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tv   Treasures of the World - The Forbidden City China  Deutsche Welle  February 24, 2018 12:15am-12:30am CET

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experience of. unions. you. call. yourself. beijing china. says in the capital of the world's most populous country the hustle and bustle begins.
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at the heart of the teeming city lies a legend a walled palace of mysterious power so bitten to the common good. behind imposing gateways a world apart. known through the centuries as the great within. beijing. city. it is the largest palace complex ever built dedicated to celebrating a sacred lineage china's emperors known. as the sons off.
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from their golden throne they acted out the tragedies and trials self am. i ruled over four thousand elite so to share their vast gilded stick which. i am. these tiles and stones by the imprint of empiricism conquered by generals and you ministers and serving mates. drama has long fallen silent. still these time was called. a vision of symmetry and harmony the forbidden city was born in chaos from the mind of a man who sought to shift the center of the universe. his
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name was young. in fourteen zero two he wrestled china away from his young nephew and proclaimed himself the third emperor. to better god his hard won empire the son of heaven moved the capital from the. north to a side just forty miles from the northern border then he began a barrier to protect the front from rapacious mongol hordes atop existing walls he built the great wall of china. for a time ancient rhythms could reassert themselves china was safe from turmoil within and enemies without. the wise young turned his
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hand to designing the new fulcrum around which his celestial kingdom would turn. the home of his divine breed the emperors would echo their cosmic status he called it. heavenly forbid and city. before the first could be laid your vision would require ten years of planning design and stockpiling. the plans called for nearly a thousand buildings pavilions called chance and gardens. offices drafted an army of one million laborers and scoured the empire for the finest craftsman ten thousand in all. in
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a process unchanged in century as fine clay bricks are home to a precise fit. after they have made a journey of more than a thousand miles from the foundry where they are banked. it took twenty million of these bricks to pave the courtyard alone. the palaces themselves are built almost entirely of timber these decorative wooden pillars came from tropical hardwood forests and took up to four years to reach beijing.
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would provide the most. this magnificent. three hundred times. twenty thousand men and thousands of. the builders waited. on a bed of ice. resourcefulness . paid off. for after
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a decade of planning the complex took just three years to build. mythical creatures took their place on rooftops to ward off from lightning. a risen in the north china play. behind. guarded by fearsome lions. ceremonial. his nobles ministers and generals. his divine person.
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on the terraces of the palaces largest building. the majestic whole of supreme homage. in these carefully choreographed ceremony. marcus jones reminded each tanned of their a general and bureaucrat of his station. at the crack of a with and the cry. the magic would begin thousands fell to their knees as one pressing their heads against the paved floor while straining for a glimpse of a god on the exulted sun have. basking in waves of adoration the emperor retreated behind clouds of incense to the magnificent golden throne.
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these were moments of cosmic ritual ceremonies meant to radiate harmony out into every corner of the empire. for leaders like young a brilliant scholar and general the levy a dragon was a fitting mantle. for other employees however its crushing weight proved too much to bear. behind the whole of supreme harmony the emperor's living quarters a domestic labyrinth presided over by an army of castrated male servants eunuchs who once numbered twenty thousand
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weak emperors surrendered influence to these grasping manipulative slaves. at the palace women did not fare as well. most lived out for long lives as chambermaid. with death their only deliverance from the gilded cage. from the hall of heavenly purity emperor's magic day to day demands of stage. it was the machinery of empire. run from the fabulous nine dragons from. that was ultimately seized by a kenyan competitor in the units. she was acquitted.
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who by the end of her life dared to sit on a sacred check. called the dragon empress but. she squandered the vitality of the once mighty sons of heaven and indulgence and corruption. with her grandson who he china's two thousand year lineage of clothes came in at twenty. with the rise of the republic in one nine hundred twelve the new president made a prisoner in the forbidden city soon after he outlawed the monarchy altogether. but. it was the end of public life but not of richard i.
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just say. a new kind of pilgrimage takes place here every day thousands poor into the in a court not to kowtow to a god. but to pay their respects to a monumental pots and spread it captured in a stone and look. as the great with. playing.
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