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has enabled powerful drug cartels to tighten their grip and create a culture of fear presidential candidate and former mexico city mayor on the bench manuel lopez obrador has vowed to and violence stamp out corruption and transform the country he was among the first to cast his vote. well for the very latest we're joined now by our correspondent a few harms rooty who is in mexico city so if you're the frontrunner lopez obrador has already run twice for the presidency so how good are his chances this time around becoming the next mexican president. while he has a lead of twenty five points on top of his nearest challenger which is what he got a lot from a call ition led by the conservative party national action and the third plays an independent candidate who was picked by the governing party the institutional
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revolutionary body close antonio meet it is also very likely that lopez obrador and misquotation will hold control of both chambers of congress which will probably help him to pass some of the major reforms he wants to make especially in the telecommunications and electricity sector. all those candidates lopez obrador has vowed to completely change mexico what does he mean by that and why do people trust him. well mexicans are so fed up with their ruling class that they are taking a chance on a populist for the first time and this is mainly because the traditional parties and pretty they haven't been able to fight the biggest problems in mexico corruption impunity violence and the economic growth of the past decades has only benefited a very small elite now look at other ones to make major changes he wants to redress
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this imbalance between they returned the poorer parts of mexico but some of his drastic measures like urging people for example to stop paying for their electricity bills when the prices went up scarce and business it was so way and some investors and his his opponents say that he will well end with the market friendly policies that have characterized the past governments here in mexico. i feel it seems we're getting some breaking news now from mexico that political activist has been shot dead this is the latest in a string of killings over the past year leading up to this election can you talk to us about the violence that we've seen leading up to this poll. yeah violence has always been present and the electoral process is here in mexico but this one has been the bloodiest the country has ever seen since september there
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have been hundred well you said it before one hundred forty five politicians that were killed many of them were running for local offices and this is mainly because the brutal drug cartels that control many of the areas in mexico have been taking control over politics and over local offices and now what is really frightening to many mexicans is that they are going to choose and vote for candidates that have been put in politics by organized crime and this is not only happening to politicians we see this is happening to journalists this is happening it's happening to human act as well all right affiliate reporting from mexico city many thanks. in the united states hundreds of thousands of demonstrators have been taking part in nationwide protests to show their opposition to the trumpet ministrations immigration policy the rallies come despite president trump's decision to enter the for separation of migrant families nevertheless thousands of
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children remain in custody without their parents. they marched on the east coast thousands streaming across the. brooklyn bridge. they staged mass protests in the west coast cities of sun francisco and los angeles. from chicago in the north to florida in the deep south. crowds gathered outside the white house in washington still angry at recent emotional scenes of children being separated from their parents but the us mexico border there was particular school as protesters filed past the trump hotel they called for the scrapping of the u.s. customs and immigration agency known as ice it's inhumane and it's recess and it's also completely ineffective i want them to mollify my family moved to the u.s. when i was a child we have a great example and when i came here i wasn't put in a cage i think it's important for my duty now to be here sure immigration is
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a huge issue for any country but to be there to be leading the way that he keeps you treat people the decency of his or i thought really passionate about their families also gathered on the mexican side of the border with the u.s. to protest against separations and deportations. since donald trump took office policies of hate have begun we all know people only migrate out of necessity we demand an end to the racist policies of donald trump you know president trump may have backed down on enforced separations but not all families have been reunited and immigration from mexico remains an incendiary issue. israel has stepped up its security in the border region between syria and the israeli occupied golan heights as the violence in syria's daraa province continues thousands of syrians have set up makeshift camps near the israeli border the israeli government has said it will continue to provide medical treatment to wounded civilians and aid to syrians
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across the fence but prime minister binyamin netanyahu stress that syrians fleeing war will not be let into the country. well twelve days ago the regime in damascus backed by its ally russia began a deadly bombing campaign that has forced tens of thousands to flee their homes. this is syrian t.v. a constant barrage of unending brutal merciless gunfire with no regard for the civilian population. it's the eleventh day of the joint syrian russian offensive in the daraa province southwest of syria's capital damascus president assad's troops and their allies are looking for a quick victory over the rebels by any means necessary. and. has enormous significance for the regime this is where the uprising began and twenty and it will be crushed here. assad is making it clear that the opposition in syria
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has no future. there's been barely any news for days and only a few signs of life from rescue workers in rebel held areas. russian air attacks have targeted and destroyed numerous hospitals the civil defense appears to be largely eliminated. some cities in the province have surrendered to government troops after russian brokered talks. state t.v. shows the jubilant celebrations of a pro assad public. late saturday evening ceasefire talks with the islamist rebels that would have affected the whole province failed. tens of thousands have been fleeing the violence for days the united nations estimates at least one hundred and sixty thousand people are in need of help but the precarious security situation means international aid organizations cannot reach them that is some of the other
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stories making news around the world germany is now on board cathedral has been added to the unesco world heritage list the thirteenth century cathedral is known for its roman ask and gothic styles as well as its stone sculptures it's the forty fourth world heritage site in germany. thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of hong kong as the city marks the twenty first anniversary of its handover from britain to china kong became part of china in one thousand nine hundred seven after more than a century of british rule has since been tightening its grip on the semi autonomous city. eight days after twelve boys and their soccer coach went missing in a flood of cave in thailand rescue teams are continuing their search for them divers have been trying to reach the spot where the boys are believed to be trapped teams of experts from around the world have joined the search.
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and the soccer world cup croatia have just booked their place in the quarter final and probably fully aaliyah's from the deadly force is here with me in the studio to talk all about it so pablo croatia looking very impressive in the group stage tell us about this game well this was an exciting game for about five minutes i would say and then we have to wait till the penalty for it's a kind of get a little bit more exciting again and the best thing is if we take a look at have at the game started after just one minute the organs and from denmark managed to put denmark ahead of course and then just three minutes later so after four minutes mario months from croatia put the team in managed to equalise and then like i said it was a little bit of a dual affair own tale of course the penalty second game in a row today where we the game went to penalties and it was even rockets which you managed to wet scored the winning goal of course for croatia so they booked their
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place in the quarter final the second time only in their history that they've managed to reach so far in the competition all right probably so this means croatia now gets to play russia after that team sensationally dumped spain out of the tournament you're absolutely right it was a bit of a shock to say the least now russia of course are the lowest ranked team in the tournament and they were at the start of the tournament and still remains though of course they beat spain no one expected it spain went into the tournament as one of the favorites but they really didn't impress the best thing is let's take a look at how i came upon that. when marco asensio swung in at the free kick on the own sergio ramos made himself a nuisance ignatiev it was overwhelmed and unfortunate a goal sourced by front but the hosts pulled themselves back a corner shortly before half time was met with the hand blue from gerrard ok the referee gave a penalty which also in juba smashed home to bring russia net i'm incredibly moment
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for the hosts in front of him lights and home crowd i may continue to growing through the second hall foundation time with the favorites finding no really this one was destined to go the distance. it was the russians who had the nerves converting who out so for the penalties i went ego i can for you have saved for the second time this incredible i say was complete russia continue to write history i dream world cup campaign marches on i all right some very euphoric russia fans as well pablo how important has the home advantage been for the russia team well it appears to have been incredibly important because like i said this is the lowest ranked team in the tournament but watching that game today and then the other games as well it appeared that the fans are really rallying behind them you know they are like the twelfth or even thirteenth player right on the pitch for
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them i spoke to our colleague barbara moore already earlier on and she was at the match and she just said it was incredible it was electric and they're really pushing for russia to go far so it appears that with that support russia could go the whole way which is something that just a few weeks ago no one would have said so they're definitely impressing a lot of people i think we do have a clip of barbara speaking to we seem to see it so let's have a look at that. what a drama what an incredible day for the russian fans i say this is their victory spain with clearly the better team they have more quality more pole position but russian menace to hold strong make it through extra time into the penalty shoot out and then also have the nerves to win i say this is because they have this enormous crowd behind them there was little going lots of cheering also in that sense the victory was absolutely deserved and the support as we had been so skeptical about that area would seem ahead of the tournaments they still supported the team all the way through so i say having russia win here as the best that could happen to this
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world cup. well there you have a barbara moral force march in moscow and she was obviously just talk about how important the fans are for the russian squat indeed pablo foley is from dili's force many thanks indeed for giving us all those highlights i started out. well turning now to formula one next to stop and won the austrian grand prix for red bull after lewis hamilton suffered his first race retirement since twenty sixteen for stop and finished first followed by ferrari's kimmie right conan with federal third federal is now back at the top of the driver's standings to tennis now and britain's andy murray has pulled out of wimbledon the day before the tournament kicks off the two time champion said that he was forced to withdraw
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due to a hip injury murray had surgery on his hip in january and returned to competition only two weeks ago. turn to france organizers have formally blocked for a time champion chris froome from competing in this year's race le monde newspaper reported sunday but he's expected to fight the move the team sky's star was found to have twice the permissible amount of the asthma drunk sal buttah mle and system during last years of well to eyes spiny a which he won a decision on the organizers attempt to prevent the kenyan born briton from taking part is expected to be made by the french national olympic and sports committee next tuesday while returning now to our top story reports are coming in of that german interior minister horse stable for also the leader of the bavarian see as you party has
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offered his resignation to his party this follows a meeting in which the party leadership discussed whether to accept or reject a deal by chance or on the americal with the e.u. on migration policy as a whole for had reportedly said he was unhappy with the agreement and felt it did not go far enough they hope for a once in germany to turn away some asylum seekers at the country's borders but the chancellor has insisted on europe wide solutions we're expecting an announcement from the c.s.u. shortly and we'll be bringing you that live when it happens let's go now to our correspondents me china kirschner who's standing by in munich and fell into a crane in berlin me shiela.


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