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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 24, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this is the view news live from berlin toronto police question the suspect in monday's deadly battle to act and people are dead after twenty five year old plowed a van through a busy city street the motive is not clear but police are saying they have so far found no links to any terror groups also coming up. helping the victims of war torn syria as that brutal conflict enters its eighth year now an international fund raising drive kicks off in brussels but can it make any difference we'll be putting
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that to our correspondent in brussels. as president donald trump owes his first ever state visit for french president among all mccall we asked the french people in washington what they expect from the two leaders rendezvous. i've brian thomas thanks so much for being with us so police at this hour are investigating the motive of a man who plowed a van into pedestrians ten people were killed on a busy street in the city center at least sixteen others were injured the suspect fled the scene but was arrested later after a standoff with police officers. the onslaught started as crowds emerged for their lunch break a white rental van mounted the sidewalk and drove at high speed into pedestrians leaving a trail of destruction. the rampage stretched for almost two kilometers witnesses
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described scenes of carnage. he just went on the sidewalk he just started shooting everybody man he had every single person on the sidewalk anybody in israel you would hit the bus stop everything was shattered one by one one by one holy god i've never seen a scene like this on live and there was bodies on the ground in front of the last man where the sidewalk is clearly way into the. to the sidewalk and there was four bodies on the ground police and the ambulance hadn't arrived yet but people were trying to revive them very sad day for toronto i mean this is unbelievable police were quick to react locating the white van and subduing the driver without firing a shot the alleged attacker was named as twenty five year old alec manasse and police said he was not linked to any terror group. the actions definitely look deliberate and at this particular point in time there's nothing that does affect
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the national security footprint we are looking very strong as to what the exact motive the motivation was for this particular incident to take place ordinance to dozens of victims were treated on the street before being rushed to hospital. many could not be saved. the attack brought to run to or to a standstill downtown streets were closed for hours as were several subway stations this kind of tragic incident is not representative of how we live or who we are are anything to do with life in this city on a day to day basis it's the latest attack in recent years in which a vehicle has been used as a weapon in cities including nice berlin london new york and. to run to has now been added to that tragic list. now to some of the other stories making the news today convicted war criminal radovan karat is back in court today for an appeal hearing against his multiple convictions for genocide and
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atrocities the former bosnian serb leader has insisted his forces acted in self-defense. he is asking that his forty year prison term be overturned by the u.n. war crimes tribunal. a team of doctors in the u.s. has successfully performed the world's first complete genital transplant using tissue from a deceased donor the operation was carried out on a male soldier who'd been wounded by a bomb in afghanistan the fourteen hour procedure has been hailed as a success. the former u.s. president george h.w. bush is said to be recovering after he was hospitalized newstand for an infection that just a day after his wife barbara's funeral the ninety three year old is a form of parkinson's he's received treatment number of times in recent years for respiratory difficulties. it is
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a new baby boy for the duchess of cambridge general husband prince william now the question everyone's asking what will be his name it's all speculation right now but the names arthur and james are among book keepers favorites for the new prince well the conflict in syria is now entering its eighth year the toll on the country has been horrific it's impossible to get an exact number but the london based syrian observatory for human rights says more than half a million civilians rebels and government soldiers have been killed since the start of the war about nine hundred thousand of those killed were children as another war zones it is children who are the most vulnerable and more than eleven million syrians have been forced to flee their homes some six million were displaced within syria about five million of fled to other countries. and finding ways to help these people is the task of
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a donor conference that's just started in brussels the european union and the united nations are co-hosting the event and they're hoping to improve on last year's pledge of five and a half billion euros. the syrian war escalated after a suspected chemical weapons attack in duma earlier this month western capitals blamed damascus and responded with air strikes against syrian government sites the e.u. estimates some thirteen million people are in need of aid. let's go straight to brussels now where that some what's taking place our correspondent there. what's this conference about and who's in attendance key objective here brian is to deliver much needed humanitarian aid to the syrian people but the conference in brussels is not just a donor conference it also focuses on solutions practical solutions today you have two hundred n.g.o.s trying to hammer out a recommendations on how to deliver that age more efficiently and tomorrow of
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course you have eighty delegations among them foreign ministers coming into brussels looking for a political solution to the conflict ok well the psych about those political solutions possible ones that any rate the european union wants to revitalize the peace process and how do they want to go about doing that. the key to all of this of course is to bring the powers who are most influential country currently in syria iran but particularly russia to the negotiating table and the only leverage if you want the european union here has is money is aid money that has been pouring into syria the ten point six billion euros the e.u. spens ever since the beginning of the civil war and humanitarian aid and the foreign policy chief federica maurine said more money is coming syria's way but only and only if the un let talks in geneva are restarted ok looked like there was
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a lot of progress being made gergen then we had the attack earlier this month on doom of the suspected chemical weapons attack western capitals london paris the us responding with military strikes how are those tensions going to affect this conference tensions are high with russia and they they have created a climate that is not particularly helpful for such a donor country conference one example why the russian foreign minister is not expected here but only the russian ambassador will attend the conference but if you look at the strikes apart from their declared objective to deter the regime from for future use of chemical weapons there are two ways to look at this and potentially with a second agenda one is that it shows a determination. to engage in the future of this conflict the western powers
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former colonial powers france and and britain saying look there is no solution without us others more critically say this is a desperate effort to get a foot into the door before assad and his allies russia and iran have forced military solution to this conflicts ending that civil war by force thanks so much for that we'll have much more from your going bust holes as this conference moves forward. in other news the french president tomorrow mccall is in washington for talks with president trump a call has become trump's closest contacts in europe but tough topics are on the agenda and will put the relationship to the test the iran deal could prove the most decisive issue mcconnell said to trump not to tear up that deal the french leader also wants to persuade the president not to go ahead with the hefty trade tariffs that he's threatened to put on european steel and aluminum imports now they're also be discussing the involvement we've been talking about in syria.
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richardson is in washington and french residents there what they want to see come out of this wrong. washington d.c. turns two kinds of red white and blue when the president of france comes to town donald trump is hosting his first state visit pulling out all the stops for his french counterpart. their relationship has been called everything from a bromance to a marriage of convenience but no matter which way you look at it french president emmanuel micron and u.s. president donald trump seem like an unlikely pair one is a young globalist the other a seventy one year old with nationalist instincts so how did the two forms such a close personal relationship some experts say it comes down to their common backgrounds in business and as outsiders so it's paradoxical that they get along so well given how different they are on the surface but at the same time they their booth self-made political men you know that come from outside the establishment
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that were elected when nobody expected that and you know they they really shared this experience but how did the french feel about having a president who has been called the trump whisperer. these d.c. locals want to see them work to get there. i think it's the best interest for him for the us and for everybody to get something out of it even if you have to bend over a little bit president trump knows that france is going to be a huge partner with the u.s. and europe in general and i think prism michael wants to do that what else do they expect to see from trump during the two leaders run dave you in d.c. . need to. get micro toward is where it's not easy to do under so we'll see if we get firework or if we get another cherry blossom. we'll have to wait and see whether his charm offensive can reap rewards. for some
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of the champions league football term and gets down to the semifinals this week the bonus league is by or nick will be hosting a ryall madrid in their first like match up that's coming up tomorrow tonight though it's a liverpool hosting roma all eyes are on liverpool a superstar mo sala now he played for roma just last season the egyptian international is fresh from being named the english premier league player of the year. the love returns to italy as one of the world's hottest talents digits has been on fire this season scoring forty one goals across all competitions unlading liverpool to an unlikely champions league semifinal spot. knows allows old roma teammates won't be giving him any favors in tonight's clash but he is confident his star men will broad's above the challenge. football i have pretty
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sure. each other and fi fan is a famous. not having friendly games so i think mobile will feel pretty early in the game that they are not his teammates anymore and he can strike back in a football way that would. have fared pretty well without this season they knocked out pass a liner in the quarterfinals overturning a four one first leg deficit a fate that will go down as one of the competitions greatest comebacks and they're ready to flex their muscles once again this is rome his first semifinal in europe's premier competition since nineteen eighty-four apart as little pull haven't reached this stage since two thousand and eight. ball rolling it's a big thing semifinal like it is for us so that means we are not used to that that's good we don't if you experience that's not good but we are not used to that means you will see the excitement of both teams in a positive way and that's all football should be on familiar territory for both
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sides the dream to make history sets the scene for a cracking contest. and before we go we have some video of a daring escape an intense hunt for a very young fugitives a seven month old female giraffe stuck its neck out fine to reach you don't just think of indiana it was not immediately clear how the animal managed to break free from its enclosure at the african journey at four children zoo. the draft managed to get off the zoo property and was finally corralled by staff members was calm down before it was returned to his home spot. well don't forget you can always get the news on the go download from google player from the apple store that gives you access to the latest news as well as push notifications breaking news you can also use the app to send us photos and videos. this is
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neither of you news live from berlin i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks so much for being with us. the people the world over information. the pains they want to stress g.w. on facebook and twitter to date and in touch follow us home.


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