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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 24, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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darkness city's. starting march tenth. this is d.w. news live from berlin the u.n. votes unanimously to approve a ceasefire in syria's eastern guta with russia finally giving its backing after having blocked the resolution for days the vote came as warplanes pounded the rebel held area near damascus world powers are still to agree to the terms of the deal also coming up. a growing number of u.s.
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companies the balance of pressure from anti gun activists and cut ties with the national rifle association we take a look at the social media movement driving the change of attitude towards the gun lobby after last week's deadly school shooting. and we are live at the sixtieth berlin international film festival will tell you skeet this year is top prize this. year with. a maverick and welcome to the program the u.n. security council has voted to approve a resolution demanding a thirty day humanitarian cease fire in syria the body voted unanimously to back the measure which is aimed at allowing desperately needed aid to reach the billions of in the rebel held eastern district the council overcame initial resistance from
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russia to approve the measure but moscow has insisted that the deal should not take immediate effect russia has been providing military aid to the syrian government and opposition activists say russian warplanes have been taking part in the airstrikes on eastern ghouta. for more on that let's bring in journalist benedetta argentina arie who is following the security council's decision for us but at last minute negotiations and the resolution was finally passed there was resistance from via holding russia as we mentioned but they didn't use that veto in the end why has moscow voted with the others this time around i think at this time around us you're resisting for years of any resolution in syria they decided to go along with the international community most probably because they couldn't resist anymore to pressure the human rights issue and the issue is why don't the main things about it and at last that three days they try to rewrite. your
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a solution and water down the language used but if you compare it to versions they're not so different so essentially a really what russia. main resistance was you mentioned that between the two version there wasn't much difference what was different though. the reality is that they don't really want to again what are down the language used to describe a humanitarian that she to ation there and also they want it to take to be immediate in fact at a resolution you can read it said a start is a ceasefire we doubt delays that ease a major change for any recission at a un because it means that you we don't really know when the cease fire is going to be in effect ok so it doesn't take immediate effect we don't know when it's going to take effect how does this help the people in eastern go to. well
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certainly it gives more hope than they had yesterday that somebody is going out and so many deliberately. try to make them you know. to places that have been bombed it is really a. mean wind it security council was british reserve. the syrian regime continued on being and in fact the servant terry for syrian they say they denounce total told or debate james in five hundred twenty one hundred twenty more and then this morning bennett it's very thank you very much thank you some of the other stories making news around the world multiple attacks in afghanistan have left more than twenty people dead the so-called islamic state says
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they carried out a suicide bombing that killed at least two and kabul's diplomatic compound if followed an attack by taliban insurgents in the west that killed at least eighteen soldiers at least two others died in separate blasts in the south. german chancellor angela merkel is facing pressure to shift her christian democrats to the right in order to win back voters senior conservatives said merkel had left the party too close to the center the calls calm as the chancellor prepares to announce her choice of new cabinet ministers in her plan a grand coalition government with the social democrats. but if there is to be a new coalition government at all while that's still the pen's on nearly half a million social democrat party members who are voting at the moment all across the country as the tea party leaders are trying to garner support for a yes vote and today foreign ministers they will who is fighting to keep his job trying to persuade his party in his home town to back the coalition deal. they know
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where they are heading even if their beleaguered party is struggling to find its way. sigma gabrielle knows almost everyone here these are his people but even here in our little self deprecation goes a long way. but as big as many orphans are frankly what's annoyed me in the last few weeks and months is the way it's gone but i can't say i've made the smartest remarks throughout all of it sounds like playing to the crowd it worked plenty here have little desire to see gabrielle challengers come out on top. i'm not as if i think of the other s.p.d. leaders like and their knowledge as new we deserve better so our request station wrong station we need us foreign minister. not everyone agrees
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some in the party for more than fifty years can barely watch what's happening there is need never buy this cannot go on that this big proud and powerful party has been pummeled across the country like this my old social democratic heart is bleeding from a. poll that matters is credibility and trust and voters don't have credibility and trust in our party anymore. gabriele also talked credibility that the s.p.d. did not take their voters' concerns seriously enough especially on the subject of refugees. in the village of the truth is we have a broad electorate it's not just liberal middle classes so to speak but people who sometimes have worries that the last affordable homes in their areas are disappearing. those you know.
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some of the s.p.d.m. members have long memories and the fear is not cheap homes disappearing but their party. in the wake of last week's deadly school shooting in florida a growing number of u.s. businesses are distancing themselves from the pro-gun lobby group the national rifle association several companies have announced they will no longer offer discounts to n.r.a. members this amid increasing pressure from a newly strengthened anti gun movement. a social media movement is driving change in the u.s. the hash tag boycott and already calls on businesses to end their relationships but the gun lobby and firms are listening rental car companies including hats and i say that ending that discount programs with n.r.a. members. u.s. airline delta has also ceased its n.r.a. discounts and the first national bank one of the largest private banks in the u.s.
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has said it will stop making n.r.a. branded credit cards the reaction from customers is mixed. it shows just how deep the divide here is. for these firms cutting ties to the n.r.a. is largely a symbolic decision driven by youth led protests following last week's deadly school shooting in florida. state governor rick scott was also moved to call for tighter gun laws i want to make it virtually impossible for anyone who has mental issues to use a gun we will require all individuals purchasing firearms to be twenty one earldom those pushing for change say that's not enough this tweet is from cameron caskey who's organizing the large munch on washington next month he writes they messed with the wrong school. to football now in the bundesliga saturday games are
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in the bag so let's take a look at the results so far on match day twenty four bremen beat hamburg in the late encounter one nil while hoffenheim drew with fiber one one meanwhile glad back got the better of hanover and stood guard beat frankfurt at home one nil and byron munich split the points of heritage berlin in a scoreless match looking ahead to sunday leverkusen will lock horns with and lives they take on cologne on monday dortmund face oxburgh and let's rewind to friday night when minds with wolfsburg. and down at the berlin international film festival the waiting is over and the bears have been announced w.'s ladies in red down at the red carpet maya shorter and charlotte chiles impel are standing by with all the latest ok guys let's start with the top prize who won the golden bear. hi abbey we dressed as the red carpet
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last night that. you like. to go to bat while drummer oh thanks remaining a film called touch touch me touch me you know it is a very unusual film i would have thought it was by the females or actor i didn't have seen it continually excuse me who is a first time director as was her first ever feature film and she won the golden bear for it she was also one of the only four women in the competition section of the ballet now they know this film so well the jury present had something interesting to say about their decision on the yeah he did he said the jury themselves are pretty split on whether to to award this film that the golden bat he said there that he wanted a film that shows not what film can do but it's what it can do in the future and when you look at this the when it's that sort of make sense of the comment because it's very experimental it's very unusual sort of mix fact and fiction you never really know whether what you're seeing is real sometimes you see the cameras in the
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shot sometimes you see the director self so it's an unusual pick i'd say for the balance mixes documentary and drama and the thing about this film is that we really have to know is it starts with a close up of the male to the calea and then it goes from there it's a film about human sexuality and intimacy and it's very explicit sometimes there are some rather pornographic scenes those all a lot of pink parts all over the screen all the time but yeah very experimental film and we can see after hearing the jury president's comment you can see why they went in that direction. ok you can see how they were in that direction what about female lead best female lead was that a surprise not quite that was the best female lead was on a broom for the film she started last headed out of us which is a very contained emotionally reserved film but ultimately very very affecting i thought she was fantastic yeah that really did a really good job in this book and she's the one that we've been talking. we sold
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me that was one of the ones to show it was an unforgettable performance it's a very very complex picture of what it is to be a woman and a gay woman is empowered why i think that she really is that what you call it if it is right. now these awards can do a lot for a younger person's career what about the male lead. yes that's right the male lead is a younger person is anthony bijani he is a newcomer here at the bat i know that and in films like this is why he plays a drug addict who goes to france to try and get clean and through religion and friendship bre kind of rediscover himself and cleans up as he was starting to do you have to say that there's one scene in particular that's really striking way he's recovering from from the heroin addiction as it with jurors see and it's unforgettable that's the french film the prayer and he really for a young person really threw himself into this very difficult roles are
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a well earned award. ok i have a feeling about the next name is not going to come as a surprise to many people what about best director. from ralph to do less sanderson and her isle of dogs the film that opened the belly naalehu is really an innovative film a lot of fun to watch good for the whole family i should say. yeah the very best interest in terms of its style its coloring so that's stop motion animation the dogs were all really stunning to look at and of course a stellar voice cast behind this hoss in this film is absolutely unbelievable bill murray was here to pick up the award for ways anderson yeah i'm a huge presence and i was super excited but i had that this was going to be a make the festival thrilled that they've got the prize the traitor and charlotte charleston bill thanks guys. and finally i discovered from the ancient world archaeologists in egypt have uncovered
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a cemetery south of the capital cairo that's more than two thousand years old the underground site houses relics including some forty stark off a guy around a thousand small statues and a gold mask scientists say the discovery provides key insights into the lives of the ancient egyptians it's expected that five years will be needed to excavate feria you're watching b.w. news i'm having croissant join me again at the top of the hour if you can i point out. every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word pushed in the. eco is in germany to learn german why not learn assembly simple online on your mobile and free shops from the w z e learning course we can speak german made c. w true diversity in.
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the world of science is at home in many languages.


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