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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  February 27, 2018 11:02pm-11:30pm CET

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cheaper way to drive is diesel that was a law today a german court ruled in favor of cleaner air saying that all cities have the right to ban diesel vehicles tonight are we now on the fast track from dirty diesel to the death of diesel berlin this is the day. to have a car in the street the three. mistakes being made we regret them. in the federal government's plans for cleaner air must be enforced. by citing national guard have to breathe in all of these diesel emissions it's especially bad in winter when you feel like the city stinks. i think we have two weeks to see where the demand for diesel is going and for a patchwork of different regulations obviously confuse drivers. but i would say
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that it will come to a stop and sales. group so you should only take shallow breaths so that less poison ends up in your lungs. also coming up tonight i'll talk with the u.s. representative in syria waiting to deliver humanitarian aid to. close enough to see the fighting but not close enough to ease the suffering. we knew that we had to go in and help them out we know that the engine and wounded who need to be evacuated but we cannot go in when it's it's fighting is going on. or we begin the day with the devil in the details of diesel today a court in germany ruled that cities have the authority to ban diesel vehicles in order to reduce air pollution and environmental groups praised the ruling calling it a green victory and precedent setting for all of europe or germany's all the makers had a different take folks wagon saying it respects the ruling but finds it impossible
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to comprehend well there's plenty of disbelief to go around and consumers are still shaking their heads after a series of scandals all the involving car makers using software and pseudo science to lie about the health hazards of diesel emissions so today's ruling at first glance looks like the courts have given cities the power to clean up their air by kicking out diesel but not so fast in a moment i'll talk to one mayor who says it's time to clear the air about how to clean the air. at the moment most vehicles may be driven in germany cities regardless of what engine they have but following today's ruling cities with high levels of air pollution could opt to outlaw all but the most modern diesel engines a clear victory for the environmental group that initiated the legal action. today is a great day for clean air in germany we have fought for clean air for people in
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cities. for years the legal thresholds for air pollution have been surpassed in many german cities the nitrogen oxides emitted mainly by diesel cars are highly damaging to people's health the german government says the fumes are implicated in six thousand early deaths every year so many germans support a ban. on wonderful it's about time for the city center to just be made car free that would be super for man the things immediately there dirty water. many owners now fear they will no longer be able to drive in urban areas. of the fifteen million diesel cars in germany the ban could affect some nine million. many trucks and delivery vehicles could be banned as well as private cars. it's annoying so i'd have to take the train into town if i may not drive my car anymore if you once again it's a blow to the little guy who has no money. the german government is keen to prevent
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driving bans. trying to calm nerves and said cities will receive help to combat air pollution it's good i insist it is applies to individual cities where more needs to be done but this really does not affect the whole of germany or all car owners in germany i think it's important to make that clear today. there's still one way to prevent driving bans auto manufacturers could retrofit their diesel engines to make them cleaner experts say that is possible the costs might be high but the alternate . could be millions of angry customers not an attractive option for germany's carmakers either. of these city of dusseldorf has some of germany's most polluted air it was one of the cities sued by environmental action germany for repeatedly violating pollution limits of nitrogen oxides well the mayor of dusseldorf is thomas guys or he joins me tonight from dusseldorf good evening to you mr mayor so
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what does today's ruling mean for you will you now ban diesel vehicles from your city. well good evening well first of all it does not necessarily mean that we have to ban diesel cars i mean what the court has decided is that a ban on diesel cars is legally possible but it has to be implemented by maintaining what they call the proportionality principle that means only if a ban on diesel cars is the only efficient means to reach the threshold values for what is that nitrogen oxide as it is in english and nitrogen oxide only then it needs to be implemented what other means there are other officials what are more there are what are they i mean you were there the dirtiest air in germany so why not ban diesel engines that would seem to be the easiest the best solution for you. well the problem the main problem is that it is extremely
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difficult to administer and to enforce a ban on diesel cars i mean first of all i mean there are a couple of. streets that are actually affected that do not meet the threshold values and they need to be i mean you you need to ban diesel cars exactly on those streets of course you need to also establish sort of detours you know how people can get through the city from other means and the most the biggest problem is really it is in the moment it is impossible to identify cars without looking at the actual papers of the car so i mean you have to need you need to set up checkpoints where you control each and every car if you really want to efficiently enforce a ban on diesel cars which is as it i mean it's virtually impossible i would say it's extremely inefficient means because i mean you know if the cost and the effect
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is proportional mr mayor who do you feel is responsible we do you feel why. do you feel like the old industry has been like absolutely i mean who as you know i mean you know it i mean that is the worst thing you know i mean the cities are affected by a ban on these of course they need to administer it and. you know the diesel drivers i mean they they basically they they they have to bear the brunt of such a thing which has been cost and this should not be forgotten and has been cost by the automotive industry which has produced cars that pollute more than they claim they do and it has also been cost by the federal government who is responsible to set up the threshold values off you know off. the cars you know that are admitted good public traffic and apparently they have failed to do their job and now basically it is it is the cities and it's the consumer it's the diesel car
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driver who basically has to. has to one deal with it the government to deal with it and you know i mean what we are going to do is big consequences of what this have done wrong we know this is going to be expensive and we know that you know you've said that it's something that you could do now because of this ruling let me ask you before we run out of time do you want a diesel in your city. no i don't want it i think what we them much more efficient means i mean we in this little we clearly put emphasis on public transportation we believe that the individual car should not be the means of transportation off choice in in the in the cities i mean they're much more efficient means of transportation by the way the bicycle is the means of transportation inducement over with the highest growth rate and that is the emission free that is modern and i think this is this is the strategy we need to pursue and then there guys the
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problem diesel car it will resolve itself all right we are we're out of time tonight but we want to thank you for taking the time to talk with us thomas guy's old the mayor of dusseldorf thank you mr mayor thanks i think. turkey has opened another one were of words with a european governments after a court in the czech republic refused to extradite a prominent syrian kurdish leader salim muslim walked free today from a hearing in the czech capital prague after the court found no reason to hold him the former head of the kurdish people idea was arrested on sunday on an interpol notice from turkey mr muslim is wanted in turkey on terrorism charges related to a twenty sixteen car bombing in on corrupt. the decision has drawn ire from longer at turkey's foreign minister slammed the decision to free mr muslim calling it a scandal turkey's deputy prime minister has accused the czech republic the czech
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court of supporting terrorism. this ruling is against international law. and it is against the european convention on extradition. clearly this ruling shows support for terrorist organizations. and this ruling will have negative effects on relations between turkey and the czech republic. well more reaction from turkey we're joined now by our correspondent dorian jones who's on the story for us tonight from istanbul good evening to you dorian and so i have to ask you did turkey and we know they're angry but did they really expect an extradition today. well if you speak them officially they said yes they say this is was a critical test of one of its nato allies in the was the turkish prime minister been the yield room and once again a european country has failed in its commitment to fighting terrorism but behind
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the scenes i think that there was they was little hope that there would be a chance of selling muslim being extradited to turkey there was talk of some possible deal being raised we check before it is to check nationals that are being held in the turkish jail after being convicted of being linked to this syrian kurdish militia the y.p. with turkey considers a terrorist organization that they could be exchanged in. a muslim being sent back to i think there was little expectation even thought would succeed i'm not think the turkish prime minister also gave insight into how uncle was thinking he said whatever the result is he said that the fact that saudi muslim has been detained he said that is an indication that in his what any terror leader is no longer free to travel for a year europe with impunity and so i think in many ways are considering is the victory the fact is that a muslim was actually brought to court and detained in the first place although we
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also have to point out that he is a good for you know i we don't know was whereabouts but we also know that he is a free man in europe tonight we know that turkey says that mr muslim is a terrorist or suspected terrorist so what does the government what does it base its allegations on. well we've any evidence from. this they just say the fact the muslim was the head of the p y d which is the political wing of this militia the y p g which is fighting in syria is a key ally of the united states from on christmas break that they say it's linked to the kurdish rebel group the p.k. k. which has been fighting a decades long insurgency inside turkey now what i'm calling to report to turkish reports is that they are saying that there was this deadly car bombing in the capital on current twenty sixteen which killed over thirty people injured schools more now they blamed that on a suicide attack of
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a member of the syrian kurdish militia the white peachy and i think by by the fact that sally muslim was the head of its political wing at the time that directly links him to the attack now has to be said that the both the p y d and the y. p.g. militia have denied any involvement in that attack they strongly dispute that they were involved in any way linked to the insurgency inside but from our own crisp especially if they have strong evidence from their point of view that links this militia to that attack and therefore links ali muslim cell now has to be said the fact that the czech court dismisses case and the fact of the muslim has been travelling for europe meets with high level european union officials and of also u.s. officials and it has to be pointed out a few years ago he was coming to istanbul and ankara to have talks of turkish officials in the early days of the syrian civil war and turkey in some point and he cooperated with turkish authorities in helping the move a very important monument inside syria to
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a kurdish region on the safer control so one time sadly muslim with a man the uncle was doing business with and i think this is an indication of how bad relations have collapse of turkey's relations with kurds both in turkey and in the region as a whole i mean it's important that you bring that up during bigby because if mr muslim if you still in europe what does. i mean been for relatives or for political friends in northern syria. region we know that turkish forces are there now do you get the sense that. you have some sort of revenge could be attempted to make a point or maybe even to punish mr muslim for not coming in back to turkey voluntarily well i think of the concerns about his security and it has to be said turkey that turkey should justice minister reiterated the fact the turkey's put a one million dollars bounty on the head of salim was that they say for his return to turkey it's not clear whether that is dead or alive but officials have put this
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very large amount of money on him they've done this. leading figures within the the kurdish rebel group the p.k. k. insite many of those have been killed in world war in return for that war now and i think there will be a great deal of concern going forward about this now that it's only following through the little legal process is the traditional approach is that it insists it has no intention of doing any founding thinking telling muslim but there will be concerns going forward about this than the fact that al gore is taking increasingly hard line against the syrian kurdish militia inside turkey and do consider him a number one terrorist. of course by the dorrian jones on the story for us tonight from istanbul story and as always thank you very much. still to come on the day a nazi era churchill but striking a sour note we'll tell you why the locals in a german village are divided over whether a swastika has a place in a church bell tower.
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well yet another attempt to stop the fighting in syria long enough to help civilians has failed first it was a u.n. cease fire passed last weekend that all sides are ignoring today a russian ordered five hour pause in the shelling in eastern damascus lasted no rush accuses rebels in the besieged enclave of launching attacks but the u.s. says it was russian backed syrian forces who kept showing the rebels at the end of the day no way it was delivered and those civilians were able to get out. today the skies of eastern were supposed to fold silent but a five hour humanitarian pause brought little relief to besieged residents in the rebel held on klav strikes were reported during the polls and observers say that syrian government won't planes resumed their bombing as soon as it ended. but we
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pray to god for help what kind of ceasefire is this without a toxin. humanitarian corridors set up to allow residents to leave and to enter went largely unused rebels claim people are refusing to leave on buses out of fear of being captured by government forces. were meant to pick up the wounded from eastern and take them to the clinic in the suburbs of damascus on humanitarian grounds. syria's ally russia accused the rebels of preventing people from leaving and blamed them for failing to uphold the truce ordered by president vladimir putin. the militants are intensively shelling the a not a single civilian escape to the. humanitarian corridor going to do it all moscow's plan falls short of the thirty day cease fire which was passed by the united nations but it's yet to take effect hate groups are still waiting to deliver desperately needed supplies so imagine. that you have aid being
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able to be there is that we can't imagine it's really getting the first thing for the people and the residents of eastern can do little to clear up the rubble and hope to morris pause brings real release. or earlier i spoke to sergeant malique he is the u.n.h.c.r. syria representative in damascus and i began by asking him if he could confirm those reports that no one was able to leave eastern huta and that no wave was delivered we were not able to deliver aid today. we are not sure if anyone came out . but to be have been trying our best to make sure that there is a stop in fighting the bombs start falling stop falling and the guns stop silent so that we can go in and deliver aid to these people who are in desperate need inside and to do you know mr mali where the fighting came from i mean we've got the russians saying that it was the rebels who started launching an attack we've got
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the americans saying that the russians were starting i mean what did you what were your people able to see what we would not be able to comment on that we only see the skies and we only had the sounds and we only see the impact of such. fighting that is going on from inside from the group so from different parties to this crisis we can hear what's happening in there because we are not far from that location and sometimes even see smoke coming out of those areas so we know that there is no cause which was the basic fact of this all security council resolution that they have a pause but the eighty days that pause is not there yet. and i can imagine it must be very frustrating for you you're that close that you can actually see you know you can see eastern hutto from your window if you were and yet this ceasefire that was authorized by the u.n. still hasn't taken place deeply frustrating and you know inside the situation is is
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tragic we have been in there a few weeks ago to a place. we saw hundred kids we saw be saw my bears in the basements trying to give some comfort and some food whatever is left for them to the kids we knew that we had to go in and help them out we know that the injured and wounded who need to be evacuated we have a bigger house is full of supplies we have one and he is on standby but he cannot go in when when it's it's fighting is going on it takes time to offload a convoy is we have to go in sometimes the conway's and huge thirty forty fifty trucks and they cannot be offloaded in five hours so this five hours almost is not enough for us to deliver assistance it's a peaceful time and we have to have a total of thirty days ceasefire as we had asked for the security council resolution so if five hours are not enough for you if we see another attempt at this pause i understand that maybe another one will come tomorrow in your opinion
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then will it just be a wasted effort. well i eat it's the fact of the matter is that we have been delivering aid to these locations for many many years unfortunately now and these conway's that go in takes twenty thirty thirty five hours for us to be in there offloading supplies in garages in basements and shops invent ever be confined places to offload these things there is no systematic place in there that we can offload things in warehouses machines and equipment this is all done manually and to offload thousands of mythic tons of supplies in our simply not possible for us to do what mr ali i'm just i'm trying to understand if you've got the experience you know how much time you need we're trying to understand why would russia then order a five hour pause in fighting knowing that that's not enough time for any humanitarian aid to be delivered we one be able to comment on that nor be one understand that it was our requests through the security council to have lost what they did is we
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needed a minimum of thirty days is isa quote that it's a free which is equally destitute is need of assistance as well there is for this good friday or there's rock brook mom there any of that need assistance and we can't just be delivering aid on fire hours bases we need total cessation of hostilities for thirty days for us to be able to deliver assistance but also then help it recreate the injured and wounded from those areas so it's on my legs the u.n.h.c.r. country representative for syria mr ali we understand you're working under extremely difficult circumstances we appreciate your time tonight thank you. thank you. it is a scene that plays out numerous times every day sometimes every hour in towns and cities across germany the ringing of church bells but what to do when reporters discover that a church bell still in use bears a nazi swastika tonight we take you to a small community giving voice to
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a chorus of dissonance unable to agree for whom the bell tolls it's. out of sight out of mind since one thousand nine hundred thirty four a bellum blazoned with a swastika and the words everything for the fatherland has been charming from the church of sent jacob's belfry. since german television reported on the bells several months ago the town has come under pressure to remove it or put it in a museum but now the local council has decided to keep the bell this despite fears it could become a pilgrimage site for neo nazis. i do with the local. museum in a museum it would really attract people like that that come to take selfies in front of the swastika that can't happen here in. the church's long time organised secret pitas says that for years she knew nothing about the hitler bell she says she was
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appalled when she found out about it see existence that. this balance dedicated to a mass murderer because in measurable human suffering all across europe and this ballad called the faithful to worship i misquote distances. when the story first broke many people were shocked by the affection some people have for the bell . it makes such a lovely sound it's not the bells fault again with the bell that's history. i believe it's one of only three bells in the country that carries this inscription and that's something to be proud of. this statement ultimately caused roland becker to resign as mayor his words were condemned by the central council of jews in germany and he quit to avoid being removed from his party he was replaced by gulag velika
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a retired pastor who ran on the promise that he would keep the bell having gained national notoriety far right protestors turned out to rally to keep it as have opponents calling for the bill to be removed the event jelly called church of the polenta night has offered to pay for the bill to be replaced however the town council says these funds could be better used to renovate the church. tomorrow is another day we'll see the. move. to. the be.
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the mood. among the oscar nominees these europeans have the best chances. in the category best documentary feature places places like the movie god french filmmaker on his side of the street artist j. ohn next big star crossroad things have a shot at winning you know fingers crossed you never know. what's good for us our series your moments we're going to go from.
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the feeling to driving the difference. with the ex. logan has expanded and see the ray machine the big deal. the function of classics the fact that his now book has moved and he likes to do multiple just now for long. sixty minutes. but dortmund show good lights in the biggest favor team so we've got all the best goals we've got to go before this league right here. keep it is the home of the football field theory it's every man. going to sleep every weekend here on t.w. . the freedom of expression. a value that always has to be defended
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a new. all over the world are two of freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot com or the freedom. of. greetings from the german capital once again and welcome to our latest edition and we've got life style and culture up to the rafters so let's get started with these topics.


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