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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 1, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CEST

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this is d.w. news live from but it's crunch time for angela merkel's coalition today how the variances to party will decide whether to accept the shaky migration deal she struck with the ease of the deal doesn't go far enough of them they're stretching to define macros migration policy potentially unraveling the german government also coming up. hundreds of thousands rallied nationwide protests against u.s. immigration policies calling on the trumpet ministration to quickly reunite families that have been separated at the country's borders. and at the world cup
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more superstars are out europe while i'm in asia the n.l. those portugal and from school the most spectacular goal of the tournament so far to send home the n.l. messi what could be the legends last match for argentina. any. time helen humphrey thanks for joining me well it's a meeting that could determine the fate of i'm going to merkel's government took coalition partner the bavarian conservatives will decide today whether to accept a deal on migration that the chancellor secured at an e.u. summit on friday have a very insistent posse the c.s.u. had demanded a harder line of migration threatening to blow apart germany's governing coalition . a minor parties regional convention usually arouses little international
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attention but times are different since the disputed of a migration policy threatened to divide the c.d.u. from the bavarian sister party the c.s.u. the bavarian state premier gave an indication of how his party might respond to the compromise reached by e.u. leaders in brussels if they go should indeed have to go it's a step in the right direction some things remain very unclear and have to be expanded our european partners have explicitly agreed that they must also be supporting national measures that means it's been decided that now we in germany must also take action. but the center left social democrats insists there are some measures they would certainly not accept most of these i would like to make it clear once again that unilateral actions and the rejection of refugees at the border are off the table in a lesser merkel informs her coalition partners about the results of the e.u. summit it said the chancellor had secured agreements with fourteen countries for
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the rapid return of asylum seekers already registered in those countries such a deal already exists with greece and spain but there's no deal in sight with italy one of the main transit countries and the czech republic and hungary deny any involvement in the agreement it's still unclear how quickly the situation will change for migrants seeking refuge in europe. to talk through this now t w political correspondent hands of cunt is with me here in the studio hence we understand that chancellor merkel met with her interior minister who say who often asked night do we know what came out of that meeting we know nothing about it we know that for two hours late last night and the white house to say it's not just her interior minister was more crucial here is that he is the leader of that system party the christian social union. the conservatives from bavaria and they are in fact even though they're in the same political family they have been for many years also. cool adversaries that must've been pretty interesting talk last night but in
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fact we don't know anything about it and we don't really know whether there was any progress on resolving this crisis between those two systems parties at the moment so likely talking over that deal that merkel brought back from brussels a deal that was hailed as a break three deal but was it really that because we also heard that the czech republic andriy denied approving its a deal with italy is fall off do you think that it will be enough to console the bavarians and stop them from implementing their own measures there's two ways of looking out at this one is a kind of rational way and one is a kind of emotional irrational way if you look at it rationally then you must say that i'm glad michael brought back from brussels a lot more than was expected she is potentially finding bilateral agreements to send back refugees with a dozen or more other e.u. countries that would make it a lot easier to send people that have applied in those countries for asylum back to those countries from germany and that's something that the christian social union
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the variance and the interior minister have been demanding so if they were to accept of those deals then that would go a very long way towards their demands of on the other hand you can look at it irrationally that you have to say that the the variance has been somewhat irrational of all those at times have been very egotistical you might say are very much looking at the own interests rather than the interests of germany as a whole and if they continue to support to push for those interests this is not completely excluded that this thing could still end up in shattered as it were why do you think they did push on that front what pushed you know zero fabby very still while as well to really make this a big issue well the big issue really is actually a domestic one or even one could say a regional one the bavarians in bavaria having regional elections in. in the fall in october and the ovarian social conservatives are very used to
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ruling that state that federal state in germany on their own at the moment it looks as though they're going to lose that majority and they're very concerned about that as a result they have been moving their policies to the rights to wards the far right which has been gaining in their states that is why they're pushing so hard on these migration issues and that is why their interests really are interests that concern but very primarily at the moment rather than german interests or even european interests and that is really the question whether they feel that these bavarian interests are satisfied by this deal all right well we will see and we'll be monitoring that over the course of the day hands because political correspondent thank you. well now some of the other stories making news around the world mexicans are set to go to the polls in what could be a seminal election day today the leftist former mayor of mexico city and it is mine
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would open a door no prize holds a twenty point lead in the polls but i don't know his is promising to crack down on the country's rampant corruption in action campaign has been launched by an unprecedented levels of violence. afghan president ashraf ghani has declared an end to the government's unilateral ceasefire with the taliban the eighteen day truce was hailed by connie as ninety eight percent successful but he said now it was the turn of the taliban to nail down their arms. in the u.s. hundreds of thousands of demonstrators have been holding protests to show their opposition to the trump administration's migration policies the rallies come despite president trump's decision to end the practice of separating migrant families thousands of children remain split from their parents in custody the u.s. immigration and customs enforcement agency known as ice has been especially
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criticized for carrying out the separations. one of the key rallies was held in washington d.c. we went to speak to some of the protesters there what they're doing right now is it's inhumane and it's recess and it's also completely ineffective i want them to demolish my family moved to the u.s. when i was a child we immigrated from poland and when i came here i wasn't put in a cage i think is important is my duty now to be here to make sure the kids that come into this country and america i'm an american citizen now aren't putting kids either so that's why i'm here today sure immigration is the huge issue for any country but to be there to be futile to even we that actually teach that these people that decency deserve. i feel really passionate about this i think that separating families has been american history and i'd like to see some civility. i came out today because i know from my studies in psychology that it is traumatic for both the child and their parents to be separated i will have long term impacts on children's developments and i think that's not ok one two i think i shouldn't
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have to say that but three i know i do and our country is really headed to a terrible place right now where people are not thinking of other people as human beings. the football world cup continues to serve up plenty of thrills in the first day of a knockout much as was no exception the w.'s very own all the moody joins me now from moscow good to see you ali the match between argentina and from certainly lived up to the hype but what do you make of it. it did indeed in that one incredible start to the knockout stages that these games are often quite cagey nervous affairs no one wants to make a mistake in france of course in their previous game. perhaps there were a few worries that the game wouldn't quite live up to the billing of two giants of the world what we got was completely different about those seven goals phenomenal many of the goals of such a high quality as well. as blown away by this french attacking performance
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especially from one young man. who was just far too much for the argentinian defense to handle now we can take a look at some of the highlights from that game right now. a blistering early run from the phenomenal killian play was too much for argentina to deal with marcos rockhold brought back down and one griezmann stepped up to convert the resulting penalty. paris and german teammate i'm healthy maria equalized with this stunning strike just before half time and just after the break argentina went in front thanks to god. but then benjamin power ball it struck a fine hard folly of the way into the back of the net before killian quickly schooled degrades fish eye and then soon afterwards six three goals in eleven minutes to turn the tide completely on its head. sergio a grandma got one more initial time but to no avail argentina are heading home.
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well sensational stuff that let's talk about some of the other matches year ago i looking at very impressive against her now there's portugal would you say ali they now rank among the favorites. quite possibly i think there's certainly one of my stubborn defenses at the tournament i mean they they didn't concede a goal throughout the group stage the only team to achieve that and with that kind of fighting spirit that they have with two very solid sense of backs i'm with some excellent center forwards as well they've certainly got a chance we expected the game it's when you're going portugal to be a kind of battle of the forwards with luis suarez and you're a guy and christiane are an elder of portugal but in fact it was the other euro why for edinson cavani he really stole the shot at two goals that were just too much for portugal his first showcasing some brilliant movement and then something had. portugal did then equalized through the defender pepe activity then scored again a brilliant finish into the far corner and if vani and suarez can keep performing
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as they have done at the tournament so far then it would take a very brave person to bet against them of course the result also means that we say goodbye possibly to christiane who are now there from world cup football it's very much possible that he won't be here again the same with lee and all messi from argentina so the two possibly greatest players of all time in the game departing the world cup on the sunday potentially some of the departures of the greats today though we've got to host russia taking on spain under some difficult conditions i've heard early. yeah the weather is changing just about every minute here in moscow at the moment moscow orthorexic has sent out a storm warning but yesterday and today and the russians he will be hoping that they just mean the rain that's been coming down periodically and not at all the red theory spain they have obviously been one of the themes of the tournament so far three excellent goals against portugal in their first game and russia really on
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paper do not have a team to to put up a fight against them but with the support behind them with the atmosphere there's been generated in moscow there was a chance all right audie maybe for us in moscow stay dry and enjoy thank you. well the russians have exceeded expectations so far this tournament while spain have yet to find top four meaning fans could be in for a surprise. moscow has been the scene of many momentous moments in russian history now the nation's football team want to achieve something remarkable by beating fancied spain in reaching the world cup quarterfinals. the game is so big that deputy prime minister vitali mutko attended their final training session. russia have some inside knowledge of spain given midfielder dennis cherish group and still plays in the spanish league. but i'm sure that we're going to have
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a hard time because we know they're an excellent team but i'm not surprised and we've played really well it was but we also have our strengths we have to take advantage of them. but i think they're one of the best teams in the world. but i think we can do well against anybody. back at the homeless nicky stadium where they thrashed saudi arabia five nil in the opener spain are well aware of what they'll be facing so. we know they'll have a lot of people there we also know there's a football match is decided on the pitch. my lads are used to playing in big stadiums in a pub in stadiums with a lot of pressure as here on the moscow is ready for a special encounter. and just her mind to autopsy dorie angela merkel's coalition partner will decide today whether to accept the migrant deal she struck
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with the e.u. on friday the very conservatives have been calling for strict immigration rules and threatened to talk paedo merkel's government policies. that's it you're up to date more coming up at the top of the hour on how to humphrey invalid thanks here company b. c. . bursts. home to use of species. own words things you can. get those are big changes and most start with small steps and big bang global ideas tell stories of convinced people and in of a distant objects around the world. like to use the term limited use to religious organizations and resources should. community into.


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