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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 5, 2018 11:00am-11:30am CET

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this is the w. news live from berlin at long last the wait is over germany's new government gets the green light on the american urges lawmakers to get to work right away she says europe needs germany strong voice as the bloc come from school trade and security threats also coming up more than fifty percent of italian voters abandon the center throwing their support behind bar right and populist parties in sunday's election and with no clear winner the country could now face months of political gridlock. historic changes underfoot in china as legislators start opening the proper
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leadership in pink to stay in power indefinitely. also coming up the best picture oscar goes to. new york my director v.m. of the totals fantastical cold war romance makes us last winning for academy awards we'll have that in the whole round up of oscar night time. i'm sumi so much gonna thank you for joining us german chancellor angela merkel is ready to get back to work after a more than five month wait she earned the backing for a new coalition as social democrats voted yes to another alliance with her conservatives merkel will soon be sworn in for a fourth term as chancellor speaking in berlin a short time ago she urged lawmakers to be quick about getting the government off and running. wouldn't that be kind of believe this and it lays
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a good groundwork for governing the country together distances and it is good and important that we get down into business in a few days' time because without coalition agreement we have set ourselves. challenging program the things we want to implement focusing on improving the lives of people in germany who are right to expect to have a government able to act six months after elections nearly they are quite right to want to see us implement what you have planned. and the political editor michelle accused there is covering this story for us and she joins us for more hi michelle we heard chancellor merkel there saying getting down to business within a few days how quickly will we see a new government in place. well we're expecting to see anger machall elected by the parliament which is a process here and in the ass german chancellor for
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a fourth term on the fourteenth of march that's a week on wednesday and that very same day she could see her ministers also sworn in so this will answer is in just over a week's time germany will now have a government after more than five months of one failed attempt to form a coalition and the second one basically which leaves the current government consolation in place is now going to be renewed so we know america will stay the chancellor what about the rest of her cabinet do we know yet who's going to be the foreign minister for example well that's the big question mark after that key vote by the social democrats party base saying they want to go into government again there's a big question whether the goblin who actually a lot of respect from all sides for his role as foreign minister will be put up again it's been pretty much being ruled out by the social democrats simply because he made so many enemies during this bruising phase of internal fighting amongst the social democrats so really that's the big question mark there and we do expect the
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left saw its the interim leader to become finance minister and co chancellor deputy chancellor what we do know from today on now as well is that the see if you are going to machall small conservative sister party in bavaria will put up or see will for one party leader as interior minister and that germany's development minister gets will remain in office and how stable michel or do you think this new government is going to be given how long it took to bring it together. well the length of time but he doesn't tell you that terribly much about it so there was a necessity to really see eye to eye we have a one hundred seventy seven page document which lays down the policies and very much detail in at some point what's this grand coalition has agreed on at the same time all three parties involved the social democrats and the medical c.d.u. on the c.s.u. system party have already said that they want to shop in their profile while being
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in this government so i think we're in for some very interesting times indeed all right looking forward to that you don't split a cool editor be telecast no thank you very much to italy now and early results show more than half of the telling voters have backed populist and far right parties in sunday's election the centrist parties are bleeding support no faction has not white majority that means the country could face months of political gridlock to clear things up and cobble together a coalition. italy's voters have spoken according to projections the clear loser in these parliamentary elections the establishment. the five star movement led by thirty one year old luigi demaio was the biggest single party winner on the day it's anti corruption message resonated with voters especially in the impoverished south. to
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say one thing is certain from these preliminary results the five star movement will be the pillar of the next legislature. that up rosie manages to live with. and the biggest block of votes went to a right wing coalition between former prime minister silvio berlusconi's forth. and the anti immigrant league regardless of their strong showing it's unlikely that five star or the conservatives will achieve the necessary majority to govern outright. reeling from rising anti immigrant sentiment in a struggling economy the ruling democratic party and its center left coalition had a poor showing coming in third. barring any surprises with the final ballot counts the country looks headed for a hung parliament this will likely mean weeks of tough negotiations to hammer out a governing coalition. and we can talk to his garrick not to see has been covering
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this election for us from rome hi gary this vote has really shaken things up what does it tell us about the political landscape right now in italy it seems very fragmented what a marquee what a hazy new dorm for its elise a traditional political system sumi i'm standing here outside the prime minister's office and it's really absolutely unclear who will move into the building you see behind me here one thing is certain and this is a big day for populist parties over half of the electorate voting for something absolutely new turning their back on the establishment the big losers of the day is in this center left and of course if you have ellis county and a center right political party there's a lot of talk today of a hung parliament what are the prospects of any of these parties coming together to form a government all eyes really focused on the big winner and that is the five star
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movement a populist party that is led by. thirty one year old by the way half a century younger than silvio berlusconi and it will be interesting who he will be able to team up if at all so far they have ruled out any form of coalition at least in the past but now they have a substantial wind of the of the electorate some say they could team up with the far right of people like salvini but that is something that the my old the leader of the five star movement in an interview with me only a couple of days categorically ruled out. a lot of people in brussels care watching this vote very closely what are the implications of this election for the european union. i think we should note at this point that a jury in the electoral race during the campaign the euro skeptic rhetoric was dramatically down and that is one point that is that it's interesting so the euro
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skeptic slogan just don't sell as well as they used to and the other thing for europe is interesting is how long will the horse trading go on in the in the next days and weeks maybe months to come because all of this will distract italy from taking through necessary reforms structural reforms that could bring the country forward to diffuse care of matus reporting from rome good to talk to you. now to some other stories making news around the world australian cardinal george pell one of the most senior officials of the vatican has appeared before a melbourne court for the first day of hearings into past sexual abuse allegations judges will determine over the next several weeks if there's enough evidence to put him on trial the u.s. embassy in turkish capital ankara is close today and turkish authority has to have bolstered their presence in the area the turkish government says it received word from u.s. sources on possible terrorist threats and was increasing security in locations frequented by american citizens. so the first time since the vietnam war a u.s.
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navy aircraft carrier is paying a visit to a vietnamese port the ship has been accompanied by a destroyer and a cruiser the top u.s. brass of met with vietnamese officials as well as both countries worked to battle china's interests in the south china sea. well china's government has pledged to deliver robust economic growth and boost military spending by more than eight percent that is the latest emerging from the annual meeting of the national people's congress but the two we gathering is likely to be overshadowed by a vote to end a constitutional limits on president xi jinping has ruled the presidency itself is officially limited in powers but tradition holds that the president also occupies vital roles including communist party general secretary and head of the group that controls the nation's armed forces. and let's bring indeed abuse mathias bellinger he is standing by with more how is the president justifying the schools.
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or anything from himself but party media have been justifying this move on a saying that the country needs more stability china come on drake take a break was one sent. in an editorial. this interesting because before the communist party of china has always slaved itself as having created a very stable system by having a group of leaders by having a system that rejuvenating itself all the time that has an orderly succession of power no stability it means that all the challah is being held in one hand much as we've seen some negative reactions in the west to the possibility of becoming president for life how's it going down there in china.
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well censorship is quite strict on this issue or almost every word that might refer in directly to this move has been censored from from social media very few people dare to speak out very few people speak out at all or can speak out those of course that have been speaking out have voiced great concern schalke because this means that she jinping is going to be even more powerful and that his policy off of. repressing any dissent in society might be even even stricter might be enhanced even more speaking of that power mathias the problem is also supposed to be signing off on a new ideology called asian paying thought what is that and what kind of changes will we see. whether she didn't bring thought is
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already the official ideology i don't know whether you can see this red banner over there it reminds residents of beijing of taking season ping's thoughts as a guide and see the engine pings thoughts on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era that's the name the communist party has never been very good at inventing short and catchy slogans there are two main points i think that presented change one means that china has to be more assertive that china is about to become a world power and the second one is that it can only do so if the party parties grip on society and economy our economy stays firm which means more or three tarion regime being more assertive on the world stage did have as much as billing a reporting for us thank you very much. to syria now where the world health
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organization says government authorities have seized medical supplies headed to the besieged district of eastern ghouta according to a w. h. o. official about seventy percent of the aid convoy was not allowed through syrian forces have captured more than one third of the territory in eastern guta according to a british based war monitor the enclave has been under daily bombardment for months and more than seven hundred people have been killed since the government ramped up an assault on the area two weeks ago. you're watching news still to come on night that once again honored hollywood royalty and signs of a reckoning in a post weinstein oscars we'll bring you all the highlights from this year's academy awards. but first the specter of a trade war has markets moving today helen has more on that's right sumi the asian markets went to happy when they opened earlier today starting the trading week doubts in the wake of further threats from u.s. president donald trump to slap tariffs on imports of steel and on
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a medium threats which continue to feed concerns of a global trade war commerce secretary wilbur ross defended the president's decision on u.s. television saying trump does not plan any exemptions to the terrorists ross also said threat strong europe of retaliates free tariffs on american products were in significant and from an accounting point if you would only amount to a rounding error. well president trump's trade threats could certainly hit europe where it hurts he says he would add tariffs on european car imports if the europeans decided to slap import tariffs on u.s. goods now that would hit car export giant germany particularly hard carmakers already warning of a catastrophe b.w. subsidiaries our woody and paul show would be hauled ests unlike folks fogg and b.m.w. and dine and now they have their own factories in the united states will last year germinal to make has exported almost off a million calls to the united states so let's bring in our financial correspondent
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on this is that the frankfurt stock exchange for us good to see you releasing concerns all of a trade war is that playing out on the markets right now. it is playing out when you look at the dax here in frankfurt for example you can't really see it because the market barometer has recovered from its start where it was let's say dipping its head but now most share prices are gaining the market has gotten over the trade war shock that dragged the market down on friday but the car shares are certainly feeling it and against the trend of the general market they're still losing they've covered some of what they were losing at the beginning of the day but they're still feeling it because it's totally unclear how donald trump means this threat with the tariffs is what you mentioned the diameter b.m.w. volkswagen producing in the united states going to be. posted on the good side of
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the car companies or will there just be tariffs slapped on every german car in the united states that's one detail which could make a big difference lots of other details still in the unclear so i think investors worried about their car shares at the moment and how are investors feeling about the fact that germany appears closer to having a government finally taking shape is that through any relief. that's brought huge relief that was a huge topic before the week and everybody was holding their breath on that and some people. said that they would be very very busy this monday if it had gone astray but yesterday voted in majority yes and what i'm hearing from the traders here also is that it's good for the market that they voted not with fifty two fifty three percent or fifty five but with about a two thirds majority that's higher than expected and that speaks for a more stable grand coalition that may last the whole three and
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a half years that it still has to go and that's relief parliament it really is a moment of insecurity that's that's a risk here but at the moment it's mostly really. about germany that's propping up this market all right a financial correspondent we've got in front thank you. a board member of the essen base energy company energy has been seriously injured after an acid attack this weekend near his home outside of just laid off and how to contain his energies board member in charge of finances and he's reportedly not in a critical condition a motive for the attack remains unclear and police are investigating there is speculation that is how it could be related to the expansion of brown coal mining activities. which owns the company and itchy feet well all eyes have been on tinseltown let's see now from look at the academy you will see fred hall helena the hollywood's best and brightest gathered in los angeles for the ninetieth annual
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academy awards on sunday the night's big winner was filmmaker guillermo del toro's the shape of water scoring for oscars with its fantastic cold war love story and six months after the launch of the me too movement women will see it look to to seize the spotlight and more opportunity i highlight of the oscars they've done away and warren beatty handed out the coveted best picture award. for a shape of war i it was d.m.o. del toro second trip to the stage having earlier picked up the oscar for best director. del toro's fantasy romance a porky love story between a mystery merman like creature and a mute cleaning lady was a favorite throughout the awards season it took home a golden globe and a director's guild award before grabbing for oscars. best actor accolades went to gary oldman for his portrayal of winston churchill in
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the gritty world war two drama the darkest hour. old men had to endure up to five hours in makeup every day during filming to complete his transformation to britain's storied wartime leader. the best actress oscar went to frances mcdormand for her role as a grieving mother in the comedic drama three billboards outside adding missouri mcdormand use the podium to make a stand for more diversity. if i may be so honored to have all the female nominees in every category stand with me in this room tonight the actors marrow if you do it everybody else will come on third film make her the producer the director of the right third of the city because of her third thank you thank you very much for the you ok look around everybody look around ladies and gentlemen
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because we owe her stories to tell and projects we need finance about judging by the overwhelming support in the room many here hope the call is too loud for the hollywood studios to ignore. and we have our very own film buff scott roxboro with us here in studio hi scott let's start with the winning film the ship of water we were talking about this earlier we both like this film do you think it was worthy of best picture yeah i think so it's also really a film of the moment i mean it's it's got the great oscar and that's a big splashy sort of fantasy film so it's really a fairy tale story which i would love to award the the best picture to that's really also of the moment i mean even though it's a fantasy film that takes place that i can fifty's and so love story between a sea creature and an abused woman it says a lot about sort of the the me two movement and this movement for more diversity because it's a story of outsiders finally who literally don't have a voice in this case you have to mute characters finally having their say becoming
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the heroes of their of their own story and that's sort of been was the theme of the entire oscar night of increasing diversity in hollywood is for. the issue since the me too movement in hollywood and last night it really came home with all the yeah let's talk about the ceremony itself what stood out to you i thought was interesting because i don't remember two years ago we had the huge oscar so white controversy because there was dole visible minorities nominated the actor categories lot of people boycott of the oscars huge protest oscars a sort of under a cloud of shame really this year was a bit different this year it was more back to the celebratory aspect where the academy was celebrating themselves as sort of liberal progressives and so a lot of issues were discussed a lot of the various movements that we've talked about had a presence at the oscars this year but was much more celebrate torrie and much more relaxed than has been previous years what about the sexual assault scandal that has really played across the headlines and really rocked the industry how much did that play into the oscar that was throughout the whole oscars it was mentioned to the me
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too movement which started with harvey was the accusations against producer harvey weinstein who was mentioned many times and in various jokes but as i said it was a bit more relaxed approach to it was more that this is an issue that we've had we're starting to deal with it and hollywood is progressing i was interesting to see because it was when the very first things that the host jimmy kimmel mentioned in his opening monologue was talking about all these various men in hollywood have been accused of sexual assault and said well they should maybe use oscar the actual statue of oscar as the example of what a band hollywood should be like if we can take a look at what he had to say. oscar is the most beloved and respected man in hollywood and there's a very good reason why there's a look at him. keep his hands where you can see them. never says a rude word and most importantly no peanuts at all. here's how clueless hollywood is about women we made a movie called what women want and it started mel gibson. it's got to that
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doesn't beg the question what has changed after all of the attention that's been paid to this issue i think it's really interesting because when the me too movement started i was. quite worried that it would really be much it would be a flash in the pan there would still be a backlash but that really hasn't happened at all there's been an amazing progress very very quickly and you saw that even last night with a dorm speech that we heard right after which you talked about giving women in the room more opportunity she folded up and said there should be an inclusion clause in feature film contracts so that when people make movies there should be a clause in the contract that says the cast keep before that in front of camera behind the camera have to be diverse and that's something that shows real concrete progress towards changing how hollywood works so it's not just lip service to more towards more diversity but there are actually concrete steps to be taken i was talking just a week ago with a member of the academy who's a asian american and
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a gay man and he was one of the very strong proponents of the auster so why campaign and he said in the last two years there's been more progress on those issues and there have been the last twenty years that he's been in the business so i think you are seeing real progress and that was in evidence last night and that is a good sign for the me to movement then is very much so back to the awards were there any snubs anybody who didn't get a word we should have yeah i think i was surprised that ladybird which is a film credit care week film it's coming. of age story told from a female perspective and it's gregor was the first female to be nominated for best director in like five or six years i was surprised i didn't get anything i didn't really expected to win this best picture is the sort of smaller film but it's such a beautiful film and it's been critically praised it's got one of the you know it's you know really popular audience favorite film i was surprised it didn't get anything at all i think that was a bit of an oversight but if you really favorite and oh it's
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a great great we don't know if you've seen it but check it out it's a lovely lovely film going to take my my of my daughters to it it's a beautiful movie deathly deserve to win at least one oscar less questions that were there any german winners on the night yeah there was no german foreign language category which is usually where german germany wins out or at least is recognized but there was one winner a on the technical side of the blade runner twenty forty nine the sequel to the scots classic science fiction film that won for best visual effects and one of the members of that team was a german so germany can hold its flag hailes for that one category where you get our right our film box scott roxboro with us here in studio thank you very much. the top stories that we're following for you at this hour german chancellor angela merkel has welcomed the coalition deal and wants to get the new government in place quickly michael gained approval for a new government over the weekend after a more than five month struggle. chalion voters have delivered a hung parliament in sunday's national election setting the stage for months of
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political uncertainty early counting show support for anti establishment parties and the far right have surged amid frustration at high unemployment and immigration and as we just said director guillermo del toro takes home two oscars for his cold war fantasy the shape of water the movie netted best picture and best director. and you can always get news on the go download or out from google player from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and you can also use the date of the app to send us your photos and your video. will be back in about thirty minutes .
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