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this is news coming to you live from berlin a new record for misery the united nations refugee agency says almost sixty nine million people were forcibly displaced last year lean toward violence and persecution u.n.h.c.r. will be here to give us the details also coming up the shame of going home that's what some migrants experience when they're turned away from europe to face a future with no prospects back in the land of their birth. and in the world cup england tried to avoid the curse of the favorites in the group stage against
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tunisia it was anything but a walk in the park superstar harry came to all he could but it wasn't enough to get the latest from moscow. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us in many places around the world the strains caused by a record number of people on the move are causing massive problems in different ways it dominates our program today we begin with a new report by the un refugee agency that says war and conflict have led to the biggest increase in refugees and displaced people since it started monitoring the situation in one thousand nine hundred fifty one its report says that since two thousand and sixteen the number of refugees has increased by three million to a total of sixty eight point five million people that's a new record roughly two. thirds of them are from these five countries syria
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afghanistan south sudan myanmar and somalia the agency says that resolving just one of these regional conflicts would have a major impact on the global refugee crisis. well the united nations high commissioner for refugees has released its report with us here to talk about it is the u.n.h.c.r. representative in germany dominic botch thanks for being with us so the number of refugees has jumped to a new level what's behind the numbers well i'm afraid the causes are unchanged it is conflict that is civil wars it is persecution against individuals the drivers that force people to seek protection elsewhere unchanged so in a way it is almost a given fact that this number increases year on year now many of the nations that take in the refugees they're poor and they're struggling to cope even rich
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countries are having difficulty dealing if not in practical terms in political terms how is the what is the u.n. doing to try to promote burden sharing among these countries there is a concerted effort to try and in the hands the international solidarity that ties together countries that a major whose countries that have accommodated large numbers of refugees and those that support refugee operations those that taken refugees through resettlement to try and recalibrate this and also recognize the important contribution that holds countries around the was areas make to give one example you know the amount of land that a country like uganda makes available for refugees themselves and on to settle there it's quite significant and i think that too has to be part of the focus of international support and also development beth and speaking of international
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support the united nations you talked about the drivers of migration and refugees what is the u.n. doing to try to to stop the conflicts that are driving these refugees to leave their homes you know why. unlevel of course the united nations has the security council in which important decisions are taken about. peacekeeping missions and other initiatives in maintaining peace and security but we also know that look at syria this conflict has been raging for more than seven years now is no imminent solution in sight in the meantime the united nations is trying to combine humanitarian emergency assistance with investments in development activities to make sure that people get a perspective that they're not just warehoused in their countries that have provided protection but they actually have the opportunity to put their children through school i think these are very important measures to support and sustain
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refugee populations precisely in those countries that otherwise at a disadvantage mr bush thank you so much for talking with us today dominic bush the u.n. h.c.r. representative here in germany. a large scale migration is putting pressure on governments all over the world many western governments are tightening their policies so more and more migrants are being sent home again via in west africa is one of the world's poorest nations which leads many young gambians to try to make it here to europe but when they're sent back home they often find themselves overwhelmed by a sense of shame and with few opportunities to improve their prospects. no one endearingly as a smiling coast of africa the gambia has little in way of its economy to smile about two decades of tyranny call roof most especially young people to europe in search of a better life but now and a new governance these migrants asylum applications of being rejected and dumb down
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spent three years in germany training and working as a caregiver for the elderly until he was unexpectedly deported he now lives with his mother and six of the people in a small house in the capital so. this is my file from school. well me if it's going on in the classroom i had it in the classroom with me. so i still have it now i have my fall from the school in for time. and i brought it back with me. this is the worst case scenario oh well integrated immigrant with job prospects in germany ends up back in the gambia with nothing the twenty two year old can barely bring himself to leave the house ashamed he didn't live up to his expectations. the government would be everyone they want to deport but i don't have any problem in germany my all three.
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i couldn't comment not in on you walk then go my home into between you and finish and go to school when things really hot for me right now because they deport me without money i lost my job in germany and i'm here in one year i don't have any support from anybody so an. activist knows how bleak the situation can be they're coming home to a country that has no more opportunities for them. let me talk country that has been done right and you know they coming back our society that we stigmatize them that we treat them like if you lose. need to be deported is to say the be treated like a view and to be used to stigma of a society that notifies the western world it's not the best start for the gambians
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young democracy but youth minister henry gomez says these little the virtually bankrupt country can do it i can assure you that anybody. who came to my office. has been put into some way to do something we have would not. know one of them but minister are you saying that in this country in order to get a job you have to see the minister i cannot. cite for all of them understood what i could. be at least into that problem and what with the butt out problem if it comes to my office but listening will do little for people like who have nothing to show for their stay abroad and nothing to look forward to at home. german chancellor angela merkel and u.s. president all troll have very different answers to the challenge of managing large
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scale migration on monday trial took a shot at. i mean he's migration policies in a tweet that's not likely to win him any points here in berlin here's what the president posted the people of germany are turning against their leadership as migration is rocking the already tenuous berlin coalition crime and germany's way up big mistake made all over europe in allowing millions of people in who have so strongly and changed their culture. well for the record crime in germany is a twenty five year low and germany's conservative coalition he referred to has had a close bond since world war two in light of trump's misinformation we sent a reporter out to people here in berlin think about trump's tweet. yeah well can i say. well. i'm in germany as an artist and his ideology is exactly what we should be fighting against think is i
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think this tweet represents the views of the minority in germany not the whole countries. generally speaking i think he's right usually don't expect much from him but in this instance he set the nail on the head. he's probably not the right person to be listening to his pocket if the bank is opinion is not the most important. i don't notice any negative impact from migration at all exactly the opposite it's actually an opportunity a chance for enrichment for our culture to have more influences from other countries. so some diverse opinions there from people in berlin about donald trump's views on migration let's get more from our own political correspondent peter craven is with the syrup peter don't trust saying that crime in germany is up when in fact it's a twenty five year low how do you explain that well in the first instance i think donald trump is trying to distract from his own words from criticism of his own administration for the two thousand children that have been separated from their
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parents as part of a border crackdown in the u.s. so he's trying to distract from that there's an element of fake news misinformation that you're pointing out that crime is a twenty five year low here in germany suggesting crime is on the rise donald trump is pole trying to polarize here in germany he's trying to play off elements of the german migration debate one against the other all the people as it were the german voters against the government there's also. it's amazing the extent to which people have been angered by this i spoke to a stately journalist yesterday evening a well known journalist here in germany said it feels like a propaganda war the level of interference in german politics this goes against all best practice in in international diplomacy and it reminds a lot of people older people have been referring to the moment recently when richard grinnell the new u.s. ambassador to germany was installed and came out and offered his warm support as it were his intention to give warm support to far right elements in european politics
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the ambassador had to apologize i don't think donald trump is going to we're probably going to see more of the same coming out ways. ok well german chancellor angela merkel she is under a lot of pressure right now here in berlin the migration debate is threatening germany the german chancellor's government her mutinous interior minister also has given her two weeks to come up with new policies or he says he'll do something in self he wants to close germany's borders to some refugees but the chancellor says that would go against european principles so she met italy's prime minister just had to call it a two disc. possible solutions and later today will meet france's president and one of. the first steps toward a european solution to the asylum dispute a meeting with the talian prime minister just sepic conte in berlin facing an ultimatum from within her governing coalition to crack down on illegal immigration chancellor angela merkel was able to win time until the e.u. summit at the end of june for
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a miracle going it alone is not an option. that we believe that uncoordinated rejection of asylum seekers at our borders in the heart of europe could lead to a negative domino effect at germany's expense. german interior minister horst c. hoffa wants german border police to reject asylum seekers who have already been registered in another e.u. country while medical spoken berlin interior minister is a hope for held a news conference in munich the conservative c.s.u. he heads is the bavarian sister party of medical c.d.u. but on monday they sounded like fierce rivals we saw in spain you know workable decision is made i have decided and the party leaders agree with me that at that point it will be necessary to turn away refugees at all borders. so they hope for says he is determined to carry out that policy even if germany has
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got to go it alone he knows that acting against nichols will would likely lead to his dismissal and the dissolution of the coalition as for now the crisis in the german government has not been avoided only postponed medical needs to find a european solution to the migration crisis. indeed she does the german interior minister is threatening to take unilateral action on germany's borders on july first if the chancellor doesn't get a europe wide agreement on migration a tough ask our political correspondent peter cave is still with us peter. the chancellor has now met the italian prime minister she has some other meeting set up as well presumably this is the start of goals effort to get some sort of european agreement is there any real prospect of her achieving in the next two weeks what she hasn't been able to achieve over the last three years good question very unlikely would be the shore towns i mean uncle america has been leading from the front on this all along but the other countries in europe the other states nearly all of them are much more reluctant she's still looking for
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a pan european solution but nobody can see what that solution is there are too many reluctant countries and she's beginning to see him now move towards bilateral talks with the various countries that are worst affected by the traffic across the mediterranean the refugee traffic not least the italians the italians were in town yesterday evening in the in the in the person of the prime minister the question is what incentives can be offered to the italians for them to keep refugees in the country rather than channel them off around the rest of europe what incentives could they be logistic support. beefing up of the capacities of frontex the international border for the european border force or money i don't know the interior minister here in germany hosts a hope he's threatening to take unilateral action on germany's borders turning some asylum seekers back if the chancellor doesn't come up with some sort of european solution does he really have the means to do that well it's certainly what voters want to vindicate you dancin in opinion polls they've said that they want to break with angle america's policy they want to tougher approach of the borders they want
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to see not just symbolically but in real terms people being sent away from germany's borders and there are two categories of people that applies to there are those that apply registered already in another e.u. states and their fingerprints will now be registered so they can be identified and then they're all the undocumented and they can be identified because they're undocumented they don't have documents and both of these categories of people both of these classes of people whether it's humanitarian are not german voters want wholesale hope it's awarded for them to be sent away at the border as peter thank you so much to do for your political correspondent peter craven thank you. now let's get you up on some other stories making headlines around the world today reports from yemen say saudi backed forces have entered the main compound at the airport in the city of after heavy fighting with rebels coalition forces started an assault on the rebel held city a week ago how data is yemen's main port and a key supply help for the rebels. u.s. rapper just say on freud was shot dead in his car in florida beach on monday better
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known by his stage name x x x ten times the own the twenty year old released a chart topping album in march the police suspect his killers motive was robbery. and reports say spain's new government plans to remove the remains of fascist dictator francesco. from a state funded melissa leo it wants the site to remember the civil war and not glorify the dictatorship reinterment would be the latest high profile measure by paper or sanchez's left wing government aimed at consolidating power. all germany's diesel gate scandal now has a major car executive behind bars it was quite a shock yesterday sort of came out of the blue really terry and after that shock a rest of the c.e.o. yesterday the german luxury car maker is set to announce his temporary replacement now the c.e.o. of course was a star player he was the first top executive to be arrested in germany in
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connection with a diesel gate scandal is accused of knowing about the emissions cheating in europe when the scandal broke in the u.s. but unlike in the u.s. he did not order a halt to production thousands of audi's with software issues has since made it onto the roads. has been at the helm of audi since two thousand and seven. so there's talk now about and into remote boss at audi for more let's cross over to frankfurt stock exchange only any news has an interim boss been announced and if not what's what's taking so long. yeah that's what everybody in the building behind me is asking themselves that's where the stock exchange's and the chamber of commerce yes all day yesterday pretty well from the moment that the news came that rupert's toddler had been arrested there was speculation and
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then it seemed to be more and more concentrated that the sales chief of the brown shot a dutchman would be appointed interim c.e.o. to be able to handle the audi business that normally a c.e.o. does which he can't do when he's in a prison cell but that announcement hasn't been made formally at the supervisory board member and will spread where the group headquarters are but so far we've heard nothing that of course does not shine that greater light on the management of the affair at some point will spring officials should have seen something like this coming and have something in store but they don't and the volkswagen chair is losing heavily again today talking of shale tumbling certainly they do so in asia and the reason of course is that the stakes have gotten even higher beijing now accused washington off of blackmail and vowed retaliation after u.s. president on a triumph threatened on monday to slap a ten percent levy on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports in the
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latest round of tit for tat exchanges in a rapidly escalating trade dispute between the world's two biggest economy these fresh threats follow what trump calls china's quote unacceptable decision to raise tariffs on fifty billion dollars in u.s. goods following similar levies from the u.s. on chinese goods of course so only. is this good or bad news for europe because usually when i went to quarrel there's a third party rejoicing do we have that case here. no rejoicing whatsoever people are very worried and the fact that this news escalation step followed you know very quickly after the last one and we hear that originally donald trump was suggesting in another escalus as well as school of torey step on hundred million now he just says two hundred two hundred billion i'm sorry that makes people worried and talked to an economist just earlier and he said that he
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indeed fears that this will go on and on and that a trade war will ensue not only with economic consequences but also with consequences for the political relations between europe china the united states possibly others and that does not argue well he and others see downswing in the economy as a result there are different assessments whether it will be a recession you know worse than three percent something like that or just a downswing but in both cases with jobs being lost and the central banks being at the very low rate they are with interest rates having really very little ammunition to counter it such a situation also of course the reason for the nervousness in the markets what about in frankfurt thank you so much. well apple has been handed a fine of six point seven million u.s. dollars by an australian court for making false claims about consumer rights and
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misleading its uses several hundred customers have sued to the us based take giant after apple refused to repair their i phones to fix a defect apple claimed the customers had previously had their phone service by a third party repair services and that that validated the warranty however the court ruled out can't force customers to use its repair. world cup soccer and there were wins for the two favorites in group g. last night belgium and england have been tipped to is really make it out of the group stage as england were made to respect their opponents tunisia but when belgium locked horns with world cup debutantes panama the gulf in class was clear to see. just after a sluggish first time trees martens finally broke the deadlock for belgium shortly after half time with the safford i and after that the match really
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got rolling for the favorites a man who can't be needing just six minutes to add two more goals three nil despite a slow start belgium kick off their world cup campaign in a convincing fashion. england followed suit against tunisia needing just eleven minutes before their top marksman hurricane put them in front johnstone's header brilliantly saved only for came to be perfectly positioned for the rebound. but after this challenge between walker and ben use of. the referee awarded a penalty. for johnny sox he kept his cool to convert from the spot one of the after thirty five minutes a flattering score for the chin its hands i would only stay till deep in injury time when harry kane became a national hero by scoring his second to ensure england got a winning start to this world cup group is definitely poised to be a two horse race between england and belgium. more on the
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day of draw our world cup correspondent jonathan crane is standing by for us and last go jonathan harry k. in their gait england just enough to be turning asia how do you rate england's chances. well as an englishman i had a very keen eye on this match and i think for the first twenty minutes england were a breath of fresh air they pos the ball well they moved well created space and occupancy could have been three or four goals up before cancelled our it's a hurricane ivan a from the penalty spot maybe a controversial penalty and then after that england fans must have been fearing a familiar story that side frustrated by a weaker opponent and they were right until the end when harry came to pop up with the winner and i'm just a side note to all of this supply has had to battle with an infestation of muskie tell us the stadium very close to the volga river a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and even though they sprayed insect repellent before the game you could see the players trying to swat away the
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mosquitoes from their faces that during the game betting that might be too bothered about that they had their own north of the flies to thank harry cain that's now hear from him in his place much reaction to his in the vacuum and that's going to be one of them days just weren't. the right time but that's what a character is about us was new so this is not a plus minutes and and thankfully the one in the end i had jones let's talk about germany you know there's been a lot of talk about the title holders curse what is that and should germany really be worried. indeed the title holder and i think if you're germany fan you might want to leave the room now because what i'm about to say doesn't make for good listening three of the past four holders have crashed out at the group stage for one of the title the only exceptions to that with brazil in two thousand and two incidentally brazil i would allow fight to retain the world cup
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back in one nine hundred sixty two so it just goes to show you how hard it is to defend this trophy how hard it is to keep together a winning group of players a year has done that as best he can obviously he's had some retirements now to be filled and best in fine style you get from the twenty four team winning side to consequently he names the oldest japanese starting eleven for sixteen years against mexico and a lot of the german fans we were speaking to fearing that maybe this side a pos that they really did look off the pace. simply would say maybe there's a chance that some of the younger players to come through and shine a judean brandt's look very good when he came on maybe. get his chance jonathan thank you so much. and finally a hot believed to belong to the french emperor napoleon bonaparte has gone up for auction in leo the military dress hat was purportedly plucked off the battlefield after napoleon's eight hundred fifteen defeat at waterloo sold for three hundred
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fifty thousand euros as to who actually bought the imperial headwear well the auction house was keeping that detail under its hot. pardon the pun just one of our top story before we go the united nations refugee agency says all sixty nine million people were forcibly displaced last year many are fleeing war ballance and persecution nations he says is the unprecedented new record for people forced to flee their homes. that's all you news for now i'll be back to the top list hour with more and course you'll find all our stories online and d.-w. dot com thanks for watching.
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gentlemen from the spot but now i want to go back. several german i ascribe to being held in kurdish detention camps to say nothing about. but how credible are the. engine germany. of. global three thousand next on t.w. . higher and higher further and further
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dirtier and dirtier. the high gloss world of professional sports behind the scenes bitter truth manipulation exploitation corruption a copy of style a business with millions but just how murky is the world of sports in reality. the fireman's on. crimes against humanity civilians are becoming witnesses of. their recorded images travel around the globe via social media. but what is profit count of fiction and what is fact of digital investigators combing through the
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flood of images they combine sources to try to reconstruct what happened and substantiate claims of prior sudden. forensics between bits and bytes of. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on t.w. . welcome to global three thousand this week we look at the challenges facing german women married to islamic states terrorists in syria in south africa bees are helping to save elephants lives and protect local forests and we discover what london's can drive as a daring to improve that city's equity.


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