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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  July 2, 2018 10:30pm-11:00pm CEST

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a clash that's shaking families and society to the core. i thought it would be angry. with me that. commandos starts july eight t w. a crisis averted a feud over migration policy almost brought down the german government almost tonight high drama in german politics in what may go down in history as one of its lowest moments when power politics became very personal. this is the day. the merits of said that i would offer my resignation that i plan to do this within
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the next three days with. the chancellor and an interior minister must be able to talk to each other. and one thing is clear we don't want to risk the stability of a government. he stank of his and i think we're closer together than we are opponent and we'll have another talking to try and agree on the issues of border controls and turning back migrants and getting common from just as a concession on my part so that we could have another attempt otherwise it would affect my final decision it is worth it in computers when you do everything to keep the sea to you and busiest you together as a business turning into a fossil. i hope it's still daylight when i leave. also coming up tonight to undress manuel lopez obrador he campaigned on a promise to demand respect from donald trump yesterday voters in mexico took him by his word and made him their new president in
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a landslide victory. coffee is so getting these i also confess that i have a legitimate ambition you know i want to go down in history as a good president for mexico more just thank you very much with all of my heart. but we begin the day with a last minute compromise the future of germany's government and the fate of its chancellor were uncertain until just a short while ago and it had all to do with the migration crisis that doesn't exist in the real world but has become all consuming in the world of german conservative politics tonight the leadership of merkel's conservative c.d.u. and the leadership of its bavarian sister party the c.s.u. have reached a compromise to end a feud over migration and border security interior minister horst as a whole for leader of the c.s.u.
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sparked the crisis by pushing for chancellor merkel to adopt a harder german line on migration they hope for once to stop asylum seekers moving across the e.u. use open borders and he was pushing for germany to introduce border controls this would prevent asylum seekers injuring the country after they've registered in other e.u. countries america was against this plan she had always made it clear that it would not be part of germany's migration policy in she wanted to find any new wind solution on sunday is a hole for threaten to resign in response to america stance today when asked about the possibility that the chancellor may fire him he responded i am not going to let myself be fired by a chancellor who is only chancellor because of me. well now the two have found a solution egos pulled back from the edge of a political cliff let's take a listen now to what horst as a whole for had to say just
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a short while ago. with the. guy needs. a new. t.v. at the because it's shown. on the green since its mission the bush on the right fit. the i mean slide he didn't even thought so if i didn't get no it's a good theory yet stay. in the. all those dizzy any moment is. this whole teach me day in my good site is thrown see through i need you votes on ok unfortunately we don't have the money in body determine if you are the only english translation of this but what i can tell you just as a whole for is saying is that he's going to remain the interior minister of germany and he's also announcing that an agreement has been reached between his party the
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c.s.u. and the conservative party of our governmental the german chancellor the c.d.u. addressing his demands concerning migration and border policy border security policy here in germany through. we're back here at the big table now we're going to talk about what has happened tonight i mean breaking news bizarre news here to help us understand both of you looking at me like what has just happened this evening to kill a governor our chief political editor and verizon are a veteran of journalism reporting german politics to the world it's good to have both of you here what just happened well we just saw that image has a give ground to government crisis in the hospital for us gamble to threaten with his resignation paid off from what he was just saying there and explained of the outcome of that meeting in i actually have the three points that were agreed here is that illegal migration into germany on the german border that's the bavarian border area and politician would now be stopped this was his key demand to either
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stop rejecting migrants who of vegetation of the e.u. countries would be asylum seekers or to have a measure that amounts to exactly the same what he says michael didn't deliver in brussels and now what has been agreed is that there would be a whole host of these bilateral agreements that people from those countries would come into transit centers this is like airport transit centers at the border would be process that and if they were you can hold them for what are you can hold them for can process them and send them right back so this amounts to being able to not you know people from entering germany proper and at the same time he says in countries such agreements cannot be reached this isn't of those countries would then actually be rejected at the border and this is what going back to wanted to avoid to have
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a de facto closure of borders she wanted to stick with what we all know as the dublin three process this is all signed into law dublin for there's a reform on the way europe is slow let's not go into the details of that but essentially. he got more then the chance that one of them having lost one of he's transit zones does this apply only to the austrian bavarian border are we talking about is this for all of germany well i can tell you that this paper that the greets tonight only mentions specifically the german austrian border and this also highlights the regional political element to the average election coming up in october ok which i guess to our viewers this is going to be very bizarre that we're talking about only a section of the national border that's going to get a different treatment as anything like this ever happened before what is next of course because most refugees come through austria and not through france or
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denmark or know where you know whatever and therefore of. solution. and we heard today mr is a horror say that i'm not going to be fired by the chancellor he was chancellor because of me this these are personal politics on full display for the world to see yes it got very personal in the end it was very personal to begin with hostile fire was on the record from day one he adamantly against the chances migration policy got the imp impression of the pos days that he really wanted to see the era of a ways to get something of a de facto apology that was never going to happen and the interesting thing here about this deal is of course he has something he can now deliver to his own party strengthen his own party so that bavarian borders would then potentially be closed to illegal migrants but at the same time of course that won't last very long that
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most of them come through that particular stretch of border that would will spread around here the german sonce and secure with something this is not germany saucing its borders yes it's a stretch of border. this is a highly symbolic political point that they will feel is mine is much less which allows him to save face and not have to resign and it also allows the german chancellor not to have to fire him and to keep the government intact and just and to stay in power itself well that's a very very very important point here what about the condition of her power tonight after after this crisis she is weakened which is of course weakened but still i mean what we have seen over the past twelve hours i would say is also a see is you in bavaria who has realized they cannot win
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totally in this power struggle and early in the morning the bavarian prime minister mark was made it very clear we need a compromise we want to stay inside of this federal government we do not want to break it and from then on you could see what would happen tonight that a compromise was in the making and it was not on the ballot zero for a lot of people but then the c.s.u. a lot of members of parliament here in berlin made it very clear we do not want to break the government would that have been the case that if the polling numbers had been different because we've seen the cd or the c.s.u. rather in a very loose losing support and the gamble was by pushing miracle on this issue it would strengthen the profile of the sea issue before these regional elections coming up later this year but that didn't work well essentially this use you was in direct competition is in direct competition with the far right
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if tea party but it got more than twelve percentage points of bavaria in this past general elections now with recent elections coming up this sees you was cleared. visibly in fear of that if the posse and the f.t. credits itself with having pushed the agenda on migration that of pushing the c.s.u. to to really clamp down become boy stream i mean their campaign as of next week is vote for the original this is what i got from the end the party conference at the weekend so but it didn't pay off it didn't pay off and that's what we saw the other leading figures in the c.c. already build bridges know that pasta week we saw a willingness to endorse what most secure in brussels and we saw possible for tell all those present and he made it all about himself and i what i don't understand now is trying to understand this yesterday when there when this
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latest crisis began to erupt. xavier for pushed the chancellor and said given the ultimatum and said you go to bring to brussels you could at this summit and you come back with a plan or else. that and why didn't he take credit for that why didn't he say see without my pressure she would have come back empty handed why didn't he take credit for a victory instead of just turning it around into another crisis there's a very irrational element here when it comes to a hospital for that is absolutely obvious and the question tonight is is this crisis really over i mean it was a power struggle between on the america one time which is going on for years and the question tonight is who is the real winner what is the that is the main question but what about your. well there is no clear winner in this tonight it's the c.s. you got just three as the week continued on they were downright scared i can tell
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you last night was that they had absolute interest in you nick because they were also taken by surprise with hospital for basically saying he would connect his political fates to this and he would either go down. inflames i mean that's the sense of what he said all. the tonsil to give a moral ground but they also learned something very important through this throughout this week is that others might well step in if the c.s.u. were no longer willing to provide that majority that hans needs of the heart of it certainly the green party signaled that it would be willing to pick up the phone talking to the channel would absolutely and the world watching this has to wonder so where does it go from here and now that we know that within the conservative camp of germany you have leaders who are willing to decapitate the chancellor let the government almost collapse to get rid of her let me just tell an office that
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she's just you know and all friends and she wrote remember we know where we're going this we know they're willing to push to the limit off the cliff is there and this from among her fellow conservatives i mean she didn't even need to have someone from the left come in try to take out the government it came from within her own camp that it was but they surprised them hostage was surprised his own c.s.u. party we have some very loud mouth politicians who were very vocal and they use a very abrasive language that threatening to really push the tonsil on this and when it came to the crunch they were going all silent in the policy of i was willing to continue to say you have to look at this in a shakespearean way he did he was willing he relished this drama about his political persona as well and the other aspect of this is that you have simply isn't used to this from me in fact so ammons i was used to it there used to have
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a grand coalition something very stable kids in the us and that's why this felt so explosive and it still is just that it's diffused i'm going to say it's much ado about nothing but it's not about the plight of exists all right because of her and then there's honor to both of you thank you excellent insights on a bizarre day in german politics thank you. well there has been a revolution in mexican politics with leftist candidate andries manuel lopez obrador winning the country's presidential election obrador his victory means that voters have rejected the two major parties that have governed the country for almost a century that sounds familiar doesn't it the former mayor of mexico city was runner up in two previous presidential elections. left turn for one of latin america's largest countries on the base manuel lopez obrador wrote
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a wave of populist anger to a historic victory fueled by outrage over rampant corruption and violence voters gave lopez obrador a mandate to reshape the country's politics he pledged not to let them down was not recur. will follow three basic principles but not live to not steal and not betray the people. was focused obrador swept aside candidates from the ruling institutional revolutionary party of president along with the conservative national action party his competitors conceded the race just forty five minutes after polls closed. in the causes we have in common you'll have our support. on the agenda where we disagree he will find a nice opposition that's both firm and democratic. but day after the vote
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there was a mix of hope and skepticism on the streets of mexico city i mean if it is him mad i think it's wonderful to me a change mexico needs the start of the fight against corruption i'm very excited and happy and then i if they move any further to the medium of those on the same they're all the same corruption stealing they will never keep the promises. that i want the lower class sizes the same as the middle class and the so i think it's the same mexico as before. and shortly after lopez obrador is when well wishes from mexico's northern neighbor u.s. president trump congratulated lopez obrador on twitter saying he was looking forward to working with him. managing mexico's prosti relationship with the. will be just one of the host of challenges confronting lopez obrador as he prepares to take office this december he says when you look at this we want to go now to our
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correspondent ophelia harms our in mexico city she's on the story for us tonight hello to you ophelia i mean as soon as we got the news that mr obrador is going to be president obrador everyone has been asking how is he going to deal with u.s. president donald trump he has been a critic of the u.s. president we understand that the two spoke by telephone today do we know what they spoke about. well what we know so far is that both leaders talked for about half an hour and mr obrador afterwards said that he is exploring a universal deal for development projects that will create jobs in mexico and therefore reduce migration and improve security this nevertheless doesn't stop the problems from migrants coming from central america trying to cross to the u.s. but it is the right step to watch what donald trump wants to hear from said that
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the great was the talk was great that. he is certain that obrador will help him to deal with the border problem and he also said that they talked about nafta and they even talked about a possible separate agreement between only mexico and the u.s. . in you have to wonder are we going to see a shift in the relationship between mexico and the united states now with this president obama we know that he's not the biggest fan of free trade he's also a populist politician so in that sense he and mr trump have some things in common so what do you think are we likely to see a shift in relations. well mr over there has certainly promised to step up to his neighbor especially demanding respect for his country fellow men after all of what donald trump has said about mexicans but he will be careful and very respectful especially in the business sector because he
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knows how important trade agreements especially the one we talked about nafta is for mexico. in a way i think donald trump was looking down to the current president mr and rick opinionated and he does see some more similarities with that with the president elect rather or analysts say that they do have things in common they are both outsiders and that they are both economic nationalist so they might find a way to to understand each other and can't leave their relationship between both countries out their lowest so they can really only get better. and we've heard some people compare mr obrador with bernie sanders because he is the most left leaning political leader that we've seen in mexico in decades and. what turned voters towards. the mexicans are fed up with their ruling elites none of the traditional parties have been able to fight corruption violence the huge poverty that still is
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a problem in this country and mr obrador has has promised to tackle corruption was this one of the biggest problems he said in his victory speech last night that he will tackle down everyone from every political party even his own he will cut high ranking official salaries he says he will he will even cut his own salary as the president of the house he will sell the presidential plane for example and turn to how the president is now the since my we will see if he will be able to fight violence all right of course. in mexico city tonight if you're thinking. well if you're ever in kenya the one place most people will tell you to visit is the nairobi national park it's home to the world's largest concentration of black rhinos and other species unique to the african continent an environmentalist say its biodiversity is now under threat from
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a new railway line. welcome to nairobi national park the only national park in the world the directly borders the city. if you're lucky you'll spot will to be giraffes and even the every loose of pride of lions. but looking at the land from the air you notice a different kind of creature the standard gauge railway. authorities say out of seven possible routes this was the best option what he established was at all those other possible routes one we're going to have a lot more impact on the park because we're going to acquire more land from the national park in excess of one hundred fifty. but what they took was an option of building a breach across the national building a bridge one hundred meter to pass. a bridge or five point eight kilometers the amount of land. on the national park is zero point one zero point five one
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of a nickel that is half an acre of land. but environmentalist accuse the kenyan government of not following due process before construction began. well it's review a sequence of very unfortunate events starting off really you could get very poorly planned and executed. plans for the new standard fishery and we continue i think the current at the moment reading the railways being done through the nairobi national park in contravention of the stopping it. and the reasons why. campaign such as ourselves and other concerned individuals went to court to stop it was because we feel the rights of the flooding was not considered. executive went to about discouraging it felt to me and rose again the particular environment was
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while the train well off the passengers a view of a lifetime while passing through the national park conservationists are concerned that this construction will affect the ecosystem and the wildlife that live here sucked i'm sure you would be and you also because we've seen that in the last in the fall because you know put the foundation for the pillars for the rain where it's extra so yes the. temporary barriers the plastic ways to make the fallout impact and on the way like the block but again none of that has been studied previously you know no sleep has been catered for we need to get in measures. the project has been a controversial topic in kenya even before construction four years ago the first phase which runs from kenya's coastal city of mumbai to nairobi has already been completed. the second phase is what you see here. at nearly five million euros a kilometer construction has cost the country two point eight billion euros in
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loans from the chinese government. reports suggest that more than eight million euros has been lost in dubious land compensation deals. and with the railway running through a national heritage site many kenyans are concerned the country isn't getting value for money. the government says it will rehabilitate the land once construction is finished before wildlife populations it may already be too late. and some good news before we go on after days of intensive searching twelve school boys and their football coach missing in a flooded cave complex in northern thailand have been found. of this video footage has appeared online showing at the moment navy seals located the boys in the cave complex. in shang run province over a week ago after heavy flooding left them trapped inside the divers have been trying desperately to find the source. of the day is nearly done but as ever the
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this is due. here in germany a political crisis averted a german interior minister horses as a whole first choice a last minute deal with a chance. on migration policy a policy and personality few that could have brought down the government will have full analysis for you also coming out at the world cup in russia belgium.


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