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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  February 24, 2018 5:02am-5:31am CET

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in the u.s. state of florida the teachers of stoneman douglas high school head back to their classrooms more than a week since seventeen people were killed in a mass shooting the president's proposed solution to an epidemic of gun violence in the country give the teachers weapons i'm sorry kelly in berlin this is the day. it's time to make our schools a much harder target for attackers we don't want them in our schools when we. declare our schools to be gun free zones it just puts our students in far more danger these teachers love their suit. and these teachers are
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talented with weaponry and with guns it's concealed so this crazy man who walked in wouldn't even know who it is that has it that's good the bed that's good. the teacher would have shot the hell out of him before he knew what. we begin in the u.s. state of florida where teachers have started to go back to their classrooms that stillman douglas high school on friday more than a week after seventeen people were killed in a mass shooting the students themselves are scheduled to return next week as they mourn their classmates many of them have also given a new powerful and poignant voice to calls for gun control but on the other side of the debate the president's proposed solution is to give some well trained teachers weapons it's a plan hatched by the powerful national gun lobby the n.r.a. which claims the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with
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a gun we will speak with one of the parkland shooting survivors in just a moment but first a look at the brutal incident that has sparked a movement out of understand i turned eighteen the day after woke up to the new search as for it was gone. and i don't understand why i could still go in a store and buy a weapon of war samuel saif survived the school shooting in parkland florida last week. he took part in a meeting with president trump a so-called listening session on gun violence. he's part of a movement no one saw coming students who've mobilized to take their message to lawmakers. the stream of people became a flood. outside the florida state house. by.
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making sure that lawmakers heard their voices. heard. was. the head of the national rifle association pushed back what he called the elite for them it's not a safety issue it's a political issue they care more about control and more about their goal is to eliminate the second amendment and our firearms freedoms so they can eradicate all individual freedoms. this is president truong later seem to agree with the n.r.a. which come to millions into his presidential campaign well i think we really have.
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a group of people who want to do the right thing the n.r.a. the both the people that i know very well these are good people in many cases great people that hate to love our country the n.r.a. wants to do the right thing. the students are not likely to be impressed by a so-called three point plan on gun violence announced by florida's conservative governor for them the question is now how long can they keep the nation's attention before the news fades for everyone except the survivors family and friends. and for more on that let's bring in now lewis mizen who survived the school shooting he moved to the u.s. from the u.k. a few years ago lewis thanks so much for joining us this evening and first of all we just like to ask you how you're doing. i'm doing ok. the on wednesday it's been the town hall and that was a really intense few days mostly on
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a cop talk really intense week but i've been spending the last couple of days being with friends getting a lot of sleep which i haven't been getting a lot of recently so you know i think these couple days have been a good time need to sit back and actually deal with grief because it's been so intense i haven't really had time to get up before and you and your classmates you mentioned you were in tallahassee in the state capital calling for change in the wake of the shooting we know that in the meantime the president has proposed arming some teachers with guns also banning bump stocks and increasing the age for gun purchases we'd like to know what you make of those proposals and how you would feel having a teacher carrying a gun. well first we're buying them socks is phenomenal i think that's a good great person right direction governor rick scott has added both raising the age limit and running on stocks to his legislative proposal which is fantastic but i spoke to a number of teachers about it and i circled the number classmates about it and none
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of us think armin's teaches are a good idea and i just want to give you the situation you're a police officer you know there's a shooting occurring and you run into a building and there are two people shooting at each other who's the shooter you don't know you have no idea who's the shooter or so not only can kids because in the crossfire you can also kill teachers who are trying to defend their student arming teachers only escalate the problem a great example that is the cold war with russia versus the united states they kept adding to the nuclear stockpiles they kept upping the ante and now you know currently we live with the constant fear of nuclear war and that was because we kept upping the ante and i think our thing the answer here is always there we need to take what we need to calm down and we need to begin to reduce the stockpile of weapons of war in the united states and lou it's you know something else that has
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also emerged is that we have learned that the deputy sheriff who was assigned secure school say failed to go inside and confront the shooter and we'd like to get your reaction to that revelation i mean do you think that action from him could have made a difference you know when it comes to people's lives i really don't speculate i don't respect you know what could have happened if you john and i think you should have gone and i think people unarmed people when in their safety that they did not convey them in training he did and he should have gone and i think it was the right thing to do to spend them after that was his choice to resign and then that starts his choice. look it's not his fault that people died could he have done so much for that yes book placing the blame on him isn't going to help any think he felt in his job. you know his his
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mistake cost lives but you know you can't hold him up and crucified for that ok lewis we also know that you were at the state capital this week as we mentioned you were calling for debate and gun control you were calling for gun control as well how do you feel about what happened you had some disappointments there didn't you well actually obviously we all had different experiences in my experience and i know a lot of people are certainly rushing really good we spoke to republicans and democrats and one of the things they said to us was that republicans democrats never been closer on this issue and one things we asked of them was remember this is this isn't a republican issue it's not a democrat issue it's an american issue and ask the american solution and one of the things that the speaker of the house the florida house said they. was as well was the you know their politicians and i know that
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a lot of us were expecting you know they'll talk and then we'll go back to florida and nothing will happen and one of the things he said that really stuck with me was he said look we have kids in florida public school so this isn't just an issue that affects us as affects you affect to our kids those who will make sure our kids are safe and so i'm really optimistic that we're going to get legislation passed because they sell themselves more toughened up their regard to gun reform when it happened in the last two decades. so you sound pretty confident that you can take this on but but ultimately louis i mean you're going up against big money here you're going up against you know the national rifle association which is an incredibly powerful lobby group which gives a lot of money to a lot of candidates in the country so how are you going to keep the momentum going because right now you have the attention of the media you have the attention of lawmakers but as we know sometimes that fizzles. the news cycle changes but the one thing i will say about teenagers is we like to challenge and
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of what things that my friend said was said we had a test on interest groups the first day the next day after it happened and she said going up against the biggest one would probably be good practice for that test and honestly look we we've done our research we're not stupid we know we're going up against probably the most if not the most powerful interest group in the united states and we know it's going to be a challenge and we know we're going to get stuff right now a lot of the faces of the hashtag never again movement have been really radical have been really are spoken that fantastic because it's drawn in media attention but i have a feeling there's going to be a second wave of far more moderate people rushing in to fight the specific legislation and take it step by step you know we're not calling for the revocation of the second amendment or i i'm british but i think the second bomb is pod american culture i understand people want to feel safe with their guns which is asking for commonsense reform or asking to be able to send kids to school without
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having to worry they won't get home at the end of the day and we know it's going to be tough to carry this man some but he has been the weak sense but there has been so much that we've managed to accomplish and we have spoken i was a radio station last night with kids from schools all across south florida and they were backing us up with the next generation of voters and a lot of us you know seventy sixteen seventeen eighteen with me voting the next two years and we're going to remember this right we're going to vote to make changes and a lot of people have been so inspired actually by by how powerful how poignant all of you have have been and you know we're talking here about the gun control debate but before i go i'd like to bring the conversation just for a moment back to your classmates because of course we don't want to forget those who did not make it last week louis just briefly tell us what would you like us to know about them. i think the i went to
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a vigil on thursday i'm one of the things that are rob i said that was he said the stories of the candle doesn't determine the size of the flame and i think that seventeen very very bright flames when our own ones there and those were seventeen futures that could have changed the world because some of those kids some of them would have been olympic athletes some of them a genius as they could have changed the world and. that part of my high school family. you know our family got killed on wednesday and we're not that's i thought lying down and all it's so clear lou is that their spirit lives on with you and with your other classmates there in parklane florida and we thank you so much this evening for joining us here to tell us a little bit more about what you have been going through in the past week and what you plan to do in the future we appreciate. you having all. the conflict in eastern ukraine has now been raging for almost four years the u.n.
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says the fighting between pro russian separatists them ukrainian military has killed more than ten thousand people the separatists control a large area close to the russian border surrounding the city of luanda and don't ask though there is a peace deal in place the minsk agreement there are ceasefire violations on a daily basis. and are kiev corresponded to connelly has this report from the embattled region. this is john kerr a village in the shadow of the front line that divides ukrainian government forces from russian backed separatists. only those too old too poor to me remain. shelling and sniper fire her fact of daily life in spite of the minsk peace deal. we meet. a pensioner who's chosen to stay in her own home alone and in spite of frequent shelling she shows us where
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a shell ripped through the roof of her home another time the artillery fire just missed. breaking year by one that will use it to shells landed in my front garden just under my windows they destroyed my shed blew my windows out and on the other side of the street there were eleven craters they were as big as i am. even buying essentials is now a struggle roads are barely passable and public transport has grown to a halt. many here including and now dependent on outside help to get by. the nearest supermarket used to be in the nearby city of horlivka just a few kilometers down the road a journey that once took a matter of minutes now involves hours of queuing and questioning what was once just a checkpoint has become a defacto border crossing the mint's deal was supposed to help communities on both sides of the front line grow together again instead the division looks more enduring never. where the politicians have failed hopes now rest on a u.n.
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peacekeeping mission at least to enforce the ceasefire but what do ordinary ukrainians make of it all we ask people on the streets of the capital kiev and what authority as a peacekeepers will just freeze the situation as it is now it's a step forward but it's not going to resolve the overall problem. as a hard problem when it was ended up maybe peacekeepers won't help resolve the problem but they might get things going on. with those opposed to the post i think peacekeepers will put an end to actively fighting but after that it's back to the politicians to do their job throughout the city political. somewhere between hope and resignation that's the mood here on the streets of kiev some seven hundred kilometers from the front line hope on the one hand that u.n. boots on the ground will be able to enforce the cease fire putting an end to civilian casualties resignation on the other about the chances of kiev and moscow
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reaching agreement on where and what un peacekeepers will actually be able to do. here in germany there has been a bad tempered debate in parliament about how the nation should remember the holocaust and other crimes of the nazi past the far right party wanted to and what it calls quote the culture of remembrance while members of other parties defended it they accuse the a.f.d. of insulting the memory of history's victims and using racist language. in the middle of birth i stumble upon a tragic story. in general you nine hundred forty three this kneebone family was picked up here and taken to auschwitz father mother eleven year old daughter and one year old son victoria all four were murdered this house was home to the psni was their fate and other should not be forgotten that's when artists from cologne
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have started to lay these cobble stones or straw pushed on the twenty five years ago but now a politician from the far right if he has demanded to end this memorial he referred to a remembrance dictatorship sparking controversy. but other politicians have been alarmed by this criticism of the brass memorials in the bundestag or other party strongly reject the a fifty stands for the uproar but if the delegates get a yawn demands an end to the cobblestones with such statements they mock the memory of the dead shame on you. stuff this is they talk about a cult of guilt a dictatorship of remembrance a monument of shame this is intolerable historical revisionism in its purest full if you do miss most in the line for minor downtown and the ideal the a.f.d. is talked about a monument of shame when called for one hundred eighty degree turnaround in the way
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we remember history that got pissed off and. hearing the debate members of the if t. group were heard laughing and shouting but none of them was prepared to repeat the controversial proposal. again and again the a fifty uses the same method first they deliberately provoke then depending on the audience they slightly relativize their statements but party supporters get the message and apparently attacks on germany's culture of remembrance don't seem to harm the party. if t. politicians have also criticised the holocaust memorial in the center of berlin they're openly opposed to germany spacy conviction never forget instead they call for an end to remembrance.
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today is the final day of competition at the berlin international film festival and my colleagues charlotte chelsea and maya schrader are down at the red carpet where they are following all of the action including of course european films i mean we get a lot of these we are after all here in berlin at but there was in particular a very interesting german movie that prepared that premiered today right. yes we had a new film that was the last entry into the berlin alley competition section it's called in the aisles and it really is a very small suite subtle love story about what it's like to work in a supermarket in east germany yeah that's right we enjoyed it a lot it was a very moving at times it stands the actor friends now we are a big fan of his and i think you know they and the ballot out there is out the best of all it was a big fan of this year he's been awarded the shooting star award meaning the ballot
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not i think that he is going to be european actors who watch in the future he certainly is all over the place he's got a second film in the competition this year believe it or no it's so he's definitely want to keep an eye on it his performance in this film is stunning if i want you to take a take a quick look at what he has to offer this report. this is not an action movie. and it's an unlikely place for a love story in the aisles takes us to a discount superstore in a small town where there's a new guy working the trick section. christian hardly says a word but his coworker bruno takes a liking to him as does the unhappily married mother on from the candy department he's sweet on her to.
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you know. but doesn't it go up into what. when marty on goes on sick leave and falls into a deep depression and his checkered past threatens to catch up with em. she rising star. this portrait of an eastern german working class life in a tell a very cautious. looks like a very moving story although maybe not fast moving as you guys also mentioned. when him one of the bear. well that's the big question isn't it that's what we're going to find out tomorrow because you want it being handed out smart evening if he doesn't win an award for this film the film does get the gold barrow he doesn't take home an award for his acting here don't worry because he does have
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a second shot to do what it is exactly and that is in the film transit in that film he plays an extremely different character he's a refugee and in france in which it was essentially a modern reimagining of what it be like to live in world war two fronts he puts in a really strong performance there and that could actually be the one that that winsome an award transit is definitely one of the favorites to win over all as well as the norwegian film which deals with the two thousand and eleven norwegian terrorist attack on the island and this movie it's really hard to describe someone who hasn't seen a how visceral rex taking is and how it just metaphorically grabs you by the throat and almost have to remind ourselves of to breathe on the edge of your seat it's stunning it's all filmed in one shots which is unbelievable and i think the actors in the film might say might get an award for it actually we were going to show you
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any pictures of it as we're talking about this one of them because they've been very worried about looking like they were publicized they really don't want to exploit the families who endorsed this film but we do have a look at some of the other favorites who are in the front runners to win this year . the stars on the red carpet at the heart. of the berlin ali for ten days. but now all eyes are on these six experts the international jury around president ton tech they only have a few hours left now to decide who gets the bears. this film from the philippines has the nod from many critics season of the devil is a tale of torture and of the marcos to take the ship it's four hours long it's in black and white and it's a musical some it's art for others a provocation. everyone seems to be talking about this man actor
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france rudolph ski of his in two films which are in the running for an award he might win a silver badge for best actor for his performance in a film based on anna sega's novel transit a story about flight from the nazis. a prize for the hardest film to watch would surely go to the makers of toya a film about the mass murder by a right wing extremist on the norwegian island of the same name survivors of the massacre were at the press conference and said why they have found the film so important. to action to show why rightly extremists who can beat. this is take it in its purest form and was just this. film fans at the berlin ali also put in an award winning performance they bought hundreds of thousands of tickets cementing the berlin ali's
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reputation as the largest film festival in the world that's open to the public. so so many films competing there's so much to look forward to you guys will be there as we find out who is going to win those pairs maya schrader charlotte charles impale on the red carpet for us as always we'll see you guys again tomorrow . can't wait. for the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you can find us on twitter either at t w news my handle is at sarah kelly to be the hash tag that you can use that day the conversation continues the day will be back on monday it's been great to be with you and i hope to see you again soon.
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poverty has many faces. the gap between the poorest and the wealthiest keeps growing. kuhl increasing inequality is dividing the moral in the rich society the focus on.
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g.w. . every move he makes has a global impact. but when has president putin lead russia during the tell me. is his strategy booking move or has he miscalculated. goosing must take off again. in forty five minutes on the w. w's program guide. the highlights. the whole month. dot com. and why. beers are a. venture of. a
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trip airplane. seventeen thousand kilometers in six weeks and breathtaking landscape and are going to experience a. touching story. of the stronghold coastguards country of her own complicity me. other better bruce. comes from the worst. starting february twenty seventh dog. opportunity prosperity optimism that's the power of global trade global three thousand brought to you by d.h. o. . this week on global three thousand we all suppose he means to be in
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a rich country in a single night in two thousand and seventeen there were more than half a million homeless people in the u.s. .


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