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tv   Doc Film - A Film and Its Story - Fassbinders The Marriage of Maria...  Deutsche Welle  February 25, 2018 8:15am-9:00am CET

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the marriage of maria brown was a crime as i'm a fast been there's nineteenth movie filmed in january nine hundred seventy eight. played by homicide good luck german officer during a man raid when the war ended on the ninth of may nine hundred forty five her husband was posted missing while she waited for his return she got body watching the. germany was in ruins but for maria it was the beginning of an unstoppable search sent. by the time her husband returned ten years later she'd become
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a rich businesswoman finer than a fassbender my hear but also embodied the young west german republic which pursued its reconstruction with determination and without remorse but without coming to terms with its nazi past secretary of treasury henry morgenthau told you recommend it to be inclusion of the war germany should be changed into a farm near the words of the german nation should be broken. because this is germany is. history. enough it. is not the spin on the ship. of. the it. is that in the.
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midst. of spin and on the. line of them a fassbender was born in the ruins on the thirty first of may nine hundred forty five just three weeks after the capitulation of the third reich in the wake of this event a defeated and hungry germany was divided into a capitalist west and a communist east the start of the cold war in the west the marshall plan came into force in one nine hundred forty eight with the purpose of rebuilding the shattered continent this special chapter of german history coincided with been dissed childhood and became the fundamental theme of his films. everything you do is
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a compilation of experiences you. my experience i had as a child a teenager in school and at home ole somehow in my films as well. even if there aren't any children in the films i've made that doesn't mean the experiences of my childhood in those films. there's maybe you could interpret as saying that my childhood wasn't a childhood in the normal sense. seeing your nonsense here to. think. and then you have to learn seventy cup. and hide and touch.
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the film was very successful in germany because on the one hand this woman embodied a turning point in german history but on the other hand she was also a popular character a self-made woman who gets to the top under her own steam. woman the film is a message of hope but also showed how hard life was in post-war germany the young the scene is instructed built in and then at play i think it. is a good that's good now she says she just. spots us out that's how i want. our shit so. it's just easier to shake just shake it is not actually visual i want to call to make that quick to comment to give a tough time. to schmetz and see. last
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when the scene here playing black market dealer met hamish a gorilla acting school in one nine hundred sixty five in one nine hundred sixty seven i joined the action to every munich a protest there to that fassbender soon took over he wrote directed and acted in critical plays that confronted german society head on. siebel each scene of it but he was very sensitive and although he didn't see himself as a teacher he sensitized people in a provocative way that really touched them and you can feel how connected he was to society's outsiders. there was a lot of rebel and lost soul in him one who identified with the outsiders in this world and in german society you don't defeat every clip or meets him and any point made as we see the animal. would say no he wasn't respected for his work because
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he was so provocative he made films that didn't have anything to do with the mainstream films like fear each the soul which is about immigration and fox and his friends which is about homosexuality. homosexuality. after his first feature film love is colder than death which was produced in one nine hundred sixty nine and gave her her first leading role fassbender made more than thirty films in the following ten years including the bitter tears of paper fun can't really fear it's the soul and fox and his friends but. what drives you to make so many films. and that's the question. it must be a form of mental illness. i don't know. and.
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then he was the are toured on both of cinema a tortured soul someone who couldn't bear life but needed it at the same time. been there if there. were so. fast in his films are provocative bellicose and often autobiographical he surrounded himself with a group of technicians and actors of diverse talents they made up his clan. became one of his most important muses. lesia early call in love a student caught in a space the flight he already had a vision and acting school. even then he recognized me as he later wrote his
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driving force so his support and the star of his films because he always knew he was going to make films. by fifty feet. siva's and star she was his star she got her own lighting he always treated her better than all the other actresses in the president hundred. eleven and. was always somehow in viable she had this aura of don't touch don't her to me and always the best lighting eyes and the. most by still the most joints the list. he wanted for the role of money ya bone not me. really. but the two of them didn't have any chemistry i never found out why it just. a new sense of the two of us it was
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a very strong new beginning because we hadn't worked together for four years posed look at. how to this prank i was very interested in playing. after weeks of waiting my dear gives up hope that she'll see her husband again she takes a job as a hostess in a bar to entertain american soldiers that's where she meets belle a short while later one of how means friends returns from imprisonment and tells her husband is dead. and. then there's the scene in which she insists on going to the bar. has been there i remember how fast and address the many extras on set. in the sixth hour and that it's our senior . he said you have to consider that this woman has just had
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a very shattering experience and now she is dividing the dancing crowd like moses divided the red sea more at their sea. it's just. you. have one surely clicking the soundtrack is very american there's a lot of jazz it transports you to a different world and culture in which the german aspect is almost lost in the
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first part moviegoers definitely need to understand english otherwise they won't follow the story. so. many times because i have to have a final thought one day. if you could manage to make films not are as beautiful and lovely as these american films that i love and he she it seemed but that also tell proper story and as much as he may not would be the ultimate here and i'd see him come. proper stories have to be sorry to reality into the country where you live for me because i'm snooze which means on the facilities and for me there have to be german films and i try to make these german films as if we had hollywood as if the actors i was working with were hollywood actors only which are you know. like the hollywood films fassbender they
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gave his leading ladies a lot of space they were intelligent seductive independent and sometimes victims to . women fassbender says a more complex personalities they seem to be able to fall out of their roles and do things you never thought them capable. me yeah i think. my phone lives he was a woman's director he knew and understood women's minds to default on loans in the feel good first and first time. you felt looked after with him as a director of call home. this was not just how to hold my son forbit dr starts of trauma admit that was also down to his role model douglas sirk and with american cinema the cinema of the stars where the women were already big heroines in the fifty's or you move on. the
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german director douglas sirk whose career started with went into exile in hollywood in one nine hundred thirty seven where he rose to become the king of melodrama encounter with cirque was a turning point in fasb and as work the two became friends for most here brown he was inspired by circus a time to love and a time to die fassbinder took on the language the warm colors and stylized backdrops of his mentor he even took inspiration from the story it's about a missing soldier returning from the front to a germany in ruins. system
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. to add more. he said your amoral in a scene you don't have a bad conscience when you see him you're just full of joy. may have said if it doesn't even occur to you that you're doing something that could hurt him keep peace in the b.b.c. or kenya badger used piece that you were doing something bad. because you always kept the most important part of yourself back for tomorrow in the event that your husband returns. and then you commit this murder as if in a trance. you take the bottle and kill him as if in a trance. to read to you don't pass.
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after bill's murder helma takes the blame and is sentenced in maria's place she promises to wait for him until his release maria continues to love her husband but she wholeheartedly throws herself into a new life. when i get back many times and. still my. job should. be. the source and. thank you to snake sixty six getting.
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to. hear from. the station. so. to find a month there she was a person who took matters into her own hands went and determine things for herself and for other. or as one not it was the exciting aspect of this character you months she wasn't a victim through time she was a leader she drove things fall out on some i think it's not sitting phadke can you see this woman would never say if maybe all in those circumstances. a quandary so young could me to sarah see k.k. susan wavering on how to.
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find out zidane is my highness both very little about not being a brown and the back story is about. told me once and this was the only thing he told me that this was the story of his mother. his mother was his reference point she lived in modest circumstances but she had worked for all that herself she didn't take anything that came to her by inheritance. vaska norman was. doing mitt romney's are things that are coupled to that generation doesn't do you think that the nominees are going to what's wrong so to not born was not science she was born in one nine hundred twenty two and he took some of my dear brown from her. coke borderless about exactly and her national lead doesn't resemble these a lot either an outward appearance is
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a look to in the finish line if you would it might be a bone dhamma i was twenty two when i worked as editor on that film i saw maria brown as my idol my mind it was a very emancipate story film for me and a real example of everything that was possible was on those people. a list. mom can not run to and. just then after i flatly i thought. it is out. of order from taking charge of first meeting. the lighting guy that's you take it i. think that's a big mistake yeah. i just see it as making. the most impact is the character isn't necessarily always likable but if the times she's really likable i mean the way she treats oswald is sometimes beyond the pale
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in dollars or so but not just in capitalist moves she uses capitalism to be a success but otherwise she's just small guns climate would. she wants to be successful but her happiness is an illusion and i think the film shows that for me the film sickens pursued expenses and it's funded a little bit about the. belgian my state of the tax. cuts. in the last. half hour to snatch it. does. after the matter hari seen fassbinder grabbed me by the shoulder never forget this again focused to the skin he said i have to tell you something now. to dia i think this'll be
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a really good film. safina let me get it i don't. live in paris that i am and. i was i thought i was. by the early fifties the defeated germany was recovering and on the way to becoming one of europe's most powerful states mario blount success was a metaphor of this economic miracle. by starting the film with a picture of hitler and finishing it with portraits of the west german chancellor since adenauer fassbinder criticize their silence regarding naziism and the methods that governments are used to achieve economic success.
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let. me see on dispute very clear if you spoke to germans about the economic miracle at the time the nazis were basically barbarians who came from heaven knows where occupied germany and call. a huge amount of chaos and then they were thrown out by the allies that was it it wasn't the germans or the dean not if occasion process took place and then the people said we've changed we had nothing to do with that what happened me no idea don't ask my neighbor and i you can sure should pass if one of the m. and was i wanted to get it by that first spender rebelled against this very conservative germany because he revealed it's contradictions lies and hypocrisy but he still seem also most it's easy peasy. it got right said the lead man you sit on leave and he said well like i said gemini's a history book with pages torn out sister jean has she lacked but then you had the
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generation that included fassbender kluger even then does margarita from tata learned off and help and they filled in these missing pages that. these young filmmakers reinvented german cinema and also embodied the rebellion of the post-war generation against their parents in the seventy's their films question german society at a time when it was being confronted with the student movement and feminist demands at the same time west germany had to deal with a much more radical form of violence the terrorism of the red army faction in the bottom i hope groups or itself as urban guerrillas fighting american interests and the german state. in nine hundred seventy seven they abducted and killed hans martin schreier the president of the confederation of the german employees associations and
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a former nazi this plunge the country into a state of emergency. in that south as detroit the army for its own good if indulged in the time that the red army faction was active in germany with its attacks and bombings. he said i don't throw bombs through films. for food in italy. many of us went abroad at that time and then vendors went to america and then they say. migrated to italy and then in front. of all those. i was in france some fast bindo wanted to live elsewhere to. have a service to visit well and do we didn't want to be forced to identify with something
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that was too overpowering all the time issues. to torino. to protest against allegedly suspicious suicides of imprisoned members of the red army faction a group of german filmmakers in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven made the movie germany in autumn. fassbender who was about to start filming the marriage of my dear brown decided to get involved using a documentary style he filmed an argument with his mother about democracy and the treatment of the terrorists. i said yes. in mogadishu and i just said you so much good food. yeah. i think i was in style i thought oh. ok just democrats this. just stick in the culture sell him
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a cottage he said just for certain stock get she's made off are you going to let me see said yes let me start with this kind of dynamite i think it's a question of my not my fault. oh times are showing such sadly and as i didn't see one. kinds i feel if you meet me i'm coming to my own fate you go in there a sham that anyone who deviated in any way from the norm was immediately a red army faction sympathizer people so. that's why i shouldn't go off and the others made that film to highlight that climate it wasn't just the red army faction that was frightening it was german society and the german state as well before i don't know what do you not just. know that ahmad shah. yes you got this you know maybe. that's another discussion it's out is it.
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because of poverty. and gas and things. and economists and. night. i mean. german character bad then kind of arc to this story it reveals a lot and i mean when she says she wants to have the terrorists shot or everyone said that is exactly nobody cared. my mother and i and that's especially. with i didn't see her as a mother until fairly late. so we have a lot to come to terms with. that's one way of putting that the other is we've tried to build something like a normal friendship. maybe that's because she's in the films which so.
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we call and you. could take us for. a sector speech. to new titles for a promise to make the case at least after speaking to him because it's an issue. i don't dislike. to. have until the age of excess been best sixteen bucks a month filming with fan spin no was always like a human lebar a train. but. he didn't treat everyone equally it was the carrot for salmon the stick for others. with others again he mixed it up the old vic he treated some with deep respect while confronting others with their own black hole and i'd been
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a man morsy cantero thought. he could be a dictator he could hurt people a lot and they didn't all put up with it normally it takes two to tango that's why i try not to their guns and i should be. the one who puts up with the bullying and i'm the one who bullies that's who going to go to buy. a condom on my son's what he could be so cruel that people run off the set screaming at. him from didn't come back. when the old me either come that was a speciality he had this was an expense or looted from him. now first kodesh off leaving it was awful i knew i had some producers here in berlin and when i said i was going to make this film with him they said heavens you can't work with fast and sunny became fast banal obscene whether you were treated well or badly and you
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never knew where you were with them when one but you could be someone he currently hated or someone he currently liked and a person auntie carter. not knowing keeps people tents with those who were dependent on him. for and i was in the fortunate situation of not being dependent on him. up and when you bend i always made sure not state the case twenty mopping if you build. it and it's yeah yeah yeah but it's. more done anything rather coarse and he thought for a while and had a better idea he was very competitive he always wanted to be better and most of the
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time he was. and that was a great pleasure to me because that made me better too i learned a lot because of people who supported him up for the next time i suggested i was seen could be found i was back and he was matter how fantasy design counter vice from investment they're all eyes of first husband was like a madman on set. behind it he knew where the camera should be he even if the cameraman thought it would be better elsewhere among. for good he would say no i want the camera here. and he was famous for always filming scenes in one take three. don't put it out. to the country i tell ya but i asked you to come with. a sucky a sad day for who wants to do
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a second take if the first one is a good thing. that created tension two because we never knew whether we'd get a second chance just like life you get no repeats then life just goes on if we only. i mean so i don't like and. i know this in one song. living there they had their own style and i was sick of it the other. kids kinda. in line is this divide us all because of the skin talk on. that other justice afraid that. the business of political hard. times is the time for.
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success is complete she's become the advisor to the french industrialist oswald and his lover about terminally ill decides to visit my ex-husband how much in prison to propose a deal is how man declared himself willing to lend his wife my dear two as well who to his death he'll inherit half his fortune. just bought herself a large house continues to wait for how much return he shows up on the day oswald's will is read out in the final scene all the truths and disappointments come to light. or have done i think if you asked and talk for today just one day before the end of filming before the famous last scene he had the idea of having that same amount commentary of the one nine hundred fifty four germany hungary soccer game playing in the background some among from spokesman tom for nonsupport he realized
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a couple of days beforehand that he wanted that does my imports my talk before her wish to clock appears and as it is not much did he change the final scene of course in fact he said he would shoot it differently because of the honest but was. dolly the sheep by. the bucket. right now because it's night coming. up how do they survive a. god that my feet are trying falling it's always obvious how he got that. matters i was a house or been a place it's a vote she turns into an excited young girl she's constantly changing outfits. to play all. every day and. any cop if she's all over the place because she senses the moment of truth has come to my mother the very day that when she will find out that the love she put on this high
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pedestal cannot be real. so i'm going to get out so he's now we're going to mass the most interesting guy out while i make time cloister you know until it's in the not knowing it's in india i don't see how it's just an affair hotspot him on my account and money down to me i'm fine give these. people actually for you to keep. them on power not after i know him from the to delete. me as well. and. then surprises leave when i need it then i don't mean when two people love each other and one person loves the other more than the person who loves more as last right from the start. yeah i mean first off that's a leading motif fassbinder explores in almost all of his films this is this
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exploitation of emotions and. i found that yes that was the playwright. yes that's what i had a good heart and i'd. go with dusty and high i think the decision was made very late for this film to end with an explosion joy to it's what he wanted because as a result reached on the return to the beginning and said this is the end gets work and now something new will be good it's. just does this to us and on his finger trust most of the others how it developed in his head and bickered and so he decided it should and how it started or pervious under from what was of the board not just that.
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was. forged love that there was no one that i've. been in and i lay in bed. man you know fate forces sought to events or processes helped germany free itself from its history even more the economic miracle with a strong german currency and the victory in the soccer world cup that made germany big again the most you i mentioned. and my. x. in. germany was accepted by the world again because it had won in ben wedeman unfairly by the way because hungary was the better team. seems to say dear it was a big success for germany even though several players like laval to br. others were former nazis but that didn't matter and he said he.
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mentioned the good news from sea it was a victory for germany over communism that was the cold war and the country had got back on its feet that's what it was about for that if. you can use a fork. in spring nine hundred seventy eight fassbender completed the final editing of the marriage of movie a bar and then travel to the film festival in cannes where his earlier film despair with dirk bogarde him and their family all was playing in the official competition fassbinder used the opportunity for an internal prescreening of the marriage of money about around. one thousand eight hundred. we had a private showing all the german journalists were there and they gave us a standing ovation at the end. of us as if simply those isn't a list of under the standing ovations didn't exist in germany at the time in the us
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it was a special honor especially that the whole press was saying that this was one of the most important german films ever so there's uncle you would have does this i think that was good for him to help just as had to go vision circle to get on before the film was released in a cinemas unprecedented marketing campaign kicked off the weekly magazine down serialized a book adaptation of the film so when the marriage of my opened in german cinemas on the twenty third of march nine hundred seventy nine storyline was already known . the entire film team won silver barrel boards at the berlin ali film festival but it didn't win the oscar for best foreign language film that went to his friend focus learned off with the tin drum the marriage of maria brown became one of the key films of german post-war cinema and it was fast and does greater success one daily paper wrote the marriage of maria bond is the film that brought people back
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to the cinema. city said the cervix of the securities thing about this film is that there are so many people who have a positive image of money and bone and they push everything that doesn't fit that narrative out of their minds he saw it as spirited a sick family that key to the war they use this woman as a role model who just takes she knows how to reach our goals and make miracles happen yeah. name. it. but they ignore her don't side. to this day people particularly women come to me and say you don't know how much you influenced my life with money are ball and. circuses everything must be they don't know of any of except maybe.
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in one thousand nine hundred two fassbinder finally received the golden baffin his film the moniker fast. filming for kill file started right afterwards it was based on a novel by jon benet and shooting was confined to the studio. at the movies archive. he always said he would die young some people who don't die young say that but he said it all the time as a botched gun owner. he was a candle burning at both ends and. writing was easy but it was true actually he made me lead deal with he said love is colder than death and cinema is warmer than life life in him meant making films to be seen in the. area
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suspended died of a drug overdose on the tenth of june one thousand nine hundred two while killfile was being edited he was thirty seven the constant cocktail of alcohol and cocaine and his relentless work with a proved too much for. the scale of his work is impressive in a fifteen year career he had made forty films in as many plays fast and like to say about malleable when you've come so far there's no going back anymore and that was how it was for him. even if i think he was more like my own than i was. in some ways. shiploads.
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twenty mile long ways with the. coming days enveloped in ten days at the international film festival the ballad not of thousands of professionals and movie buffs dive into the wealth of cinema. we'll bring you all the highlights live to leave the festival bubble and look back at the two thousand and eighteen ballin up that. claim thirty minutes or so of.
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this is the news live from berlin again of hopeless syria as the u.n. calls for a new cease fire a unanimous vote up to days of delay it comes after a week of government shelling that turned into what's being called hell on. a key u.n. official if this can finally stop the bloodshed.


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