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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  March 14, 2018 3:02am-3:31am CET

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gary of state rex tillerson there was no phone call from the white house mr tillerson found out just like you and i did tonight determination by tweet america's top diplomat sacked and blindsided europe in asia are their eyes open for what could come next i'm broke off in berlin this is the day. with. like really didn't discuss it very much with them honestly i've made that decision by myself really it was a different mindset it was a different thing when you look at iran i think it's terrible i guess it was ok. with my pump now or like the time. prevent this energy from and this is the lack of going to save weight like. the relationship is
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a very good that was the secretary of state i think rick will be much happier now. or we begin the day with this headline from the news magazine the atlantic from one week a good how did rex tillerson manage to keep his job where the headlines today he did. if you were wondering what the letter of terminations from the oval office of u.s. president from looks like well this is it a tweet cia director might bump a will become the secretary of state and the third sentence there mentions a think you to rex tillerson for his service now tillerson and have never been very tight last year the secretary of state was quoted calling his boss the president a moron tillerson never denied that report but rumors of tiller's imminent sacking subsided in many diplomats expected him to be one of the few to survive the first
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year or two including mr tillerson himself while a state department spokesman released this statement today the secretary had every intention of staying because of the tangible progress made in national security and it goes on to read the secretary did not speak to the president this morning and is unaware of the reason and these are stunning words for washington or any seat of government even more stunning is the fact that tiller since tenure as secretary of state is considered by many foreign policy experts in the u.s. and here in europe as one of the worst in u.s. history our first report tonight on trump's ex rex tillerson. rectenna thin and she seemed an unusual pick for secretary of state. the former head of exxon mobil was an oil man from texas with no foreign policy experience but
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as a washington outsider he also fit in with the unconventional nature of the new trump administration at the start of trump appear to have great confidence in him. rex will be a fierce advocate for america's interests around the world and has the insights and talents this is to help reverse years of foreign policy blunders and disaster i barely six months into the job report started to circulate that to listen to relationship with the president had soured on. a very very luckily i was all right. wasn't right. but the two men were known to be at all its over a number of issues including the iran nuclear deal trump said this was one reason
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for his dismissal but we disagreed on what you look at the iran deal i think it's terrible i guess it was ok i wanted to use a break it would be something he felt a little bit differently. trying was also accused of publicly undermining to listen on several occasions went to listen talks about the possibility of direct dialogue with north korea last december trump said he was quote wasting his time to listen also appeared to be caught off guard about the recent offer of talks to pyongyang on his trip to africa last week or perhaps the lowest point was when to listen failed to deny outright reports that he had called trump a moron even so he said he was not expecting to be fired and had wanted to stay in the job. well tonight from berlin to washington to tokyo to london the timing of taylor's inspiring comes for many are saying at the wrong time but help us sift through the fallout i'm joined now by carsten phenomena he's our correspondent in
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washington and here at the big table with me is boris foreman professor of political science at bard college here in birth blynde gentlemen welcome tellers and spoke not very long ago about being fired i want to listen to part of what he had to say i would be meeting the members of my front office team in policy planning later today to thank them for their service so they have been extraordinarily dedicated to our mission which includes promoting values that i've used being very important. to the safety and security for state department personnel accountability which means treating each other with on a student taggerty and respect for one another. cars the emmys are with you i mean we we get here in philistines voice this man's is a bully shaken by what happened today and for all the chaos of the truck white
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house which the board has come to expect the firing of tillerson i mean is still shocked at this and the question tonight why fire tillerson now. that's a very good question looks a bit this disrespectful towards the secretary of state but also wants the people the secretary of state just talked to he just came back from a trip to africa and the leaders of important american allies such as if the opiah kenya nigeria definitely would wonder why they spent time with a man who clearly had no leverage in the trumpet ministration at the time they met him so that's quite disrespectful the reason the white house gave was that president trump wants to restructure his foreign policy and national security team ahead of a potential summit with north korean dictator kim jong un and of course you might say that when you want to do something you want to perfect for this the new team
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should be there and rex tillerson and not into the president should not be part of it it makes sense to do this as quickly as possible but on the other hand it also might be a good idea to change horses in midstream and also rex tillerson was an important voice who would disagree with the president that might be annoying to donald trump and it's important to test your ideas and that would be missing them in bohr's tillerson if you know compared to trump you know reese considered around the world as does this voice a moderate voice. reliability steadfastness and now betts all history so what does that mean for for global order. well we don't quite know yet it's going to take a couple of months for us to find out what we know is that yes folks thurston was somebody seen by other state leaders other foreign ministers somebody they could talk to sort of. a channel towards trump that was reliable on the other
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hand there's snow was part of a move by donald trump to deconstruct the state department he was the chief diplomat and diplomacy for trump was nuts not his strong suit or is not his strong suit there has been much more of a focus and emphasis on defense on the military so on the other hand we don't know exactly what what the consequence will be overall we can see there is a shift an even stronger emphasis towards militarization i mean if you want to do is there any way that you could win as a diplomat in the trump white house knowing that he really doesn't have high regard for the state department a bit to begin with we know now that the head of the cia mike from paya will be the new secretary of state here's more on the man that trump said today and i'm quoting he is on my wavelength take a look only in the presence of your state was just over a year ago when mike compay a was appointed head of the cia at the time and the kansas congressman was
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a member of the house intelligence committee so now the fifty four year old is set to take over at this state department replacing rex tillerson first meeting i think is between the unlike his predecessor he agrees with the president on scrapping the iran nuclear deal he also downplayed russian meddling in the twenty six thousand presidential election. as cia chief he's been active in trying to contain north korea's nuclear ambitions i want everyone to understand that we are working diligently to make sure that a year from now i can still tell you they are several months away from having that capacity one similarity with his predecessor he doesn't have a lot of foreign policy experience but pumping. is one of the president's closest allies and talks like a. trump stress their personal friendship. i work with my dad now like. prevent it from. there always on this day the
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way to. relate it to the very. idea that the secretary today. friendship or no friendship is confirmed by the u.s. senate as the country's top diplomat from paya will be working for a boss was showing little regard for diplomacy. and more strength reportedly said that he wants a completely new national security team in place in time for these talks with north korea a new team to dive into some of the most dangerous negotiations in living memory does that make sense i guess from trump's perspective it does he's somebody who really insists on loyalty this is something that has been as we're told. correct or istic of his of his work as a business leader in the trump organization that's something we've seen from the very first day that loyalty is really the chief asset if you want to be part of the trump trump team tersely apparently was not me and was contradict him at him often
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which for trump is something difficult to deal with and i guess you're he sees these niggas see a sions as something important maybe a something even where you can leave an imprint on the world's history if if north korea were to look today are you not and so i guess that he thinks that's important he can do it better with somebody else right from his own little perspective if it makes that's i've ever had of course that creates a lot of fatality and it creates a lot of wild cards and difficult situations carsten mr trump said today that he will soon have the team in place that he wants now what was he telling his dad does this mean that everything since day one of his administration has been truong testing the political waters i mean casting calls by the president is that what we've been watching. i believe this statement is an attempt to gloss over the fact that donald trump came into the white house
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completely unprepared for the job this has been a year mainly of chaos and trial and error of course there were some successes for trump from the wrist public and perspective such as the new tax law but generally this white house resembles more a giant reality t.v. show than the government of the most powerful nation on earth let's remember when trump came into office he said he knew the best people he would have the best people he didn't have the best people and apparently he still doesn't have the best people and i think the bottom line is most of the chaos that we've seen is not even caused by the people around trump it's the man in the oval office office who's causing most of the chaos and it doesn't you know throw the curveball at you the condition of the state department foggy bottom as it's known in washington i mean we've we've we've heard that there have been senior level diplomats leaving in droves since mr tillerson became secretary of state so i mean his tenure there you
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know no one was was celebrating him being there to begin with i mean is he leaving the state department in washington i mean what are you hearing is he leaving the state department there a shadow of what it used to be. yes and that is partly his faults not alone his fault of course also the president's. it's also the president's fault because donald trump wants to be the only really important actor and he has sidelined the state department but rex tillerson also didn't push back a lot when it came to attempts by trump to sideline the state department he was concentrating on an internal reform which didn't go down well with his own employees there are reports that he brought a few advisors with him an isolated himself against his own people and the state department and there are many many many unhappy people there and they hope that
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things will get better with michael never mind his political views but at least my complaint is a washington insider who knows how to use such apparatus such as the state department. inboards this decision to fire killers in is going to fuel the school of thought here in europe that that the u.s. is no longer a reliable partner i mean you've got people here in germany sigma gabriele for example saying that we have to forget about the u.s. it's time now for europe to take care of its self i mean what can we expect is what you know we've got a new german government that is going to work tomorrow i'm going to merkel's taking the oath of office again tomorrow absolutely right i think some see a chance in this because the e.u. has to reposition itself may be a chance for the e.u. to reassemble and to reintegrate to develop its own identity also its own defense capabilities but what we're seeing a certainly a pivot
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a major pivot trump is the first president really in one hundred twenty years to argue only based on interest and not on values so all his foreign policy statements are about common interests never about the same ideas and shared shared shared values so i think this is a major change and it's going to have a major impact on the on the world order. of an element our correspondent in washington thank you very much carson and here at the big table bourse former professor of political science at baruch college here in berlin thank you all as if you could to give me your attention we've been talking all day about rex the x. that there have been as many nicknames for trump team members as the number of trump team members who have come in gone since strong took office fourteen months ago between nineteen and thirty nine departures have taken place under president trump so far that is a staggering number and these are just some of them the ones who stand out include
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just a week ago trump chief economic advisor gary coleman he left remember after disagreements over trump's steel tariffs try. right hand man of the architect of his america first campaign stephen then and he left back in august when michael wolf's tell all book fire in fury was published and steve bannon as you may have heard was seen this past weekend with the national front in terror saying it's a badge of honor to be called a racist f.b.i. chief james komi sacked by trump last may the democrats say to stop the f.b.i. investigation into russian election medley and the security advisor michael flynn was where it all began he was forced to resign just a few weeks after trump took office and you have to remember obama also fired him of course under trump he had to resign over meetings with
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a former russian ambassador that he did not disclose well tonight the latest to leave america's top diplomat rex tillerson the terminations by tweet getting lots of criticism around the world including right here in germany. the united states is indispensable for world order for european security and the alliance of the french obv very very entrenched. the president has a very special style and he raises questions also that of predictability but we should not conflate and confuse the president with the people and the country so we have to work through this period we have to recognize that the role of the united states is shifting and that their roots and reasons why i don't know trump has been elected for president and these reasons will endure his
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presidency so also that europeans have to sift and to adapt but the close relationship the friendship must not be put into question from either side it tastes and remains a principle a cornerstone of world order and of the transatlantic relationship. are how long is that going to remain true joining me now in the big table is andreas nick he is a member of the german parliament for conservatives the c.d.u. and he is a member of germany's foreign affairs committee it's good to have you on the show. i have to ask you with mr jealous and being fired today is this a crisis for germany in europe and the transatlantic relationship i think it's not so much of mr tillotson i think it's more of a question what is that the signal where foreign policy in the trump ministration is heading. we have to look at the fact why was mr timson brought in the first
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place at a time when no one in the republican foreign policy is that was not wanted to join this administration attempts were made to surround mr trump by season's businessmen military. offices. to provide some kind of more traditional foreign policy perspective it has been given quite awhile that mr tillotson for a number of reasons was not able to secure that road partly because he had not the support of the president and no one could really ever rely on the fact that his views were representing the president so that severely limited his wrote. the other hand he was definitely. more in line closer to many european and german perspectives on a number of the big issues on some of the big issues of the big issues and so clearly it is building up to the concern that we may see a shift to an even more. isolationist foreign policy in washington where do you talk to them i mean if you're losing tillerson and you're getting. and trump still
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the president going to talk to i think an advantage of visible deal may be the team mate be able to represent the president in the first place whether we like what he said to say or not but the more pressure question that you correctly raise is there is a little void in the state department on many senior positions it's hard to find anyone to talk to we're still waiting forty months into this presidency when you have that are here in berlin. and what do you think researcher and mr trump. what do you think there is this animosity towards it least it seems towards germany i'm not saying that he is not a friend of germany but the relationship with america has not been warm and fuzzy and that hasn't changed either since he's been president why do you think it's that way i think we have a consistent assurance as the most lady of the many security conference that everything is going the traditional way that we have another mr truong but but the
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big question with which everyone left the munich security conference how much can we rely on the right how difficult is it to recount side what we hear in this conversations what we read in presidential tweets what we read in the national security strategy of published in december what we read what we read in the in the must the cohen op ed in the wall street journal back in may eight i think it seems to be that there is a very fundamental difference in the view of the world in terms of his club alist perspective. i'm less worried that we would have major. a split over some core security issues as far as us will fit in a tool that i think is still very much over eighteen well. but when you look at issues from climate change world trade to nonproliferation diplomatic efforts there seems to be a growing rift building up do you think do you think that we're going to have a trade war early some type of terror of conflict that's going to get to the deputy . that's. it's potentially going to happen the big question is then
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how much will that overshadow and spoil other aspects of the relationship over time . the most fundamental issue is whether we have to adapt to an environment where for the time being the us administration takes that extremely transactional approach to almost everything on the international scene moving away from more stable value based global order where do you think do you think your government has been doing enough in a given example in the chancellor. you know i think she spoke last with mr trump it was about two weeks ago that was the first time that they had spoken in five months there has been no u.s. president since the end of world war two that has gone longer than four months or four weeks without speaking with the german chancellor and u.s. president five months how much of the black how much of the blame then is on this side of the election i think it's fair to say that we were it's a difficult situation where they can take a government for the last five months so there was
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a limited room of maneuver i think in terms of long term policy issues that is going to change from tomorrow on what's thing we have made a lot of efforts. since the president came to office to build up a dialogue think someone has a great need to describe to the european german response to mr dobbs election as to hug and to hitch in time trying to build stress trying to. promote and create understood as understanding for positions when you look at the issues of calm any factoring in the united states for example when the c. of c. of b.m.w. was a coming to the to the white house but on the other hand clearly we understand we have to take any more it's own hands in terms of strengthening in europe that's what we have to put into the coalition agreement here i want you to i want you to take a listen to what mr trump said today about iran the iran deal. but we disagreed on
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what you look at the iran deal i think it's terrible i guess it was ok i wanted to break it or something and he felt a little bit differently so we were not really thinking. all right what are you going to do with this new grand coalition government now that mr trump probably will say i want to break the iran's nuclear deal is that going to break your government your new government i don't think so i think we have a broad consensus on foreign policy issues in germany which is a good thing for our country in terms of providing stability and continuity. i think it's not about the fact that you may be critical of a lot of aspects of the iranian government of the reagan policy in the region that is something to be addressed in its own right nevertheless as we are convinced especially if you look beyond the region if you look to the issue of north korea coming forward. if we were to set an example that an agreement as the ones to struggle with iran would not stand up and would not be on it it would be
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a terrible slide for any nonproliferation agreements in the future. and especially now that the drum seems to want to meet the leader of most korea which is another do that in a bilateral way as the saying is not something that we find particular recommendable but still. terminating and stressing the threat to us he'd be totally wrong signal to any other power in the in the world to try to convince to renounce nuclear weapons we have more time to talk to nick a member of the german parliament we appreciate you coming in to talk tonight and as i do see i'm sure we'll see you tomorrow when the government ultimately work and merkel is sworn in as the chancellor again the day is nearly done the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at u.w. news report golf t.v. and remember no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day receive them.
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