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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 1, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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this is g.w. news coming to you live from berlin she looks forward to and to offer political paralysis neil prime minister just so picante shows he's a man of the people by taking a walk through the streets and dining on a pizza he and his government are due to be sworn in shortly we'll be live in rome also coming up the european union goes on your friends live against us tariffs. it is unfortunate because this is for the region in the transatlantic relations and
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it also increases the risk of severe turbulence in the markets globally. he used to create chips is the block for challenge human standards through the world trade organization we get the latest from brussels. and a big cap scare parties she's down five dangerous predator cats that escaped from a breast german zoo and finally take them back into custody. on a very warm welcome to i'm honored that she my great to have your company three months off to elections is really finally has a new government the anti establishment five star movement and the right wing leak party are spreading in their cabinet offer a turbulent week of political drama and financial turmoil the prime minister just
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said because to a formal professor has called on italians to trust his government. and our very own barbara visit is covering this story and she joins me now live from rome barbara just said because it is being sworn in as prime minister he's a political newcomer what about the rest of his cabinet. that is one of the main points and that might lead to trouble more even though mostly the mood is quite upbeat today in rome because this whole government was the exception of the foreign minister mullahs consists of political novices these are people who have so far not organized as much as a town hall and so a lot of difficulties might arise out of that because this is of course like every big industrial country complex and to teach and they have no experience but for conti on his first day somehow managed at least to strike the right tone was people
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he said he wanted to be an advocate of all italians and to sort of really take care of their problems and that is something that people here have been waiting for a long time whether he can fulfill those promises is another question. now of course have live pictures and the members of the cabinet and the prime minister and the italian president had initially blocked the government because conti had knowledge of the euro skeptic pylos of luna as economy minister now he's to take over as the evil minister doesn't even need to be voted. no not at all that's just a nasty little hand gesture of much to me the boss of the leader the who is really sort of dominating politically this coalition he had originally offered and then when material blocked him he now said ok for i can't have him as finance
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minister you at least have to take him for europe ever that's possible about a lot of power and it is really more symbolic than anything else and government this is a coalition of euro skeptics so there is some amount of concern within the e.u. about what that means what can the e.u. expect from the new italian government. yeah the e.u. would really like to know that mean they're preparing for the worst and maybe then things won't turn out to be quite so bad because what this is this coalition really is not like one ideological force but this is particularly on the part of the five star movement the really ideologically mixed bag people from the left to the middle to some water on the middle right are connected there and what they all want is to get rid of the old political class in italy but other than that they don't really share so many goals particularly not was the lego who is really working in
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a very strong right wing racist and partly even extremist direction so this is going to cause a lot of trouble it will cause trouble financially of course the e.u. is afraid that it to the might start spending again and want more and more money and make it the position in the euro zone critical and of course then there's the migrant question a lot of other problems that will arise but for the moment the mood in rome is relatively festive this festive because after they're getting it government after three months of political paralysis and as you said above i mean the two parties in the coalition are quite different and as this said politics often make the strange bed fellows how confident are the italians of the schoolish and will last and tackle the major challenges that you just mentioned. yes somehow they totally seem to block this out something that i found really astonishing when talking to
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people some how they they don't probably they think less ideological terms than than other countries and think it doesn't really matter so much what you say if in the end you'll be capable to work together but that of course is the big question that whether these two parties can and will really work together in the end won't start sort of working against each other and tearing things apart so there is of course a good chance that the might be flying apart maybe in a couple of months or within a year because we have to remember something amrita and that's one of the big problems of politics the gender the general time in prime minister lasted since the second world war in italy is just one year gosh meanwhile the festive atmosphere continues there barbara we are looking at a few live pictures of the swearing in ceremony due to take place shortly as italy inaugurates a new government after three months of political paralysis bomb in rome thank you
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very much for bringing us up to date on that story. and the european union has hit back at new u.s. trade tat of saying it will challenge the measures at the world trade organization the e.u. trade commissioner cecilia also accuse the u.s. of protectionism we'll hear more from her in just a bit but first take a look at what many fear is the start of a global trade war. european leaders responded to the reality of new tariffs with frustration and even exhaustion so we're angry concerned outraged because we've been in talks with the americans for months now but annoying they don't listen and they think they can belittle us but that's not possible. and the europeans are allies and that's not how i always treat each other. this finish. behind the frustrations or concerns over industry a glut of metal with nowhere to go means falling prices which could in turn
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threaten european jobs that would have broader consequences to the economies of european member states. the e.u. says it has no choice but to retaliate with proportional penalties on u.s. products like motorcycles jeans and whiskey a threat brushed off by u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross you've been there for. those three tele and even of your mothers do this bill will remain unlikely to be as much as one concerned on our economy canada and mexico are planning their own retaliatory tariffs on products as diverse as yogurt coffee washing machines and lawn mowers. europe is the u.s. is largest trading partner which means a tit for tat between the two economies could be damaging for both and especially for consumers. that's the threat now being sized up by markets wall street was rattled by the flurry of announcements and ended down on the day asian markets began down but recovered just the earliest signs of investor uncertainty over the
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future of global trade. and the use trades commission. outlined the blocks response to the u.s. status has which had to say in brussels. so here we are we have tariffs they were also in post this morning on canada and on mexico we have been very clear about the consequences of doing this the european union will today sent. a request for consultations and later pound of to the w t o of the countries as well maybe not today but in the coming days we have started the preparation for the so-called rebalancing measures and we will do that on a proportionate and measured way. joining me now is a market so if. you're a chief in brussels max you listen to what the senior monstro had to say she can phone but we've been hearing that the he was taking the case of the world trade
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organization not just the u.s. but all sort of china what do you make of her comments. well the part with china is probably to soothe the united states anger a little bit over these measures that she's also announced because this is not about just ending a relationship with the u.s. but also trying to find a way to renegotiate what's happening there so that's why clear signal here we're not only doing something about the u.s. tariffs on steel and aluminum but we also want to make sure that the w t o is just for everybody meaning we're also going to take china that both parties the u.s. and the u.s. you see at the origin of this dispute because of the prices of aluminum and steel that are coming from china we're also taking them to the w t o thus demonstrating firstly that the w t o works and secondly that we're not only going for the united states but also to the country that's at the origin of this dispute and mike says she was a doctor by what she called rebalancing measure has which is said to be proportionate
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and measured but she gave no details or can we expect that. yeah that's the that's the famous list that was established already over the last months you know we've been talking about a possible terrorist for example on motorcycles from the united states harley davidson or bourbon or orange juice so this list does exist and it's been also registered with the w t o from that point on you need thirty days for it to come into effect or to be possible to trigger those measures but the thing here is and that's why munster and wasn't too specific about it you still need the different member states of the european union to approve those measures and that hasn't been done yet because the commission really is only suggesting things here but really making the decisions is up to the member states and you have different positions there so even monster and couldn't say what those measures exactly will be but a marshall did say that she that the e.u. views these these captives viber us as protectionism how wanted is the e.u.
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that this could mark the start of a new trade war between the u.s. and the e.u. . well monstro after announcing those measures did continue talking about what the u.s. president recently said repeatedly that he wanted to slap a tax on luxury cars from germany some reports even say he quote him saying he doesn't want to see any sadie's bends rolling down fifth avenue in new york city anymore and of course that's very worrisome for the european union especially for germany car industry is one of the major factors here if that really have and then we have a full blown trade war because as annoying as those tariffs on the lumen and steel are for the european union they're not going to make a huge dent this is a very important symbol and a basically on president an unprecedented step at least for the last two decades but still the actual effect on the economy is probably not going to be too great
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but if this is the start of the trade war tit for tat and we end up with tariffs or even a ban on luxury cars from the european union then the e.u. has a huge problem max feel fine about those beauty thank you very much for that assessment and get high joins me now on as we heard there could be a possible escalation if they have some luxury custody from germany yeah here donald trump says that to a many german cars on the roads of america and too few u.s. cars in germany but do american drivers really want to switch from b.m.w.'s and mercedes to cadillacs and fords do you know he is claire richardson gauge the mood on the streets of washington. luxury german cars are a common sight on the streets of washington d.c. and the idea of blocking their import isn't so popular. people want to buy german cars they should be able to buy german cars if not they want to buy american cars
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they should buy american cars and should buy whatever they want i think are good quality cars. a little more expensive maybe an american cars but probably. going to be better but maybe maybe a little better because i think i may view of american cars that they fall apart pretty quickly and german cars down they tend to be nicer than i think american cars i think the engineering tends to be superior again impressions donald trump thinks there are too many of them in the u.s. even though german carmakers also run assembly operations that all together provide tens of thousands of jobs for american workers but the u.s. president still sees the business relationship as an unfair one way street in twenty seventeen german automakers exported more than six hundred fifty thousand cars to north america but many also have huge factories in the united states that employ more than one hundred thousand people in fact they built more than eight hundred thousand cars on u.s. soil last year alone. that means a ban on imports not only would fuel the tensions driving trade policy between the
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us and europe it would also have major consequences for american jobs. well the title of the american chamber as well as the view of basically everyone in europe the tariffs are a violation of the regulations and we see that in itself as a major issue. i'm now joined by stephan lega trade expert from the university of. denver will the tariffs help the u.s. economy. well the first round effects of these tariffs will be that the price of steel in aluminum in the united states will go up and we already see that in the united states since the beginning of twenty eighteen the price of steel has increased by about thirty seven percent this hurts companies in the united states which are used as an import for their production so when the last time this happened under george w.
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bush tariffs on steel were introduced and the price of steel went up actually heard lots of companies that use steel to produce cars to produce kitchen appliances motorbikes etc and the result is that these companies face higher costs of production they lose competitiveness and actually have to cut jobs some of them went out of business so the net effect was according to some estimates a loss of two hundred thousand jobs in the u.s. under george w. bush as a result of these tariffs and that is actually more than the total employment in the u.s. steel industries so no it will not help the u.s. economy. coming back to the reasoning of the tribe ministration the president says that the cheap imports threaten national security is that correct at least legally correct. the national security argument is used by the trumpet ministration as sort of
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a pretense for something that it wants to do but for which it has very little other justification legally speaking the nice thing about using the nine hundred sixty two trade adjustment act is that it allows the trumpet ministration to impose these tariffs without congressional approval and without an independent review by the u.s. international trade commission furthermore this is allowed by the world trade organization but largely the argument that this import of steel is a threat to the u.s. national security is not justified matter of fact in matters of the defense secretary in the trumpet ministrations said that the us military only needs about three percent of u.s. steel production so this is not a threat to the u.s. national security. is very very briefly if you can is it wise for the e.u. to retaliate. i don't think
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it's very wise it's very wise for the e.u. to stay within conformity of the world trade organization which is a very good platform for trade disputes and trade negotiations. but what the e.u. should do above all is finally realize why so many american voters supported mr trump we have large parts of the us where people are suffering where the economic development is not very positive and we should get down to brass tacks work with the trumpet ministration on the underlying causes of these problems don't use international trade as a scapegoat but focus on education infrastructure and the like to help the american people who suffer and who voted for trump in the first place thank you very much. well as they say in the business world it's a jungle out there and in germany today. one city which is almost a jungle now five big cats were reporters travel scared from a zoo in western germany have now been recaptured two lions two tigers and
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a john were reported missing from a privately owned the town of ruin about a bear which had escaped were shot and killed the zulu created near the border with luxembourg is home to around four hundred animals of the intense rainfall invest in germany may have contributed to the atlas escaped also caused widespread flooding of these images are from the town of the close of the zoo where the animals from where the animals escaped. and for more let me draw in our correspondent christopher spring gate chris the animals are back tell us more about this incident. for well i'm rita scientist sometimes talk about extreme weather events and the seems to be an extreme weather event with what with the involvement of extremely dangerous wild animals. as you mentioned heavy
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thunderstorms overnight in that part of germany causing flash flooding in that area this particular zoo is by a river bank and the flooding seems of damage many of the cages in the zoo and it was originally thought that these five big cats had therefore escaped to more on the loose there was a huge search operation people were told to stay indoors and report any sightings and it's now emerged in fact that only one animal did actually is state from its cage that was the bear you mentioned you know unfortunately had to be shot dead the five big cats we're hearing from local authorities were actually hiding in their cages they have. cages with rather large surface areas and big cats of that type quite good at hiding they were finally identified by a drone so everything is now back where it should be one of the animals are back
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where they should have been and they was thank you very much christopher spring it for being us up to date on that story you're welcome. in just a couple of weeks the for the watch cup begins in russia another was cup is already underway in suburban london it draws fans not by the millions but by the hundreds it's a tournament for countries who are not officially recognized and include teams who represent disputed regions for example in countries like zimbabwe turkey and china . their fans sing songs and wave flags that are banned in tibet by the ruling government china but that doesn't stop these red plaid tibetan players in exile playing in a world cup of like teams that are not recognized by fifo football's governing body . on the opening day of this world cup that caused a disputed region of georgia was tibet's opponent on the pitch
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a mix of bats and my my team might play that's why this is the first book or told them this agenda is a big one for us this is normally people don't consider to have a sponsor. the tibetan team may have been blessed by the exiled dalai lama before they left for the tournament but the going was tough against the cousins. not that the outcome of each match is in fact the most important thing i'm not a football side. i mean i've hardly ever been so much in my entire life but this is something different this is something nice. that shows us in the positive like showing many of the regions represented here in any life is a step up so even though the confederation of independent football associations is a blip on the radar to the future world cup no matter. if it covers
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a vast amount of the world there are people slipping through the cracks and i think that little. we should be. more flexible of identity that. place right and sees traps in the mainstream is a really good. thing. to bet was overpowered by a greater force in visit their opening group stage match but how is it tournaments favorites and the tibetans are happy simply to have made this world cup. and if this is all true shows the beautiful game in all its beauty and talking about the beautiful game the one cup hasn't even started but football fans young and old already busy fitting the books with their heroes and this ticket was yes the one is in pad t.v. frenzy the stick albums have been popular for decades but a few months ago a spanish mother decided they were missing something god must man from
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a social media desk is here to tell us more welcome what was missing well this is really about women's athletes and i don't know if you know if you collect is this the panini official sticker album here i mean this is a company from italy they've been doing this for decades it's hugely popular you get these stickers here and you you collect them all is this is the hope there but you know there was an issue with the vast majority of these stickers they feature male athletes so as you can see that one person decided to do something about that and she is a mother in spain are name is maria vasquez she'd been watching two of her daughters collect pennies stickers of these male footballers and she wanted them to be able to do the same thing with their idols so those would be the players in spain's top women's league the league. so she took matters into her own hands and she started to create her own panini style stickers she actually went ahead and contacted spain's women's club she asked them to send some photos of each player
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and she actually then posted her preliminary results on witter and take a look at all of these stickers she made she writes here. in this tweet i've done more than two hundred fifty stickers with the help of photos in the clubs a lot of efforts to be able to give my daughters a sticker album with their idols in it that i've printed and laminated myself they love it they identify with it and i'm proud to be able to offer it to them the only problem the me just so two hundred fifty she still is missing maybe dozens of players that's when the women's league in spain actually helped out they reached out to her on twitter and it actually reacted to that tweet and they said hey that is a really great collection but you can't leave it like this you have to complete it and we're going to help you make that possible how's that sound so with some help eight months of work going into this project we can show you the final result it's really a cool project she went ahead and made her own cover for the stick around them and take a look at home cool stickers in the end more than three hundred fifty of them
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a great project and as we heard her daughter's love it because this looks fabulous adult is good but what about the good reaction i mean it seems like everyone loves this is a great idea and we've even seen players themselves in the spanish women's league reacting to seeing their own stickers for the first time and you can see a couple of them here on twitter you don't need to speak spanish to understand that they are pretty excited about seeing of selves of these diggers in fact even the men's league this is a big league in terms of world popularity league they can graduate at her on twitter as well they said thank you for making the dream of so many girls come true and kind of how the company responded so panini is also supportive and we wanted to reach out to the company and see what they had to say and they pointed out you know there are some some women stickers out there here's what panini the company told us earlier today they said in twenty fifteen there was an officially licensed sticker album for the women's world cup in canada last year we also released the officials
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to grab them for the women's football european championship they say emirates and they'll be releasing another one in twenty one thousand for the women as well well done thank you so much kindness and that is an interesting story now show lots of women fans football fans are thrilled with that thank you so much. it was indeed other news coming up ahead senior defense officials from around the was a meeting in singapore u.s. defense agree james marsters is reassuring asian allies of washington's commitment to the region ahead of a possible summit with north korea we have analysis on that coming up a. spectacular venus event news and shit travel web major designer labels like gucci our culture does we'll be looking at that story. the new statement of.
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what happens when state dinner programs team up with companies. come praise is a conflict of interest between development aid agencies in the private sector and profits from such alliances. do they really help. them translate. the business of development ain't. paying forty five minutes doubling. it takes it personally like us with a little bit wonderful people understand that makes the game so special. for all truth. because more than football online is going to. help my managers to know who to day nothing would change you know the banks clean minds and so was the language of
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a bank money. for speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made for mines higher and higher further and further dirtier and dirtier the high gloss world of professional sports. behind the scenes of bitter truth pete fixed boxing matches how many. very built match been yours for the world cup in qatar are you keeping the day that it lost consciousness in good although there were two or three deaths every day on the building sites. of business worth billions but just how murky poppy is the sports world and reality should. be a good starting june sixth t w. you're
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watching the news coming to you live from berlin i'm a great pleasure to have your company on stories three months after election is it to me finally has a new government the new prime minister. and his cabinet have been sworn in by the president. the swearing in and the children's week of political drama and financially tell moyes. and the european union has announced it will stop proceedings against both the u.s. and china at the w t o unfair trade practices e.u. treats commish just to have said new tabs on steel an aluminum announced by the us amounts to protectionism. senior defense officials from around the world meeting at a major security conference in singapore the escalating tensions on the korean peninsula is what the top issues up for discussion u.s. defense secretary jim matis is traveling to the gathering in the run up to the
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gathering much as has been reassuring the united states asian allies of washington's commitment to the region singapore is also due to host a possible summit between north korean leader kim jong un and us a president donald trump later and june. for more on the summer. i'm now joined by security and military expert graham on the web he's a research fellow at the s. and not at them school of international studies welcome dan good to have you on the show and the asian security summit comes shortly before a planned meeting between president trump and kim jong un of north korea is due to take place in singapore where you are what are the expectations of the summit well you're referring to the upcoming hope of doing summit between president donald trump and mr kim. there is a lot of anticipation as to what was going to come out of that meeting and precisely because you have the shangri-la dialogue that has kicked off this evening
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with not speech given by prime minister narendra modi from india there's going to be a lot of discussion around that. in tandem with a host of other issues that pertain to the security and stability of the asia pacific but clearly you north korean nuclear crisis which has been ongoing also is going to future very largely on the minds of the discussions over the course of this weekend and really u.s. secretary of defense james mattis is also attending what if called the shangrila dial of what is his rather than. well this role is rather consistent with the role of the united states in the sham allowed our dialogue since the inception of this meeting when an annual basis in two thousand and two so it's had sixteen runs we're looking at a seventeen run this year and you should marry. the united states sends its secretary of defense to give the first ten recession which is tomorrow morning and
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to enunciate america's vision for how security ought to be managed you know eugène the reason why this has been the case is because. it has become a tradition for the u.s. to play that role if you have it into perspective but naturally the u.s. does this speech every year as a kickoff. of course james that this will be doing as such tomorrow as he has done last year as well in last year's shangri-la dialogue. and he did and then much attention is being focused on this potential overshadow summit between trump and kim jong un which is due to take place in singapore on the twelfth of june how did alter security lapse landscape do you think. well well the summit is generally a good thing i think all stakeholders in the asia pacific. truly believe that dialogue. is better than resorting to syria rattling military escalation
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nuclear missile test and so having the stakeholders particularly the democratic people's republic of korea to come down and sit down spend its energies in constructive dialogue river that really is clearly going to be more productive and this is what we expect to happen in a summit i mean to be to be candid about it to be practical about your say the middle level and senior level meetings that we've heard about in singapore in new york in washington in c. in. sawyer and so for in the run up to the summit are really working out the details of what needs to be discussed and agreed on what a lot of that is unfolding but the spirit of it i think it only be captured when the two heads of state as a kid or and present don't see eye to eye talk face to face and bill are a point to what relationship to solve the problem. ride grandma where a security military expert from singapore thank you so much for talking to us and
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you. now over to spain met mariano hawley has been ousted as prime minister after losing a no confidence vote in parliament the high admitted defeat just ahead of the vote and said it had been an honor to lead the country that he made a place to buy a socialist leader better sanchez the opposition socialist court for the vote after members of the highest party when linked to a corruption scandal. for. the man of the hour pedro sanchez has achieved his goal of ousting his old foe mariano rajoy the socialist opposition leader was a driving force in the campaign to oust him. so. are you ready to resign here today. resign today and leave by your own will and they will all hear. it finally came to an end product point and now sanchez has had to
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become spain's new prime minister from economics professor to governing the country such as journey to the top has been extraordinary twice he suffered humbling defeats in national elections while opposition leader in two thousand and fifteen and sixteen he was forced to resign after a bitter standoff with rattlers people's party sanchez made a comeback in two thousand and seventeen determined to tenet had a high over the major corruption scandal within his conservative party his time in office is likely to be turbulent as he works through a new political landscape in spain. i am aware of the responsibility that i'm taking on during such a complex moment in the politics of our country what i can say is that besides being aware i'm going to tackle all the challenges that our country faces with humility and give it my all to modernize our country. but. now he says he'll lead differently with
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a socialist equal and europe friendly government. and for some analysis i'm joined in the studio by harvey at bet is chris is a journalist from spain welcome have you first of all know what will change under a socialist leader the prime minister designate better sanchez that's the big question because actually the new prime minister doesn't have a lot of support in the spanish parliament during the most and when he was proposed . presenting the motion he talked about two things mainly one was really starting again the dialogue with the pro independence parties and another one is trying to loosen a little bit as this conservative government has been taking place since two thousand and eleven whole thing seem very unlikely because first in himself the party he's he's leaving himself the socialist in spain are really also i guess the
4:38 pm
any kind of separation of independence from of catalonia and also because when he comes to there are certain measures it's hard cause he's going to have to rule a new government by the same but the conservative party past so both things seem very unlikely to happen little comes the resignation of money and he didn't want to leave and is the first prime minister who's been ousted in this man in forty years of democracy in spain what for the corruption allegations against his party this is a very very large and complex probe called good old. already said about mainly it's about a contract for kickbacks. to the high court sentence that the party has been benefiting from illegal thing. also in the middle of this corruption scandal. i was just one sentence there are many others will be
4:39 pm
implicated also this party in the center of this kind of was restarted as was the former treasurer of the party he was convicted to three years in prison after just not just taking bribes it was also money laundering and musselman many many many serious allegations it managed to me just briefly of course in spain is the fourth largest economy in the european union so they go europe is looking very closely at developments in spain what can the e.u. expect from the. new government. everybody at least waiting for me it is obvious the realty after today's of high uncertainty of all is going to happen with politics in spain the thing is the stock markets of spain has been reacting very positively actually today it's been rising so that's a good sign also for europe and the thing is because of how it's understood this motion of no confidence in spain there's no vacuum of power so then there will be
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a new government very likely to happen very quickly so that maybe it's a good sign for europe understood lity of europe if and of course stability is key how they are that is the electress thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us on the future of the new spanish government. you're watching the news let me bring you up to date with some of the stories making news around the world german prosecutors have applied to extradite the former president carter lispers amount to spain he's facing charges of corruption and rebellion there was you more was detained in germany on a european arrest warrant for his role in last october's independence bid back up the lonia the extradition must first be approved by a court before it can be carried out. activists from the environmental group greenpeace have stormed the annual general meeting of the total company a small group of activists descended by rope from the ceiling one at least a dozen others banged drums and sang songs they were protesting against to tiles
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expiration of the amazon basin in search of new oil supplies. now for business news and we have good hard enforcing shares in dortch of recovered today after a distant performance on thursday as well as a minute on this happened after the federal deposit insurance corporation that the u.s. agency charged with maintaining stability in the banking system has named. banks u.s. business troubles and what became a double blow for germany's biggest lender ratings agency s. and p. downgraded the credit status of all that after the bank's new c.e.o. announced restructuring plans to put the bank finally back on track the news had do it your bank shares plummeting tuan historic low on thursday with the wall street journal reporting that u.s. institutions had lost trust in the bank about a year ago the federal reserve labeled the bank's u.s. business as troubled that's now let the united states deposit insurer f.d.i.c to
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add to your bank to its list of problem banks the list specifies those institutions with weaknesses that endangered their financial viability. the new blow comes in the middle of restructuring efforts deutsche bank's new c.e.o. christiane's evening wants to bring it safely back into the black again after three consecutive years with losses and that's no small undertaking bank shares have tumbled by more than forty percent since the start of this year. as no end to bad news from georgia branker we've heard the share price has recovered from a boom in a friend for the bank shares are quite used to all sorts of misery but how bad is all bad for the origin well this is adding to the bad fate of the it's a bank in particular in its business in the united states where
4:43 pm
a bank is in the process of restructuring of laying off many people in the investment banking and corporate banking divisions and now being called a troubled bank and getting a credit rating by standard and poor's only two notches above normal investment grade this makes it more likely that american clients will at least think twice before choosing deutsche bank when they have large financial transactions to operate good news from italy. agreement has been reached over the new government and the markets liking or. well at least today investors seem to be looking at the glass half full rather than half empty and that's because new elections in italy would have meant. quite probably a strengthening of the legal party which is the more extreme of the two radical parties and you know an economist wrote in his report today that the way how the government was formed this week in italy has also shown that some checks and
4:44 pm
balances in place in italy's political system there's a president there is a constitutional court who are likely to raise their voices if this new government comes up with you know some sort of crazy ideas. in frankfurt thank you. for us in australia have been able to shop from the us page of online retailer amazon ordering goods from around the world without paying via a t but from july first that will no longer be possible the australian government is set on closing the tax loophole which encourages so-called worldwide shopping from now on orders from abroad will be subject to a value added tax of ten percent as and has responded by implementing changes which so far have been greeted with considerable anger. from the first of july anyone in australia trying to access amazon dot com will be automatically rejected to the retail is australian site then they'll find around sixty million products on
4:45 pm
offer just a fraction of the total available on the us site. many australians were big fans of the white selection particularly as goods with tax free now the ten percent online tax means those days are over consumer groups are up in arms but the government says it won't be swayed. why should i. i large multinational company the second largest in the world in the case of amazon. i'm by the world's richest person not what bicillin astride when if you go to want to strive even digital online retailer you got agates and robertson or something like that and you do have to pay just i mean it's a pretty simple proposition that a stroke and companies should not be put a disadvantage to large multinational companies. the australian government also
4:46 pm
hopes it will benefit the measures may boost tax revenues by around two hundred million euros a year. and that is all your business it's a battle meter thank you very much for the save the children charity has released its second end of childhood report the study examines the causes of childhood abuse and suffering around the world including being denied education being forced into early marriage and giving birth early in life nigeria ranks near the bottom of the countries surveyed our correspondent didn't crash sent us this report from my dignity where young girls they met a young mother at a refugee camp. despite forty degree heat in the shade how one would say needs to get water. she's only sixteen yet is responsible for her family. after how was village was attacked by the jihadist militant organization
4:47 pm
boko haram four years ago she has been living in a refugee camp in the state capital of might agree. it's not easy to get water. and there isn't enough to eat either. at the moment i can't cook at home we don't have anything. there are lots of problems. her two children are waiting for her back home her thirty year old husband as well they share a modest room back in their village was mom was a farmer and ran a small store but in the camp there was no chance of finding work they were dependent on relief supplies. he how a married in the camp she was thirteen at the time. shortly after she fell pregnant . that is utterly normal.
4:48 pm
some families have too many girls. so they want to marry them off early so that a man can look after them when this was the case with her and this way the family can make sure that she doesn't sleep with anyone before she gets married. and went to school for two years his wife never attended school. how am i supposed to enjoy my life here we barely have enough money to live from. other girls who went to school. who. independence a life of her own that is something that how i never experienced instead of going to school this young mother is consigned to sewing hats and her few moments of free time in the hope of earning at least a pittance. as
4:49 pm
a development worker she has seen many such cases and says there is a simple solution i think more education that's why i'm competing on the education you know the for them to like it can also buy set in them examples by myself because they would like it and you know for them to become like me supporting other young girls in this society enough to that sensitize ation in creating awareness among them which clearly help. and also government can come in to help. but borno state in nigeria is predominantly muslim and such ideas are not well received especially as elections are coming up next year. the governor of the state recently threatened parents who want to marry off their underage children with prosecution he was however not available for an interview to explain which concrete steps he wants to take nigeria already signed and passed the child rights act
4:50 pm
fifteen years ago which sets the minimum age for marriage just at eighteen years the state here however never implemented that. back in the refugee camp how i'm also knows it will be difficult for her to ever attend school but she will do all she can to ensure that her sons. will have that opportunity. now for the fashion conscious this time off the air has a special flair because that's when the top fashion houses present that cruise collections just what is a cruise collection you might be asked me what i thought about that question to. welcome kat and so i want to read it is collection well it is actually you know it used to be just exactly what it sounds like namely a collection that was developed to wear on vacation obviously on well in those days
4:51 pm
preferably during the winter months and somewhere on a ship which is why they always appear in the shops then in the fall but in recent years cruise collections have become something of a placeholder sort of between the february fall winter and the beginning of the summer collections in the springs in september so there's always lots on your fashion map to be looking at these collections and a mess of a bed to do i take it definitely the people who could and of course can't afford to escape that within the winter it's also referred to resort where can include everything from shoes all the way to accessories and i end jewelry so that you can look pretty picture perfect when you're hanging over that should really make your cocktail as a result the shows are incredibly opulent and several of france's major luxury fashion houses did some really spectacular displays with their collections this year so because we all love to know how the other half lives and of course how they vacation once cruise through these collections and see what mid season shape can look like. geale would chose
4:52 pm
a palatial venue to present its twenty nine hundred cruise collection the stables and grounds of the shuttle to sean to use outside paris the atmosphere was much more relaxed than it shows during fashion week in the city. they tend to be going to the most spectacular in their choice of location and i wonder if that's because you're going to fight for attention at this time of year always a pleasure to attend and kind of exciting and dynamic i don't think is that different clients about is this fair and that was good because the people that come to the sure that school run in another short was not so been easy so they want to leave her fashion probably in a way more dreaming. less. call like i could do it in. the inspiration for maria grant to a curious collection is mexican women rojo riders ischemia ruses with their
4:53 pm
distinctive costumes the models put on their finishing touches in the courtyard michael jackson's daughter paris jackson was among the guests. the only problem was the weather the show had to go on in pouring rain do your isn't the only fashion house to live just presented a cruise collection chanel took the cruise part as the starting point for their collection from multiple holidays these collections are usually presented once a year and the gaps between the regular fashion weeks usually in may the party after the do your show took place under cover and the champagne was definitely flowing all a very exclusive and apparently quite jolly a party the rest of us can but observe from a distance. shall think throwing out even slightly locations as you can see obviously only the houses that can really afford. to put on this extra show with an opulent of this magnitude are actually in the crew's
4:54 pm
collection market but we can have a look for instance at the gucci collection which took place in the pulse city of auckland. the designer understand the machine to chose the comb as his backdrop now that's a fourth century room burial ground turned christian cemetery it's a unesco world heritage site and you can see here a spectacular setting with the problem and i add all that up in flames and there's this beautiful element of gothic rock'n'roll now that is reflected in my. collection on and then with the louvre show which was at the film that so much which is on the bucket list of almost every art and architecture buff now that's nestled in the village of some paul developed just inland from the french riviera and designer who could i guess took advantage here of spaces like this jack committee courtyard you can see or as well new homes incredible labyrinth with its
4:55 pm
huge sculptures we can see them here to make a show incredibly powerful eclectic and perhaps you can notice they are the footwear or at least you did hopefully notice the footwear. that you don't like it could have been fixable looking who this is this is the thing there's actually over need boots that are grafted onto trainer type shoes as you can see here behind us so you have this long slick going on but also the comfort and we've told you really playing with this look this year and tying it in with another major trend for the year which is of course ugly or extreme trainers haven't we have not run out of time to feel good has all the time in the world is going to be with you sure you could have used badlands throw me under that she went and got him shit from the cops just thank you for your company. the but.
4:56 pm
the good. the bad. the be. the be. the be. the be the be. the but the be. the be. the be. the be. the be.
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what happens when states don't know programs with complete screwball grazers cut interest between development aid agencies in the private sector the banks from such a mindset submitted. the boy. on the trust to the business development to the business team on the dole and. the bullies are full speed ablaze. with. the but always on the move the bit to get to the future. driving on the w. . clutch
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a bit and. link to screw africa and the world story link to exceptional stories and discussions among those as easy as i want with say deputed comes to pick up join us on facebook g.w. the guy. playing you can tell a lot about a society by its garbage. the first six months was for the rich but for many people first their film a chance of survival africa is among the most unequal regions in the world. could be lunch for today just like. our reporters travel to nairobi and new york to meet people who know the true value of garbage. it has created a thriving parallel economy that's been completely ignored by the financial markets but what does all this mean for economic inequality around the world you got to
4:59 pm
study class warfare the response to that statement should be yes we are starting to play as we want to because we're. actually disrupt an economy claimed the rich the claims are true an exclusive report starting june eleventh the d.w. . claims . this is the news live
5:00 pm
from berlin a day of crises for the european union in italy new prime minister to. find the sworn in his first populist government housing market the euro skeptic outlook we'll take you live to rome also on the program. instability and strain in the nation because going from a deep recession as the prime minister loses his job and homemakers hours marianna the horta no confidence vote triggered by a corruption scandal in his conservative party center left socialist party.


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