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tv   Reporter - Junckers Balkan visit  Deutsche Welle  April 9, 2018 6:02am-6:16am CEST

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it's at home in many languages. now a. magazine for. the for every week and looking to the future. science and research. on a challenging journey a four day visit to the western. region long neglected by the international community. with countries such as serbia and eager to join the e.u. the visit by the president of the european commission encourages the belief that brussels is taking their accession and bishan seriously. also has high
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hopes for the tour but what promises can he make his hosts. and will he disappoint them. i. look at his notes. puts the finishing touches on his speech to the bosnian parliament. it's a crucial one. remains one of the region's most trouble states. and your message is not all positive. because a rival in sarajevo is friendly and.
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mr. affable warm media savvy younger is nothing if not charming he's been in politics for nearly forty years and his experience is an asset on trips like this one younker is keen to nurture the balkan countries access. and encourage them to implement reforms. bosnia is pinning its hopes on accession so there's a lot of potential for disappointment. in the. but john thought the younger knows how to coach his message in positive terms. of all to hear. i'm here to speak he was equals stiff today i don't want anyone to see me as the strict uncle from brussels coming here to tell you how to behave the motion as i know that's important. nobody likes constantly
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being told what they have projects to go on but nevertheless that's what i've been doing. up there sometimes to listen. to hours days or younger is in the bosnian parliament listening to the european anthem. the taste of things to come. is well aware of the widespread skepticism within the e.u. towards the balkans. sick of all too vocal to you know of all you're doing this for your fellow citizens and put an end to cronyism and corruption and organized crime because that's what's chasing away so much investment and preventing the growth of your companies. his audience hangs
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on his every word grateful that the e.u. finally appears to be paying the country the attention it's been yearning for. he understands the complexity of those situations and then clegg means that he is really european. has really put he's has a little bit cautious approach from the europeans doesn't want to new difficulties within the european union but he understands the need of this but of the europe to be side only within the european union but will his message have the desired effect . a rifle in belgrade. in serbia the delegation is met by an icy wind. is a physically strenuous one. really need to make this kind of africa's at the end of his career.
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didn't mention. people in the e.u. need to be made aware that the balkans are on their doorstep for going. to war raged here in the one nine hundred ninety s. . without the promise of a e.u. exception we could all too easily see a repeat of the conflicts witnessed here in those years. that promise is central to the policies of serbian president aleksander of which its accession negotiations have been underway since twenty fourteen. praises the progress the country has made he would like to make serbia a role model for the rest of the region.
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that's why he's brought along a u. commissioner yohannes han he understands the balkans like few others. the show and others include. the sequels a great case here the interesting thing as it was the enthusiasm for the easy upswing should be at least those in this among young people in particular there is a desire for the values the e.u. symbolizes the. small. he says seeing freedom of the opportunity to pursue your goal is. not something we can be proud of and that's something we can bear in mind here in the western balkans. it's a sudden we the i dos in every mon calls. it's another day and another destination.
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the press officer and assistants are immersed in their work everyone is deep in concentration. but he is already thinking ahead. a major challenge awaits him in montenegro. on route to the capital. it's hard to believe that this was a war zone just twenty years ago not that gets to see much through the car window. if you're not busy and really. i'm pretty tired here because you were constantly on the move shuttling between the hotel room the senate offices. we did
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mention i don't get a chance to talk to the people who live here about their dreams their fears and i find that regrettable dollars. but the tour of the western balkans is all about a huge expansion. the delegation isn't here to meet the people. next it's down to brass tacks. heads into a meeting for another round of talks. but first. a base of small talk with montenegro's prime minister markovitch. younger is well known for his banter and dry humor. i love snow it makes you feel so cozy. if you. believe. that was the easy bess.
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montenegro's reforms have been achieving results and wants to step up the pace. he has to deal with growing frustration in the balkans as people here have long awaited a firm commitment. but brussels sais that unresolved border disputes corruption and an economy that still isn't competitive are hampering progress. many here see e.u. access as an empty promise. and. i'm not making myself popular on this tour because i'm telling people that i can't give them a specific date and i'm saying this is what you need to do this is what you need to sort out. i feel like i'm getting a warm reception but then a frosty goodbye. in
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albania he's welcomed at the airport with an embrace. but he and prime minister eddie rama failed to find common ground in their me saying. that's despite the fact that albania is the most pro e.u. country in the region but that also makes it the most impatient one experience that what. we've done. all our homework and we deserve to have a straightforward took on patients and then. from member states the approval to start negotiations. refuses to bear to pressure. he knows the score. if i stuff here feel that we would lose the
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volume and i know that lots of people here are impatient of especially young people if you deserve it there are lots of albanians macedonians and serbs scattered across europe because they don't see a future for themselves there's. oil a piece of history the balkans need to know that e.u. accession is on the cards but i won't allow myself to be railroaded first i want to see change and then we can talk about dates. right. but. that's what he tells albanian president. diplomacy is all about walking a fine line. and the mission of often those we have to be careful not to only think of the people here in the western balkans which is complex enough given the internal divisions so that we must also think of the people in the e.u.
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and its existing forts. and large print can't be rushed and goals need to be fleshed out carefully achieving goals in europe just like growing wrinkles on your face you have to work hard for them. to. be in office to see the western balkan countries integrated into the e.u. he has stepped down in twenty nineteen but for the time being he's doing everything in his power to secure the future of the european project. you're going to unofficial estimates more than one point two million venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. i'd return to. to visit friends is that i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. bearing witness
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