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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 5, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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darkness city's after war. starting march tenth on d w. berlin the king of the song and they voted the political establishment out italians deliver a rude awakening to mean stream parties former prime minister might they wouldn't he could not resign after his centrist party's poor showing in sunday's national election he's due to speak momentarily as after fifty percent of voters shrunk the center just threw their support behind populus also coming up at long last the agonizing wait is over uncle americal gets the backing she needs for a new government and she urges lawmakers to get to work quickly so germany can help europe confront a host of tricky issues and look around if you cut the ground to the gentlemen
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because we all hanslick you do it on her winter of frances mcdormand demands that hollywood give women filmmakers their due highlights of an awards ceremony a little less wind and not so male will discuss that show's stealing moment and all the big winners. thank you very much for your company everyone the ramifications of italy's national election are starting to unfold reports say former prime minister mike they wouldn't see maybe resigning from his democratic party he's expected to announce his decision momentarily frenzies party one less the nineteen percent of the vote a historic low more than fifty percent of voters cast their ballots for far right or populist parties a right wing alliance made up of the anti immigrant elite party and former prime
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minister silvio berlusconi's foresight dahlia got the lion's share of the block is followed by the ante a stab. five star movement frenzies ruling center left alliance ended up third on the w.c. gave much a cigar some initial reaction to the results from giovanni sida from rose carly university. all eyes on the five star movement of the mio could he form a coalition with the far right off material salvini because if you look at the money fastow's they have quite a bit in common. that my rights be the case i'm not saying it is impossible but i don't think it is likely because it would be politically not clever and not wise for salvini to enter a coalition as a junior partner with a pfizer movements salvini has been one of the winners of this election and he would like to try and make the most of it so either a government which is the edge a man or
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a position and then maybe possibly becoming the strongest force of the italian rights in the next elections. so far the five star movement has that they don't want a coalition at all they are anti establishment what if they would come together with the center left political parties in italy i think this is more likely than the previous option they will try to build a coalition of course on their own terms but they will try and get the most of this victory and form a government and the as the party of the mccarthy go as being the the major loser of this election and that they have got problems with identity and that they might eventually agree. twenty ring into a coalition with the foster movement so that's an option once again not necessarily the case but it is not so impossible i believe for quite a bit of horse trading to come where does this leave italy which is desperate for
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reforms this leaves easily into transition of its political system. and before ending reforms we need to find a new equilibrium in our political system each has been leaving out of the pos communists and the money for twenty years now the post communist party p d the last hair. is in a crisis but it was going his eighty one years old so the challenge system is changing and five star movement and league are the new forces on the rise so first of all we must to really restart the lies the political system and then with a new balance each other we may have the political strength to implement three or reforms. thank you very much. and wallow will bring you the news of my dear friends is decision whether to step down as leader of the democratic party when he comes out to meet the press in the meantime in germany though the political limbo is over after months of waiting
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a new government is finally in place with uncle americal embarking on a fourth term as chancellor or conservatives are teaming up with the social democrats after party members gave the green light to a new so-called grand coalition on sunday on out miracles made it clear she wants to hit the ground running. the chancellor seemed relieved when she stepped up to the microphone this morning after almost six months of deadlock the new conservative social democrat coalition wants to get to work this is it's video is good and important for things to get started in a few days since with our coalition agreement we basically have a full book of orders and tasks to execute namely with a view to the people in germany who are rightfully waiting for a government that's able to act it's often a. magical will be voted in as chancellor and her new cabinet sworn in in the book does talk next week merely formalities it's still uncertain who exactly will be
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part of this new government the social democrats plan to announce their ministers by the weekend the party wrestled with the idea of a new grand coalition for months its youth wing was against it they're demanding more influence in the party. we need more young people in the positions that's for sure but in there when you have a process that think it's very important that we have the critical voices in deciding deciding positions and that they're a big part of what we call the renewal process the s.p.d. now looking to raise its profile within the government something that could make for an uneasy partnership with merkel's conservative bloc. all right now to some of the other stories making news around the world. another step towards improved relations between north and south korea officials from the south have traveled to pyongyang where they've met with north korea's leader kim jong un and other senior officials while the two day visit is expected to focus on how to ease
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a standoff over north korea's nuclear ambitions. guatemalan president jimmy moralez has confirmed that his country will relocate its embassy in israel to jerusalem in may just a couple of days after washington moves its diplomatic mission he told a pro israeli group the move underscores what amala support for israel us president donald trump announced last year that washington would be moving its embassy to jerusalem. for the first time since the vietnam war a u.s. navy aircraft carrier is paying a visit to a vietnamese port the u.s.s. carl vinson is being scored by a destroyer and a cruiser top u.s. off officers have met with vietnamese officials over the country's conflicting interests with china. to syria now and a relief convoy has crossed into eastern hota outside of damascus it's the first
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aid brought to the region since government forces stepped up their bombardment two weeks ago but officials from the world health organization say syrian authorities stripped their convoy of crucial medical supplies before allowing it to pass through thousands of syrians many of them injured remain trapped in huzzah. after weeks of waiting a glimmer of hope for the sick and wounded of eastern duda dozens of aid trucks have been cleared to cross but the united nations say syrian authorities have seized crucial life saving medical supplies according to officials much of the aid was not allowed through. we're hoping to enter without shelling because the ceasefire must be respected as this is a humanitarian convoy heading to a large number of civilians. but the convoy is not sufficient basic care for
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supplies for seventy thousand people were reduced to under twenty eight thousand. some are still almost. the crippling siege has left civilian stranded as syrian forces expand their assault undeterred by the international outcry the un back ceasefire has been largely ignored as president bashar al assad's forces advance into the last major held territory near damascus. allegedly. i see no conflict between the troops and our military operations our recent advancements occurred during the cease fire he said as i said it is possible to achieve our humanitarian objectives while striking the terrorists we therefore have to continue our operations while allowing civilians to leave government controlled areas you know. what hundreds of thousands of civilians remain trapped in the enclave amid pleas for an
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end to the brutal bombardment despite an agreement for peaceful aid delivery there have been reports of shelling near the crossing into kuta. you're watching to every news or so of a lot more to tell you about including was representation of biggest winner of this . here's a county awards after a purge of hollywood of users to small town get set for and new era of inclusiveness. but first to gary hart talk of a trade war has markets moving that's true especially asian markets fell at the start of the week as u.s. president donald trump's threat to impose tariffs on steel and alimony and products continues to feed concerns of a global trade war commerce secretary wilbur ross defended the president's decision on u.s. television saying trump does not plan any exemptions to the tariffs were also also said threats of retaliatory tariffs on american products from you of the word
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significant from an accounting point of view would only amount to a quote rounding error. well let's have a look at those markets and cross over to our financial correspondent ali basu standing by in frankfurt only just how vulnerable is the car industry in germany for example to these tariffs and what's the market's response over the front. well the market's response is that car shares are going down all three of them i hear a dime learned the m w d w v w not so much as the others in a market which was generally headed upwards a day but it's not going to be an existential crisis other markets are much much larger than the americans are for the german manufacturer is china germany the market itself here or europe in the united states the german manufacturers sell about one point three million cars per year and only five hundred thousand are imported or whichever way you look at it export it from germany to the united
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states so they're actually coming from outside of the country and eight hundred thousand are produced within the united states not to question how trump would interpret tariffs to cars. only those imported into the country or cars with a german badge on them that would include all those manufactured in the united states that would change the impact of course for the driver it's been an analyst i talked to said this was not going to take the car companies out of the corner so to speak in other news interesting developments and you see them in here indeed to speak later today but definitely a year a step six on the way to governments in italy what's the view that from. from france where the european central bank is based. yes that's certainly not good news for anyone in the financial markets or for the eurozone but having said that everyone is taking it in their stride already mentioned briefly that the market is
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was on its way up most shares are up and the euro is basically unchanged it was down just a little bit at the beginning of the trading week but now it's recovered and i don't think that the resignation of material renzi would change anything there people are worried about a populist. government to italy but i think there's a lot of joy and a lot of support today from the s.p.d. here in germany having said yes to a coalition finally a stable government had at least for germany only bones in france i thank you very much for this analysis. now apple facebook google and other companies have made billions in europe but pay next to nothing in taxes here now france's government wants to change that and it's suggesting that internet companies should pay anywhere from two to six percent of sales in e.u. taxes france germany italy and spain already agreed in september that in the future
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internet companies should pay taxes in those countries according to sales and not profits the move is meant to stop internet companies from reporting low profits in europe or headquarter in their companies in texas tax havens. german engineering giant siemens says it's planning an i.p.o. for its medical unit that could earn it as much as five billion euros the german company is selling a fifteen percent stake in health the nears its one of siemens most profitable divisions and makes medical devices like x. ray machines and other diagnostic equipment be off a period is expected to begin on tuesday with the initial listing on march sixteenth. now could there be job cuts in the arab european plane maker abas french magazine reports that the group wants to shed some three thousand six hundred workers this despite announcing better than expected profits just last month's us admitted admits that two of its highest profile projects the huge eighty
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three eighty and the a four hundred m. military transport are unlikely ever to make any money but it says job cuts would be a worst case scenario only airbus calls rumors of job cuts or excessive reporting but it says senior management will meet with its european works council on wednesday and what they will be talking about is the company's two biggest money losers. one of them is the a three eighty hopes were high when it first took to the skies twelve years ago the double decker plane had room for six hundred people and was designed to be stretched to fit even more but now the super jumbo is a white elephant too big for most airports and to gas guzzling for most airlines only a small order from its biggest customer emirates kept the sun from setting on the big bird this year airbus will build just twelve and in two thousand and nineteen
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only eight and then there's the a four hundred m. atlas the military transporter has suffered years of delays cost overruns and technical problems and like the a three eighty airbus is planning to slow down production last month it wrote off one point three billion euros connected to the plane. airbus says its other successes like the updated a three twenty series aren't enough to compensate for these problems so the company's workforce will have a tense wait until they hear its plans some time after weapons day. ending of the annual people's congress in beijing china's government has pledged six and a half percent growth for this year as it continues its conversion from low cost mass production to advanced technology china's leaders also had a clear message for the u.s. at the start of the people's congress the company plans to open itself even further to world trade siamese prime minister leaking kyung said that import tariffs on
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cars and other consumer goods will be reduced despite the prospect of higher u.s. imports tariffs. and that's all for me it's back to late i was some rob sad sports news was very sad indeed keratin italian soccer also matches were stoned on sunday after italian international the obvious story was found dead in a hotel including that the captain if you can see now died of a sudden illness believed to be a cardiac arrest stories death has shocked the nation. poignant messages for a local hero this one simply reads good bye captain gates to fear and tina's stadium and now a makeshift shrine of stories death at the age of thirty one has united italian football and grief thanks summer of crows created the fear and says it arrived back from the club's chairmen paid tribute to a player regarded as a model professional. the decision is that if it's hard to be here it's
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a huge tragedy. and so now i don't even know what to say so negative is pretty much because i'm thinking about his wife his daughter and his irons and the story was in just a hero in florence he played fourteen times for the italian national team and also had spells of calorie and roma. he was found dead at this hotel in new d.n.a. on sunday morning the club's goalkeeper marco sports yellow was the last person to see him alive the night before a post-mortem is due to be carried out to determine the exact cause of a story's death. well now to german german soccer on sunday when this legal leader's buyer in munich were looking to bounce back in five borg after being held to a draw at home last week against her all not that the bavarians were desperate for a when they went into the game sitting on a nasser of lead at the top of the table. the best striker going into this match
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wasn't playing for the side you'd expect newspapers in his scored ten goals in his last ten outings for private for more than puns rob eleven dusky who was rested for pickett tosca head freiburg scored first but at the wrong end tell us to use you block thomas minutes shot but he wasn't going to be denied again next sunday swallow deflecting into his own mess in the twenty fifth minute. by and waited just three minutes for the second forty million man caught on talent only saw finally justifying his price tag. by an extended their lead again in the fifty fifth minutes of the video assistant referee judge eleven dusty's replacement's on the marginally on side the goal counted. put the result beyond doubt scoring points for an final goal. neither peterson nor levin dusty made them up on this game it was by
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a second string strikeforce who had their day in the limelight. next up hollywood's big night it was the ninetieth the annual academic academy awards excuse me the night's big winner was filmmaker guillermo del toro's the shape of water scoring for os first with its fantastical cold war love story and six months after the launch of the need to movement women look to seize the spotlight and more opportunity. i the highlight of the oscars fade away and warren beatty handed out the coveted best picture award. the shape of i it was. a second trip to the stage having earlier picked up the oscar for best director. del toro's fantasy romance porky love story between a mystery merman like creature and a mule cleaning lady was
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a favorite throughout the awards season it took home a golden globe and a director's guild award before grabbing for oscars for. best actor accolades went to gary oldman for his portrayal of winston churchill in the gritty world war two drama the darkest hour. old men had to endure up to five hours and makeup every day during filming to complete his transformation to britain's storied wartime leader. the best actress oscar went to frances mcdormand for her role as a grieving mother in the comedic drama three billboards outside of being missouri mcdormand use the podium to make a stand for more diversity. if i may be so honored to have all the female nominees in every category stand with me in this room tonight the actors
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marrow if you do it everybody else will come on the filmmaker the producer that's right through the city but i'm. thank you thank you thank you decided. to look around everybody in the band ladies and gentlemen because we are stories to tell and projects we need finance judging by the overwhelming support in the room many here hope the call is too loud for the hollywood studios to ignore. all right we're. now joined by did abuse film buffs roxboro who stayed up all night to follow this ceremony good to see you let's don't frighten frances mcdormand she used her acceptance speech to as a rallying cry for more women in the film industry was her message carried throughout the ceremony very much so i mean that's what i found most interesting or surprising i mean usually the last number of years the officers tried to avoid
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politics at all at all costs you know people who brought up politics made political points when they accepted their oscar often played off stage remember the the orchestra plays them off stage some were even booed if you just go back a few years they would be booed by making political points that was the complete opposite this year this year everybody was making political points from jimmy kimmel the the presenter all the way down and it's sort of i think that the oscars or the academy wants to maybe get ahead of things i think they've been a bit embarrassed that they've been part of the problem and i think now they're trying to be present themselves as part of the solution i could say that this is maybe the first woke oscar's wolf in the sense of being you know politically aware socially aware it really marks a change we'll see if this carries on but it definitely into market change from years past our all that takes me brings me to my next question i mean it's one thing to pay lip service to a change in the industry but has hollywood really shown a willingness to change or is it business as usual of course you have to see i mean this is all the result of the me to move it was started six months ago and what
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press with interest what she said intercepting speech not only getting all the women to stand who are nominated but then she will one step further and spoke to the people who are the business people in the room and saying ok you've got the money you're the ones who can finance films look at these women around you give them money make their make their projects calling for a real change and i say it's probably too early to know if this is going to be the start of real change or if they'll be backsliding later on but what i do think is a good sign is the fact that the academy is really looking to be ahead of this and you can see that just from the tone i mean if you remember the golden glow. with them there was a sense of shame almost they said everyone should wear black almost like going to a funeral to show how problematic it was the situation in hollywood has the oscars it was more celebrate torrie it was more like say we've got the message we understand jimmy kimmel who is presenting the oscars he starts off like that he start off with a me too joke which sort of suggested we get the message we want to be part of the
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solution i think we have that joke what we take a listen he gave the example saying men in hollywood should take the oscar statue as an example because he shows what a real man should be a cycle of oscar is the most beloved and respected man in hollywood and there's a very good reason why there's a look at. keep his hands where you can see them. never says a rude word and most importantly no penis at all. here's how clueless hollywood is about women we made a movie called what women want and it started mel gibson. so. you could definitely see there it's a different a different attitude. it is all you would celebrating itself again which is what the oscars always try to do but it is trying to say we understand the message we get it and we want to be we want to be part of a solution and not part of the problem and scott what was your highlight or highlights of the well i mean the doormen speech i mean that's the one that's going
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to go down in history and oscar history and it was great but i also thought it was really amazing because there was a rather a scene which was a sort of an activist moment and there are three actions actually. that ability or of all women who accused harvey weinstein of sexually assaulting them you know harvey weinstein huge hollywood producer used to be the king of the oscars and he was thanked more than god on the oscar stage for all the films they produced he was the star of the me two movement his various dozens of accusations against sexual assault these three women got on stage and presented a case for more diverse. that just that image of three women who in years past even a year ago would have been silence that they had to center stage and that they were essentially shaming the man who used to be sort of the king of hollywood i thought that was an incredibly powerful moment and i think that's also one that maybe will look back on in years to come as a yeah that was the moment that was the watershed moment of the oscars that's when things really began to change oh i'm all right very pretty was this
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a heavy oscars night oh no in fact it was and it was kind of it was actually quite quite upbeat both from the the films are presented i mean but also the whole feeling was more celebratory as i said you know i think last couple of years we've had a few more heavy oscars lash of course we had a disaster with a huge mistake for the oscars they had me do here they had to redo this this year everything went smoothly and people were in a bit of a party mood and i think that's going to hopefully will carry on all right we hope so too scott thank you so much always a pleasure to talk to you and thank you at home for watching us we'll be back after the top of the hour for now i'm playing hockey on behalf of the entire team here thanks for spending time with us.
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