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tv   Treasures of the World - Vlkolinec Slovakia  Deutsche Welle  June 22, 2018 1:15am-1:31am CEST

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but suddenly life became alledge. providing insights for global news that matters d. w. made for mines. last may how do you think it's going to be world champion. all the matches all the stores. the two thousand eight hundred soccer world cup on t w news. more. about. what.
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it lies between the sky and the soil between the high and the low atocha between myth and harsh reality but only slightly closer to heaven than to this world. a night the villages believe wolves are on the prowl according to the old folk there howling chorus echoes in the far off peaks. and it is indeed those wild hunters who have given the village its name to call an edge the wolf's place situated on an up and plateau richly blessed by name. chill
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with its lush fields and enters forests. hidden away and strangely detached from time this tiny community nestles at the foot of mount seir oval. and away says of calm eight hundred meters up a jewel in the heart of central europe in eastern slovakia will call an edge a village in harmony with nature. i've. i've
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. i've i've i've. the villages only street straight to the cone of mt sid all of which forms a natural protective barrier to the north. until recently there was no real road here until anyone wanting to reach full color image from the valley had to walk
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several kilometers covered. distance on horseback by donkey. in its seclusion the village was able to develop and preserve its unique architectural character. it's not known when people first settled here but the earliest written record dates back to fourteen sixty one. for centuries has stood as a masterpiece of slovak wooden architecture constructed in block form apart from the foundation the houses were erected without the use of a single brick. lime washed in intense colors the facades are striking the original . they go hand in hand with magnificent colors of nature thus the village buildings act like a large mirror to the splendid mansion floor. a
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little colony is almost lost in the mountain panorama of developer fanciulla nature reserve and indeed the history of slovakia contains but spouse reference to the village. what is known is that in the sixteenth century the tiny hamlet consisted of full farms it took two hundred years for the population of cullen edge to reach its peak three hundred forty five cells since then the number of inhabitants has steadily declined. many left their homeland to seek work in nearby
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a resume better org or far off bratislava today just thirty five villages live under the pointed chin covered roofs most of them are in their seventy's or even older they need a life steeped in traditions that have grown in vocal energy of a hundreds of years. along with the decorated around gable grooves in their houses with their crosses the hallmarks of a college is the little. bell tower in the middle of the village. only
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once has there been an rest here and that was when instead of the howling of the wolves the villages had the sound of gunfire echoing from the mountain peaks. during the slovak national uprising in the second world war rival forces reach kilcullen edge and some of the houses were burned down. later however most of them were rebuilt. the stream in the middle of the village is still the only source of water the houses don't have tap water. in summer that's not a problem but in winter the villages often have to melt ice. in its own particular way the pace of rural life here remains good to the rhythm of nature the people live from what the fertile soil yields from the flocks of sheep the milk and the different varieties of cheese flavored with mountain halves. yes.
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there are only a few places in central europe where nature can on the file itself in such avenging beauty a species of plant a found that can otherwise only flourish in protected areas and where the architecture in its dimensions and in the materials available has largely been adapted to natural. for centuries the people of color which have built with what was close to hand.
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this is made in skilled woodworkers the tools and techniques used seem to have remained unchanged for hundreds of years buildings are constructed from holes longs that are fitted together without joints. and nowhere apart from in this part of slovakia our roofs covered with narrow and extra long shingles slotted together and tongue and groove fashion. experience has shown that the untreated timber keeps longer than a lifetime nevertheless the regional traditions of working with wood still passed on from generation to generation.
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the rooms in the houses are just as tiny as the windows looking out from them as a rule the single storey buildings have three rooms from outside you step straight into the cage and usually there are two rooms leading off this entrance area. and a bedroom. there is also an adjacent work room it's used in winter for carving figures and making cheese so the inhabitants already have to leave the building. homes in the village are crammed in sparsely furnished wealth involved cullen edge is to be found outside the doings in the rich and resplendent variety of nature this beauty has been treasured for centuries not only by the local inhabitants but
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also by visitors from all over the world who come to enjoy the adele exonerate between the high and the low atocha. and it's not some open a museum experience in vocal image but a thriving example of natural unity in which man and animals live in harmony with the landscape. we'll call an edge and upland village that lies in the past at one time this region belongs solely to the wolves man moved in but with such respect that his houses with a gentle wooden architecture seem as if they've only been borrowed from nature for a while. indeed in a few centuries time perhaps this wolf's place will once again be the sole preserve
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of the wild hunters and to sit on the gandhian mountain in the background to.
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a clash that's shaking families and society to the cold. war my father would be angry sometimes i think i'm already dead to. the love commandos starts july eighth on w. it's time once again for the ultimate football tournament. and you millions and millions of people watching to see who will be the next world champions.


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