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this is deja news coming to you live from berlin civil country they have gone president makes an appeal to the bali bomb to end sixteen years of war and peace talks the offer comes as civilian casualties mount could this be a turning point in the conflict also coming up. briggs if they go see a hands on billions of draft treaty on the block upcoming break with the u.k. but it's already been rejected by britain because of what it says about northern ireland could the problems be briggs's on doing. and the german government plays
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down the prospect of a ban on diesel cars in the nation's cities but the pressure is growing on the country's spiled industry to change it its ways and take action. plus in the next sixty minutes a temporary truce for a second day in syria monitoring groups say there were clashes before the russian ordered ceasefire which saw the syrian forces advance into the rebel held on cable . but still no sign of civilians using a designated humanitarian corridor to leave. and the silent revolution is a film set in the mid fifty's germany that tells the story of the school chaos and the silent protest that led to unexpected consequences robin better from a culture desk will join me for more on that. easy.
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helen a very warm welcome to you i'm cheema of gone president of gunnies or offered peace talks to the taliban during a conference into green stability to the region it's part of his attempts to end an insurgency that began after the u.s. led ouster of the taliban in two thousand and one to the taliban are not taking part in today's conference ghani offered the militant group the possibility of political recognition if we accepted his species offer and the of gun constitution and the prison guard he also reached out to neighboring pakistan which has been accused of providing a safe haven for taliban militants. now the move amidst reports that pakistani officials are preparing the forced return of millions of guns who've sought refuge that some have lived in pakistan all their lives correspondent now she sent us this exclusive report. shavar pakistan more than
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a million of hundred fiji's have crowded into the city close to the afghan border many of them have fled the war leaving the country to keep it and used to work as a teacher lost five children are all in school being forced to leave is the last thing he wants from what is my parents and grandparents are buried here and i can visit their graves whenever i want. my friends from school and university are all here my life is here and i wonder how can i just leave everything in a few months if the government just allows us to stay to continue our jobs we could live in peace there are nearly one and a half million registered afghan refugees in pakistan and many more living here illegally. all of them have been told they have to leave the country by march thirty first previously the government had assured their legal status for at least a year this most recent deadline has come amid increasingly hostile relations between kabul and islamabad pakistan says the presence of on refugees is not only
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a drain on resources but is also a way for terrorists to infiltrate the country from across the border there of. about thirty percent of the caps seventy percent of the outside. of bridges city is dog ships. which we should be able to check as to who. is to disprove his so we will start out with. really where it will push the boat and. that of the understand has recently seen a wave of deadly attacks even c.-span for the safety of those who return u.n. officials also see the repatriation of so many refugees is an unrealistic cost to undertake by this latest deadline they're hoping talks with the government may help them buy time. any returns from pakistan. will have significant humanitarian
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impact. our challenges. in some places are a situation reduce satisfactorily. issues. education livelihood challenges you know what is not. so these are the challenges. which needs to be addressed and the international community should try to do what they meant assistance you know wonder so. some political commentators suggest that holding the feet of refugees in the balance is one of pakistan's bargaining chips when dealing with diplomatic pressure and while many refugees like fear they are being used as political pawns they have no choice but to accept their life in limbo as another deadline ticks down. on that report by journalist notion of blushing now joins me live from the pakistani capital islamabad no she is it likely that afghan refugees may go back voluntarily for example demanding a report and that's
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a lot but that doesn't want to go back. absolutely the official statements have been that. from the government and you. can the. entirety and with dignity however when i spoke to refuse on the ground story is different just like you saw with it is the most of them pakistan is the only country that they've ever seen that been on hand it children i had a studying they had dreams and hopes for their children in this country so it seems very difficult at the moment and a lot of refugees feel like going back to afghanistan is a very difficult option in some areas security is not good and cannot make opportunities us and why augusten stepping up efforts to send back a scan refugees now. so there are many elements to this this isn't something
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that's happened overnight pakistan has been working on this that had actually planned. also now pakistan is fears also that many afghan refugees won't return because it's been so many years on the other hand aid for refugees is drying up in the by asked went to go back to atlanta sunday would get four thousand bees and now they're getting two thousand of these on their return but you can't ignore the fact that there is a lot of international pressure the u.s. accuses pakistan of harboring. organizations like the network and members of the. but on the other hand backing stan says that these refugee camps are police where terrorists can be recruited and in some cases it's been reported that some terrorists have been found in these camps so there are all these elements that lee however pakistan is taking it very seriously now so what other humanitarian implications of this for pause return of gun refugees. well the
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humanitarian situation is that of course it is an overwhelming situation there is a deadline of march thirty first there are about one point four million refugees either the registered ones and the understood ones are approximately a million so sending all these refugees back within this deadline is a very overwhelming challenging and difficult situation and it can be felt it is being felt by the agencies this isn't something that that they were hoping would had they were hoping that there would be an extension and that's yet to be seen but at the moment it seems like a very it's it seems like a mammoth problem to the agencies right a bus in islamabad thank you very much for being us up to date on the situation with afghan refugees in pakistan. let me not being your date with some other stories making news around the wild us president donald trump's an indoor child now
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has reportedly been stripped of his top level security clearance had got into them permission to receive top secret information in his room as a white house senior advisor but now christian is said to be one of several aides whose clearance was downgraded. jerusalem's church of the holy sepulcher one of christianity is the most holy sites has reopened after a three to close year to protest against an israeli tax plan the iconic church is considered the site of the crucifixion of jesus israeli officials suspended a move to impose taxes on church properties in the holy city. you're watching the news coming up ahead a key different break that the e.u. publishes a first draft of the terms under which the u.k. will leave the e.u. but britain says it's unacceptable. but first monica joins me with business news that a landmark court ruling
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a job descriptive fair bit of confusion on the battle of disney yes yes huge confusion everywhere on greet commuter companies whole newness of polities they're all grappling with yesterday's called ruling that opens the door to banning diesel cars from in the cities now the move of course aims to lower harmful emissions and improve air quality but small businesses in particular whose diesel powered utility vehicles are essential to keeping their operations running hoping for exceptions. the idea of small can normally conjures up notions of bustling capitals but lynn is just one of seventeen german cities notorious for breaking legal air pollution limits could city centers across the country soon be no go areas for millions of cars. over in frankfurt used car dealer marcelled l r ball is only too aware of the diesel problem his yard is full of cars
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waiting for buyers the main difference between them one type sells well the other doesn't. as an american the prize or the last year prices have been falling dramatically along with demand in some cases demand has fallen by ninety percent the prices have come and i reckon about twenty five percent. what's happened today it means prices will go down again we'll have to see how things develop i think sales will come to a standstill. that's and for i in fact stop. carmakers marketed diesels as the environmentally friendly choice they burn less fuel per mile and emit less carbon dioxide no wonder one in three cars on german roads is a diesel car owners rely on them to get to work businesses for regular deliveries. manufacturers are confident a general ban on diesel cars will never materialise the car industry lobby group v
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d f a says even partial measures could be damaging. to. the decisions problem is that different cities could have differing regulation and that this concerns us because a patchwork of different regulations in place that would obviously confuse trials. and that's why we hope for a reasonable nationwide regulation. diesels will stay your job in the streets from now whether they'll be restricted in some fashion is another matter. now while germany grapples with the fallout from a possible a diesel ban in cities china is taking action for more on that i'm joined by andrea hang in singapore andria china knows the problem of air pollution better than most countries and that is why beijing is pushing new automotive technology what impact
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has this effort has so far on everyday roache traffic it has indeed monica china has already made up more than fifty percent of global sales of electric vehicles and it's doubled the number in china in twenty seventeen and whether or not the hazard direct result or not on road traffic at the moment in china. there are reports seeing that a lot of the elect a lot of this is credited to electric vehicle sales and they have it has reduced traffic by up to fifty the said also do you do the numerous incentives in programs available to car bias market particularly the. category and this is china is where a lot of people buy more people buy new vehicles than anywhere else in the world diverse state by g.d.p. underpins this but also at the same time points to the amount of immense pressure that the chinese automakers i feel seem to be stay in of the this and remain
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competitive in the chinese market that being seen because like ford and v.w. have already flown by joint ventures in china with factories being set up there even iran must himself has had its sights set his sights on building a factory then ok a day off i think somebody is calling you andrea hang joining us via skype from singapore thank you so much for this. well deutsche bank has agreed to pay another two hundred forty million dollars to settle a two thousand and eleven lawsuit in the u.s. accusing it of manipulating the libel benchmark interest rate germany's biggest bank is the third after citi group and barclays to resolve claims by investors including the city of baltimore and yale university door she denied any wrongdoing but settled to avoid the risks of destruction of litigation georgia has already paid four billion dollars to resolve libel claims life of course is used by banks
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to said rates on hundreds of trillions of dollars of transactions. and with that right over to dahlia corp in frankfurt and i hope daniel can hear me already there is investors there also have to digest fresh economic data i believe inflation in the euro zone slow to one point two percent in february i think that won't please the european central bank. no it's not going to please the e.c.b. it also won't make mario draghi the head of the e.c.b. very happy at all his goal is to keep the inflation rate at a level of two percent for the eurozone next week there's going to be a meeting off the e.c.b. here taking place in frankfurt just a few blocks from where we are and we can be very sure that not too many changes off the monetary policy of the e.c.b. will be announced there has been this rumor and many have asked for that for a long time that we might see by the end of two thousand and eighteen accomplis stop of the bond purchasing program this was already had reduced in the last last
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month from sixty billion euros a month to only thirty billion euros a month but most likely regarding interest rates we're not going to hear anything new here at all ok i believe the markets aren't to happy today either and that's because the u.s. fed is expected to increase rates several times this year. yes exactly investors were closely monitoring the words of mr powell the new head off the fed even though he has been working for a long time the fed already under the leadership of his previous hazar janet yellen we don't still know really too much in which direction he will be leading the fed yesterday's investors told me that even though the u.s. economy is booming that it's going to be a rather slow process for interest rate hikes in the united states but yet he was very clear and many investors interpreted his words that we might see three possible even four interest rate hikes this year rumors about high interest rates
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have created some chaos lately already at stock markets all around the world i get the feeling that investors don't like interest rates in france thank you so much for this. and there is good news for german homicide because jayanta by the european commission has dropped tens that it's proposed to take a well off u.s. rival months could get the go ahead after a weight off more than a year deal has been making regulators around the world pretty nervous. the u.s. food and drug administration has threatened to take buyer products off the market they're the regulator says production process is a buyers older medications have been substandard since january two thousand and seventeen c.e.o. brianna bowman is tackling the problem but buyer has had to set aside several hundred million euros to cushion the effects of any sales or production shortfalls the company is also spending a fortune buying up u.s. herbicide and seed manufacturer monsanto the deal came with
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a price tag of fifty five billion euros to be funded largely from equity and bond issues. buyer is also having to shed assets from its crop science division such as seed production to allay competition authorities fears and thirty countries all of them have to give their blessing to the deal the european commission's verdict is expected in april. right now buyers biggest project is the monsanto takeover. so it's also under pressure from the f.d.a. to modernize. and breaks it offers its own potential challenges. after britain leaves the e.u. it will become harder to license medications in the e.u. and in britain but by our can at least fall back on bulging coffers and it performed well in two thousand and seventeen like most of germany's chemical and
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pharmaceutical companies two thousand and eighteen is also expected to be a good year and that would be good for buyers hundred thousand global employees as well who all benefit from the company's profit sharing scheme. well the big break sick the struggle for a common foreign policy and persisting economic inequality the e.u. has numerous internal struggles to deal with nevertheless countries still want to join the bloc now the head of the european commission is currently visiting countries like macedonia or serbia and montenegro south eastern european nations that have been given the prospect of the coming you name bus and one challenge they are facing is bringing their economies up to speed but that's something hard to do when many of the brightest minds prefer to leave this is no simple change of address from the arena stefano the twenty five year old isn't just moving down the road she's heading approach to austria she's finished her training as
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a vascular surgeon now she wants to turn have qualification in to money. first i want to bring america. when i finish my studies graduate marina's packing her portrait along with her german dictionary it's a past tens of thousands in the region of taking unable to find work at home they go abroad once working there they support their families back home their remittances are astoundingly high making up as much as ten percent of serbians g.d.p. it's similar in neighboring bosnia highly qualified young people are attending german classes here they want to head out as well two thirds of under twenty four year olds have no job tens of thousands leave each year to the disappointment of bosnian companies. many companies complain because their best people are going abroad. look at the artery sector adopters good workers etc
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people simply feel this is not an environment where they can see themselves with their families in the long term. this is something that worries me especially. even if there were jobs available here students know they get more pay and recognition abroad. there are simply no opportunities for me to show my knowledge. i finished university but i can't find a job in my profession. so i decided to requalify and live in a society that appreciates my hard work and performance. that's why the d.n.a. reggie applied to the bosnian labor agency for assistance to move abroad germany is desperate for nurses so now the qualified lawyer has trained to do that instead. in croatia many commemorate their departure in the bus station while in serbia the journey into a new life often starts by train south eastern european countries just losing
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a few young people there losing pretty much an entire generation. all right i think you talk about a country now that is still in the e.u. but is desperate to leave that's right monica it is britain now the e.u. has long has. unveiled i'm watching dissipated draft briggs' a treaty that threatens to trigger a new arguments with britain on key issues sunday and i go sit in we should bania was very very off while presenting the hundred twenty page draft a short while ago in brussels he warns london time was running out soon. so if we wish to make a success of base negotiations and i certainly do we must pick up the pace. on the thirtieth of march twenty ninth in thirteen months in thirteen months the
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u.k. will no longer be a member state of the european union says. that is what very wanted and on that day we need to have organized its withdrawal in an orderly fashion. so that was michel barnier talking a short while ago in brussels let me now draw in a big mass in london welcome big don't really want to talk about significant points of disagreement what is the main stumbling block from the british perspective. well the main stumbling block is the border in northern ireland where reason may have said it absolutely there can be no. call it can't be the case that northern ireland stays in the customs union as the e.u. proposes and case there is no other grim and so this proposal by the e.u. has really enraged great city is here in the u.k. they call is ludicrous they compare it to an annexation even by the e.u.
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all of northern ireland so forth this is such a big stumbling block but of course it's something that we should have seen coming because it's something that already has been hinted at when to resume was in brussels in the last december this is already something that was discussed and wasn't resolved and now well now they really have to find a solution and that's going to be difficult and because in fact british province of terrorism has been talking about this issue and plans for all that and describing them as unacceptable let's have a listen to what she's been saying. the draft legal tracks the commission have published good if implemented undermine the u.k. common market and threaten the constitution integrity of the u.k. by creating a customs and regulator reported on the irish sea and no u.k. prime minister could ever agree to it. already been making it crystal clear to president and others that we will never do so. so the tough stance from british
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prime minister turner is a meet the biggest minus what exactly was agreed on regarding the irish border back in december he said if there is no other solution for the question of northern ireland that then there will be a regulator really realignment between the e.u. and northern ireland so if this is something that they have promised but now it comes due to really putting it into writing and now it open up the can of worms for not for northern ireland it's. it's really a very tricky situation because you've got one almost one half of the community of the people there who feel very strongly aligned to the south of the republic of ireland and then you've got another almost half of the population who feel very strongly aligned to the u.k. so where is going to be the border the bridge city is a promising there doesn't have to be a hard border but at the same time if you do take northern ireland out of the customs union the have to be some border checks so syriza may is
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a very very difficult position when it comes to northern ireland drive to begin must still a lot of undeserved issues thank you very much for joining us from london for your perspective on the draft treaty for briggs it. you're watching the news coming up ahead the silent revolution hits job in cinemas this week it's a film set in the mid fifty's in germany and tells the story of a. class on this silent protest that led to unexpected consequences robin miller from our culture desperate join me for more on that. and of the do you know of his good deed every news on the go just download a after moving clip all from the apple store to give you access to all the latest news from around the wild as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use a d.w.i. after send us photos and videos which you think might be off interest to us.
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of course you can also follow us on twitter and on facebook in a round the clock i don't website that c w dot com real small coming up you're watching deja vu news live from berlin and i see you again shortly. this morning. in the control of trump. trip by employing seventeen don't come on the jobs in six we are taking landscapes on public street.
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to church to come to the phone. to stop the storms he made a point. a new car represent to. me architect of east germany's public. declaimed and if i had my way. east germany would still be. master. here which you know. starting march thirteenth t.w. . the. scars from. the pain still tangible. to cities edge but. they have survived do they also have
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a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something good in peace time more of the people making it possible what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance of. darkness city's after war starting march tenth on t w. you're watching. live from above and i'm going to have your company story of gone president has appealed to the taliban to end sixteen years of war and peace till he made the offer at interview still peace conference on monday the taliban asked for
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direct talks with the u.s. but just so far refused to speak to the afghan government. and turning now to syria where a second day for a second day a temporary truce ordered by russia failed to create a window for humanitarian relief in eastern hotel. a suburb of damascus a macho group says a barrage of airstrikes proceeded the ceasefire pushing forward the advance of syrian government troops on the outskirts of the rebel stronghold they've also been reports of ground battles during the os of the truce was supposed to still be in effect and yet no sign of civilians evacuating or aid getting through. the skies over eastern ghouta was supposed to fall silent but a five hour humanitarian pause brought little relief to besieged residents in the rebel held enclave strikes were reported during the pools and observers say that syrian government will planes resume the bombing as soon as it ended. up
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when we pray to god for help what kind of ceasefire is this without attacks and barrel bombs. humanitarian corridors set up to allow residents to leave aides to enter went largely unused rebels claim people are refusing to leave on buses out of fear of being captured by government forces. and i bought a play i'm not here meant to pick up the wounded from eastern guta and take them to the clinic in the suburbs of damascus on humanitarian grounds. you know much of the . syria's ally russia accused the rebels of preventing people from leaving and blame them for failing to uphold the truce ordered by president putin. but that's not how the u.s. state department sees it. russia is certainly not hearing to this cease fire they're not adhering to the cease fire because they continue to sponsor and back ashar all assad's government that is tragic as a result of that we are seeing innocent civilians and you've all seen the video
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many of you are parents you have seen the children who are suffering and dying you've seen the innocent people doing that aid groups are still waiting to deliver desperately needed supplies so i imagine. that you have aid being able to. but there is that we can imagine it's really getting department for the people and. the residents of east to use a brief lull in the fighting to clear the rubble and hope the next pool's brings real relief. let me down draw indeed correspondent out into to in moscow oh welcome our not quite clearly this is a five hour daily choose is not working in eastern accrued and now that even reports that militia backed by the syrian government have ended who till and this fighting going on if this development is confirmed what we what would be russia's position on it well they would be rather unlikely to condemn it in to strike stark terms you have to remember russia actually maintains the
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position that the syrian government forces aren't responsible for violating the cease fire in eastern huta they argue that it is purely islamist backed rebel groups who are responsible for on the shelling we've seen arguing that they're attempting to prevent civilians from leaving the area the russian government claims that the rebel groups hope to use these civilians as human shields and you also have to remember that russia has from the get go argue that despite any ceasefire attempts and agreements that the assad government should have the right to continue to move against what both assad and the kremlin say are islam is backed. terror groups that they refer to specifically as terrorists and say that they shouldn't be considered part of the typical politically motivated rebels they also fought for that type of language to be introduced into the u.n. peace for a peace resolution but rather a cease fire deal which was passed last weekend and they didn't meanwhile that the
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russian foreign minister sergei lavrov has been speaking to the human rights council in geneva let's take a listen to what he had to say that. russia together with the syrian government has already announced the establishment of humanitarian corridors in eastern guta now it is the turn of the militants and their sponsors to act the militants who continue shelling damascus blocking a delivery and the evacuation of those wishing to leave we call upon the members of the so-called american coalition to ensure the same humanitarian access to the areas in syria under their control. so we have a lover of their. kili blaming the rebels for the bombing which is at the begin this season asking. the u.s. and its allies to put pressure on the rebels so there's usually a blame game has started between the two sides where do you think this would lead well in the short term i doubt we'll see any real move on the political side as you
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said this is the typical blame game where russia and the forces that russia supports say that it's actually the u.s. backed rebel groups who are responsible for the vast majority the lion's share of the violence and this is actually kind of a play we've seen often and in the syrian conflict where before a larger cease fire actually takes and it takes in effect the syrian forces backed by assad and also the russian military strikes are kind of used to change the facts on the ground before general cease fire started so at least in the short term i doubt we'll see any real motion on this issue are in tilton in moscow thank you very much for that. now at the end of last year a russian president announced that he would start drawing troops from syria russian as strikes like those. in the country's north made a major role in turning the tide in favor of bashar assad's government forces
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a total number of russian troops who've served in syria remains unclear but in december russia's defense minister said forty eight thousand soldiers had gained combat experience there since the beginning of the mission the total number of russians a fourth in syria is likely to be much higher than that they are thought to be many russian mustard is fighting alongside will soon forces. travel to a smaller town in the euros which reportedly saw a number of looking men join a private military company. it's about as far as you can get from syria and yet here in the russian town of kid the people are waiting for news about seven locals who reportedly went to fight in syria they allegedly worked as mercenaries which is illegal in russia the topic is sensitive many people here say they know nothing about the man who was the who in fact we are repeatedly met with rejection and kids this building is home to the mother of one of the fighters she had agreed to speak
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to us about her son but canceled the interview after being told her son had been killed. a local gives us the address of the wife of another mercenary when we tried to speak to her she insists she is someone else but she also warns none of us is going to talk to you. just like the relatives of the mercenaries the russian government has largely kept silent about them and even denied their existence the foreign ministry took over a week to respond after a recent airstrike reportedly killed up to two hundred russians which. reports about the death of dozens and hundreds of russian citizens. it's a classic case of descent from a ship according to preliminary data we could be talking about the death of five people presumably russian citizens as a result of an armed clash because of which we are currently investigating. analyst yon but i need ski thinks the russian government is using mercenary groups
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to keep official military losses low. which you want to look at because this strategy is beneficial for the russian government because it can show it's doing its job but just like the americans and the british russia can say those aren't our soldiers no soldiers have died but yet we don't know who these people are. ask whoever sent them there are but. in the run up to the presidential elections news about the death of russian soldiers is inconvenient for the government here even from good they're all over this small town in the year olds seven men reportedly joined a private russian military company to fight in syria the town's population is just over two thousand although no relatives wanted to talk on camera other residents were willing to speak about the man but. he was a good boy he wasn't a thug who didn't care about anything he was
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a good boy maybe he wanted to earn money towards an apartment there's not much work here to. buy you i think the government is behind all of this it's not like these guys just decided to go there themselves that just went someone must have sent them. but. it's not clear when and if the men in syria will return ticket they're all there for now the town and the government are both keeping their silence. following the story i'm joined by military analysts. in moscow was to fill in all of their reports in the russian media saying russians. are fighting on officially in syria what do you know about these fighters. oh world these are kind of contractors. will the first such contractors appear that actually in
3:40 pm
syria before the russian the official mil military began from the year thirteen there are some reports of some kind of slavic or taking part but that was more woke e now there's quite a sizable presence there apart because after the first months and maybe the first year of the syrian campaign it became obvious that russia needs ruah of both some kind of the ground force so that's why because you woke owes the assad people the pro reigne and militias russian military could not that sure give them orders and it was believed that they are not acting well enough to capitalize on the successful bombing russian campaign so full of lies beard that so many of them were talking there's a lot of these contractors other private companies who are recruiting people as so
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what must the reason to be deployed in seen in areas of conflict yes and there's a big difference with the american contractors who were very much the board in afghanistan in iraq there they had they were kind of on contract with the state department as guards they guarded they train that they guard officials they guarded installations but they were not crack. attack infantry or artillery or tank units but the here the russian contractors yes they do some guarding duties and some training duty's but they're also used as crack a combat units and that is that the mission friends they go there to fight in in some cases have now is the russian government involved in and the victory two thousand of these mysteries and their deployment.
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officially not but there being credible reports that before going to syria they had there's a training camp in the north caucasus and it is actually a military training camp of russian special forces and in syria they are of course have a kind of separate line of command they are their patron apparently is mr pretty garson who's the known and the kremlin courtis because there are some some actually there are some problems between the regular military and these contractors from time to time but more or less they're doing the same job and it's clear that they're under patronage from people close to putin now reports say that the russian foreign minister lavrov is demanding the legalize ation of these private troops why well he didn't demand he said maybe it would be a good idea do we go eyes them but i'm not seeing that happening any time soon
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there was some kind of legislation in the russian parliament in the duma but they last produced by a small opposition farty and apparently it won't actually become law for the ruling party to produce some kind of legislation maybe it will happen some day but right down apparently everyone is more o.s.i. happy with the kind of ambiguity of exists right now and these are both deniability when the russian government and authorities can say we don't know anything about them these are some kind of volunteers and they interesting found the falcon how in waskow thank you very much for sharing your expertise with us. police in iran have announced a brutal crackdown on women who refused to wear a headscarf in public weekly protests against the requirement to make head scarves have gave strength in recent months thanks in part to social media joining me now
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with more social media editor. welcome guts of what is behind this movement you mean it's important i understand first of all you as you mentioned women are required to follow very strict dress codes in iran that does include a headscarf and protest against us all they go back for a long time decades decades on protests but they're not really gaining strength in recent months as part of a movement called white wednesdays and you can see here what that's all about since last summer women in the brawn have been taking to the streets every wednesday they post pictures and videos of themselves on social media wearing white while many also remove their head scarves in public and they post images about as well and this was started by a must see she's an activist and the founder of an online women's movement which is called my freedom but as you hinted at there are these protests are now becoming a lot riskier for women any ron and that's because of this new announcement from police in tehran and take a look at that announcement here this is coming from the chief of police in tehran
3:45 pm
and he said that wearing a headscarf is obligatory for women in iran and violators will be dealt with strictly from now on and he goes on to say it wouldn't be good if women could start doing anything they wanted and fact activists they do face a jail sentence of up to several weeks if they break the law for removing their headscarf in public so this is this foeticide not any allies the police cracking down now right it's interesting too because we saw in december just last year an announcement from the iranian government saying they would no longer arrest women if they broke the dress code and this was seen as a big victory for women for for those who are reform minded for the young in iran now though there does seem to be. this abrupt change and some people say hey this is probably because of those widespread anti-government protests back in january so maybe the government now more concentrated on law and order and we saw the results of this new policy last week this video went viral
3:46 pm
a young woman protesting was pushed off of a spill of the box you saw her landing there as she was pushed by a police officer reportedly she suffered a broken leg from that fall and was later taken into custody even the iranian president rouhani he's calling for an inquiry into the incident but she wasn't the only one arrested there's now been thirty women reportedly arrested since december and this new policy for similar protests so what do you do you think this crackdown we have on the pill attests well this is such a strong movement now it's been going on for a while it will be hard to stop so it's interesting to see the lengths sometimes silly measures that the government is taking to try to stop these protests look at this picture that protester was standing on top of a utility box and look at what authorities are now welding on top these triangular shapes to try to keep people off of these utility boxes to keep them from protesting not sure if that will work but this is gaining strength even army to men starting to take part as well standing beside women in this if you see
3:47 pm
a man here in iran and even going internationally we can show you an image from amsterdam this is in the center of the city an iranian man there also holding up what's become the symbol of this protest holding this head scarf aloft quite powerful to see men joining this fight as well not just a women's issue we've been watching this movement for a while it's been going on is really grown from something more private women taking off their headscarf in public but when no one is watching now much more in bold and we'll see how this new policy now effects what's going on there in iran with this new movement interesting from a social media does thank you. news now from the world of sports and some breaking news coming in the international olympic committee has confirmed to d.w. that russia's a little big band has been lifted with quote immediately it's phased drug tests of the games but the ban was automatically lifted off the new for the positive tests russia was banned the revelations of state sponsored duping at the sochi games in
3:48 pm
two thousand and fourteen. the thousands of onlookers in tokyo gathered in excitement over the unveiling of the mascots for the two thousand and twenty summit games and it's a pair of futuristic designs which could remind you perhaps of cookham on the design was decided by elementary school students across japan and nouns in a gymnasium sharing pupils at a school in tokyo not a beaut checked character will be the mascot for the olympics and the pink cherry blossom and spied on for the paralympics the next step will be to name the mascots . now the family the solid revolution that was released in germany this week it's set in one thousand nine hundred fifty six which many see as a significant to in european post-war history robin miller from to disk is here to in life enough to welcome robin so what was says about this and why was it so
3:49 pm
significant well this is eleven is off the end of the second world war germany is divided between the communist east and the capitalist west but the infamous bubble in wool hasn't yet been built of course now the russians are imposing their brand of socialism communism call it what you will eastern european sites and not a fifty six is significant because first of all in poland the beginning of year there was a bit of an uprising but more significantly there was the hung darien revolution. in october of ninety fifty six and indeed. thousands all over the country protesting about soviet policies imposed on that country this archive which is actually shows people protest is ripping the russian hamma hammer and sickle from the flag bag and as we know the the uprising with ruthlessly i should say crushed just a month later anyway various students in
3:50 pm
a clause in east germany decided to show this whole entire city. let's dance communist east germany in one hundred fifty six students dance to rock music and secretly listen to western radio their star not more snobby often. come from playing hide yourself for bizarre talk about. one third of your phone and quote anything know everything via credit one from four hundred. on the in and out. by another so not much of. message like. you don't understand. vices.
3:51 pm
these results are needs. after the silent protest things for the class would never be the same. cost incurred they experienced it first hand and he's back at his old school the simple act of solidarity was a bigger challenge to the communist or thirties than he and his classmates ever realized it's one of an occultist it was purely a protest we just wanted to document that we would not just accept anything but there was no room for dissent in the communist authorities world the matter was taken up at the highest level. you can as good. if america is going to believe you. do if you do something then you have to stand
3:52 pm
by it's even when things get difficult the story is about civil courage that's the important aspect for me. the state apparatus put the students under enormous pressure but in the film as in real life they held together despite the consequences so what are the consequences of all that what happened to this i mean first of all they were all expelled from the school they were able to take their final exams which is pretty devastating this was all because they did stick together you know they did reveal the ring leaders and over the next years most of the managed to move actually to the west as i said it was no burden wall and yet people in the russian century germany they could visit the west if they had a reason they were controlled by so called border guards in this scene in the film these two are actually saying one of them saying i'm going to visit my
3:53 pm
grandmother's grave take some flowers for my grandmother's grave that's how they got out all except for of the classmates actually managed to move the west before the berlin wall did get built in one thousand nine hundred sixty one so exceptional coverage and review by these young people in reality said dick is the finn well evidently according to constant kind of the man the original one of the originals he said it was really authentic he really praised the film and said it was outstanding as it goes on the film becomes more momentum dramatically but he said it was read method dramatic itself as we heard the reports about french puts cusses death he lived a very long and happy life it was actually reported in one nine hundred fifty six at the time that he died they didn't have smartphones they obviously so that was authentic as well the case people will buy bread. from i got a disc thank you very much. funnily thousands of fans of an iconic bollywood actress have paid their respects at
3:54 pm
a memorial in mumbai india she drowned accidentally in a dubai hotel last weekend after memorial her body was moved to a crummy tauriel where her private funeral was to take place the streets were lined with mourners as the vehicle passed decorated with flounce she davie appeared in some three hundred movies and was one of india's female superstars. before i leave you shares a recap of the top story that they're following feel of gone present a shotgun has appealed to the taliban to end sixteen years of war an end to peace talks she made the offer as a regional peace conference on monday the taliban asked for direct talks with the u.s. which has so far refused to speak to the afghan government. and that's it for me on the touchy mom more news coming up for you at the top of the l a terry boston standing by veteran robin does get me by by.
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this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin russia says it has managed to evacuate a group of civilians from eastern in syria but the crossings near the besieged enclave appear to tell a different story aid workers say the people trapped in the enclave are not using the humanitarian corridors because they're too afraid to leave. also coming up we'll show the afghan president makes an appeal to the taliban to end sixteen years aboard.
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