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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 2, 2018 9:00am-9:30am CEST

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this is news live from berlin the german governments are in crisis mode interior minister caused example for signs that his c.s.u. party will hold another meeting with chancellor angela merkel c.d.u. later today in a last ditch attempt for the conservative alliance to mend fences today harper has the boys to resign after a rift with america over migration policy but there is no sign of compromise from america's christian democrats who say they back room policy of c.b.s. european solution to the migration crisis and rejecting the national solution
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favored by the c.s.u. . plus about the world cup croatia have books their place in the quarter final they squeezed past denmark in a penalty shoot out and will now face the host russia. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program the crisis dividing germany's coalition government has deepened with last ditch talks among chancellor angela merkel's conservative bloc now set for later today on sunday her interior minister for threatened to resign his post over the chancellor stance on migration he also threatened to resign as leader of the c.s.u. that's the bavarian sister party's two to merkel's c.d.u. party but now he says that he will join one more round of talks as the conservative alliance hangs in the balance here's what say hoffer said after
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a crisis meeting on sunday. one year we will talk one more time in the interest of our country and the capacity for action of our government which we want to maintain we intend to make a further attempt at reaching agreement on the central question of border controls and turning people back on this question alone. and i hope that this effort succeeds. this is a concession from me now that we're making this attempt. otherwise everything would have already been final today. let's get more now we're joined by max shake with the latest from munich where the c.s.u. leadership was meeting and d.-w. political correspondent brigade evolved is in the german capital berlin welcome to both of you but i'd like to begin with you first because we just heard they offer a pledge there on this meeting later today what should we expect from it. in the
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end this is could be the final round of the conflict which has been going on for all three years now since the refugee situation here in germany in two thousand and fifteen began these final talks scheduled to take place sometime in the late afternoon some say around five pm local bill in time before the out of the c.d.u. border is meeting right now here in berlin trying to discuss and trying to find out how they are going to react on what they have fallen to what they see as you has left for them in the last night especially the resignation threat or off however you want to put it interior minister and sees you chairman hold still phone and the fact that he offered to resign a very big deal it shocks max what are the bigger implications. well horse the head of the very conservative see is you and the federal until mr
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outlined all the implications all the options he has in his party has last night and they're quite dramatic meeting he had they had cool to see munich and the three options he said were that ones the ones they could go forward with the deal that merkel brought back all the agreements that moco brought back from brussels from the summits last week and just accept them which would cause them a lot of credibility which that one cuz the heading to the state election the state elections him a very a in october and the other option would be that they would just cause a rift that they would break with a union partner of a system party c.d.u. merkel's party which would then cause a rift in the coalition government and of course another bigger political crisis and the third option which he actually then put forward was that he would resign from both his party leadership position and from his position as the federal interior minister his party last night try to convince him otherwise so he pulled
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back his offer of resignation at first but he said yesterday as well that he wants this to be so for within three days and that he still has the offer of his resignation up for these three days so what is happening at the moment is actually that all three options are on the table so this season is in danger of losing the credibility both to the voters here at home and the varia and to the coalition partners in berlin. is. that's his leadership in the party and his position as a federal minister is at stake and the rifts between the both coalition partners over all three coalition partners that sees you as the variance the c.d.u. as the conservatives nationwide and the s.p.d. social democrats is widening so all the option that he actually put out are on the table at the moment and all the implications are quite grave and imminent so a very very critical day for the german government max with the very latest from munich i understand you have to hop up hop off rather to do some more reporting we
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could be devolved with the latest from berlin and rupert i understand that i'm going to see you a little bit later in the program but first we would like to take a look at what is fueling the rift over migration in the country because the hardliners facing down marco bay health from the state of bavaria along germany's southern border huge numbers of asylum seekers cross there at the height of the migration crisis back in two thousand and fifteen since then there has been a significant drop off but with an election upcoming the c.s.u. is looking to shore up its right leaning base with further controls at the border. spot checks at the german border with austria. and they could be stepped up if germany's interior minister gets his way. but already police control busy entry points into the country. when despite its size. it is no help to kiss it wouldn't take there's no federal police have increased border controls along this mine route
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is missing from the ground now goal is to ensure an orderly inflow of migrants to prevent human trafficking and to help legal migrants and to offer them protection an asylum in an orderly fashion god wouldn't be. human didn't fix. this state of bavaria tighten controls at the height of europe's migration crisis in twenty fifteen since then hundreds of people smugglers and irregular migrants have been arrested. germany's interior minister has now gone a step further demanding that people who have sought asylum in another e.u. country be sent back there. there. is could be a minimum on that if a person has register themselves in another country then that country's responsible for the person he's issued office because then it's reasonable for that person to be turned back at the german border on the grounds that sort of was
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a demand which has plunged germany's governing coalition into crisis and while the e.u. tries to find a unified migration policy the varia is forging ahead with its own plans a new border police force with five hundred officers will begin patrolling on monday regardless of what happens in berlin and brussels. and we are back now with t.w. political correspondent group of data vault is in berlin and rupert we just got an insight there into the major effect varian politics is having on germany's governing coalition they offer saying that he will resign if he doesn't get what he wants why does it matter just fire him. things would be that easy in the end it's the worst case scenario if america really would have to file whole see who is an interior minister that would mean that he would have pulled through his policy against her will then this would in the end mean the end of a coalition government his party the seas you would then pull out ministers of the
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two ministers in the government to this would also mean the end of the seventy year long cooperation between c.d.u. c.s.u. these two conservative parties who are who are acting more or less as one party in parliament who form together the comes over to block who assured the majority of uncle america in the past if this would and this would send major shock waves into the political landscape this is something both parties don't really want so firing whole seal would mean the worst case scenario by offering his resignation in the end this could also mean a back door fungal americal if a whole spiel for resigns on the seas you just sends in another put it to the interior minister into the government than at least this conflict wouldn't be solved but it would mean the breaking of the government and merkel is also recognizing that this is a serious threat to conservative unity but she's holding tight to what she believes
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are the peep principles as a j. absolutely yes and the problem here is that both. more let's call it they have a bit of maneuver themselves into a position where they concretely move any bill they don't really have any waggling space left whole seal for conferees say ok i'm going to give in. i don't want to. i don't want to have this national solution to me which would in the end mean just close the borders and the same council anglo-american she called sane which is. all i've said about european solution and multilateralism that doesn't count any form of the doesn't account anymore. so in the end there's just a solution. for whole seawolf with a compu solution with both of them the viewer evolves with the latest from berlin thank you so much theo welcomes for
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a quick check now some other stories making news around the world military divers have been searching a flooded cave in thailand where twelve boys and their soccer coach went missing more than a week ago that divers are widening the underwater passageway to the chamber where they believe that the group was trapped following heavy rains. police in istanbul have fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disport activists holding an l g b t pride march turkish authorities had banned the event for a fourth consecutive year in istanbul but hundreds of gay rights activists gathered despite the ban and say that they do not recognize. afghan officials say that a suicide bomb has killed at least nineteen people in the city of jalalabad the blast came hours after the president ashraf ghani opened a hospital there and also declared an end to the government ceasefire with the taliban the bomber apparently targeted minority sikhs welcome the economic perspective now on the german government crisis return to our
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top story and how in a humphrey has that that wrinkle in the story. sara thank you very much will the ongoing political crisis in berlin is alarming investors and business economists a concern that what the coalition to collapse could weaken germany's business experts fear that important factors for germany's future for example the development of high speed digital infrastructure will become bulk down then political wrangling and of course as europe's largest economy germany needs a strong government to negotiate in trade disputes with united states and china so to put all of this in perspective now we can bring in marco boggo he is the chief economist at germany's possed bank thank you very much for joining us now currently we're faced with the prospect of his evil for resigning and of the guy governing a coalition collapsing what is that to happen how problematic would that be for the german economy that what you can frequently see is that investor sentiment is
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suffering so you have like sort of a negative impact on investments on the on the one other hand you can also have another negative impact on private consumption which in the some of them will lead to a slowdown in economic growth on the other hand we have a quite good shape the draw for the german economy so growth is quite high and broad based overall so i wouldn't expect that the ops being would come to an end however on the the long run of course you know that might have a negative impact as well along on the growth potential because we've problems might be postponed and when the government is weak or as he points to what could potentially be a slowdown in economic growth we're not just talking about the health of the german economy that's not the only thing at stake also of course germany is europe's largest economy what could uncertainty do for the health of the year is art. you know of course we would also have another negative impact on other you countries or
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e.u. countries when germany's growth comes down because there is very close trade relations between these countries and also on the other hand we have. maybe some sort of postponement in you use reforms which are quite necessary given the vast huge imbalances we have seen in the past years so if we see another crisis and we don't have a any more economic reform reforms on and you basis or level than the might and and maybe even end of it break up of the in you or you may not quite concerning isn't it because a week and a eurozone have the time when such big economic issues are on the table internationally the european union and the u.s. on the brink of a trade war so what would you say all the main challenges facing the german economy right now internationally yeah the trade was certainly a very very big topic because we are a very open economy half of our g.d.p.
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goes into experts so we really have to prevent and treat war try to prevent of trade war with with the u.s. and other countries of course and for that we need to other emu countries because or e.u. countries because custom custom policy is basically a common policy and so nope no country can do it on its own and then of course we have other topics like that if you tell ization or relax awful skilled workers which is a very important topic for germany so we have to go on on that as the fields as well so one of the questions these issues are at stake by this political turmoil in but then at the moment when we look at the issue on the table that's cause they spat between america and will that is the chances migration policy up until now would have been the consequences of her migration policy for the german economy. you know on the one hundred you have of course a sort of a weight on the fiscal fiscal budget which means that you have to spend more money
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you have like for the for the immigrants of course which was it wasn't that bad because the german budget for school bus it budget was quite balanced and we even had a surplus in past years so that if it wasn't too bad it even helped growth because if government spends more you have sort of a gross growth impact. especially and then in the long run i would say what is more important is that we might overcome sort of all these apart partly overcome the electoral skilled workers if we manage to train the immigrants. to then come into the labor market to the german labor market but this takes some time as we know about five years on average if you look at past experiences before really immigrants reach sort of a ratio of labor participation as domestic policy. populous population to does so potentially a boost for the labor market long run mako boggo the chief economist at germany's
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possed bank thanks for your perspectives you're welcome well agent investors have stalled at the we tentatively as they prepare for the u.s. to impose hefty tariffs on a range of chinese imports the navy's and billions of dollars worth of goods are due to come into force at the end of this week a follow on the heels of data published over the weekend showing the chinese manufacturing activity slowed in june as the world's number two economy shows signs of a slump. i was there now and i know the wild cup upset. another dramatic day at the world cup in russia with the host pulling off a big shock to beat spain i'm joined here in the studio by tom tonight from database for it's a huge surprise tom an incredible game and they knocked out one of the tournament favorites they did yes by an massive side there were
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a lot of people's pick to go all the way this year. and russia let's not forget before the tournament started with a ranked team to even be at the world cup finals and so had to be something spectacular it was was good fun to watch let's not let's take a look now and see how they go. when marco asensio swung in a deep free kick on the on sergio ramos made himself a nuisance so ignatiev it was overwhelmed and unfortunate a goal sourced by going front but the hosts pulled themselves back a corner shortly before half time was met with a hand boom from john k. the referee gave a penalty which also in juba smashed home to bring russia net i am incredible moment for the hosts in front of and in lights he travelled and they continued to grind through the second half and extra time with the favorites finding no really this one was destined to go just as. it was the russians who had then converting
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fool out of four penalties by when ego ach in favor saved for the second time this incredible set was complete russia continue to write history by their dream world cup campaign she's all i and opal i did the fans react to that when. yeah there was elated as you can imagine russia had been playing incredibly well so far this tournament like i said they were the lowest ranked team going into it and yesterday's game was a brilliant it's really been exceeding expectations and moscow last night was a place that i would very much have liked to have been in fact i wasn't but some of our colleagues were on the books and he brought for us to take a look or. unparalleled joy on the streets of moscow many fans are struggling to comprehend russia's latest when few russians ever expected so much of their national city. i may have been at nuveen but i don't believe if i see it it's
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impossible i think so. i mean it was incredible i'm very proud of my contract ends and that if it's many foreigners here right in there sharing i would agree with that with the boss majority of fans coming from russia passionate supporters surely effective against spain. i think it was very important food at the place you must look at it and the best use did you and the france was really that's a good that was well with twelve players today i think it's in russian the be contra and all together and when i was famous russia and we know. if you can beat spain you can beat anyone that's the mood coming out of this game and some daring to dream of the ultimate price i hope will be final. i
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know what you mean if you're going to be the last game. it's gonna be livable a little. whatever happens next russia's fans we proud of what this team has achieved this is more than they ever dream know. and some of those fans there we can see they are daring to dream you know that russia they play croatia next face to denmark how do you make of how they played in the games slightly disappointing from croatia they had been so brilliant in the group games they've course and got that fantastic three no victory over argentina and we didn't see quite as much of that last night the game was a little bit slow cagey was not much action but what their walls we've managed to bring together into a live report solicitor denmark got off to the perfect starts as mathias you'll been sent to his side from it's all finished the second it was but croatia struck
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back just moments later a man to keep firing his side left into full meaning it was like penalty misirlou commode reach set its sights in a penalty shootout even reckon teaches kicks shield victory for clay she was setting up the quarter final showdown with russia i. now usually if you saw one hundred twenty minutes of football condensed into a short report like that you'd be well within your rights to assume that you missed quite a lot. i can offer you the sheet for a should then mark last night really didn't offer much else to miss there were two goes in the first four and a half minutes and between then and the final fifty five minutes of the second off of extra time it was quite tedious croatia looked like they played never sleep for the first time like i said we've been seeing them playing so i feel asli going out opponents you know as big opponents as argentina many taking them apart denmark on the other hand have previous when it comes to defending so it's understandable that
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that was the tactic that both teams went with it also happens to be the tactic that it is a team at this tournament has perfected that tactic it's russia and that means it's going to be a big challenge for croatia in the quarter final a we've had a lot of unexpected events and this world cup i think it's fair to say is that anyone's game which they've won for i think it can be yeah i mean there are no easy much as it is too and that's what's often said about the world cup but it's really come to by a few teams on the back side they've gone into games against teams that are regarded as lesser opponents and none of the fixtures have been predictable now so far we've already seen germany spain argentina and portugal crash out of the tournament those are four teams you know if they if those were the last four teams in the semifinals nobody would be surprised they were taught zero picks and the fact that they're gone means that the chance for a small it's into ready to go is enormous this year so what do we have to look forward to today today we've got brazil against mexico that's definitely going to
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be a big game you know brazil is drastically huge quote cup team but like i said there are no easy games the smaller teams have been unpredictable and mexico could be a stone that brazil trip and later on this afternoon this evening up leave belgium against japan who you know two teams have also raised some eyebrows of fun too and that's another exciting day affixes lots of action time tonight and i slice that's franken it all down for us thank you. to mexico now where leftist presidential candidate andres manuel lopez obrador has one son sunday's election by a wide margin official projections put him on track to win more than fifty three percent of the vote he made fighting corruption a central campaign pledge and has vowed to enact policies to help the poor he was the runner up in two previous presidential elections in two thousand and six and
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two thousand and twelve he has also been a sharp critic of u.s. president donald trump. we will pursue a relationship or friendship and cooperation with the united states. always rooted in neutral respect and in the defense of our fellow mexicans who live and work in that country on. a quick reminder now the top stories that we're following for you here on germany's interior minister. says that his party will hold another meeting with the chancellor angela merkel's c.d.u. party on monday morning in a last ditch attempt to patch up their differences over migration they offer had been poised to resign as minister and leader of a variant sr party c s u. and don't forget you can always get news on the go just download from google play or from the apple store it will give you access to all of
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the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can use the app to send us photos and videos and you can watch this program on live stream. and with that you're up to date i'm sorry kelly in berlin thank you so much for your company i hope to see you again see. the movie.
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most. of the.
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little. you. want. the funding dries up. so five thousand children in afghanistan will no longer be learning anything here. on the project that has built in run schools here for more than twenty years could soon be no more but a german couple is still fighting for schools for afghanistan next to go to.
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hundred small thieves in light cuts. where i come from rajoy remains an import content myself transmitting mules and for mission and when i was young my country was drawing many conflicts the war throbbing which keeps most people would cause them. to see. if one's mind soul took two in one off the lot of just odd sights so as not everyone in the column told me some toes up days. nothing husband prince admired no longer codea in john's malta's on so long even stuff i caught us i was a twit of. my choice to scottish because given their
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way toward transmitting its patrols. and in the question how much and i will. get up. com. we learn the dowdy language reading writing and arithmetic playing.


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