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searchers fighting against him see the sea torch july fourteenth on g.w. . many a. place to. visit news live on our land a showdown over migration throws the german government into crisis mode the interior minister forces a whole fucking sense that his c.s.u. party will meet again with chancellor angela merkel c.d.u. later today in a last ditch attempt for the conservative alliance to mend fences they call for high pressure to resign over migration policy but merkel's christian democrats say
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that they backed her stance of seeking a european solution to the migration crisis and rejects the national approach a favor by the c.s.u. . and in mexico exit polls point to a clear victory for the leftist candidate entrées manuel lopez hoped that those in the country's presidential election the former mayor of mexico city has promised to stamp out corruption reign in violence and lift millions out of poverty. plus out the world cup croatia books their place in the quarterfinals they swedes passed denmark in a county shoot out and will now face the hosts from russia. welcome to the program. chaos grips germany's governor. does
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a feud over migration cast doubt on the survival of america's coalition last ditch talks among conservative blocks are now set for later today on sunday the interior minister horst as a whole for threatened to resign his post over chancellor merkel's insistence on an e.u. wide migration policy he also threatened to resign as leader of the bavarian way of merkel's conservative alliance but now say however says that he will meet once more with americal to try and resolve the crisis. or. we will talk one more time in the interest of our country and the capacity for action of our government which we want to maintain we intend to make a further attempt at reaching agreement on the central question of border controls and turning people back on this question alone. and i hope that this effort succeeds this is a concession from me now that we're making this attempt. all there was everything
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would have already been final today. let's get more now we're joined by max kushnick with the latest from munich where the c.s.u. leadership was meeting and political correspondent we previewed evolved is in the german capital berlin welcome to both of you for what i'd like to begin with you first because we just heard say hoffer pledge there on this meeting later today what should we expect from an. the end this is could be the final round of the conflict which has been going on for all three years now since the refugee situation here in germany in two thousand and fifteen began these final talks scheduled to take place sometime in the late afternoon some say around five pm local bill in time before that the c.d.u. board is meeting right now here in berlin trying to discuss and trying to find out how they are going to react on what they have found what they see as you has left for them in the last night especially this resignation threat or off however you
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want to put it interior minister and sees huge salmon holes the whole phone and the fact that he offered to resign a very big deal it shocked max what are the bigger implications. well. the head of the very conservative see is you and the federal until mr outlined all the implications all the options he has and his party has last night in their quite dramatic meeting here they had cooties in munich and the three options he said were the ones the ones they could go forward with the deal that merkel brought back or the agreements that moco brought back from brussels from the summit last week and just accept them which would cause them a lot of credibility which they don't one because the heading to the state election the state elections here bavaria in october and the other option would be that they
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would just cause a rift that they would break with a union partner of this system party c.d.u. merkel's party which would then cause a rift in the coalition government and of course another bigger political crisis and the third option which he actually then put forward was that he would resign from both his party leadership position and from his position as the federal interior minister his party last night try to convince him otherwise so he pulled back his offer of resignation at first but he said yesterday as well that he wants this to be so within three days and that he still has the offer of his resignation up for these three days so what is happening at the moment is actually that all three options are on the table so the season is in danger of losing the credibility both to the voters here at home and the varia and to the coalition partners in berlin. is. at his leadership in the party and his position as a federal minister is at stake and the rift between the both coalition partners
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over all three coalition partners sees you as the bavarians the c.d.u. as the conservatives nationwide and the s.p. social democrats is widening so all the option that he actually put out are on the table at the moment and all the implications are quite grave and imminent with the latest from munich review devolved in berlin thank you so much to both of you. in mexico leftist presidential candidate andres manuel lopez obrador has won sunday's election by a wide margin official projections put him on track to win more than fifty three percent of the vote he made fighting corruption a central campaign pledge and has vowed to enact policies to help the poor he was the runner up in two previous presidential elections in two thousand and six and two thousand and twelve he has also been a sharp critic of u.s. president donald trump but in his victory speech he held out an all of branch to trump here's what he had to say. was we will pursue
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a relationship or friendship and cooperation with the united states. always rooted in mutual respect and in the defense of our fellow mexicans who live and work on ripley in that country. i'm joined now in the studio by madhu is a political scientist at the latin america institute of the free university and berlin welcome thanks for joining us this morning thank you for inviting me we mentioned that he's a leftist leader what does that mean for mexico well this is a big three in mexico after seventy years of fear i go over meant twelve years of. government and then six years again of so this is a huge challenge for from mexico i think. this is a you appear to need to be to see a new way of it doing politics and also is this completing the cycle of the most
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finally he's coming in with some very very big promises i mean he's basically promised to completely change the country what do you make of what he's promised first of all what is he promising and is it realistic in the internet in the last twelve years because this is the third time he presents or he runs for the election is he didn't decide very we'll probably defer to larger problems or issues in mexico on the one hand you have corruption and on the other hand you have a social inequality so he promises that. cutting corruption with the money he will save from this she will be able to fight social inequality so we are talking about according to his own calculations around a twenty six billion years that our spirit here which should be reassigned for social spending you think he can do it we should see it ok ok we'll see if it actually comes to reality i mean how we know that relations are very much strained with mexico's northern neighbor of the united states the u.s.
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president there throwing than. trade agreements into flocks also a lot of issues surrounding immigration the u.s. president actually congratulated him on his win and i could just read that out for our viewers of course donald trump using his preferred maybe twitter as always he writes the following congratulations to andreas manuel lopez over there rod i'm becoming the next president of mexico i very much look forward to working with him there is much to be done that will benefit both the united states and mexico. what do you make of the relationship going forward now with this new president in mexico well the foreign policy profile of. you complete. it we don't know because we he hadn't had the chance to to runa office with this important responsibilities what we can think about what he's going to do in foreign policy and not only with the us is to play according to the rules of the national
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a mexican constitution which we call the principles of foreign policy our regarding day us which is our more important for in relation i believe that he will try to be used the more institutional path she's not going to be i believe he's not going to be asked to be sent to folks wes or used to do with president bush jr this is not the relation of friends so this is a relation of close close close neighbors but not necessarily friends and. i trust he will develop this profile a less profit going into and trying to do to reduce the tensions thanks so much for telling us a little bit more about the mexican elections and the consequences going forward if you know when i'm not a political scientist at the latin america institute at the free university in
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burma thank you let's get a quick check now of some other stories that have been making news around the world military divers have been searching a flooded cave in thailand where twelve boys and their soccer coach went missing more than a week ago the divers are widening an underwater passageway to the chamber where they believe the group was trapped following heavy rain. police in istanbul have fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse activists holding an l g b t pride march turkish authorities had banned the event for a fourth consecutive year in istanbul but hundreds of gay rights activists gather despite the ban and say that they do not recognize. sunday's late world cup last sixteen clash saw croatia take on denmark for a spot in the quarter finals after three outstanding matches in the group phase croatia are one of the favorites to win the entire tournament but against denmark they failed to spark and it went to penalties denmark got off to the perfect start
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this material still been sent to saudi from top to dish to the second i thought croatia struck back just moments later marry a man to catch fire in his side live in a few minutes. unlike penalty mr luker margaret said the choice to a penalty shoot out even reckoned to cheesecake shield a victory for poise setting up a quarter final showdown with russia. and earlier russia took on spain the spaniards also test as a possible tournament winner but they struggle to find a way through the hosts defensive wall the result was nothing short of a sensation. when marco asensio swung in a deep free kick on the on sergio ramos made himself a nuisance ignatiev it was overwhelmed and unfortunate a cold sore spot in front but the hosts pulled themselves back
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a corner shortly before half time was met with a hand boom from gerard piqué the referee gave a penalty which also in juba smashed home to bring russia net. an incredible moment for the hosts in front of an elated home track. and they continued to grind through the second half and extra time with the favorites finding no relief this one was destined to go the distance. it was the russians who held their nerves converting four out of four penalties be when ego ack in favor saved for the second time this incredible upset was complete russia continue to write history i read dream world cup campaign marches on i and right after that dramatic penalty shoot out russia's captain and goalkeeper it i can face have gave all the credit to those russian fans . i'm sure but you must thank you for all the supports i already said before the
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tournament we have to believe in ourselves and we did it that would have been an amazing championship and it's not just the russian fans the fans from other countries that have been affected by the atmosphere here and they understand that russia knows how to have fun and that's a belief that inside us was. well now we're going to head to another sport and basketball superstar le bron james is to join the los angeles lakers in a four year deal which will earn him one hundred fifty four million u.s. dollars the amount spent and months of frenzied speculation about the n.b.a. living legends next career move a blockbuster contract sends the thirty three year old four time n.b.a. most valuable player to one of the league's most iconic teams james had endured frustration with the cleveland cavaliers culminating in last month's clean. me clean sweep defeat to the golden state warriors in the n.b.a. finals but just a quick right now the top stories that we've been following for you here and
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germany's interior minister today offer says that his party will hold another meeting with chancellor akhil amar bose c.d.u. party on monday morning in a last ditch attempt to patch up their differences over migration say how far had been poised to resign as minister and leader of the c.v. used to carry and sister party the seat. and manuel lopez obrador has won in mexico's presidential election by a wide margin in his victory speech the veteran leftist plans to work for the. new colby's in germany to learn german. language from the. why not learn with him online on the mobile and free to suffer from the w.c. learning course you can speak.


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