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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 24, 2018 8:00pm-8:15pm CET

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darkness city after. starting march tenth. this is a deal be you news live from berlin as world powers baker hundreds die in syria's eastern frustration at the u.n. as another cease fire vote is delayed a new vote is scheduled as the syrian government and russian airstrikes unleashed devastation on the rubble help the area near damascus also coming up. u.s.
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airline delta joins a growing list of companies to cut ties with the n.r.a. following last week's deadly school shooting in florida the firms are scrapping benefits for the gun lobby as anti gun movement gains traction on social media. and we are live at the ceremony for the sixteenth berlin international film festival we are just ninety minutes away from finding out who's won the festival's top prize the golden bat. and i have a quote boston welcome to the program we begin in syria where the government is escalating attacks on eastern ghouta the opposition held suburb of damascus intense shelling for seven days has killed five hundred civilians including many children the u.n. security council is scheduled to meet to try to agree on
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a cease fire resolution after several failed attempts syria's key ally russia has so far blocks the resolution moscow says it wants guarantees rebel fighters in eastern guta will halt the fighting. the bombs have been raining down on eastern ghouta for an entire week. as smoke and ash filled the sky over this rebel held district near damascus those on the ground continue to pull victims from the rubble they've been under siege here for years but casualties are now spiking sharply. the survivors are being treated in a makeshift hospital near damascus activists say this is the work of indiscriminate cluster and phosphorous bombs fired by the syrian regime children to bear witness to the carnage. was in fact another missile landed but it was a small one thank god it was bigger the whole neighborhood would have been wiped
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out. there were while some victims received treatment others grieve. i wish it had been me who was killed instead of my son. i wish it had been me so i wouldn't have to grieve for you my son. which some have lost hope others cling to it the work of first responders here made ever harder by treacherous conditions and a lack of medical supplies as death rains down from above world powers are still arguing over how to stop it. the u.n. security council has been trying to agree on a thirty day humanitarian cease fire but last minute amendments by russia forced the vote to be postponed to saturday the dutch un ambassador was hopeful of reaching a cease fire deal last time we see each other. as a last night very much disappointed we did not get to to a vote yesterday since that moment again you have all seen that we've seen terrible
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reports about attacks on innocent civilians of east ghouta again leading to terrible loss of life. overnight have been intensive context with contacts with the russian federation. and we hope it will be possible we will adopt a resolution. it's been called hell on earth but the hope is an agreement could allow some relief to the people of good. to afghanistan now were a series of attacks has left more than twenty people dead officials say most of the victims were soldiers the assaults come and made a recent surge in violence by both the so-called islamic state and the taliban. insurgents strike ever deeper in the heart of kabul a suicide bomber has launched an attack during morning rush hour in the diplomatic zone of the afghan capital the islamic state group has claimed responsibility it's believed they were targeting enough gun spy agency needs of
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a nature headquarters and u.s. embassy. a suicide attack happened reports indicate two people were killed and seven others wounded casualties include civilians and military personnel. the death toll is expected to rise. earlier at least eighteen soldiers were killed when taliban insurgents stormed an army base in the western province of sorrow and two car bombs detonated in the southern helmand province killing at least three soldiers and wounding dozens more. these attacks are just the latest in a wave of violence to rock the fragile state in recent months hundreds have been killed. now to some of the other stories making news around the world german chancellor angela merkel is facing pressure to shift her christian democrats to the right in order to win back voters senior conservatives said marco had led the party too close to the center but calls calm as the chancellor prepares to announce her
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choice of new cabinet ministers on sunday. rival political groups have held rallies across italy ahead of parliamentary elections next weekend thousands of supporters of the far right northern league gathered in milan were anti-fascist demonstrators also marched in the capital rome authorities stepped up security around the country amid fears protests could turn violent. fears are growing for a group of some one hundred missing young women in northeastern nigeria it's believed boko haram militants kidnapped them the militants attacked their school and dumped she village and state on monday the next day scores of girls were missing the students desperate parents are clinging to hope and calling on the government to act now. reports. we are on our way to a remote town in nigeria's north east a new state. has largely been spared from attacks by boko haram jihadists
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but that and this week when militants stormed the local school dozens of schoolgirls are now missing. this is the hospital where some of the students were staying before the a tic right now it's deserted classes are suspended its. heat daughter has been missing for days she shows us visitors cards from the school as well as a picture of her daughter. the whole family is in despair. and. have kidnapped. most parents believe that boko haram took their children witnesses say they saw girls riding on a truck that drove out of the city that parents have put together the names of one hundred five missing girls the government hasn't released any official numbers on
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any information on where the girls could be. we've been given no information about her children but first the governor tells us they've been rescued then he comes back and says no one will be rescued. the town of she is still in a state of shock and waiting for the government to act on its promise of a rescue mission. in the wake of last week's deadly school shooting in florida a growing number of u.s. businesses are distancing themselves from the pro-gun lobby group the national rifle association several companies have announced they will no longer offer discounts to n.r.a. members this amid increasing pressure from a newly strengthened anti gun movement. a social media movement is driving change in the u.s. the hashtag boycotts and calls on businesses to end their relationships but the gun lobby and firms are listening rental car companies including hats and i say that
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ending that discount programs with n.r.a. members. u.s. airline delta has also ceased its an array discounts. and the first national bank one of the largest private banks in the u.s. has said it will stop making n.r.a. branded credit cards the reaction from customers is mixed it shows just how deep the divide here is. for these firms cutting ties to the n.r.a. it's largely a symbolic decision. driven by youth lead protests following last week's deadly school shooting in florida. state governor rick scott was also moved to call for tighter gun laws i want to make it virtually impossible for anyone who has mental issues to use a gun we will require all individuals purchasing firearms to be twenty one or older
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those pushing for change say that's not enough this tweet is from cameron caskey who's organizing the large march on washington next month he writes they messed with the wrong school. to football now with a look at all the bundesliga results so far on match day twenty four off and haim drew with freiburg one one meanwhile glad back got the better of hand over and stood guard beat frankfurt at home one nil and byron munich split the points with her to berlin that game was scoreless right now braman are currently battling hamburg on sunday leverkusen lock horns and and like they take on cologne looking ahead to monday dortmund face oxford and we can't forget about what happened on friday night minds true with woolford. and down at the berlin international film festival the waiting is over and the
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bears have been announced my colleagues maya schrader and charlotte chiles impel are standing by with all the awards ok guys who won the golden bear. high that yes the ceremony has just come to an end is the moment that we've all been waiting for quick grow when it was the. touch me no it's by a very many and. this is one of the four films in the competition that was directed by a woman and this was a big emphasis this year along with the need to move in with in light of that and this film. the prison of the jury says something interesting he says that they were they were quite divided about this film when the jury whether it's who would he said there were fifty fifty that they talked about who they should award this prize to belong to that they were watching the films in actual fact but he said that he wanted this award to go to a film that can show not only what cinema can do but what it can do in the future and i think that when you look at the winner is this award it's very clear why he
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said that it's very experimental very unusual it mixes facts and fiction it blurs and you never really know whether what you're seeing is talking mentary or drama they have actors they have real people but the thing you really need to know about . this film is it starts with a close up of the male genitalia and then goes from there there's a lot of nudity a lot of explicit sex not really in a pornographic way but the whole movie is about sex it's a very intimate look at human sexuality and human intimacy. now my earlier you just mentioned the need to movement this is the first one alice in family began who took best female lead. so the best female lead went to the powder going actress and broom in the film had a dad asked the era says from paraguay she was really this is a very slow sort of contained film but she was really stunning and i am happy with the squad this was something that we would talk about this film quite
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a lot when we watched it for a while afterwards it was it was very moving performance and says she painted a very complex picture of what it's like to be a woman in paraguayan it will say she very carefully handled the economic situation as well it was it is the film that had a lot to offer and she really did a really great job i think so we're pleased with our ways without him and i guess pleased with who won the male lead. while the male lead went to and he's a french actor he was in the film the prat he's a newcomer he's a very young guy say i think it's really nice to see someone like that get an award at the net and that because it really is just going to propel his career it now obviously that was a very standout moments from. a heroin addict and he goes to a remote friend's house to recover and that's a really spectacular scene as the way things through withdraw from the hard way
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that is very memorable i think he did a really good job difficult role and really threw himself into it especially for a young guy and we can't let you guys go without finding out about best director. best director was wes anderson of dogs a very first film of the. festival open did a very different film from the rest of what we saw in the competition as animation at stop motion very innovative in terms of the way it used for its actors really the little dogs that they created of course very wes anderson eon it style in the its color scheme and all of that and of course a fantastic cast of actors voicing to the dogs bill murray was hades because it was anderson's it was so weird super excited to have him on the right comedy again yeah it's a really really sad because i was super excited about this film being the bat and i'm out there wes anderson fans i know that a lot of people are in as
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a way that was if i can honestly say i was not disappointed by this film is exactly what you would expect that even i think is better than his last animation you really enjoyable maya schrader and charlotte shelf and phil thank you ladies you're watching the w. news i'm having quite often join us again at the top of the hour for more thanks for watching. hannity one might it was made by them as mellie. always good to see you tell me about who you should better check it out yourself.


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