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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 2, 2018 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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one point. sir first fighting against own seems pollution in the sea torch july fourteenth on d. w. . bush's state of the unions live from berlin a showdown over migration froze the german government into crisis mode interior minister hosts able to assess his e.s.u. party will meet again with the chancellor merkel c.d.u. today in a last ditch attempt for the conservative alliance to mend the fences they also had threatened to resign over america's migration policy but the chancers christian democrats say they backed her stance of seeking
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a european solution to the migration course they reject the scene as you see the national front. in mexico exit polls point to a clear victory for a leftist candidate andres manuel lopez obrador in the country's presidential election the former mayor of mexico city has promised to stamp out corruption. and at the world cup croatia booked their spot in the quarter final they squeeze denmark in a penalty shoot out and will now face hosts. i'm sunni so misconduct to have you with us crisis grips germany's government as a feud over migration and dangerous uncle michael's ruling coalition last ditch talks among the chancers conservative bloc are now set for today on sunday interior minister who say hope for threatened to quit his post over mackerels insistence on an e.u. wide migration policy his resignation could lead to the breakup of the decades long
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conservative alliance say hope for is describing this evening's talks as a concession to his coalition partners. one year we will talk one more time in the interest of our country and the capacity for action of our government which we want to maintain we intend to make a further attempt at reaching agreement on the central question of border controls and turning people back on this question alone. and i hope that this effort succeeds. this is a concession from me now that we're making this attempt. otherwise everything would have already been final today. our political correspondent peter craven has been following the latest developments for us and joins us in our studio hi peter we heard that say her friend michael are meeting again today can they find a way out of this crisis very much remains to be seen there are in fact two
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important meetings one in an hour's time where parliamentary members of the c.s.u. in the c.d.u. are coming together with votes going showing blair who have the viewers will remember is the former german finance minister now the spokes speaker of the bundestag the german parliament he's saying the those two parties are staring into the abyss that could have grave consequences for the for the whole architecture of german politics if these two conservative parties were to pull apart and then later today the meeting you've mentioned as well at five o'clock this afternoon here local time hosts a whole for an anglo-american coming together for another attempt to try and compromise to try and find some consensus between themselves and the two parties but they met on saturday for two hours they sucked wine they spoke long and hard with each of the didn't come up with agreement wholesale hofer came out saying it's been pointless the meeting and this is the this is a meeting with a woman who said i can't work with that woman i can't see where this is going to go i can't see how this can be a happy end for or say over here some people asking the question what the interior minister taking such a stand against the chancellor threatening the entire government why can't simply
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fire her interior minister she could do she did i think she what she wants is she wants jose over to fire himself effectively she wants him to. she wants him to step down and go away she wants to retain the moral high ground she doesn't want to be seen to be the aggressor she wants to have the zero option open to work with the c.s.u. in the future so that because that that conservative bloc is so very important she doesn't want to create a left liberal bloc she wants to stay in the center ground center right ground of german pool politics so she doesn't want to burn her boats with the c.s.u. so she doesn't want to be seen to be firing hosts a whole for and we are talking about the stability of her own government as well peter what is it that the interior minister wants and how different is that from what the chancellor wants you know what i mean really talking about here is a very good question because of course anglo american went to brussels last week she brought home a package unexpectedly the amounted to tightening germany's exterior borders tightening interior borders. creating
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a whole network of screening camps close screening camps for new immigrants arriving in europe across europe this is all what the c.s.u. all want whole say for the whole for have been calling for for one two three years and now they finally got it and really i mean you know everybody's talking football of the moment to this package was an open goal for wholesale for all they had to do was knock the ball into the back of the net and he's refusing to do so and that's what's so strange so bizarre so far cicle about this whole story i must be musing some of all four of us looking on at germany or at our political correspondent peter craven what is a very big day here and berlin thank you peter. now in mexico leftist presidential candidate on this monday lopez obrador it has won sunday's election by a wide margin official projections put him on track to win more than fifty three percent of the vote lopez obrador made fighting corruption a central campaign pledge and has vowed to enact policies to help the poor the former mayor of mexico city was a runner up in two previous presidential elections in two thousand and six and two
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thousand and twelve he has also been a sharp critic of u.s. president donald trump. we have gone to my hold with us he's the deputy director of the german institute for international and security affairs here berlin and a latin american politics expert going to thank you for joining us the exit polls here are pretty clear this is the most left leaning government that mexico is elected since the one nine hundred thirty s. what is this going to be for the country you're not so sure about it because look as a pro there were many different faces in his long career polluted korea he has been a populist he has been said states and tricky have been market oriented he has made an appeal to the masses he has a social policy approach so we are not sure how whizzes develop in a coherent government plan what has he said in the lead up to this election that he wants to change the country he has announced a profound transformation of the country he wants to combat corruption he wants to
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get rid of the car and give more security conditions of living to the people and he wants to develop social policy which gives the poor people more voice in the country so those are big promises how realistic is it going to be for him to implement those changes it depends on the funds it depends on the budget and we have seen that mexico has huge difficulties in the economic situation the. government has made a lot of dept due to the changes in the us market and we on the tour what will happen to nafta which is an. main force of international connections that mexico has developed in the last decades speaking of nafta we saw the u.s. president after all of us over there is victory congratulate him on twitter how do you think the relationship between these two countries might change under his leadership it's quite difficult situation i see the two presidents have the same
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concept that foreign policy is to be defined in terms of internal and electoral interests so we might have been in a situation of chucking consideration from the two parts of you will hope that a parade to the diplomats in that those with those two parts will be able to construct a situation of confidence and not only of. disrespect what about for latin america how could having such a leftwing leader in the government of mexico affect the region the whole pink tie it has been in decline in the last elections we saw in latin america so mexico is coming late to the tide of leftist government but on the other hand we see that it might be some sort of collaboration of left and right wing parties and governments and so it may in the end of the day be a push to a more integrated latin america and to wrap it up looking at mexico itself what do
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you think the message is that mexican voter sent with this vote yesterday we want to change we want a transformation they don't chew over this transfer ritual go to but they vote continue in the conditions that have developed of the less tickets mexican voters wanting a change going to my hold the deputy director of the german institute for international security fairs in berlin thank you so much thank you. now to some other stories making headlines around the world the e.u. has launched legal proceedings against poland that could result in the country losing its voting rights in the bloc brussel says reforms to poland supreme court undermine the rule of law and judicial independence a law takes effect today that forces the early retirement of multiple supreme court judges military divers have been searching a flooded cave in thailand for twelve always in their soccer coach went missing more than a week ago the divers are widening an underwater passageway to the chamber where they believe the group was trapped following heavy rain. the united nations says
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the number of people displaced by fighting in southwestern syria has climbed to two hundred a two hundred seventy thousand that's after government forces stepped up an offensive against the rebel stronghold of the rock two weeks ago regime troops have been gaining ground there with their ally russia negotiating rebel withdrawals from contested villages. to the world cup now in sunday's late clash song croatia take on denmark for a spot in the quarter finals after three outstanding matches in the group phase croatia are one of the favorites to win the entire tournament but against denmark they failed to spark and it went to penalties. denmark got off to the perfect start this material no been some hope to saw it from top to dish the second. but croatia struck back just moments later marry a man to catch fire in his side left in the field. unlike a penalty mr newcome old rich sent the choice to
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a penalty shootout even record to cheesecake shield victory for coalition setting up the quarter final showdown with russia. well earlier russia took on spain at the spaniards had also been tipped as possible tournaments winners but they struggled to find a way through the hosts defensive wall the result was nothing short of a sensation. when marco asensio swung in at the free kick on the island sergio ramos made himself a nuisance sergei ignatiev it was overwhelmed and unfortunate a goal sourced by going front but the hosts pulled themselves back a corner shortly before half time was met with a hand boom from gerrard case the referee gave a penalty which also in juba smashed home to bring russia net i need credible moment for the hosts in front of and in late travel time they continued to grind through the second halt on dixon time with the favorites finding no relief this one
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was destined to go the distance. it was the russians who had the nerves converting fool out so for penalties i went ego acking fayad saved for the second time this incredible set was complete russia continue to write history i read dream world cup campaign marches on i the round of sixteen continues today with tournaments favorites brazil taking on mexico and some mara this world cup has already served up plenty of upsets and the brazilians are approaching the game cautiously with spain germany argentina and portugal already heading home brazil have a fantastic chance of going all the way just as long as they don't become the next favorite to crash out early. brazil holds its breath there's no doubt that makes the code will be a handful for stars like neymar this is the opportunity of a lifetime with some of the biggest favorites out already the road to moscow could
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not be clearer still the players are taking it one game at a time. if you want to stop us we need to stay concentrated and determine every detail has been examined by the coach we have a plan a and a plan b. for this match so we hope to do well and go through. mexico do have talent by a labor couzens teacher rito has the potential to be a particular problem for brazil or to charge you for helping us i know to to retell a bit better now that we faced him a few times i know of his quality and will stay aware of his attacks on not only him but my not so much brazil then are cautious not to underestimate mexico and mexico in turn are in no illusions about the quality that brazil will bring or probably thinking is that we're not going to want to only happen if i think this is a great opportunity for mexican saka or to face the best team in the world in the last sixteen i think it will be a great match if we play with all of our potential here forward there's certainly
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enough talent in the squads but this world cup has already shown that talented teams can get caught out there could be further upsets in store today. tour de france champion chris froome can race in this year's french classic a tour open eyes have announced this after the world cycling body u.c.i. had cleared froome of an anti-doping violation following a test last year that showed a forbidden asthma medication in a system the team sky star was found to have twice the permissible amount of asthma drugs put them all in a system during last year's welter spaniel which she won following that finding tour de france organizers had formally blocked the four time champion from competing in this year's race that decision has now been revoked. you're watching g.w. is still to come global markets look nervously to berlin as uncertainty. government
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what's the fallout for europe's biggest economy. and for so long we'll have that story and all of your business headlines coming up in one minute. on. the. world. series clash of cultures in. the you know clash between those who believe in the
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arranged marriage and those who want to marry for love.


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