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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 26, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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this is. from berlin the u.n. cease fire in syria is not working is it now welcome to russia to put the fighting in eastern huta. moscow has ordered a twenty four hour humanitarian pause tomorrow to allow civilians to leave the rebel on klav side of damascus this amid new claims that forces backed by russia have used chemical weapons on children also coming up germany moves one step closer to having a new government conservatives voting yes to
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a coalition with the center left social democrats also making some surprising picks for her new cabinet and a nation in shock after a twenty seven year old investigative journalist and his fiance are found a shot dead in their home in slovakia. i burnt off it's good to have you with us we begin tonight with the conflict in syria where russia has called for a daily pause in airstrikes on eastern huta president putin says the aim is to help civilians leave the rebel held on click of the move comes after the you when germany and france appealed to putin to use his influence with the syrian regime to enforce the truce agreed to by the u.n. security council over the weekend and tonight there is another development medics
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on the ground are accusing russia backed forces of using chemical weapons russia has denied the allegations calling it fake news. these are the images that observers claim proof of a chlorine gas attack that is killed at least one child infants still in diapers or among more than a dozen people being treated doctors say their skin and clothes a heavy with the odor of chlorine monitors say a syrian regime warplane dropped bombs carrying the toxic gas on a village in eastern guta on sunday. a cease fire is yet to come into effect despite a resolution passed by the united nations security council on saturday the wounded continue to feel of the districts overrun hospitals. there's been no calm whatsoever there hasn't been time to catch our breath the blood is flowing in the hospitals are overflowing with patients and there are no places to evacuate them.
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but syria's ally russia denies the assad regime is behind a chemical attack foreign minister sergei lavrov says the reports are an attempt by rebels to provoke fresh fighting. for. their only goal is to be smirched and to demonize the government forces to accuse them of all possible deadly sins and military crimes in order to continue actions in the eastern regions . russian president vladimir putin's demand for humanitarian pause offers hope of a much needed rest bite in eastern guta. and will that so-called humanitarian pause really come into effect to talk about that i'm joined here at the big table by marcus com he is a middle east analyst with germany's jute for international in security affairs here in berlin it's good to see you again see so now we're hearing that the russian president vladimir putin has ordered this polls to start tomorrow
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a daily polls. is that simple can moscow say stop fighting and the fighting stops not really i mean it can. and does tell the syrian troops to stop the fighting but past experiences tell us that the islamist rebels with two groups being present in the east and we have no interest in stop the fighting and then we will make the use this as some kind of pretext to renew the fighting to intensify the fighting so i'm pretty skeptical that this will lead to a permanent cease fire ok if it's not permit it timber riri. what's the purpose to get humanitarian aid to the people who are in eastern hutu or to get those people out i mean we have to keep in mind president putin is under tremendous pressure by the international community has been called today or yesterday about. a
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call in a phone call the conference call has been pressured to do something and the same time the situation that allows him to be to present himself as a peacemaker are are some at least somebody who provides for humanitarian relief so it's good it's a good good image thing for him as well what will would comes out of this temporary as he will have to see i haven't read anything about access point that i saw as a nation's non-governmental organizations which would be desperately needed and what does this tell us about the power of leather reporting right now in syria compared. to the power of the u.n. security council you know we get a unanimous vote over the weekend for a cease fire resolution and it is overtly openly ignored by iran turkey and syria i thought only i mean the president putin is calling the shots.
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and military terms as well as in political terms my point is not and present that president assad is everybody is doing everything more president putting tells him sometimes it's because to be the opposite but at the end of the given the international environment is here and conflict i think it's pretty obvious and has been emphasized of the last twenty four hours again that russia is in the driver's he won't talk about him e peaceful solution a lot of these containment. they often are fighting in the fight we talk about the syrian civil war there are so many fronts to our viewers you know there is this fighting in in eastern there are the iranians who are also there dealing with the israelis at the lebanese border and in northern syria we've got the kurds and the turks. can any cease fire early order from putin for that matter speak to all
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these parties and get them to at least stop for a day or so you know really right is just i mean if you will it will get used to the term civil war but actually what we have it's an internationalized internal conflict so you mentioned some of the internet like this are in turkey the united states russia saudi arabia not to forget and every bit every idea of a peace settlement has to satisfy every need and interest and all these actors not to mention the domestic ones the assad regime and all the head to routine is rebel groups and that explains it leads to a certain degree why it has been so complicated by the efforts of the united nations to come through to it to any fruitful conclusion markers come as always we appreciate your insights thank you you thank. aren't moving now to germany the chancellor angela merkel her conservatives have voted overwhelmingly in favor of
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entering a coalition government with the center left social democrats the s.p.d. will announce the results of their vote taken among all members next weekend or earlier merkel announced her picks for a new cabinet this is interesting most of the cabinet or the candidates are younger and there are more women an overwhelming majority of c.d.u. delegates voted in favor of a new grand coalition only twenty seven of more than nine hundred voted against it even so given the skepticism within the ranks of the party until america was at pains to sell the coalition agreement before the vote. do you know statistically the slogan that we've chosen for this coalition deal makes it clear we're looking for the right answers and drawing conclusions from the election results in a new start for europe. merkel's speech drew just over four minutes
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worth of polite applause that's comparatively little by the cd use standards of recent years many will interpret it as dissatisfaction with the chancellor and her poor showing in germany sped relection problematical is all too aware of. the good news in st this result is not at all what we were hoping for we all fought hard and we were all disappointed we want to do better next time. just have anything muddied up this obstinate. but many delegates fear that another coalition with the s.p.d. will do little to improve the conservatives poll ratings some even stood at the entrance to urge delegates to reject the grand coalition but the chancellor has moved to placate her opponents bringing against spawn one of her most outspoken critics into the cabinet and half of all her cabinet posts will be filled by women . facing the critics will be the task of the cd hughes future general secretary on
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a great comic con and by our she was elected by an overwhelming majority of american allies she promised to restore the party's prestige it is not about whether individuals shine and the c.d.u. it's about the party itself being brilliant we have to work for this we need your cooperation for this i ask for your trust. her speech by contrast through enthusiastic applause there was appreciation also for two ministers leaving office outgoing interior minister thomas de month. and health minister hammond go there the message the party leader on give america was clear the party may follow her but it's not quite convinced. and here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the u.s. president has suffered a setback after the supreme court rejected his bid to get it to intervene in the case of the dreamers there the children of illegal immigrants to the united states and they've been campaigning to be allowed to stay trumpets hope the supreme court
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would agree to consider the case without its having to go through lower courts first britain's opposition leader jeremy corbin has outlined a more flexible approach to immigration after it writes it compared to prime minister teresa mayes he said that his labor party would guarantee permanent residence for european union citizens living in britain and the right to bring their families to join them all these enjoy european nation of slovakia is in shock tonight after a young journalist and his girlfriend were found shot dead in their home twenty seven year old young who seok worked for a news website police believe that he was probably killed because of his work investigating corruption his last report examine financial transactions that were part of a political scandal last year the european union has demanded the pair's killers be brought to justice. well joining me on the phone now from
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slovakia's capital british lava is beyond by the govt she is the editor in chief of the country's biggest daily newspaper there summer it's good to have you with us police we understand believe that the pair were targeted because of his reporting can we confirm that anyone else have police said. yes the police probably suspects that that he most targeted because of his reporting and obviously mr coo to cover high politic o. corruption he cover stories like that see the asians by shady business i think probably because being. one of his recent reports absolutely to suspect kalyan mafia of being still for lackey a so basically there are a lot of very highly charged tories and which is also interesting that the
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government actually own first one million euro for any information beach helps to bring the killers to justice so it is really obvious that these murder makes out for the political alley because there is a lot of pressure from the journalistic community and the market as well if i can just ask you i understand that some of your colleagues worked closely with john quincy up however how have they reacted didn't. they they very shock and basically the whole day in the news room was was in the very very tense and very fiery atmosphere and basically of all major editors of all major papers signed a statement in we truly are calling on the government investigate this
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murder and not to just slightly under the carpet the are saying that we are actually called to look into the stories he started basically we want to make sure that that the stories we'll be continued and thoroughly investigated so the f.x. they will be evil or even. stronger because like many more turn out east you know continue. to be on too many ask you are you one of the country's most senior journalists do you have confidence that the police will follow up and do their job in this investigation. unfortunately i cannot really say that i have a full confidence but but we are going to go with a lot of pressure on the follies because if you will continue to explain the property and murder serious and by week. we have the exceeding.
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the crime unit to your journey sunday there will be explaining to people that actually. here i. mean actually we're going to have to wrap it up unfortunately we're out of time bianca delegate joining us tonight from brockton slava thank you very much thank you thank you. and your play with me back at the top of the hour with more world leaders. we make up of but we want time on the under twenty five we are the seventy something to say. they want to shape the continent's future it's hard to enjoy them stars as they share their stories their dreams and your challenge this is a seven percent platform for africa charting.


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