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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 1, 2018 10:00pm-10:15pm CEST

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listen to w. news live from berlin uncle americal political future hangs in the balance as a key partner cast doubt on a migration deal germany's interior minister of course the home for the also heads with chancellor of the various sister party is expected to announce whether his party will back the agreement she struck with you but if it doesn't constitute the end of germany's government our reporters are on the scene.
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thanks for joining us i'm marian i haven't seen a political showdown within the german government chancellor angela merkel is awaiting the outcome of a make or break meeting her bavarian sister party the c.s.u. fronted by interior minister aboard civil for are deciding at this hour whether to accept a migration deal the chancellor reached with the european union the who has called for a harder line on migration and reportedly says the agreement does not go far enough to reduce migrant numbers he's threaten to take border security into his own hands if party leaders meeting today reject that deal well speaking in an interview earlier chancellor merkel urges a whole for and his party not to act unilaterally here's what she had to say. everyone knows the things of syria's i would like to see you in the sea is you to
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continue working together because we're german success story together we are strong . people have expectations of us and i will have this in mind when i hold discussions for me it's also important not to act unilaterally and at the expense of others. and our political team is covering this story we have developed as michelle occurred in munich at the party's c.s.u. leadership meeting and melinda crane is standing by in berlin at the chancellor's c.d.u. party headquarters in china i'd like to begin with you so or stay home for apparently says he doesn't think that the e.u. deal is enough and is reportedly it to make an announcement to this and soon does that mean trouble for the governing coalition. well this whole standoff that we're experiencing here is already trouble both for uncle a makeover whose leadership has been weakened by this but also for the c.s.u.
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party the very insistent party here that it's proven so rebellious on this particular issue of migration. has told delegates here that this after all was also an issue of credibility this indicates that this also seems to be an issue of how he's perceived whether he's perceived as credible when he says he wants to see more control on the border what america has achieved on paper is rallying a dozen or so and i'm deliberately vague there because some of those eastern states already backing out of. opera tension bilateral agreements while she secured commitments for them to take back previously registered migrants horsy were first line at the beginning and from the beginning was he wants to see people basically turned back at the border and the big question here is is this only about this very issue which could see a potential compromise where there might be some rejections at the german border all this is this more on principle and on political psychology here of course it's
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no secret that hosty was against what became known as angela merkel's open arms policy on migration back in twenty fifteen she always he always criticized her from day one she has somewhat now or down the policy there but doesn't feel it's enough right now all right so melinda or safe or hope for indicating he does not think america has gone far enough what are you hearing at the c.d.u. party headquarters are party members getting nervous about what's coming next. the party leadership are meeting now and have been meeting for some time and as various members of the leadership were entering this building they were very tight lipped essentially no commentary whatsoever today but certainly in the past few days we have heard senior members of the party declaring there resoundingly support
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for the chancellor following tao to european union summit last week many of them saying she actually achieved a great more than they had anticipated both in terms of the overall summit agreement but also in the bilateral negotiations that she held with various countries on the european union's southern perimeter with an aim to getting their agreement that germany would be able to send back refugees who had been registered in those countries when they first entered the european union that is the absolute core of this conflict. just outlined and the chancellor basically has been saying all along and continues to say today that she does not willing to she is not willing to see germany go it alone on this issue that such a turning back of refugees can only be effective if it is agreed upon with other
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european union members and she feels and most of her party leadership do also seem to feel that she came a good step further in achieving that kind of multilateral agreement this past week so solidarity here right now with the chancellor. all right and now if we assume that same over a dozen decide to step down over this just briefly if you can what would this mean . well it would create more political uncertainty it would certainly not be the direct so down seeing her having to fire him but if he seeks to do this by himself he could be leave more on his own terms but it still leaves the governing coalition and the c.d.c.'s you with a very uncertain situation and the chances have been a difficult situation as well so a lot of questions few ounces right now and melinda do you see any room for
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a compromise between chancellor merkel and the bavarian c.s.u. also briefly if you could. i absolutely do see room for compromise what we saw a come out of that european union summit this past week is definitely a tightening of europe's outer boundaries it is a stricter approach to migration of course it still needs to be implemented that will take time may be difficult but there definitely is a shift there and that is what the c.s.u. has been looking for and in fact we've heard a number of members of the chancellor's party offering a face saving way to deescalate to the c.s.u. basically saying without their pressure this movement wouldn't have occurred so at this point the exit path is there they could deescalate the question is will they p.w. is melinda crane reporting from berlin and the krishna in munich many thanks indeed
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to both of you. turning now to mexico where voters are going to the polls in a presidential election that's been overshadowed by violence at least one hundred forty five politicians and activists have been killed since campaigning began last year twenty seventeen it was the most violent here in mexico's recent history the fragmented criminal landscape has enabled powerful drug cartels to tighten their grip and create a culture of fear presidential candidates and former mexico city mayor has manuel lopez obrador has vowed to end violence stamp out corruption and transform the country he was among the first to cast his vote. well for the very latest we're joined now by our correspondent a few harms our o.t. who is in mexico city so if you're the frontrunner lopez obrador has already run twice for the presidency so how good are his chances this time around becoming the
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next mexican president. while he has a lead of twenty five points on top of his nearest challenger which is we got on my left from a call ition led by the conservative party national action and on the third place an independent candidate who was picked by the governing party the institutional revolutionary party close antonio meet it is also very likely that lopez obrador and his coalition will hold control of both chambers of congress which will probably help him to pass some of the major reforms he wants to make especially in the telecommunications and electricity sector. all those candidates lopez obrador has vowed to completely change mexico what does he mean by that and why do people trust him. well mexicans are so fed
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up with their ruling class that they are taking a chance on a populist for the first time and this is mainly because the traditional parties and pretty they haven't been able to to fight the biggest problems in mexico corruption impunity violence and the economic growth of the past decades has only benefited a very small elite now look at other ones to make major changes he wants to redress this imbalance between they returned the poorer parts of mexico but some of his drastic measures like urging people for example to stop paying for their electricity bills when the prices went up scarce and business it was so way and some investors and his his opponents say that he will well and. with the market friendly policies that have characterized the past governments in mexico. a feeling it seems we're getting some breaking news now from mexico that political activist has been shot dead this is the latest in
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a string of killings over the past year leading up to this election can you talk to us about the violence that we've seen leading up to this poll you have violence has always been present and the electoral process is here in mexico but this one has been the bloodiest the country has ever seen since september there have been hundred and well you said it before one hundred forty five politicians that were killed many of them were running for local offices and this is mainly because the brutal drug cartels that control many of the areas in mexico have been taking control over politics and over local offices and now what is really frightening to many mexicans is that they are going to choose and vote for candidates that have been put in politics by the organized crime and this is not only happening to politicians we see this is happening to journalists this is
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happening it's happening to human act as well all right affiliate reporting from mexico city many thanks. and the thrills continue at the soccer world cup host nation russia have pulled off a massive shock to fully lead us from dili's fourth is here to talk to be all about it so pablo a huge surprise russia is through and spain are out absolutely it's a massive shock when you consider the russia the lowest ranked team actually in the tournament and we're talking about spain the former champions from two thousand and ten who went into this tournament with a lot of people saying they could go the whole way they haven't really impressed and i was the they haven't impressed because they're going home early but the best thing to do though is take a look at what happened in today's game. when marco asensio swung it at the free kick on the own so ramos made himself
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a nuisance ignatiev it was overwhelmed and an unfortunate goal sourced by front but the hosts pulled themselves back a corner shortly before his time was met with a hand boom from gerrard ok the referee gave a penalty which also in juba smashed home to bring russian that i need credible moment for the hosts in front of a late seed travel time they continue to growing through the second hall foundation time with the favorites pointing. this one was destined to go the distance. it was the russians who held the nerves converting two outs of four penalties. when you go i can fly you have saved for the second time this incredible set was complete russia continue to write history i dream world cup campaign marches on i amazing i have to be honest i really was among those who'd written russia off entirely right from the beginning now they're in the quarter final probably just
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how far do you think they can go when i have to say as a spaniard of the i'm very upset with this result but also i was with you on this i didn't think that russia would do so well they did manage to have win two of their three group stage matches they did lose against uruguay big team so i thought that using against a team like europe why perhaps against spain they would slip up but of course they didn't and they did incredibly well and they have the support of their fans there in russia and i have to think about is you also have some breaking news with regards to spain and that's i'm guessing as to one of the stars of the spanish team has decided that he's going to retire and so obviously a sad day for spain that's for sure all right but a very happy day for the russia fans they were certainly euphoric to say the least how important is this home advantage to the russian team this is massive and i mean they were it was like having a twelve thirty thirteenth player out on the pitch there and to be honest with it the best thing to do is hear from our colleague barbara moore who was there in moscow because she revealed sort of was living it to the right there with all the
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fans. all right pablo unfortunately i think we're going to have to leave it there so we'll have to hear from behind another time okey doke you're up to date now on the deadly news fully back at the top of the hour if you stay with us. you're going to want to fishel estimates more than one point two million venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. already at a local worldwide returned to. visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again.


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