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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  June 20, 2018 10:30pm-11:00pm CEST

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crying from the children outrage from the world and condemnation from the pope all because of the u.s. president's zero tolerance policy separating illegal migrants from their children at the border and for days trump insisted that only an act of congress could change this tonight all it took was the stroke of the presidential pen i'm bored golf in berlin this is the day. with.
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her strong at the border for her strong on security at the same time we have compassion we want to keep families together we have it all our problems with democrats or vote for anything they really would like to have open borders where anybody in the world is just following your greely really that they believe weak that country is going to be overrun with millions of people and if you're strong. and you don't have any heart. it's a tough dilemma perhaps i'd rather be strong. also coming up tonight another migration crisis this time in europe and it could cause the german chancellor her job but that's not how she tells the story migration is a european challenge perhaps our greatest challenge at the moment and the cohesion of this european union is at stake. we begin the day with a one eighty. on a zero today u.s.
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president did an about face on his controversial zero tolerance policy of separating illegal migrants from their children at the border with mexico it was just last month when border agents received orders to act and since then more than two thousand children have been separated from their parents last week images of children in detention centers shocked the u.s. and the world some photos which were released by the u.s. government appeared to show children being kept in plain white spaces where the public anger and outrage have increased nonstop in a crescendo that today included the pope denouncing the policy the pontiff calling it immoral well how could this happen the white house has offered numerous conflicting explanations the president has maintained that his hands are tied and that he is simply enforcing the wall well that is not true the zero tolerance policy is
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a trump administration policy and just as he ordered it to begin last month the president today signed an order for it to end and we want to keep families together it's very important for signing something a little while that's going to do that and the people in this room want to do that and they're working on various pieces of legislation to get it done but i'll be doing something that's somewhat preemptive but ultimately will be matched by legislation i'm sure but the same time we have to be strong at the border otherwise you have millions of people coming not thousands like we have now you have millions of people flowing up in just overtake in the country and we're not letting that happen so we have to be very strong on the border but at the same time we want to be very compassionate. our we've got team coverage of this reversal tonight we're joined by carson phenomena in washington and clear richardson is on the story for us tonight on the west coast in san diego good evening to both of you carson let me
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start with you the president he says that he will now sign that executive order which he's done for weeks he said that his hands were tied so how did we get this reversal. well it seems that the national and international outrage and the pressure also from within his own republican party have basically pushed on the trump into this direction there has been a number of senators and members of congress speaking out against this policy as some republican governors even withdrew their national guard troops from the border with mexico because they didn't want to be associated with this policy and even some christian leaders even if jellicoe leaders have voiced concern of all this among many other voices so i think basically the republican party convinced the president this constant stream of pick shows of crying children in cages would hurt
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them big time at the ballot boxes in the midterm elections in november. and the clear really open to a few hours ago this was a story about growing outrage over the policies you're close to the mexico border tonight what reactions have you heard to the president's u.-turn. the majority of americans never supported a policy that was meant to separate parents from their children particularly here in san diego in a largely latino community you can imagine that it was not popular at all so there has been a lot of relief that we've seen a reversal on this that being said i've also spoken to immigrant advocacy groups down here who work with people coming into the united states and they say that just reversing this policy doesn't go nearly far enough they say much more to a much deeper structural changes are needed they want to see an end to what they see as the failed at war on drugs that has fueled instability and driven people
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from central america and mexico up to the border they want to see asylum seekers are treated as people who could be fleeing immense danger not as criminals but they do say that one silver lining to all of the outrage over this particular case is that americans are finally paying attention to the issue of immigration even outside of latino. that's a very good point the u.s. president he had said all along don't blame me for this policy blame the democrats but house minority leader nancy pelosi she threw the blame back today take a listen. and here we are bring our concerns to the steps of the capitol once again once again to say to the president of the united states how low can you go. what is the measure of your character your compassion and your commitment to a better america that you would advocate a policy that which children from the arms of their parents their mothers and or their fathers nancy pelosi they're asking how low can you go carson according to
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the polls and also you know according to what claire just said palosi represents the majority of americans on this issue is this a major defeat for president draw. absolutely although donald trump would of course never meant that clearly he had to do something that he didn't want to do up until this morning he was clearly determined to double down on this he wanted to use those children basically as a bargaining chip to put pressure on congress to give him immigration reform and also money for the both of all that he promised he would of course you know it's a promise that mexico would pay for it but it was always the problem that the democrats would not be. done and some didn't need the democrats really to stop this policy because it was his policy and he could have ended it any day just
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as he did today but he needs the democrats of course in the senate because the republicans only have fifty one votes and he needs sixty if he wants comprehensive immigration reform and money for the war so this is behind all this the democrats now think on the trump made a mistake there on the attack they think this will have them in the midst term elections unfortunately we have to say some politics in play here on both sides of the aisle and claire where does this leave the children i mean they're what two thousand plus children have been separated from their parents already do we know what's going to happen to them now. that's right and reuniting them with those perry. it's going to be a very difficult task indeed to some are in shelters which are looking at to reunite them with their parents if they are able to clear the federal criminal system if not they'll be looking for sponsors to take care of them or to potentially put them in the foster care system which is already largely under
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under-resourced and overburdened so a huge influx that is going to be bearing down on these systems in place will be interesting to see how they take care of it logistically but certainly the damage has already been done for these two thousand plus children who have already been separated from their families and unclear what's the situation there at the border now that this part of the zero tolerance policy has been overturned. right well they're still there still very much looking at a zero tolerance policy the difference that you see now is that in previous administrations they chose to enforce these laws selectively and with discretion often they would it take families in but then release the women and children often with ankle monitoring equipment while their cases were being heard again it's going to come down to logistics and to see exactly how they're able to cope with that in the apprehending and criminally prosecuting so many people at the same time. in-car
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student when you look at this story the effect of the fallout of this story we're going to have the pope saying this policy was wrong is there fear about what this is doing to the moral credibility of the u.s. . definitely if you look beyond the discussion on a national level those who are interested in america's standing in the world are worried about this and rightly so i mean america's standing in the world is already at a record low and the. just talk to a colleague from mexico was from disapproval rating in mexico was at around eighty five percent he expected is expected to drop even though i think it's the same in europe and germany for instance about eighty percent disapprove of ford on the trump and america under donald trump and this is not helping and. this pictures like this give
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a lot of ammunition to those who harbor and see american feelings so it's not making america's standing in the world any better. cars than phenomenal the story for us tonight in washington in clear richardson in a very sunny san diego tonight to both of you thank you or depending on whom you talk to the moral credibility of the u.s. has been in question for some time some argue that it took a hit yesterday when the united states withdrew from the united nations human rights council and the council promotes human rights and investigates abuses around the world or u.s. ambassador to the you win nikki haley justifying her country's exit by accusing the council of hypocrisy and bias against israel. human rights abusers continue to serve on and be elected to the council the world's most inhumane regimes continue to escape scrutiny and the council continues to politicizing and
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scapegoating of countries which positive human rights records in an attempt to distract from the users and their ranks therefore as we said we would do a year ago if we did not see any progress the united states is officially withdrawing from the un human rights council or that announcement very action from the office of un secretary general antonio good terris his spokesman tweeted spokes person rather tweeted good terrorists would have much preferred for the us to remain in the human rights council the un's human rights architecture plays a very important role in the promotion and protection of human rights world why and this from the un's human rights chief zain ride out hussein disappointing if not really surprising news given the state of human rights in today's world the u.s. should be stepping up not stepping back while other members of the un's human
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rights council also said that the us was making a mistake by pulling out of the count's it is a bad news it is a bad news for discounts and it is the bad news i think for united nations it is a bad news i think for knighted states is a bad news for everybody. who takes care about human rights. it remains to be seen what if any impact the zero tolerance policy fiasco will have on the u.s. president but here in europe a crisis over migration could soon spell the end for german chancellor angela merkel and her government conservatives in southern germany are threatening rebellion if the chancellor does not bring home a new european union plan on migration and border security by july first the
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chancellor's own interior minister is leading the charge. no new ultimatums no angry words until a makeover and horse a whole foot chatted with one another as if they had never been at all. during a commemoration for german refugees after the second world war the varian conservatives they hope to seem less confrontational than in recent weeks for innovation first of all julie thanks to the chancellor. you've made this state of remembrance something special well spits on them and for this i think you. say hope i did not explicitly mention the conflict between mack was conservative c.d.u. and it's been very and sister party the c.s.u. machall repeated that she does not want to close germany's borders to certain refugees without first having made agreements with neighboring countries. in
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whichever way you look at that migration is a european challenge perhaps the greatest challenge at the moment the cohesion of the european union is at stake. it is the whole piece in u. . a former refugee said an emotional highpoint a tamil who as a thirteen year old fled to germany without his parents and then grew up and started an impressive career here. it's been a tribe wish i didn't become a refugee voluntarily but i did come to germany voluntarily because it's so wonderful to live in a country where democracy reigns where we respect the constitution we must never allow our fundamental values to be threatened if it. and see who for seemed to be moved by the story of a man who went from refugee to heart surgery. the two conservative leaders or at least trying to mend fences. i didn't hear any remarks against me
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when the chancellor sat down i said nothing that ramped up today did it with talk. it didn't come and go. the c.s.u. chairman has struck a conciliatory tone but that doesn't mean he's necessarily changed his position. or list try to make some sense out of this bring in our correspondent simon young he is also here in berlin this evening so i mean what are we to make of this apparent shift. between the chancellor and the interior minister are they friends again. well for today at least french know today wasn't a day for hostility everyone knows hosts a hopeless position he's got his tanks parked on angela merkel's lawn he's given our two week deadline or ten days now it is to get some real progress on this migration issue at european level as he sees it otherwise he's going to take tough measures unilaterally but this was a commemorative event commemorating second world war refugees and also marking
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world refugee day and so that explains the conciliatory tone and of course hosts a have a needs to watch out it's not too tough he could end up looking like the european donald trump if he's not careful angle americal is always stressed the humanitarian aspect of this migration question and or say how often it's to respect that as well of course. there is a mini migration summit planned for this coming sunday and what do we know about who is invited and what's the plan there. you know he's invited is mostly countries directly affected by migration germany and france of course as well as the southern states like greece italy and spain and some others. well gary and belgium and so on what are they hoping to do well i think just thrash out some kind of a blueprint compromise ahead of that european summit perhaps try and make it so
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that those brussels late nights are quite as late as they would otherwise because of course it is difficult to get agreements on these tricky issues particularly when you're talking about. asylum rules and those type of technical matters i mean this is really important for the german chancellor isn't it simon to be she has to come up with a deal that is has to be good enough to save her job in the end of the day am i right. absolutely because she's under a lot of pressure as we've said from the very and conservatives you know they want a century they have bottom line is to say they want the power to turn people away at the border where that surprise is they say or they want some kind of equivalent deal that essentially reassert that national control over migration flows and asylum seekers' just yesterday angela merkel agreed to the french president that he
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would stop people coming through french territory to arrive at the german border that perhaps is a step in the right direction but not really as far as angle of mecca is concerned she wants a european solution but if she can't get one. maybe move unilaterally she might have to fire him that could bring down have government so it's tense the levels some young on the story force in berlin tonight simon thank you for while the german chancellor tries to broker european unity hungary's prime minister viktor orbán has emerged as a leading figure of the e.u.'s anti immigration we today the conservative led parliament approved a raft of tougher new bills on migrant is used the passage of legislation known as stop soros makes it illegal to help asylum seekers who are not entitled to protection in hungary a change to the constitution was also approved outlawing settling for in
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populations in the country this move is seen as a swipe at e.u. plans to breed distribute migrants fairly with the quota system. is it ok to use the migrant crisis to promote your brand or the italian clothing giant benetton is a stranger to controversy and once again it's taking flak for one of its ad campaigns now the photos posted on twitter showed migrants in life jackets being rescued at sea with bit of tom's logo at the bottom of the franco german in g o s o wes which carried out the rescues has condemned this campaign as their west says that baton is exploiting a human tragedy for its own gain it says the dignity of survivors must be respected at all times and never be used for commercial purposes especially to sell shirts
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and pants. all turkey goes to the polls this sunday an election that will usher in sweeping new powers to the president richard tell you a better one has dominated turkish politics for more than fifteen years first as prime minister and then as president for many young voters everyone's authoritarian leadership is the only kind of a know well now they can decide for themselves if they want to keep heir to one at the helm our correspondent yulia han has more. when the ferry docks at the pier in iskandar and the passengers disembark i mean saudi olo is there waiting he's complaining here in istanbul for the a.k.p. president their demands justice and development party. for their mean is twenty eight and studied sports management he's admired the president for as long as he can remember the. movie was going to. say that
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our president is tired but it's not true where he has so much energy or emergency there to young people and that's are very motivating through us here he isn't tired we young folks shouldn't be either. gets married give us kids always on your life and love what you do don't get tired we love this country this nation all fight for it or you can resolve it in europe before you know it was that we will be saying no to this one man regime on june twenty. sixth it will be very new in the neighboring district of. cullen there is drumming up support for the pro kurdish people's democratic party. its presidential candidates. has been in custody for nineteen months on terrorism related charges xanga dish it's time for a change people are being detained without reason and nobody asks why this is
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happening to send the money up to this photo of the nineteen year old john sue trained as a legal assistant like many young people in turkey she come from member a time when al gore on wasn't turkey's leader but unlike a k.p. campaigners she's had enough of him in a thread he invests in rather than an education he behaves like a racist a warmonger or a nationalist he doesn't care about the people that's why we say it's enough to add one he and his people say we build roads and bridges for you but in fact so many people don't have hope. or anything to eat. turkey is a youthful country roughly fifty percent of those alledged will to vote are under thirty an entire generation that's grown up with the address and the religious conservatism of his justice and development party. all to sixteen years is a long time for a government and the same mentality the same person and power that's not good. do
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wash them such a member i'm not sure where they're all both for everyone but i don't think there's anyone else who could do the job so i can only. put on so the good news so i'll just make the strong our health system is very good. he's done a lot for us and so thanks to the president we're doing great it was low john than yours johnson was meeting up with friends in one of the many cafes lining the streets and none of them want to see out on remain in power the economy is struggling unemployment is high and they are afraid that add on a skirt tailing freedoms and turning their country into a surveillance state. because. meanwhile am in saudi olo is going from house to house perswading undecided voters. the so long for you to pick apart very you do that and that you were to look at the movie he's handing out white carnations and coffee which goes down well with the elderly and infirm believes
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that the a.k.p. is also the best choice for young people he is confident that out on is the only one who can solve the country's problems. the upcoming elections in turkey will be decided by young people one point seven million of them are eligible to vote for the first time the country's future is in their head. the need to movement has a shaken up toward sexual harassment but the message clearly has not reached. the world cup in russia while reporting from downtown moscow last week a d w correspondent was sexually assaulted on live television my colleague juliette gonzales tehran was in the middle of an interview with her with our spanish news show when this happened. it's not been the same now twice yet. but i'd like to find out because i don't see any i'll use that as you can see she
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continued the live shot despite being kissed in groped by a stranger who may have said later look for the man but then he had disappeared back in the crowd. all right the day is done mostly it's maher everybody.
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into the conflict so there's been plenty of coverage of the thousands of casualties inflicted. by israel along its border with gaza but what's really the role of hamas the bloodshed my guest is osama from a senior member of hamas is fueling public. the move deliberately provoke israel with no school to call for the safety of its citizens conflicts so for thirty minutes w. the first.
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palestinian changed displaced and desperate the tragic stories of refugees. singing is the first step to understand. world refugee day. the body who do you think is going to be bullshitted. all the matches for all the scores of the two thousand eight hundred soccer world cup on d w news still. crimes against humanity. civilians become witnesses to
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come on. their record of images travel around the globe via social media. what is fair game to fiction and what is fact. digital investigators combing through the flood of images and they combine sources trying to reconstruct what happened and to substantiate claims of crimes. thanks to this video recording and the soldier who shot the young man is on trial now. forensics between bits and bytes. you know you're going to. think again. sixty. seven in. civvies chan said the biggest just this is about the truth. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on t w.
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this is g w news live from berlin tonight a major policy about face for the u.s. president gone on trial songs in order to end family separation at the border with mexico the trump u. turn comes amid growing outrage over the policy of separating children from their families who entered the u.s. illegally but the president now says we've got to g. keeping family.


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