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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  May 11, 2018 10:30pm-11:00pm CEST

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art of freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot com of freedom. with european companies facing u.s. penalties for trading with iran france and germany sound the alarm over threats to their interests we jelled into europe's growing anger over washington strong arm tactics my name's christopher spring this is the day. that basically what we want to be do we want to be vassals deferring with the currency and the bow to decisions made by the u.s. b.b.c.
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you increase by this it is either munich and if we always say that if we don't i think something can't achieve a new international order then everyone will do what they feel like and that's bad news for the world let's not do anything illegal it's high time for europe to move from words to actions in terms of economic sovereignty the fact is that it is still in our interest to have a strong transatlantic partnership without deceiving ourselves about the fact that something serious has happened here. and you don't consider the type time to develop the same instruments as those the u.s. uses to defend its economic interests but i couldn't. well come to the program there is growing anger in europe tonight over the prospect of us penalties for entering any of its companies who continue trading with iran on tuesday president trump accompanied his withdrawal from the twenty fifteen nuclear deal with an explicit threat any foreign firms who continue doing business with
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iran will face financial penalties in the u.s. now around ten thousand german companies trade with iranian partners and france its exports to iran have doubled over the last year no surprise then that european policymakers are pushing back against the american threats. what we want to be we want to be vassals deferring with a curtsey and a bow to decisions made by the united states of the us becomes the world economic police and army could be the planet we want to we want europeans to say that we have our own economic interests we want to keep on doing business with iran in the framework of a strategic deal which was agreed and where iran abandon its nuclear weapons we think it's the right thing to do and we are keeping on doing business with iran this is the question of principle facing us once you keep using it. with me now kate brady one of our political correspondents kate we just heard the french finance minister there going oh man not only concerned but clearly quite angry
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about the way washington is conducting its foreign policy at the moment what about berlin how is the german government reacting to these threats these u.s. threats of penalties on the german companies well the german economy and the economy ministry is already taking question stands on washington's conduct of the back of this tweet as well from the u.s. ambassador to germany earlier this week when he called on german companies doing business and trade in iran to end their operations and we've since heard from piece of the german economy minister i'm saying the building will be working now to a vote of that a negative fallout with the u.s. but of course he said himself that he can't guarantee that as a way of protecting companies that are trading in the u.s. itself but the german government is even offering legal advice i believe two to two german companies trading with iran in the case that you know this much on top in court is that that's exactly that is a case but at the end of the day it will be down to the average of the companies
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themselves obviously muckle can't take those decisions the chancellor has obviously already condemned this as self as well and this reflects well the general mood in the german politics at the moment my anger isn't exactly towards this decision there is. very much a kind of feeling of disappointment and of course you mentioned void these close relations between iran and germany that have been built up over the years particularly in there is very difficult negotiations which got us to that deal back in two thousand and fifteen and we can hand out what michael had to say earlier today at today on the. but that's not your list you couldn't go to stockholm up with this agreement has been worked out over twelve years a long diplomatic process. isn't really gobert it's certainly far from ideal i'm not so much up with this. i also agree that there are many
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other issues of concern with iran log the fight against israel the ballistic missile program the role that iran plays in syria all that is correct and yet i believe that it is not right to unilaterally terminate an agreement which was negotiated and then approved unanimously in the un security council i inched to me to believe this violates confidence in the international order. for us to let the folks know. ok i just want to pick up on those words from chancellor merkel it is not right to unilaterally unilaterally terminate an agreement this violates confidence in the international order. is traditionally quite cautious quite a diplomatic politician so there's a pretty strong words for this is very unusual for merkel but she has spoken
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previously and want against the idea of protectionism and isolation isolationism which we've had even more since donald trump took office and we've had extreme contention about the danger that multilateralism is now facing as well so let's just have a listen that you. are but what i'm worried about right now and this is perhaps the thing that has to worry us most is that multilateralism is in a real crisis. i have said this using the example of the united way say that if we don't like friends and we can't achieve a new international order then everyone will do what they feel like and that's bad news for the wold not be. so clearly you know much broader worry your sense of worry that the german chancellor has not not just the iran nuclear deal but the multi in the last religion in general of course she's a friend of a much broader concern that today in those comments that she made but moving forward now she's in the kind of way that she'll be addressing our looks to address
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this crisis now is certainly encouraging that multilateralism already we've seen a united front from germany france and the u.k. just the day after on the day that donald trump announced that he plans to withdraw the u.s. from the iran nuclear deal moving forward that unity and cooperation will be key to how germany moves forward in dealing with this already merkel spoken with russian president vladimir putin as well and new german foreign minister he made his first official visit to moscow today when he actually called on the russia moscow to use its influence to encourage her to stick to the terms of the iran nuclear deal so already you are seeing quite a rare occasion of unity even through in russia and germany now ok because relations are actually quite tense between more scrambling kate brady many thanks
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for that. the fighting is far from over but syria's autocratic leader bashar assad is already turning his attention to consolidating his power in a post or order last month he signed a decree number ten which effectively allows his government to seize property in areas that are being rebuilt if the owners fail to register their claim to ownership within thirty days now thousands of syrian refugees here in germany are deeply worried about that since they have little chance of returning to syria and registering their ownership in time. has been talking to one of them. as a human rights lawyer and critic of bashar al assad. has been trying to bring syrian perpetrators of torture to justice now he's grappling with property rights law we meet him in berlin his new home since he fled syria four years ago.
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phone has been ringing nonstop since assad issued his so-called secret number ten refugees all over europe have been seeking his advice many of them still own property in syria. they're really worried most syrians would like to return home someday when it's safe and people feel they can live in freedom but they don't know how they can declare ownership of their property and now they're afraid they'll lose their houses and their land through this decree. they're afraid of losing their right to return home. yet. the new decreased part of the government's strategy to rebuild water on syria. when a local development plan is announced citizens are required to prove their property ownership within thirty days but most refugees from syria lexx such documents and they're afraid of being arrested if they return. if they do nothing the syrian
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state will take over their homes. the german government here in berlin says the decree is expropriation under dubious pretext and we must assume that wisit conditions in syria will be changed to benefit the regime and its supporters. and huge i won he owns an apartment in the west of damascus because he was threatened with arrest he left everything behind all this photo is only souvenir of the place. because the. twenty five year. old unlike most syrian refugees i've been he does have the right paperwork for travelling to syria it's far too dangerous now he could lose his flat because he's certain no one will oppose the decree. these are rendered crimes have been going on in syria for years and no one in the whole world was really
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interested. why should the international community intervene now when it only concerns i houses makes me sad i'm angry i'm very disappointed. time for a break but before long his tone rings again. and while bernie predicts the first development plans will be announced at the end of the month and that his neighborhood who will likely be included but he insists that even if he loses everything he'll never give up hope of returning to syria one day. well the man at the center of that report is now with us and while bernie. human rights lawyer from syria thank you very much for joining us here on the day our report ended with your expectation that the assad regime will be announcing the first development plans of us local development plans by the end of this month and that the neighborhood where your flat is situated will be or is likely to be
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included so you would be one of those people who would have thirty days to prove ownership of your property would you try and do that and if so how. i hope i hope i can do that leave you any cd and hope the can but to syria and can prove their abilities but how come would you do that that that appropriate because god knows what condition of well i can. prove my part of this they need the best himself to be and you need to go physically bare syria with all the problem here isn't it not for me only for the syrian who outside syria now because most of them at least they left syria illegally that's when they left syria because they were opposing the assad regime that they face arrest and shoot with you face arrest yet for shoot myself anyway it was five years in jail before before
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i suggested so and i don't know if because they want to it is their game and many of syrians who run away from syria like me they're on the way from at least from the. in the detention at least so essentially this decree number ten it is taking your property away from you in fact in fact that at last they will do that that's what they told me. that that's what leni what they need. to take the purpose this is from the syrian who left syria. what would that mean and vicious of them said so he. said syria for the syrians or for the people who do things about it for the people who stay the thing who defense and i said the regime give a shit in syria machete too many many thousands of people from outside syria iran
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from events from iraq and they people who will take our property they will benefit yeah for sure what would that mean to you personally to have your flat in western damascus confiscated it's so sad for me not because i don't think about flat i think about my life not me only the syrians they lost their life not only their purposes they lost their future then their past that that's the problem it's not about land only or but many apartment to lead it's about what like and what you know we saw in his report my colleague to get to that you know many other syrian refugees are calling you your lawyer what are they telling you they angry and they say what are they telling they what in fact they would do what would happen to us what will happen to our properties that are open for them to think if sometimes until if assad regime go with the back to syria
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what advice are you giving them i can't advise him anything now because i cannot advise them to back to syria because it's would be very this about them maybe they will lost their life i can't advise them to to make. authority to come into somebody's relationship to them. with them maybe this equality approved because until this comment. it's need approved from security branches before it's will be legal document to use it in front of. the patient and we're just very briefly last question the german government has protested vigorously about what's happening would what would you like to see western governments the german government doing about this the pope. would be very disappointing from the standing of the european and judgment but they know that the
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nose ring enough here because they wanted no consent consent. said the regime as it as a prison and illegally he uses a sort of thing that what they consent to. it for that we asked to stop that they must to mention him as host of us as a president that means all his this is you will be not legally ok and they don't consider about hundreds of syrians who die in syria and maybe they will be happy if i said the regime will also see the inside people inside syria and take their property it's ok for us but don't push them to us and take their property to town but it's it's a levy very very sad to me when i deal with this idea like this
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ok the story and the views that of a syrian human rights lawyer and why bony and why many thanks for talking to us thank you thank you very much. now here in germany is the final weekend of the bonus league season is likely to be an exciting final day with plenty of nail biting action to keep the fans excited at the top of the table three teams locked in a fierce tussle for champions league qualification the bottom will be seeing the climax of a tense relegation battle and for the bonus league title itself there is little change there. another year another title by and they'll be more pictures like this at the end of the current bundesliga season only with a few different faces on show as pie and celebrate their six titles in a row in the battle for the remaining champions league spot in hindsight on dortmund. accuse unlike sega still in with a shout dortmund are looking to redeem themselves after
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a turbulent season. of course i'm confident that we can go there and get a point or a win it's an exciting game as hoffenheim also need to take risks. as you go. down the bottom they have other concerns survival by any means the target freiburg and fifteenth spot need only a point to guarantee safety. but if them it's a tense battle between wolfsburg and hamburg the wolves have nosedived in recent weeks but a point against last place cologne will give them a chance to save themselves for the relegation play off as we know it's a known huns this saturday so we don't need to worry about what the other teams are doing missing me is the. second last hamburg need a miracle i went home to glad back is the minimum requirement but the belief among supporters is back. and see fast as you can see that the team's achievements over
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the last few weeks have got the funds back behind us the team and the funds are united as i hope present here. by and will be aiming to finish the league season strongly in preparation for next week's german cup final the showpiece will be coach here behind his final match in charge. ok let's get more now on the final day of the think a season mechanic line from sports with me now in the studio next three teams fighting out for those last two champions league spots who's going to make the cut well to go by even before if you really look at it at the table second level coups and life say they're in there with an outside chance they're there in fifth and sixth at the moment but the two are in the driving seat off and i'm in dortmund but they're facing each other tomorrow so dortmund all they need is a one point that's enough to get into the champions league next season hoffenheim will see three points behind them but with the wind they're also safe in the champions league now sort of confusing and difficult when when you look at the table now you're seeing that in thirty of dortmund in faith you have leverkusen
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there's a six point six point goal difference in the two t. the youth of six goal turn around that means essentially hoffenheim either win by three leyva who's win by three and all of a sudden late because of the champions league places dortmund dropped on the opening places but i don't see that happen and if you don't win losing by three by three goals and hoffenheim i could possibly see leverkusen winning by three and half in but essentially i think the table can look just like this by the end of play tomorrow afternoon when in health i'm in fourth although you never know with don't want they've had a very unstable season they've lost some games that they should have won they have absolutely but i think. the club realise that they need to be in the champions league they do the players also realise you know goldman are champions league club they don't get it live because in however have you spent last season outside of europe getting the openly isn't badly playing teams the likes of chelsea for example there's still good teams in the u. a plea to play games is not is the second quality division compared to tempest eight but now i see don't make it so it's one still needs pedigree certainly needs
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to have them in the champions league let's talk about another team that you know just a couple of seasons were playing in the champions league vols spore which takes us to the other end of the table you know they're still in danger of falling into the second division indeed last year if you live back to season ago they would since this relegation play off spot matches they save themselves last year the you know the tables of ten this time around hamburg are the ones who need results to go their way they need was but said if to lose they need to also be defeat no matter what you know it's a pos them as you see here on the table. twenty eight points you have thirty one with the win and if most of lose then most but go down this is incredible if you think about it was a good scene we're just talking about this welfare that they were the champions league two seasons ago they were second in the league behind by munich german cup champions they spent lots and lots of money but they're not going anywhere in disaster hasn't a season hasn't it the other teams have to watch out for just above the table but then you get points in order to save themselves i honestly think that's not going
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to stand the beat this time around it's you know that time's up that clock which they have in the. am has to be turned off because it's good for the team the pressure's off it means they can rebuild hit the reset button restart in the second division and what most people don't know is hamburg are the ninety nine years if they go to you know if they get well against nice and if you they can be promoted in their hundreds and i think that's a nice story so if you could restart for them that would be ok well we'll see what happens this weekend. sports many thanks for that. and finally they are bread the delicious over here in berlin they've been dubbed the berlin lobsters although they are in fact crayfish from the u.s. state of louisiana so why are they being found in such large numbers in the waterways of the german capital biologists think the small creatures were abandoned as pets and have since multiplied exponentially the latest attempt to control the numbers involves capturing cooking and crunching. lynn snakes are crawling with the
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new and they tend to it's might not have noticed but a foreign one that local watches south facing an invasion by the north american crayfish two years ago this an. attempt to eradicate the crayfish but that you simply couldn't eat the crayfish pasta as they were reproducing at the same time so now the senate of change distracted. the crayfish but for that we first have to. ok it seems i haven't got what it takes so i need some. local expert klaus hidden and his team a fisherman help out they've been awarded the official contract to kill and save these creatures. in the early morning and late afternoon these professional
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fisherman catch their heart in the bush brits cottons it took just a few days for them to bring in thousands of omnivorous creatures. why get tough when we think that someone had some in this aquarium when they got to begin to put them out here in the waters. these crayfish are ready to reproduce when they're just six months old and they reproduce rapidly under the. local fish monger on the ts and it's has exclusive rights to say these stunts and the trendy clients back mock tylenol and. up first she just twist the head off. and then you turn it over on its back. and use your thumbnail to crack and peel off the show. and you're left with the belly which you just left out the balun big city lots that is
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a delicacy that might not be on the menu for very long the goal of this license to kill is to exterminate the creatures for the good of the local whilst i have. a little bit of louisiana there right here in the heart of europe this day is almost over but as ever we can continue talking to each other online you'll find us on twitter either at developing news or of my twitter handle spring on the road don't forget to use our hash tag of the day for now thanks for watching have a good weekend and see you soon.
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this is decoupling news live from the in the war of words in the middle east escalates the senior iranian cleric threatens israeli cities with annihilation as worshippers of friday prayers to death to israel and death to america. and israel itself the defense minister calls on syria to throw out of iraq enforcers. also on this program more than seven hundred fifty thousand children in the democratic republic of congo are suffering from severe malnutrition the u.n. says more than half of them could die.


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