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me me me me me me. just. play. a an. audience. be a and. this is you don't use live from berlin the right thing to do british prime minister theresa may defends her decision to launch strikes on syria may also accuse the country's government and moscow of trying to cover up an alleged chemical attack in syria but britain's opposition says mae's approval of airstrikes may have broken laws we cross london for analysis also coming up as world leaders react in the wake
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of this weekend's military strikes the e.u. is keen to switch the focus back to diplomacy and a new concerted push to bring russia back into the fold and the protesters in togo drawing a furious response from the country soldiers demonstrators are violating a ban on protesters say they want togo's president to leave office but the government isn't backing down. closer to cairo is ranked the worst metropolis in the world to be a woman or hear how an attack up ended one woman's life and what happened to the man throwing the punches in this video. and in the bundesliga show the endorsements squared off in germany's biggest derby that match had more than just local pride at stake both teams are in the hunt to qualify for champions league soccer. in the morning. i
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am. her rock it's great to have you along. british prime minister theresa may has faced questions in parliament over her decision to authorize this past weekend's airstrikes in syria all this after britain joined france and the united states and bombing three alleged chemical weapon sites in syria following a suspected poison gas attack in the town of duma opposition m.p.'s may should have consulted them before carrying out the bombing and the labor party leaders have suggested the strikes may have been illegal both syria and its allies russia have denied carrying out the alleged chemical attack also on april seventh that is believed to have left dozens of people dead but may says that is contradicted by the intelligence she has seen and she defended her government's decision to take part in the strikes this was not about intervening in a civil war and it was not about regime change it was about
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a limited childish and effective strike that sought to alleviate the humanitarian suffering of the syrian people by degrading the syrian regime's chemical weapons capability and deterring that use and we have published the legal basis for this action. prime minister may addressing the house of commons a little earlier and correspondent is in a london beriah to theresa may talking there about degrading and deterring syria's chemical weapons capability what else has she said to defend the strikes. well had the main criticism year in the u.k. is that she hasn't looked for parliament's approval as is the convention here in the u.k. but some reason may say she could not wait because there was a risk that the syrian regime would strike again and likewise she could not wait for official investigations to be concluded because she said to verdun not the
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humanitarian catastrophe she thought that she had to act and this was really had a chance to be the prime ministerial in the state when she was quite strong she had a challenge to all to bring up party together who is very much in disarray over bricks of the country is in disarray over bricks it but here she really said this is my decision i. being held to account by parliament but it's my decision alone to make arts or her decision alone to make do the british people think it was right or wrong to take part of the strikes. well it's interesting according to one recent poll they actually now think it was right to strike and i think this has to do with the government explaining that this was basically a one off it was very targeted it was not about regime change you know it wasn't about toppling the syrian government but it was really about this the use of
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chemical weapons they agreed the british public did not approve of this before when there was discussion when it was in the air that something might happen they did not think it was the right thing to do but they do now so i think this goes to show that the government and to reason may has been successful in getting have message across she's been successful at getting her message across but she's had to face many vocal critics since the airstrikes it took place what are they exactly unhappy about. well the debate here in the u.k. very much centers on the government going it alone and not asking for permission not having a debate about it but basically just striking now there is this international approval and the reason may also said again in a statement that she was talking for example to other european leaders to justin
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trudeau from canada and that people that heads of state didn't go along with had decision and supported but of course here in the u.k. it's a slightly different picture jeremy called been the leader of the opposition basically said that she did not that the the diplomatic route was not exhausted and they should have been more diplomatic efforts without going to do preemptive the in these strikes so this is what the debate in the u.k. sent us on and as you alluded to previously the u.k. here for the u.k. this was a one off of the u.s. meantime is keeping the door open the u.n. ambassador saying it's locked and loaded to act again is person on board with that . well the reason may stress that this was something that that she did once and it was a one off in order to deter the syrian regime from doing this again and also to make a point about chemical weapons use that she did not want the use of chemical weapons
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to be normalized you have to bear in mind that not long ago we had an attack with chemical weapons against a former russian spy and the british government is holding the russian government to account who are of course allied with the syrian government so this is the main point for to reason they she has not said that there's going to be anything again so basically at the moment just this one off and not not now not a big not a bigger campaign not the same sort of war rhetoric that we hear from the u.s. the british people are very sensitive when it comes to anything like regime change in this critical region so targeted this is what they support but nothing more good mass reporting from london thank you. well the u.k. along with the u.s. and france took action in syria claiming they have proof that the syrian regime was behind the attack on doing their coronated strike started at chemical weapons
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facilities well now foreign ministers have been meeting in luxembourg to discuss how to proceed further well topping the agenda was how to deal with damascus as ally russia how to revive the peace process in syria. all right let's explore more with that exactly means marcus crime is a political scientist and international security alex we're so happy to have you here with us mr khan were in the eighth year of this very protracted brutal war in syria and the e.u. is exploring a diplomatic channels or trying to revive diplomatic channels getting the warring parties to sit at the same table i don't want to take any away from diplomacy efforts but at this stage are they just naive or have they just run out of options there's no leg off diplomatic channels i mean with the official. holds the official negotiations between the syrian opposition and the government in geneva and of the also business of the united nations we have this so-called talks turkey or around
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and russia the key question is how will it be e.u. and the united states can manage to get a foothold at the table in the astana talks. personally i have my doubts what could be the leverage to bring the e.u. and the united states into this game i mean the idea of an international content group or group of friends or something like that is a familiar one the group goes back to you with no more of the nine hundred ninety s. and it has proven to be effective but my concern it's simply too late it's simply too little too late this is your finds itself in a bind especially because there's this growing sense of confrontation between russia and the west. i'd like you to talk to us about how the e.u. is dealing with it because the u.s. is now contemplating to impose more sanctions on russia. visa because of its role in syria what is how is the e.u. dealing with this challenge i mean europe is part of the west so we're not talking about some kind of equal distance from the europeans between washington and russia
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on the other side we are part of the west in europe and we have imposed on the european union as have has imposed a couple of sanctions a series of sanctions which has been extended and renewed every day for the next stage of crimea twenty fourteen and the destabilization of russia and the eastern part of the ukraine. on the other hand europe is it in a different geographical position compared to them tonight the united states it has an immediate neighbor which is russia and therefore the europeans have to balance the discomfort and disagreements political disagreements with russia. and with some kind of models of some kind of. way to deal with the russians in economic terms and in political terms as well and that explains was some european you member states are more accommodating towards russia compared to the united states right now to
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some a we just heard or a little earlier said that the aim of these accord needed strikes that occurred over the weekend was to deter and degrade syria's chemical weapons capability how effective will this action actually be in preventing something similar happening in the future again difficult to say i mean there's the technical side still the question and the announcement of the strikes came clean five days before the actual strikes took place so even in the case there was some chemical weapons all part of the chemical weapons located in these facilities and probably they have moved to a different place and the more political question is that's you know we have seen the say exactly the same scenario of the attacks in the unfolding of the taking every neighbor of the last year everybody was happy expecting that. president assad will restrain himself in terms of the use of chemical weapons if that b.b. opposite happened we saw on the increase of the use in the use of chemical weapons
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so i think it's simply not realistic to expect an improvement over throughout the situation on the ground with the situation on the part marcus kind of political scientists and international security expert thank you thank you. while meanwhile in the hague the global chemical weapons watch doc the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons has held in emergency talks on the suspected poison gas attack in syria earlier there earlier this month the o.p.c. w. healthy closed door session as their inspectors waited to visit size and duma the watchdogs inspectors are in syria to determine whether banned chemicals were used in the attack on april seventh dozens of people including children were allegedly killed with a poison gas. the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov has denied claims by the u.s. that russia has tampered with evidence at the site and we can take you know what to moscow to do to use your shadow to get more on the russia's reactions good to see
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you tell us more about how moscow has there we act as a charges of it blocking an investigation into to do my gas attack even possibly tampering with the evidence on the site and while i have yet also like to get your reaction on the u.s. preparing potentially new sanctions on syria over on russia excuse me over syria how is the kremlin planning to retaliate. russia's simplify as back at its critics as always as so often in the recent months the russian deputy foreign minister said a get up coffee in moscow denied that russia was blocking the p c w fact finding mission into not saying that the investigators hadn't been allowed in because they lack the necessary un permission as for russia's reaction after the air strikes a mixed off relief and prevail here relieved because no russian soldiers were hit in the attack anger and disapproval because of the fact because of the fact that
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the west had gone into military action generally even though many understood that the military strikes were first at all symbolic as far as potential retaliating after the upcoming or potential upcoming use us actions look russians do not have many or almost no options left no matter what they do against the u.s. economy they would find themselves financially up against the wall the air strikes didn't change the fundamental attitude of russia to work syria two parties struggle here for influence over president putin and his syria policy liberal politicians seeking negotiations with the west they fear that the economic situation in russia could get divorced because of the syria policy other politicians who are essentially close to the military and to the secret service for them the recent s trikes and addition and additional evidence for the aggressive western attitude towards russia they fear that putin could cut military spending if russia somehow
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agrees with the west on the syrian issue but all and all russia comes really retaliate appropriately did he use your shadow with the reaction from moscow thank you. oh right and i'm going to hand you over to danielle because germany is facing an acute skills crisis where the german economy is doing really well but it's kind of tempered by this issue germany's shortage of skilled workers is impacting its economic growth according to a study of the country's output could be almost thirty billion euros hia if it weren't for the lack of specialists and there are more vacancies every year almost four hundred forty thousand were registered in twenty seventeen that's a rise of one hundred thousand compared to a year earlier the shortage ways heaviest on corporate investment and morale among workers. one solution to the problem could be encouraging more women into traditionally male dominated professions experts believe that with the right
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training and encouragement women could close that skills gap when it comes to electrical circuits movie kottaras as in her element but the process mechanic apprentice is surrounded by men she's the only woman in her second apprentice here it's a similar situation with those in their first year where pierre thomas is the only female both women have learned to assert themselves in a male dominated professions and i think it's proof to them that i can do it as well just because i'm a girl i can't do it that was the prejudice i showed them that girls can also do their jobs. the numbers show that the percentage of women in so-called mayer professions is slowly rising across germany eight percent of anti specialist apprentices are female among those who train to become automotive myka tronic technicians the number has now risen to four percent in the electronics the
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proportion of women is still low at two percent it's no surprise that the vocational school in life sake has only one woman but five male teachers in electrical engineering she says things are changing slowly. there's a lot of them often for long as we speak of women in male professions there's not gender equality it is of course understandable there is only one woman in the group but then general i don't see to classical distinctions anymore. in these times of skilled worker shortage women in male professions are needed more than ever. time to count the cost of a potential deutsche bank selloff the european central bank has asked germany's biggest lender to calculate the effect of winding down its investment as part of a trend among global regulators to test how banks would handle selling off big parts of their businesses as for avoid a future financial crash at the e.c.b. request comes as dodger struggles to complete vital reforms it's the first eurozone
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bank to be asked to sketch out its own crisis plans in this way forcing the chief financial officer to reassure investors tunisia is plagued by high inflation and unemployment many youngsters that turn their backs on the country and leave for europe where they think things will be better but not all of them stay there is a story of one man who came back to a home country that is struggling to provide a jungian aeration with prospects for the future. we're meeting taxi driver while the tree feed in the tunisian capital tunis he traveled over the mediterranean and lived in germany without papers now he's come back home living underground there was just too stressful he says. groups that don't live. europe is a dream for many people into new zealand but once you get there all you have is anxiety and i was living on the third floor in hamburg and had
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a rope attached to the balcony in case the police came and i had to make a getaway i could hardly sleep. no walid has a different dream he wants to open a cafe in tunis and is shopping for equipment. he's checking the prices. well. i was born here and love my country and that's why i want to create something here for me and my family. that shows. what happens in this storefront could help make walid stream come true an organization supported by the german government council's tunisians like him about legal migration finding a job and start up help he'll have to apply for a lower himself although the group will help him fill out the paperwork but return knees like walid are still the exception the center has helped fifteen hundred tunisians so far most of them want to move to germany working here is sometimes
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hard but rewarding for me here for ending the other most important thing to me is working with the people that we reach like while they for example i can see that he got a lot out of talking to us and that our advice really helped him move forward. german development minister get most open the center last march in the middle of tunis as part of what's being called the marshall plan for africa tunisia is receiving one hundred sixty five million euros in aid to help fight the problems that lie at the root of migration but money alone can't make them go away. meanwhile the protests go on demonstrators are tired of corrupt authorities the old political guard and bloated bureaucracies. that's released unfinished of course we won't be able to fix everything but i think we're doing the right thing helping individuals creating individual success stories like this if. she hopes one to two
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feet could turn into one of those success stories a return to from germany who creates a new life for himself in tunis. and heading south on the continent to togo now like yes. and west because anger is growing in the west african nation of togo over the president's refusal to step down after nearly thirteen years in power protesters clashed with police over the weekend they are demanding term limits be placed on the president but the government is refusing to back down. it was only a handful of two girlies who together in front of the headquarters of an opposition party but that was enough to prompt a response from soldiers. who were has seen regular demonstrations since last august the opposition agreed to hold them for more than a month to give time to neighboring ghana to mediate between the two sides but after talks stalled protesters again took to the streets the situation you're in
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loamy is quite tense the government bans all protests and the security forces both police and military are enforcing that order strictly. small groups of protesters try to block the streets. the police response with glee. dozens of demonstrators have been there arrested since last year and at least eleven people have lost their lives. this is barbaric. we have the right to protest in the constitution and the police are harassing people in arresting them we've had enough double can't go on like this things need to change . the government argues that the president was elected democratically and says the ban on demonstrations is legal. he said this is your decision.
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if they don't like it so they can take us to the courts if a judge sides with them they can demonstrate again by the opposition hasn't done that yet they're just demonstrating that's not right we don't accept that we live in a country of laws is the key sit on purpose if it doesn't it doesn't work but accept an alliance of fourteen opposition parties claims that it was just a system isn't independent and says the government has no interest in solving the problem asking for time to constitution through voted for him. ninety ninety two and we want to because of the constitution. to meet the norm of a president. and our current president is have indicated to him we choose not conform to what was considered. presidential
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elections into our plans and through two thousand and twenty many observers fear that the situation here could escalate further if the government and the opposition fail to find common ground. and sharing our rao has erupted online after the country's version of twitter threatened to censor gay related content on its platform to view social media editor karl now as one has been tracking this story bring us up to speak or they were talking about. over the weekend weibo announced new guidelines that many in china were afraid would lead to broad censorship of the . community there in china here's that official post this is from friday it's announcing a three month clean up campaign targeting concent related to pornography violence and homosexuality in the says it's in order to create a harmonious community environment and to align with china's cyber security regulations by the following day this is already taken effect some more than fifty
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thousand so-called violations were taken down one hundred user accounts were also closed including a popular gay rights account called gay voice so this had an immediate effect wide ranging crackdown on one of china's most popular social media telcel a bit more about the protests yeah i mean this was a big outcry there in china we saw tens of thousands of chinese citizens taking directly to weigh boats to voice their complaints there they were using hashtags like i am gay and we saw lots of personal stories as well including some photos being posted on the platform. this is just one example it comes from a gay rights activist in china you can see her there with her son and she says look i'm the mother of a gay son my son and i love our country but today i suddenly find that scene a bow is discriminating against and attacking this sexual minority this campaign really went viral i mean three hundred million views pretty quickly actually gave
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in so this was a victory a take a look at this pose that was kind of the death of this shortly lived ban this was from today and it says that the clean up would no longer target gay content and thank you for your discussions and your suggestions referring to that that outcry so this is really a big win for china's gay community and a rare when i mean you don't often see people actually beating in china's censors there i mean they are always censoring things it's rare to see it overturned very cool talk to us a little bit about because this isn't the first time that homosexuality has been censored you know some of that's true i mean in china we saw last year of trying as authorities banned audio and video content of that displayed homosexuality so this is really a trend and it's worrying for for the gay community there in china in fact we spoke earlier today with a gay rights activist who told us that social media really is one of the few safe havens where gay people into in china can speak openly and here's exactly what he told us. we do not have enough space to express ourselves in daily life.
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it's also difficult for us to start a public debate. internet not only provide space for people from the l g b t community to express themselves it's also a very important means for the public to understand homosexuality and to prevent discrimination against the community. so you can hear they're just just what's at stake there in china the censorship just getting tighter and tighter especially lately so it's really impressive to see this protest come away with a victory for once a rare win today and thank you so much carl miles meant for tracking that story for us. you're watching you know we need to solve a lot more to tell you about including living in the aftermath of war we'll introduce you to the work of an american photographer whose examination of war trauma has won a prestigious award. don't forget you can always get you to read news on the go
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just download our out from google play book from the apple store they'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any great music and you can also use the w. news app to send us your photos and videos. we'll be right back in a moment. but. we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake and it was my mistake the facebook and the danger of the scandals was a one off occurrence. just what is the company do with the personal data billions of uses. insiders explaining the facebook system so dangerous not transparency.
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in forty five minute delays. we make up oh but we want tons of office on the under budget fight we are the civil service or . the want to shape the continent's future pretend to be part of it and join african youngsters especially share their stories their dreams and their challenges. to the seventy seven percent. platform for charging. earth's moon home too. of species. a home worth saving. those are big changes and most start with small steps in global interiors tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the
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world. ideas the protect the climate boost green energy solutions and reforestation. result of people you can not put their computers to create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection. using all channels available to inspire people to take action and we're determined to build something here for the next generation global india's future carmen series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. great to have you back with us you're watching the news i'm leyla rock these are made headlines right now. british prime minister to recently has defended her move to join courtney to barrett's air strikes on syria in a speech to parliament she says the controversial strikes were in britain's interest she also choose moscow and damascus of trying to conceal an alleged
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chemical attack in syria. the european union's twenty eight foreign ministers have issued a joint statement backing u.s. french and british airstrikes on syrian targets over the weekend and you ministers have been holding talks on how to resolve tensions with russia and revive peace efforts in syria. all right want to take you now to egypt where the capital cairo is the most dangerous matric metropolis in the world for women that's at least according to a study by the thomson reuters foundation part of the problem is the failure to take crime against women seriously. it began as an innocent until to the shopping center but that short trip turns my atari life upside down a camera recorded what happened. i was coming out of that entrance the guy. stopped me. what do you want what do you need or he asked about something
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or he was he was like no i was waiting for you for the past hour i want you to come home with me and you have no option your coming home. like no this will never happen and it means slap me twice in my face and he started to hate lead then the security came and stabbed the letter ouch would download any thing called the police station for example. so my aunt took my her purse so if she refused to let her attacker get away with it. i went to the police station i took a video of the always happened to the police station i told them i don't know him but his face is clear in the video can you get that guy because he sexually harassed me and wanted to take me to his will by force and then slap me. they made a complete joke out of me. so my as attacker was cooled down convicted he was fined less than four euro's a better experience and by no means
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a one off such as what you do into common according to research i mean. there's too many reasons but why is that is also because i think primarily for me is a growing social acceptance for for the practice it's ok people are seeing it bystanders are seeing a daily basis has become a normalized kind of behavior and it's not really kind of condemned ethically. now they see my as reluctant to venture out onto the streets of cairo and that's not just because of the sexually charged atmosphere. some are told reporters from egyptian television what happened in the shopping center and gave them some of her own private photos she wanted to cause a stir. but the turn of the story a very different slant portraying the twenty five year old as a decadent woman the effect was devastation. they haven't called meanings industry they were running after me. they destroyed my
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car because. not a girl and the men are following in. religion as according to lifestyle. president r.c.c. publicly supports women's rights. in two thousand and fourteen he brought in stricter penalties for attacks on women in two thousand and fifteen he launched a program for tackling violence against women and he declared two thousand and seventeen to be egyptian women's year. the loads ists but the problem is not the low is the enforcement of below the procedures that woman has to go through and endured to be able to file a case thing and sexual harassment is really really tedious and sometimes humiliating that makes women shy away from doing it. helping women in the margin see is the idea behind a new option launched a few weeks ago. uses within
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a kilometer or notified if a woman sets off an alarm through the app. one hundred fifty emergency calls were made within the first month roughly one in five users have answered a positive sign. as the true essence of a every single spaces but it's very. physical it's begun. and people do not report it or it's simply reporting the story just so recording incidents and actually let people know magnitude of the problem and actually try to . somalia has twice been the target of sexual harassment the attacker from the shopping center struck again outside this pharmacy. these pictures were taken seconds before the assault. this time the man slashed her in the face with
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a knife she needed fifty stitches. no one helped. and basically disappointed. to lose my job. my college my parents my friends even my own i had to move to a complete different one. three years in college because i'm not talking to my parents for the past two years because they're ashamed to talk to me. so maya trying to take your own life a few weeks ago. doctors managed to say. she notices women in egypt to put up with sexual assaults and not to trying to defend themselves it's a dismal outcome. all right and i have here with me a reporter even to him who is from egypt and we already started talking about this
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subject because this is such an extraordinary case of one woman's life being ended is this case well known in egypt this is a very high profile case and really has had many faces i mean this case has been in the public eye since two thousand and fifteen when the video of some might have been sexually harassed in the mall surfaced before the video before the surveillance video came out she had tried to report the case of course but the authorities paid according to her i spoke to her today according to the authorities have paid no heed to her complaint until the video surfaced and it really became like a public opinion case the video went viral on the internet and then there was of course her appearance on the t.v. show called the bias here in egypt in the ensuing months where they allegedly took a private pictures from her phone pictures that can be perceived in a somewhat concerning. they did she give those pictures to this program because this kind of baffling that's what they say what she says is that her phone was essentially taken from her and these pictures were downloaded without her
8:38 pm
permission right i mean at the end of the day these are private pictures but they were. what in this particular context and she was demonized to people when people saw these you know these pictures that might be deemed a slightly racy in that sort of conservative society people were saying well if she's that kind of girl who are coming to any kind of deserves what's coming for her and then. twenty seventeen her assaulter then pursued her he came he was she was go shopping in broad daylight three pm cairo middle of the city in front of a pharmacy slashed her face she had to get fifty stitches. and as a result her life has been turned completely upside down it's pretty shocking i want to talk a little bit about this attacker so he got this like nominal fee of what the equivalent of four years for the first attack right then he slashes her face of the second time around her much more violent attacks are authorities pursuing him for that very violent when i spoke to her when i spoke to her this morning she said with what she wanted the charges of she wanted to get some would be attempted
8:39 pm
murder that's what she felt was the appropriate charge and that's what she wanted the prosecution to go for that's what they initially. went for up until yesterday there was an update in the case and he presented a document according to her this is all from my phone call with her this morning present a document saying that he was mentally unfit and now the charge has been slightly reduced to an attempt to cause a disability to a person her fear now is because the legal definition of causing a disability means that she has had had to lost control of one of her organs that this doesn't really apply to her case but that doesn't deter from the fact that her life has been turned upside down i mean i talked to her today and you know the girl you've been when you ask her about this event that happened two years ago her voice is extremely shaken it's completely turned her life upside down her parents are not talking to any more because they were completely against her speaking out to the media she's lost her job because the company initially told her that you know because she has to take more than two weeks of medical leave this was not
8:40 pm
acceptable and then she told me that she was essentially. you know because you have this scar on your face now it's not appropriate for you to be representing our company anymore houses because this person stopped her i mean this attack happened two hundred meters away from the building where she was living where she had been living all her life since she was a child is pretty pretty shocking when her life has been turned upside down very briefly i've got ten seconds left how common is this cut type of behavior in egypt quite common nine out of ten gyptian women according to a u.n. survey have faced some sort of sexual harassment this is this is a spending from catcalling to rape and sixty percent of egyptian men in an even more recent survey have reported that they have him themselves harassed a woman at some point in their life so unfortunately quite common behavior lots more work to be done in interest to you reporting thank you so much for coming absolutely and we're going to have to turkey now we're a christian pastor from the u.s.
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has gone to trial on charges of supporting terror the case is providing a renewed test of ties with turkey's nato allies this time with washington has been cracking down for months on individuals it claims could be linked to a failed twenty sixteen coup coup attempt but that campaign hasn't dented turkish president richard who wants popularity on his home turf in istanbul rather on the contrary. look that was two thousand and two. i was at some photos of him here in the shop this was taken just after he became prime minister. yes i hung could talk about the president is when we were kids their families were friends later became a barber and dredging our than one of the world's most well known politicians but they never forgot each other even today the president sometimes comes in for a hat. when he visits we see huge crowds traffic jams even get
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so busy he comes here every three to four years in this area practically everyone my age and up knows him personally when it was time for him to be serious he was serious when it's time to joke he would joke he's still the same yes and change that all. i huns barbershop is in cousin pasha a conservative neighborhood of the stumble this is where ad one grew up and where he dreamt of becoming a professional soccer player but then decided to join politics. today the local stadium is named after him and most of the people here are loyal supporters of the soccer club and the president. cancer a much about the people we're very satisfied he's decent and charitable we love him got to be serious on. time that he's the only politician in the history of our
8:43 pm
public who stands up to the west. to be in a good laundry room on the real problem is going to him when a politician uses an academic language the message does not come through. but he knows how to speak to the masses and that's why people vote for him. they're going on the verge of his. many turkish people are proud that ad one has turned their country into an important player in the region politically as well as economically mega projects like the new istanbul underground railway or the gigantic bosphorus bridge have earned him the reputation of a visionary a man of action. after all good i once supported adam's policies as well. for several years he was a minister in one of his cabinets but in twenty thirteen they parted after a dispute the president has changed a lot says he will only hear. turkey was taking big steps towards conforming to
8:44 pm
e.u. standards and having a pluralist democracy. but after the third election we started to see more of his ego. he didn't listen to others anymore and this is the heir to one the world knows now. show on the front of their one though. the world might soon also get to know they spilled the president's new favorite project and make a mosque intended to outshine all the others in turkey. many people say the president is building a monument to himself. the mosque is so huge one can spot it from many places in istanbul. journalist most of the house says the project shows just how much as one focuses on symbols of power now the president has become less and less tolerant of criticism horses and he knows what he's talking about his book
8:45 pm
about out one has earned him several lawsuits. people got a lot better one has a single plan he does not want to lose the election no matter what he wants to remain in power this is his only goal. he likes to see himself as a big boss who runs the country like a patriarch. but heir to one will never become a big boss who controls all of turkey he's only the big boss of his followers and supporters. tend to listen him because both of them. in cousin pressure the president's old neighborhood to most of the people do not share such criticism if it were up to yes sure i hung the barber. one would govern for another fifteen years but he could stop by more often for happy at. and a more good news for president are to want to his economy is on the right as betting on cheap money to get the economy growing and it seems to be working it
8:46 pm
grew more than seven percent last year that's stronger than shyness but some economic indicators seem to contradict that the turkish currency the lira has been on a continuous downward spiral so what's going on. turkey is cheaper than ever for foreign tourists the turkish lira continues to hit new lows against major currencies. it's lost nearly half its value against the euro for examples twenty fifteen. but although that might be great for foreign visitors it's a huge problem for the country because it has to import commodities like oil and gas and the country's central bank could apply the brakes by raising interest rates but president redshift tire out of want has hamstrung that idea he's betting on a looser monetary policy that wants to retain low interest rates to help drive
8:47 pm
economic growth and he accuses those who aren't of the same opinion of being tools of western powers ever want to tributes the fall of the leader to turkey's enemies . he claims that they are playing games with our economy and i say to all those who attack our economy that you will not succeed you fail before and will feel like again. turkish companies are suffering the country's largest manufacturer of food products isn't to the tune of billions in hard currencies but in its home market sales are in the following clear up has already warns that it will soon be unable to meet its obligations all told turkish companies zero creditors around three hundred billion dollars some economists now believe turkey could be the flash point that sets off a new financial crisis. and now who says good taste never goes out of style
8:48 pm
the curial in the house is putting thousands of items from paris's legendary ritz hotel on auction starting tomorrow the ritz reopens two years ago after extensive renovations and it's now selling the treasure trove of beds thought of and interior decorations which are not mowed anymore but if you want to sleep in the new and improved lap of luxury be prepared to pay at least one thousand euros per night. if you business now to some but this league of football with and you so much danielle shock and awe when met in germany's ruhr derby on sunday with just one point separating the two teams in the one to see the table in their last meeting salcombe matters a stunning comeback from four goals down to earn a draw this time another enthralling match up was in store. dorman and shaka fans were looking to secure the bragging rights in the latest installment of germany's most famous dobby it was a first rodolphe for peter and the first half hour to the passion and excitement
8:49 pm
you'd expect. but there was little in the way of quality throughout a scruffy for. shoppers alessandro show like places in the fifth minute but moment but he denied it. to him and only threatened shocker set pieces. testing round them and. no not at the far right. but only in the second half the deadlock was broken down you kind of jury said you haven't come up the young and the ukraine bring a school his goal of the season. dortmund would stood for the shock of pressure and would desperate for a foothold in the game don't go with pushing but not enough. and shocker eventually got their rewards a free kick was laid off and no doubt he thrust the go home from a distance merely passing the net and raising the roof and cows and catching. dormant champions league hopes and our risk but joyous shaka
8:50 pm
a robot that. alright and now some more bad news for dortmund stemming from the shock against star striker michy about shreyas suffered an ankle injury and almost the rest of the season benjamin the stand goalie brought much wia down with a clean tackle causing great concern to coach peter storrie for the chelsea loney might recover in time to play for belgium at the world cup. last six travel to remain in the late game on sunday hoping to take advantage of dortmund slip up they welcomed back star a team around or to the starting line up which champions league qualification is firmly in their sights. ralph pozen who was criticized for leaving team a vendor out of the lights the side that lost the musée in the europa league on thursday and the twenty two year old was back in the starting line up against braman. the only chances though belongs to the hosts zach o.-u.
8:51 pm
news of it came close with a dangerous free kick in the sixth minute and when max truces shot rattled off the bar twenty minutes later nicklaus moyes sunda rolled the rebound how the defender was the first to react in the box lights and keep a pizza kalash he was left scrambling and braman in front it's. just five minutes after the break the lights equalized when twenty year old i demoed a new command stick around to tackles in the frame and penalty area and fired into the roof of the net then i had a late chance to clinch the three points but couldn't the keeper jury have been cast. with just three minutes to go it was the hosts time to break but a strong start by gillespie and a desperate miss by more center meant that this one state or square. missed chances at both ends i mean that neither side will be particularly pleased with the point.
8:52 pm
pulitzer prize winner on yanni dream house was considered one of the bravest photojournalists on the planet for decades she risked her very own life to tell the stories of people in conflict until tragically in two thousand and fourteen she was shot dead by a police officer in afghanistan a day before presidential elections there a legacy of bravery lives on in her photos and in the i net metering house courage in photojournalism award given out again this weekend. and david leavitt's firm did on his culture desk is here to tell us more about what makes this award different from all the other prizes well in a way it's an award for double courage because it's given to women photojournalists they work in very dangerous conditions and in a field that is incredibly male dominated and that's actually part of why i mean anything house legacy is so incredible and she was such an inspiration to so many people now the winner of this year's award is the american andrea bruce. who
8:53 pm
focuses on the aftermath of war and disaster and the jury said it particularly wanted to honor the intimacy and the dignity of her images such as this one of a syrian family and more name. now here's an image from the failed uprising in bahrain in two thousand and eleven a protester using onions to counter the effects of tear gas. and this one i for find particularly touching this iraqi widow lost her husband during the u.s. invasion and became a prostitute to support her kids figure in the background as a customer now india is another place andrea bruce is spent a lot of time this series is about the half a billion indians who don't have access to toilets and particularly for school girls that can be a problem because many of them drop out when they start menstruating because they don't have privacy at school and lack of sanitation david has also been a big probably not the country that bruce when covered. right in haiti particularly
8:54 pm
it's been a major factor in the country's cholera epidemic over the last year we have some images of bruce's from haiti as well this teenage boy is getting treatment at a collar a clinic after his parents carried him for six hours to get there an incredible story here's a very different image from haiti this church congregation is gathering on the foundation of their church that was blown away by hurricane matthew and another image of potential hope here to schoolgirls studying on the ruins foundations of their home this is a spectacular image i think it's so full of dignity. it's beautiful they're all very evocative and poignant as well especially the song behind me is really touching the top award comes with a cash prize of twenty thousand u.s. dollars now have also been some a few very impressive honorable mentions can get right to honorable mentions we can take a look at them one is the british photographer rebecca conway she's based in the
8:55 pm
disputed kashmir region and concentrates on the the unrest there here we have a woman mourning for her killed nephew a young man being treated for pellet wounds he received leaving friday prayers at a mosque and she also looks at mental health in the region this is actually an image of women attending an exorcism and the other honorable mention this year canadian photographer amber bracken she stays closer to home she tells us stories of young aboriginal peoples and western canada and the u.s. stories of traditional dancers hip hop dancers protesters against the keystone pipeline and violence against sex workers some very brave people being documented by a very brave photographer as this year's i'm in need of a house courage and photo journalism award powerful images is that anywhere else that we could also go and just look at them again yet while you can check them out on our website that's a d w dot com slash culture right david leavitt's thank you you thank. and before
8:56 pm
i let you go in our mind you have our main headline that we're tracking for you this hour british prime minister theresa may has defended her move to join courtney to air strikes on syria and a speech to parliament she says the controversial strikes were in britain's interest she also accused moscow and damascus of trying to conceal an alleged chemical attack in syria. you've been watching the other news on behalf of the entire team here thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us on leila how rocks are kelly is up next.
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we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake and it was my mistake. facebook and the days were abuse scandals wasn't a one off occurrence. just what does the company do with the post office billions of useless. insiders explain the facebook so. dangerous not transparency.
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week on g.w. . wouldn't be fighting for the kids to be taken seriously in the world of work here's what's coming up. on w though they do the superhero on a mission such an attempt to smart women smart talks smarts to the legend pierce and by no means missed out on a brink recently dangerous to. make. time for a pretty. sure that grows on buying. a house with. poor design highlights you can make yourself. against tips and tricks that will turn your home. dissolution actual. upgrade
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yourself with g w interior design channel on you tube. this is d w news the live from berlin the right thing to do british prime minister to resign may defend her decision to launch strikes on syria may also accuses the country's government as moscow of trying to cover up the alleged chemical attack in duma but britain's opposition says that may's approval of airstrikes may have broken laws we'll have the latest from london also coming up russia says inspectors
9:01 pm
from the international chemical weapons watchdog will now be allowed access.


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