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tv   Check-in - A visit to Bremen  Deutsche Welle  March 12, 2018 3:30am-4:00am CET

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feel. feel. feel. icky for. there was a fairy tale that put this german city on the cultural map any idea where i might be. these fellas a donkey a dog and cats and a rooster might be a useful hint those are the tell musicians of bremen beloved characters from the grimm fairy tale of the same name stopping by on to the city to see them has become
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a must and touching the donkey for legs is supposed to be good luck. i want to find out about the fairy tale let's see if some locals can help me. of the freeman town musicians know how i've forgotten come to bremen with me and you can be a town musician. they were animals that were treated badly so they left home we didn't run from souls i'm full of. they settled down in a house where they were robbers and frighten the robbers away. they stayed in this robbers day in the woods but that's because they found a life without hardship reward in liberty and plenty. so the freeman town musicians never made it to brakeman at least not in the fairy tale but their statue has stood in front of the city hall since one thousand nine
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hundred fifty three. freeman is full of stories like that today i'm going to discover them and here's what else we have on the show. local shows around crystal river and florida looting with some manatee. second year anton through voight takes us on a hike as big a star. and world. happen on the north sea coasts. the market square lies in the very center of brakemen. this is where stumble upon my next story this statue is called the roland and legend has it that as long as he's here the city will remain free and independent. the statue is
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a unesco world heritage site just like the historic city hall across the street. that's why i'm going to take a glimpse inside this remarkable building. i don't. think we have a date. just in we're now in the upper hall one of the most beautiful ceremonial venues in germany and the town hall itself is the oldest in europe that still in its original state you know it's done by one why was this room built what is it used for just. as i thought it was the old town hall is actually a medieval trading center with a wine cellar below it and a covered marketplace and up here an assembly room on the room also served as a court room and the mayor used to be the chief justice. is on the spot anything like i find these model ships below the ceiling especially
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impressive they're four to five hundred years old on and they're models like those built by the hunter yacht a clique before the ships were built for real english the. last one is the hands addict weak. league was a confederation of towns that promised each other protection and aid in trade and it was quite a large area it stretched just far as know of the road in russia to norway down to belgium and bremen was a member of the league. if you can how important was it for braman to be as the attic city in a nazi hot are we still call ourselves the huns the arctic city of bremen although the week ended three hundred years ago whatever but the term sounds good many associate it with honesty and straightforwardness and reliability on this and that's why we still use it this way in what's known the sort of. the brave and became quite rich during the middle ages as a trading city and the beautiful town hall is testimony to these wealthy times but of course there's much more to know about the city and we've got you covered.
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the old town center is of course the number one tourist attraction in braman but you should also take a trip to the old port district a few kilometers down the river of asia. the former dogs have become a modern residential district. and if you like beer then you're in the right place this is where bax's brewed before it's sold all over the world. football fans also get their money's worth here fair play men have been bundesliga champions four times and won the german cup six times . the people of braman are also proud of their billion see rescuers for more than one hundred fifty years the german maritime search and rescue service has been in
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action in the north and baltic scenes come rain or shine. in october and there's the prime market fair one of the biggest folk festivals in germany. the seafarers banquet for merchants and ship captains is a more traditional celebration for centuries it was a male bastion. women were only allowed to spectate until twenty fifteen when they took their place at the table for the first time. and let's face it it's the people of freedom and love a celebration and carnival in february is another big one.
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my story searching quest here and braman takes me to the cathedral square they say this is where i'll find the so-called speeding stone and in conspicuous cobblestone with a very interesting history this right here is a site of remembrance for the crimes of geisha got freight back in the nineteenth century she poisoned fifteen people and this is the spot where she was beheaded in eighteen thirty one and still today the local spit on this very stone in order to express their disgust with the killings of got free. this putting stone lies at the foot of the ancient cathedral it's almost one thousand years old. and apparently it's home to a little church mouse made of stone. either i'm bad looking or it's good at hiding.
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the pastor ingrid vigil will surely be able to help me can i bother you for a second. to leads me to the vestry. too so here we have the church. it's tiny and just like a real one. one is a deal with a mouse and their various story is the most common one is that in the past the artisans who worked on the churches were supposed to look at them very closely when they travelled through the country. and if they could say where this church mouse was here in the cathedral the master builder knew that they had looked at it properly. so it was to train the workers forwards or stay in iraq this. time around to head over to the city's oldest neighborhood snorre this is where the city's fishermen and sailors used to live and where they manufactured and sold ropes short and the local dialect despite the name of the district now is much more to offer visitors and that is why we're going to check it out.
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no one has lots of wonderful little shops to have a poke around in. shops for teddy bears. home knickknacks. and shops that are heaven on earth if you've got a sweet tooth. there's also many a hidden curiosity within schnorrers narrow lanes for instance the smallest house in bremen nearly twenty people used to live here nowadays it sounds patrick's yet another unusual shop. you'll find some famous and infamous figures from braman past in the house of history a sort of living museum here the serial killer gets to got feed is brought back to life. i cooked the meal and put butter with rat poison into it again and gave it
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to my children and parents to eight. the street names and also reveal stories from the past. eleven comes from an old word for wired news the battle was a branch of the river visa that flowed through the district the early residents of fisherman and artisans a simple folk in the one nine hundred fifty s. people actually consider. or tearing the district down. nowadays there's scarcely a spot that is now under historical protection like the oldest house in which dates from fourteen o two. you can also spend the night inching along like in this hotel there's just one slight problem it only has one band would you do get a lovely view over the show rooftops.
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i've arrived at but just in the middle ages it was an important connection route between the market square and the river valleys or the street got its name from the coopers but and german who used to live here on the street as a whole is listed the red brick architecture is typical for brave men and on but just toss it it is perfectly preserved. in this court yard you'll find the fountain of the seven lazy brothers and of course there's a story behind that to. let them in the lazy brothers were the sons of a local farmer who weren't lack for their hard work they couldn't find a job here in bremen so they went out into the world there they acquired extensive knowledge and experience upon their return they built drainage ditches for their
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father's fields the locals dismissed their ideas and accused them of simply being too lazy to work the money grounds today of course we know that they were lazy at all they were just a little ahead of the times. but yes shasta is a street that stimulates the senses your taste buds your eyes and your ears. at the top of every hour thirty porcelain bells play traditional and modern tunes and up in the tower you also. find a visual display to go with the songs. we're now going to leave bremen for a bit and head over to the u.s. state of florida veronica davis took us on a tour of her hometown crystal river and well it got quite wild let's go meet a local. fish my name is veronica and i'm here to
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welcome you to crystal river florida my hometown there's lots to see and do here and i'd love to show you some of the highlights so let's get started. the atmosphere in crystal river is really relaxed and makes you feel if you're at home whether you're a visitor or resident. crystal river has so much to offer from cozy downtown atmospheres to national experiences one of which is right around the corner three sisters springs colo bar that's where i'm taking you now. and. this is one of my favorite spots in crystal river florida three sisters springs it's a three prong spring that stays seventy two degrees year round manatees love to come here in the winter and residents and tourists love to come year round and.
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there's at least three manatee in the springs right now and while you can see them from the boardwalk it's even better to see them in the water in person and by swimming with them which we're going to do right now. do you think our. names he's live in crystal river year round but during the mt season which starts in november and ends at the end of march more manatees come to seek refuge in our warm warm springs. our next destination is the homosassa springs wildlife park. this
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work is beautiful for so many reasons but one of the best things about it is these the animals are living here as a rehabilitation facility many of them could not survive on their own in the wild so it's great to see them in their natural habitats in a safe place. i'm a real flamingo lover they're florida's quintessential animal and it's great that we have them here the home assassin springs wildlife park living openly with no fences and ok. well that was my trip there crystal river florida thank you so much for joining me i hope you enjoyed it as much as i did come back and see us soon. would you like to show us around your hometown. become our travel guide. find
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out. on our website at www dot com slash travel. in the heart of bremen you'll find this two hundred year old male this is where many locals got their flower up until nineteen forty seven. so did i maybe take a look at your milk. fronts now it shows curious people like me through the story building. move into how does a mill work. the people rang the bell downstairs then someone went down to the grain and was hoisted up like this. and then it was put onto the vat and shaken into the hopper to or until. yes and in the interest.
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near the one we have more wind in the millstone as a gauge tried to shaft moves with it and the grain get shaken down and the grain or grist gets between the stones and the ground into flour. that's. all very. fine stella turns on the mill the wind is strong enough and we get a chance to see the huge machine in action. good thing they had mills back in the day because doing it by hand is likely the task. we've made now for bread roll. that i could maybe even serve as the mills restaurant. and while i take
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a little coffee break you guys are in for our weekly mail our viewers and tom and the stage up from russia travel to as big a star and as part of the tour they hike through the chap come out range a popular tourist destination in the east of the country. that there. is. still. enjoy a. good .
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back in braman along the base allies the slot the promenade full of cafes beer gardens and restaurants and great spot for relaxing and watching the ships. the historic three masted alexander from home is a particular eye catcher since two thousand and sixteen it's been permanently
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anchored at this spot in the port. was the ship's captain for a long time he tells me about life back then. we've sailed off the harbors of frederico bermuda new york and boston we're in regattas there one tall ship after another of course that was an incredible image and the alexander from humble was always first because it was the most beautiful mix on the fly and had green sails. who would you say that that was one of your best memories of the ship. certainly of course i learned to sail ships here i can't sail anything small like a yacht i need at least three masts otherwise i can't manage. what's special about the alex on the front. from homeboy what's special is that first it's
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a tall ship a three masted bark we have about fifteen hundred meters of sails on the ship it's sixty three metres long and eight metres wide so you have to imagine a vessel like this at sea powered only by the wind. it's almost silent here the water i know that creates an indescribable atmosphere. that's the vehicle i was feeling my gun you. clowns tells me that in one thousand nine hundred sixty alexander from home bald was billed as a light ship a mobile lighthouse if you will later it was a training ship for young aspiring sailors in two thousand and sixteen it was turned into a hotel and the restaurant. visit was renovated and grandma half in a city only sixty kilometers from here on the shores of the north sea braman and grandma have been make of germany's small estate apart from the city states of
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course and the two cities are conveniently connected by the river basin. it's not only pleasure boats that dock in bremer how often so do the giant liners cruise ships on their way to britain scandinavia or the baltic regularly stop often bramer how often. in twenty sixteen nearly one hundred thousand passengers disembarked on the quay they always get a hearty welcome. bremer how often literally means criminals harbor and it's characterized by its support about the area in eight hundred twenty seven because its own port was silting up. in the nineteenth century. kramer hofmann became europe's largest port of them are cation for immigrants more than seven million people immigrated from
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here to the new world. today the german emigration center tells their story. another highlight in burma how often is the climate house q you can take a world tour along the east to grey of longitude east of the clinician meridian past swiss glaciers and through african desert as. the tour goes on through tropical jungles to the antarctic. in each room in the exhibition you experience the climate zone you're in a pot or cold air it or humid. outside back at normal temperature it's the hive of activity fifty million tons of goods a year are noted for unloaded here after all bremmer happen isn't just
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a great place for tourists it's one of the biggest container ports in europe. no journey would be complete without some local fare on the menu today a typical northern dish that of course comes with quite a history. that's callus head chef heikal carnacki presenting sit to me. what on earth is this stuff on the tasty love skulls that much i know ok ok the gradients want to be group flower potatoes consulted before. and pickles. and what is the story behind it it's a pretty traditional dish out here right. has evolved wrong in the past
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when sailors were at sea for a long time with a meat had to be preserved that's why they're salted before the mobiles and because most of them are probably toothless due to fistfights scurvy or whatever with those and everything was mashed up so they didn't have the jewish stuff just because i can also see my own play some enjoy thanks to things i can't wait. to borrow that was surprisingly delicious her face finished for my tour around bremen i've learned later and tasted a lot and i feel like that's a great note to end this show and so thank you guys for watching and see you next time.
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