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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 2, 2018 2:00am-2:16am CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin and it's back from the brink for germany's coalition government interior minister of course they will first says his party will hold another meeting with chancellor merkel's c.d.u. party on monday morning in a last ditch attempt at patching up their differences they have overhead been poised to resign as minister and leader of the c.d.u. sister party the c.s.u.
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coalition partners fell out over my brief policy the big move for reportedly unhappy with the deal chancellor merkel agreed to with the european union. american evanston thanks for joining us let's go straight to d.w. is correspondent michelle the krishna who's in munich where the c.s.u. leadership has been meeting and joining me in the studio is usually a political correspondent you know has a you know a do stand by i want to go directly to michelle so we just heard that horse a hole for the interior minister made a very brief statement a short time ago what did he have to say. well basically he wouldn't talk about his offer of resignation that he clearly made
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behind closed doors this evening to see you so you don't see in the german parliament what he did say though is that the c.s.u. would launch another attempt of finding common ground with anglo machall c.d.u. party this of course being an attempt to save that union of these two parties that this decades old old political marriage and he also stressed that this was basically a courtesy on his side because otherwise he said everything would have been over well everything could mean anything from the his role as interior minister to the c.s.u. leaving its union with angela merkel c.d.u. party to potentially bringing down the government of course and doing her chancery so all sides know that this is a very critical political moment and yet again it's being dragged out by at
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least another day and we will learn at the earliest on monday where the this political tremor here in munich will become a political earthquake in berlin and potentially beyond. well nina so after hours of reports suggesting they hope for is stepping down now perhaps he will stay according to him it's not necessarily decided that he's handing in his resignation but even if he does stay where do things go from here certainly the relationship between they hope for a chance or marital after this kind of standoff is so severely damaged can they even work together anymore they're fighting something out now which was started a long time ago yeah is. has criticized america repeatedly on several
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occasions and also when it came to different topics by gratian policy of course being the biggest one but we all know that this escalation now is focusing on a point of sixty three point. plan and this one point where they disagree. is now using. me as a potential way of bringing america so it's not about those details it's not about those topics it is a small. personal rile between these two characters and even if he does stay this means very very rough times indeed for as chancellor with the interior minister who would basically chords other projects potentially as well. in addition to the reports of his mission to fill with us yet there she is
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if along with the reports about who for intending to submit his resignation we've also heard that a number of leaders within the c.s.u. were it were saying they would not accept his resignation so it sounds to me there's quite a split within the c.s.u. party itself just how much support does a whole for have from his own party members at this point. well the c.s.u. beside the point of what differences may be on particle particular policy aspects but since you has a long and firm tradition of c.e.o.'s you m.p.'s and members backing their leadership so you will have a much harder time getting open criticism to really come to the surface than you would even in terms of anglo-american c.d.u. party in just as we are we saw those ranks close behind uncle america all over
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this blatant and brazen attack from the c.s.u. leadership in particular horses who for here in bavaria we are seeing the ranks close behind horses. in this crucial hour where he puts his political fate on the line potentially but at the same time also drowning out those who came in almost quite cheerful like a month later viva who is a prominent european politician he's the leader of the european peoples party the conservative bloc in the european parliament who basically said he was quite heartened by the fact that i'm going to machall to come back with those bilateral agreements of a dozen or so countries that was much more than anybody had expected now we saw the will for here in this meeting basically not that count for very much not seeing
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that amount to his demand his initial demand and this is where we are there's no open rift within the c.s.u. but there was a lot of tension and that lasted for more than eleven hours tonight and share kirshner reporting for us from c.s.u. headquarters in munich and you know political correspondent here in the studio many thanks to both of you. well now to some of the other stories making news around the world afghan officials say a suicide bomb has killed at least nineteen people in the city of jalalabad the blast came hours after president gandhi opened a hospital there and also declared an end to the government's ceasefire with the taliban the bomber apparently targeted minority sikhs. and the tory is french criminal has made inundations escape from prison several heavily armed commandos landed in the courtyard of
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a helicopter and wisco readily and five each from the visiting room was serving a twenty five year sentence for murder it's the second successful prison break. thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of hong kong as the city marks the twenty first anniversary of its handover from britain to china kong became part of china in one thousand nine hundred seven after more than a century of british rule beijing has since been tightening its grip on the semi autonomous city. well turning now to mexico where polls are closing in a presidential election that's been overshadowed by violence at least one hundred forty five politicians and activists have been killed since campaigning began last year twenty seventeen was the most violent tear in mexico's recent history a fragmented criminal landscape as in the powerful drug cartels to tighten their grip and create
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a culture of fear presidential candidate and former mexico city mayor on the death manuel lopez obrador has vowed to end violence stamp out corruption and transform the country. well for more we're joined now by our correspondent ophelia harms who's in mexico city so ophelia the frontrunner lopez obrador has already run twice for the presidency just how good are his chances of this time of becoming the next mexican president. well he's running for the third time and he said this will be the last time he will do it he's leading most of the polls with twenty five points over his nearest challenger which is really got an idea from a coalition led by the conservative party national action and after him in the third or second place depending on which poll you look at you have the official list candidate close and then you need now look at what other end his his
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qualification will probably hold power of both chambers of congress as well which will help him pass major reforms especially in the telecommunications sector and the energy sector but he will need special measures already so he will have to hurry as well because they will have a mid-term elections in three years and they will have to renew one of the chambers . for a door has valent to completely change mexico just briefly if you can why do people trust him. more mexicans are so fed up with the ruling class that they are taking a chance on a leftist populist for the first time he has promised to redress the huge inequality in mexican society we he wants to. redress this imbalance between the poor and the rich or parts of mexico and he has promised to end corruption he hasn't shown specific plans on how he's going to do
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it but one very controversial proposal that he made was to grant amnesty to some of the top criminals in mexico to end the violent. all right a feeling harms i wrote the reporting from mexico city thank you. and at the soccer world cup host nation russia have pulled off a massive shock and propofol alias turned into place for it is here to break it all down for us so pablo this was a huge surprise russia are through and spain are out and you're absolutely right and of course that's not from half spanish so i'm feeling very upset today now but indeed it was a bit of a shock because no one really expected this before the tournament started but russia have been doing incredibly well and spain have been rather on their well and so i think what we need to do is actually take a look at this report see have that much power that. when marco asensio swung in a deep free kick on the on sergio ramos made himself
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a nuisance sergei ignatiev it was overwhelmed and unfortunate a goal sourced by going front but the hosts pulled themselves back to a corner shortly before half time was met with a hand boom from gerard piqué the referee gave a penalty which also in juba smashed home to bring russia net. an incredible moment for the hosts in front of an elated home crowd time they continued to grind through the second halt and extra time with the favorites finding no relief this one was destined to go the distance. it was the russians who held their nerves converting who outs are for penalties be when ego action for you have saved for the second time this incredible set was complete russia continue to write history be dead dream world cup campaign marches on i. all right so many people wrote off russia right from the start i was one of them they're the
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lowest ranked team in the tournaments and now they're in the quarter final pablo how far can they go well i mean before like of saying before the tournament you know no one really thought that they would go this far but they they've really got the support of their funds and you know there's a lot really of of sort of excitement behind this team and we saw that actually in the game and it was almost like there was a twelfth player right there even the thirteenth player at there because you know they were singing they were chanting and they were really really gearing behind their team so you know that support it's incredibly important for a team when they're out on the pitch all right so now russia is set to play croatia they did look impressive in the group stage but what about tonight's game no you have to be right there croatia looked incredibly good in the group stages they want older games they are at their very exciting to watch they're quite dynamic they're energetic they've got some great players like you know players who play in big teams so i think what we really need to do though is take a look at how the match going on with denmark. denmark got off to the perfect
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starts as materia slogan some hope to saw it from top to the second i think but croatia struck back just moments later marry a man to catch fire in his side live in a minute i thought i'd like penalty mr luker moderate said it so i took a penalty shootout i even record to cheesecake shield victory for croatia setting up of course a final showdown with russia. by what an absolutely great result there for crush and it's going to be a very exciting match against russia it sure will be a pub a full alias for database force many thanks indeed to you. and just a quick reminder of the chance story will farming for you germany's interior minister for say ho first says his party will hold another meeting with chancellor on the american city you party on monday morning in a last ditch attempt at patching up their differences over migration they hope for
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had been poised to resign as minister and leader of the cd is the variance sister party the c.s.u. . are up to date now and d w news will be back again at the top of the hour in the meantime don't forget you can always get the latest news and information on our web site that's at d.w. dot com the forget you can also follow us on facebook and twitter american evanston from all of us here in berlin thanks for watching. where i come from we have to fight for a free press i was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one to the shadow and a few newspapers with official information as attorneys i have worked on the streets of many cantrips and their problems are almost the same fourteen social
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inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. corruption who can afford to stay silent when.


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