coalition deal which i am calling for doesn't only mean a no but also a yes because if we're serious and pledge our word it can be a chance to create a different new more social democratic policy or to put it to someone in. the face of the internal opposition the social democrats general secretary last cling but it's rooting for a yes vote it's a first face off of many tonight the debate civilized but passionate in the middle of the event news breaks for the first time the far right alternative for germany party has overtaken the s.p.d. in a national poll the new numbers are
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a disaster for the party but the coalition campaign thinks it's best to hold course . this is the best way to tackle bad poll results to develop good concrete policies which improve people's everyday lives that's why i want us to vote for this and then quickly get a new government implemented policies i bet the s.p.d. will also be stronger against their. that is why the party's establishment will tour the country in the next week in support of the coalition deal passed referendums have been formalities but this time as the town hall show is the result is far from assured. i have two hearts beating in my chest one is for social democracy on the other hand i'm a citizen of this country and as a citizen i am hoping to have a stable government and this is why i will vote for a grand coalition. because according to one system early in your agenda just doesn't represent our general. anymore that could lead to a coalition deal postponed all the important decisions too after twenty twenty five or it took fatal decisions such as the water climate protection. division is
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simmering at the grassroots of germany's oldest poteen and it's this kind of opposition that in the end could still prevention many from having a stable government anytime soon. all right a lots to discuss the obvious political correspondent simon young joins us right now good to see a son first of all there are concerns that this critical vote could be hijacked by the twenty five thousand new members who joined since the start of this year who are these new members and how could they affect the vote. i can show you one of those he's a ploy to join the party likely this dog here as reported in today's newspaper frivolous attempt by a dog to you know satisfy the conditions to register for membership and join at this late stage party managers say they're going to block that but it shows you the level of enthusiasm there is to get it get involved in this vote i don't think a hijack to be quite the right word to be honest the party has accepted that anyone
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who legitimately registered or didn't register by the stick to february will be able to have their say so that should go ahead as normal is clear that a lot of people a lot of young people have joined the part fully joined the party in the last few weeks and a lot of them are energized by this message from the young socialists the what's needed now is not more of the same but new ideas new thinking and they say that won't come in government with angle americal but rather in opposition all right what does that tell us simon if you know if this make or break a vote to form a government falls through and s.p.d. members vote against a working with the americans the conservatives. you know what would happen was seems most likely that there would be fresh elections that could take a few months to organize but i have to say i see it as most likely most s.p.d.
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members will plump in the end for a new grand coalition with miracle they may not like it but there's even less appetite for new elections with all the uncertainty for the s.p.d. that that would bring aren't some let's talk about the results of a poll that have a lot of people talking here in germany those negative poll numbers putting the s.p.d. right behind their right wing a f d party that's right and it's quite a surprising poll when you consider the a.f.d. this anti immigrant party have only just got in to the parliament a few months ago at the election there have been some doubts raised about this poll with people saying that the boss of the polling company has links to the day but i think it's generally in line with the train there in some of the polls which show the far right on the advance making gains month by month. political correspondent simon young thank you for your continued coverage.
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down at the borough an international film festival of maia schrader and david levy it's good to see you guys what's happening behind you. we're right outside of the big red carpet screening of gus brown sounds new movie it's called don't worry he won't get far on for it it's about a quadriplegic cartoonist he is john callahan who died in two thousand and ten and was originally from portland and this movie is a look at his life is basically a period of his life where he was struggling with alcoholism and was in a very bad car accident that eventually turned him into the cartoonist that he became now i have to say i found the storytelling a little bit disjointed but the performances were great joaquin phoenix very heartfelt some great also jonah hill playing his his alcoholics anonymous sponsor he really steals the show in a very subtle way now we were here just a little while ago when joaquin phoenix rolled out on the red carpet the crowds
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went wild he was out there taking selfies with fans in a much better mood well so much better mood i should say than we saw him earlier today he is new torricelli media shy actually at the press conference for the movie he turned his back on the journalists at one point towards the end of the conference and very much refused to answer any questions even one of our colleagues who stood to ask him a question really didn't give her an answer and refused to really play ball here but we're going to keep perked up a little bit for for the screening of his movie great performance really heartfelt movie in general in a really sincere look at the way alcoholism can affect people's lives how right my are and david thank you for that we're going to be catching up a little later on and david you promised me an uplifting movie so i hope you keep that promise to talk to you later guys. see what i can do. all right you're watching vetoing it is we still have a lot more to tell you about including islamic state in the philippines presidents
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are they going to third the claims of victory over the terrorist militia but is he celebrating too soon and france's star bias lee to picks up his third gold of the winter olympics we'll bring you that a look at the headlines present day own level. but first a trade war is in the air in the e.u. is preparing for it funny and i thank you very much indeed all through it he's in the e.u. i'm getting ready to slap high tariffs on american products like whiskey orange juice and motorcycles if donald trump carries out his threats to hit imported steel the punitive measures u.s. secretary of commerce wilbur ross has suggested the likelihood of putting a twenty four percent tariff on the old steel imports or introducing. china has already promised to retaliate by putting us on u.s. soil and other agricultural products and there are reports to you is ready to
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implement tariffs on targeted american products within days. early on the asked our correspondent in brussels sprouts hoffmann what the e.u. has in its arsenal is more well first of all the commission confirms to d.w. news that they did they have prepared to retaliate in some kind of way ever since the g seven last year i don't really know if you remember that when trump announced that he might be in the game for some terrorists here and they have two ways of retaliating the first of all is of course they could slap on and you just mentioned there are terrorists on goods they choose motorcycles whiskey those are among those you mentioned earlier but of course they could also file an official complaint with the world trade organization. now is see a crook official order a victim of a smear campaign. to had
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a central bank rejects all accusations of having received bribes from a bank so that it could stay in business. a day after he was released on bail the governor of central bank. dismissed all corruption allegations. target of an obvious and well coordinated campaign of some commercial banks aiming to discredit the lobby and state to be so good. claims he became a target because of his effort to clean up corruption in the country's banking sector. despite his assertion of innocence was suspended from office shortly after his statement. the central bank governor legibly demanded one hundred thousand euros a month in bribes from the owner of the large fin bank norvig bank. and as well as comic tries to spot an unusual government strategy it's a crypto currency called the patch row now the oid box digital currency goes live
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today and they are doubts it will work and there is opposition on legal grounds. if you can dispute just how badly venezuela needs a plan hyperinflation shortages and soaring debt have brought the country to its knees and its citizens to the streets. when venezuelan president nicolas maduro announced plans to launch a new crypto currency some viewed it as an imaginative way out of the crisis and as a workaround for western sanctions that effectively keep venezuela from raising cash from bonds. this is going to allow for advancements in international financing for the economic and social development of the country the new crypto currency will be backed by reserves of israel and while old oil gas and diamonds get from the phenomenon israel announces the creation of its crypto currency big fan you're going to feel the effect kind of on. the idea is to link venezuela's oil reserves
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to the value of a petro with one hundred million petro tokens worth around six billion dollars being issued initially but not everyone is convinced venezuela's opposition controlled parliament considers the petro a ruse to borrow money using the oil as collateral circumventing laws that demand legislative approval from us and many observers are skeptical that the solution to be managed by authorities like the central bank whose policies helped create venezuela's woes in the first place. and more business later in the show now back to the love with thank you so much funny we saw a lot more to tell you about is coming up islamic states in the philippines president. claims a victory over the terrorist militia but is he's celebrating prematurely plus france a star by asleep picks up his there on gold of the winter olympics we'll bring you
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that a look at the headlines from the day eleven. data no more. come right up. my big brother it's very moving for me to hold you in my arms. my name is. right i'm a capo in chief of the holy tribe and an ambassador of the forest of the hope i travel the world to share a message that concerns us all. my forests just threaten. to kick. in forty five minutes on t.w. . keeps the bucket moments
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that. it's all about the slaves inside. it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us inspired by distinctive instagram or others at g.w. story a new topic each week on instagram. the scars on. the past are still tangible. so for go. to city and. they have survived but do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here.
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but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something good in peace time. the world the people making it possible what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation or to stand a chance. to darkness city's after war starting march tenth on g.w. . great to see you again you're watching the w.'s i'm loyal aren't these are main headlines right now a new a battle has opened in syria as pro-government fighters confront turkey they're helping syrian kurds defend their region of africa against the turkish offensive that began last month syrian state media say turkish forces are shelling the pro-government fighters. and germany's social democrats have started their make or break vote on whether to join chance on the american in a nother grand coalition but an opinion poll shows the far right alternative for
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germany is picking up more support across the nation in. the battle to defeat the so-called islamic state extends far beyond the middle east analysts have been warning that the jihad is could build another front in southern philippines last year militants linked to i.a.s. besieged. a city of two hundred thousand for about two months after fierce clashes with the militants present through the quarter thursday as now declared victory over the i.a.s. others aren't so sure that that's the case. state troops destroying weapons used by the so-called islamic state. it was a public display of power broadcast on philippines evening news president roderigo deters i wanted to send a strong signal to the ins and to the public this firearms that the. today
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show serve as a symbol. to defend our freedom. against dorsal so weird your lens and be stuck in. the southern city of model where you this is where the biggest battle between government troops and i as forces took place now the provincial capital lies in ruins over a thousand people died in the fighting here eventually government troops were able to retake the city but the destruction and persistent poverty seemed to work in favor of the i.a.s. . one hundred fifty kilometers south philippine military speedboats patrol the rio grande river the south of the country is on the highest terror alert here i sympathize as routinely carry out attacks water taxis are particularly suspect many of them a used by the islamic militants to smuggle weapons philippians you say barely borno state in the southeast each year for launching that.
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there are. a lot of social issues that make. people or they can use to radicalize people. run away to an undisclosed location beyond the regular patrols of government security forces and. citizens themselves are taking up weapons and forming groups in many areas like here on this farm just kilometers away from a stronghold the farmers here a christian and they know their prime targets that they call the group the red gods defenders their weapons are old and in terrible condition and very few people here believe the war is purely about religion. the i.r.s. has a lot of money that's why so many people have joined them the islamists say to them don't worry we'll take care of you that's their propaganda here and throughout the
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philippines has. been look man is muslim and he's one of the most influential clan leaders a model we. during the siege of his hometown he had some seventy christians in his house saving their lives for many here he's a hero. the sixty one year old says he's afraid that the ins is having an easy time recruiting young men from. look money says he's convinced that the islamists are not attracting recruits with religious messages but most of all with financial reward in the book and in the budget. the us if we. just take. the version. he said because of. ideological leaders. know its own mind. the i asked left a mark in malawi a muslim metropolis in the mostly catholic philippines many residents here are better and that means vote all ground for the terrorist organizations been known to
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recruit children like thirteen year old abdul his teacher promised him money if he joined abdullah says boys like him a paid one thousand dollars an unbelievable sum for them. yes sounds. like it's a bike with a money. and a basketball. i also bought a lot of food. since. the rise of virus in the region i mean some form of how much enemies are now working together. around the league was some marshlands until a short while ago this was an i.a.s. controlled area. a group of rebels have since reclaimed that. this same group had carried out a guerilla war against the government for decades now they're working with the government spearheading the fight against the i.r.s.
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. that's also part of the story. the next generation will hopefully have a better life. when not fighting. but for everyone regardless if they're muslim or christian. that wish for a better life could still be a long way off because the fight against the i.a.s. in the philippines is far from over. are going to turn our attention now to the u.s. where debate about gun control is back on the agenda after last week's massacre at a florida high school but as the debate rages on some gun owners are taking matters into their own hands elizabeth show joins us now from our social media desk liz i
7:37 pm
understand there is a a new hash tag one less tell us about that. and the hash tag one less is actually being used by gun owners in the u.s. they say they want to send a clear message against that the ownership of fold a weapon like no and that was used the last week at florida shooting there at the high school and this whole thing started with the scott lobdell he is a gun owner from new york and he posted a video that has gone viral on you tube on facebook actually if you just take a look at parts of that video. i mean think about is the right to own this weapon more important someone's life. a weapon like this that can cause so much death and destruction. we look at the pictures of those victims. is that right more important.
7:38 pm
than being strong so to make sure that would never happen with my weapon. i hope and i pray. that it doesn't make them out of one of these guns when you're. so as god actually admits that he loves his guns that he loves shooting at targets but last week's incident really made him rethink and take action or it was a gun ownership is a hot button issue in the us what were some of the reactions to these posts that you've come across. well actually scott has received a lot of praise from people online people say that they really love that he has
7:39 pm
taken initiative and also that he's been very open about this and we're actually seeing some people following his example also posting videos on social media and also pictures showing that they have also destroyed their weapons here is one woman for example also using the hashtag one less he says i agree with miss that i too enjoy owning guns and i'm a legal gun owner but i also could not live with myself if my weapon was used to injure or kill an innocent person and one message here from activists also from the u.s. from the u.s. as she says the n.r.a. which is the gun lobby in the u.s. it has created a humanitarian crisis in this country it's people like scott and all the students who are organizing and marching who will stop the madness and when in the end of course later the question is whether people destroying some of their weapons will really make a big difference probably not in fact there are reports that gun sales in the
7:40 pm
florida have surged after last week's shooting but at least it is some signal of consolation for the survivors that it also shows that attitudes in the u.s. can change even if it is just slowly show thank you and we're going to stay with the thing because junior is in the us today exactly to try and family is taking its famous name on a marketing blitz to india donald trump jr has arrived in delhi india to fly a luxury apartments and hand the wealthy indians who have already bought into a trump development just outside the capital potential buyers are being untouched by a dinner for the us presidents eldest son if they sign a sales contract by thirst. donald trump genius meeting with indian real estate developers didn't escape the media's attention he's come here to find buyers for a development outside the capital delhi welcomed unsurprisingly with open arms by
7:41 pm
his local business partners it's a great discussion druidism self here he wants to understand what is the minds of the buyers what is the success of the will so far in terms of his revenues when is the construction starting with a lot of intense discussion which is happening we're trying to give himself the complex features one hundred eighty luxury apartments in true trump style with a golf course and shops attached. but that's just one of several projects in india bearing the trump name other developments are currently under construction in calcutta and mumbai. the latest projects come despite accusations that trumps president he could present a conflict of interest with critics accusing him of not sufficiently distancing himself from his family's business interests. all right so what's on the agenda of trump's trump to win your strip is it all about business correspondent. but ports from down well donald trump jr is here he says not on
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a political trip he's here strictly for business reasons he's here representing the trump organization which he and his brother are now at the helm since his father became president last year or last year and yeah so he's here doing that he's meeting business leaders while he's here is going on a whirlwind trip around various cities across the country but he is also making a speech on friday which is further complicating the picture whether there's conflict of interest here is giving a speech on friday at an event a business summit that prime minister narendra modi will also be attending and he'll be giving a speech today discussing the future indo-pacific. so he's here for business but there's the speech as well you know. that's just one hotel they are from delhi now fast food giant kentucky fried chicken has run out of chicken at most of its nine hundred in the u.k. the restaurant chain recently switched its delivery contract to d.h. d.h.l.
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to save money the german delivery service blames to problem on operational issues k.f.c. called say how long it will take to get fresh chicken to its restaurants but it's set up a page online showing customers when restaurants are back in business. and . all right back to the red carpet at the borough and international film festival where we have w.'s my a schrader and david levy it's good to see you again guys the berlin wall is right now and for its gritty edge yet surprise surprise you've been able to see a musical is it from andrew lloyd webber. well i was personally disappointed there were no singing cats in this movie actually no the music we sold today is grittier than cats and it's a lot longer than phantom of the opera actually this is the latest movie by filipino director of diaz and it is four hours long no that is actually quite
7:44 pm
a short movie for love does his last movie at the belly mahler was eight hours long so we we got off easy this time and it's actually quite a serious topic it's about the military dictatorship in the philippines in the one nine hundred seventy so this is really a musical with a difference it's called season of the devil here's a look. you see i must. indeed have been boise like. the sun model mcduck on the lawn what you would have thought it. would be so i say so yeah that guy you know. season of the devil picks up on a dark chapter and philippine history the marcos dictatorship and then one nine hundred seventy s. militant groups oppress the village and the jungle causing its members to slowly turn against each other a toxic atmosphere when no one is saying. you're.
7:45 pm
independent filmmaker left to describe since almost four hour long movie as rock opera it's dark gloomy and full of despair season of the devil deals with the philippines ghosts of the past. are what are you guys looking forward to next. well our earlier today we heard from willem defoe this is an actor you may know from such movies as the last temptation of christ or even the old spider-man movies with tobey maguire and he is here this year because he is getting be honorary golden bear for lifetime achievement and this is a guy that you know when we were thinking a back on the things he's done we thought oh he's the villain look at his face he plays such a great villain well actually he's done quite
7:46 pm
a range of things and he was talking to us at the press conference very congenial not like walking i mean he was saying that basically he looks for rules where he can get as far away from his normal life as possible and he just likes to really disappear or he doesn't want to be willing to folks who want to be someone completely different he wants to be jesus christ or for instance one of his famous roles so i think that really accounts for his his performance abilities and as david said you really think of him as one of these dastardly bad guys but his career is actually spent many different films in many different roles and here we have a look for you. i got a videotape of the kids illegally entering the utility room with thermal scan you're right here in his most recent movie the florida project willem dafoe place motel manager bobby. the money isn't a real huge the performance could win him an oscar this year it's his third oscar
7:47 pm
nomination after the war movie platoon and the nosferatu a shadow of the vampire. in fact much different place the character marks check an actor who takes his role as vampire a bit too seriously. this time last year look i think that what is the matter. with any great expense you will not damage this production. when i'm to feel its biggest blockbuster success came in two thousand to a scientist turned villain green goblin and the marvel movies spider-man. two are you serious she said i'm down to. be and yet why are married and you two were in this together it's just full has proved more than once that he's a master of many roles. great great actor guys ok i'm going to put you on the spot what movies do you think
7:48 pm
are the contenders for a bear at this stage. well i have to say i was really impressed by wes anderson's new movie the animated film isle of dogs in japanese animation style visually stunning great cast of voices from jeff gold bloom to tilda swinton all over the place and it's really a stylish film but also with all the heart i really like that movie i don't think it's going to win and if i were a betting man at this point i would put my money on. this is an italian film with three very strong female leads and a female director and i think that this is you know this is the first grammy nominees since me to i think it could be a woman's ear what do you think i love feeling i mean i thought it was very very heartfelt and very strong in terms of how trade fema relationships but we should not kind out transit which is
7:49 pm
a german french film that sort of updates the world war two casa blanca type story and deals with refugees which is of course always a very politically pointed topic here in europe so we have transit and we have few yemi as two of the top contenders we think for this year's golden bear right my at david bank you guys. and powerful us is here with me from didn't you sports to give us the latest from pyongyang the olympic games we can't wait all right a nail biting finish today and what was it again the mixed by fun that's right you got there that's right it was a big win for france's full cut and of course this is a brilliant display of skiing and shooting may seem like a bit of a mix but it's a very big sport and you can see these wonderful images here this is their third gold medal well third gold medal for enough time for
7:50 pm
a cut and it was really disappointing for germany's and. he was essentially doing incredibly well and then and. losing norway took the silver italy took the bronze in what was an incredibly exciting finish so a little bit disappointing for germany to say the least yeah they missed out but they're not doing that bad no you're absolutely right they've got twenty three medals and eleven of which are gold and let's not forget that they had germany had a clean sweep so first second and third in the nordic combined which is a ski jump and a cross country race which we're going to see here in the images now johan is riddick he overcame a time and a couple more than half a minutes to storm through and when germany's second nordic combined gold medal and his teammate fabio and he's eric friends will top the silver bronze so absolutely fantastic day for germany despite that other and fourth place finish it's nothing
7:51 pm
really really got all right fortunately another case of doping has surfaced yeah it is and it's a little bit embarrassing for not only russia but also for the international olympic committee. yeah. he tested positive for the not a role which is an awesome a drug which helps to open the airways to the lungs and then of course we have to move on from yesterday we were actually talking about the russian courier alexander crucial mid ski who tested also positive for mel dhoni and which is this drug which was made famous of course by maria sharapova the russian that tennis star it's a drug which is available over the counter in russia in several eastern european countries he said he's shocked by this news and of course we're talking about curling so there's often just been a lot of sort of chatter about this on social media is like why would a curling star need to be taking a drug which essentially helps you train better and faster but of course you know
7:52 pm
these are author leads and they train very hard to kind of game indeed so you know not very good news there for the people trying to change. sense public thank you for. all right some soccer news now the champions league is back this evening by munich take on. turkey in the arena and have dominated the bundesliga this season and are aiming on using that momentum to rack up a vital win over the turkish champions. the icy weather immunity couldn't keep by munich off their training page. thirteen match winning streak in all competitions has the german champions brimming with confidence boxing coach and his squad on trespassing on their laurels they're predicting a tough test. on them i'm sure you will see that they can really play football. but it comes as no surprise to me that. they group and won three away games
7:53 pm
and one young of a dozen and i just hope that we can put in a top performance so we can lay the foundations for the return leg. of. a packed stadium is expected at the allianz arena for the game this despite busy tash banning their supporters from attending the match by defender mats hummels is convinced there will be plenty of turkish friends in the stadium to voice their support. so i organized two tickets for a couple of visit test fans there are many turkish people living in germany and they follow turkish football they'll be loud perhaps not as loud as usual as they won't all be concentrated in one area which is often the case of to follow by a need to be wary magick tash no pushover and they thrive in a big match atmosphere the question is can they pull off a shock in munich. arbutus league aside wolves were
7:54 pm
going have an announced the appointment of their new coach as their third this season less than twenty four hours after martin schmidt stepped down former homburg and stuttgart boss bruno labadee out takes over the helm as the faltering wolves yes signed until summer twenty nineteen the club has been struggling to find its form and since its fourteenth in the bundesliga take on some. poles. all right before i let you go one remind you of this hour's top stories a new battle has opened in syria as pro-government fighters confront turkey they're helping syrian kurds defend the region of africa against the turkish offensive that began last month syrian state media say turkish forces are shelling the pro-government fighters. journey social democrats have
7:55 pm
started their make or break votes on whether to join chancellor angela merkel in another grand coalition but an opinion poll shows the far right alternative for germany because not more support across the nation. and don't forget you can always get the w.'s on the go just download are out from google play or from the apple store they'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and of course you can also use if you don't have to send us your photos and videos. we especially work forward to receiving those thank you so much for spending of this part of your day with us the news continues in just a moment with seroquel and i'll see you again tomorrow.
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ventura of canada the trip by airplane seventeen counts uncommon in six weeks and if she can find a school play for greater experience the first touch. him and her child starting february twenty seventh. happy birthday in good shape return in ten days here and you can leave this amazing fitness backpack if you want from no outside visit on red bull. to turn in the most favorite holmgren's until like some coffee maybe we'll get a chance to do so. good luck plays.
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this is news live from berlin a new battle opens in syria as pro-government fighters confront turkey they are helping kurdish fighters defend the region the offer and against the turkish offensive that began must mom syrian state media say that turkish forces are shelling the pro-government fighters. also coming up germany's social democrats start their make or break vote on whether to join chancellor merkel in another graham's coalition but they're in danger of being over to.


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