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this is news coming to you live from berlin pulling back from the brink germany averts a political crisis at least for now at the eleventh hour chancellor until about bill reaches a compromise on migration with her hardline interior minister all civil war critics are already voicing doubts about the plan we'll have all the details also coming up the last time boys and their soccer coach are found alive after being trapped for nine days rescuers warn it will not be mission accomplished until the boys are brought out of the cave and that could take months. and at the world cup in russia
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belgium fought their way back from a two neil deficit to come away with a win against japan in their last sixteen match last minute goal from now seshadri secured a three two victory for the belgians who will now face brazil in the quarter finals . well i'm terry marchin good to have you with us it was a crisis that threatened to bring down the german government but after hours of intense talks last night chancellor uncle americal and her interior minister hosts a hope for managed to strike a deal on illegal migration it will involve setting up holding centers for some migrants at the border with austria both sides are claiming victory say hope i called it a complete turnaround of germany's policy on asylum. this could be the end of
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a dispute that has been shaking germany for weeks horst de hoffa's bavarian c.s.u. and chancellor angela merkel c.d.u. have found a compromise for their ongoing fight over germany's migration policy. after very intense negotiations between the c.d.u. and the c.s.u. we've reached an agreement we have a clear arrangement for preventing illegal migration at the border between germany and austria in the future. the two sister parties have decided to set up so-called transit centers on the german austrian border from where asylum seekers who have already registered in another country would be transferred. in addition we will undertake domestic measures to cope with refugees countries of origin as well as with other nations. we will set up transit centers
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and from there we will consult with other countries especially as i am seekers home countries and the countries where they are already registered in europe then we will make it possible to return those asylum seekers accordingly this is precisely no cordons with the spirit of partnership in the european union shaft no peace when you're in a vault if the c.s.u. and c.d.u. hadn't reached an agreement this could have meant the end for the current government coalition it could have even meant the end of chancellor merkel's career . it's now up to the social democrats the third partner in germany's grand coalition to accept a deal. let's bring in our political correspondent video out of here at the chancellor enter interior minister have found common ground on migration policy but stop the end of the story is it what happens next. exactly that is not at all the end of the story today all the party officials all c.d.u. c.s.u.
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and of course as the already mentioned social democrats have to look at this deal that mark lindsay who fired out yesterday it took them eleven hours to in the end conclude on something that has been on the table for the last three years already three years ago c.d.u. and sees you had the debating the idea of these trends eat or control centers in the end centers at the border in which the people all refugees that are coming into the come country are going to be detained and all the asylum process has to go on and this is something the social democrats have been opposed to in the last years and they have always said we don't want to have any detention centers at the borders we don't want to have something close to a prison at the border and this is something that already said on sunday we don't want to have any prison sentence anywhere in the e.u. for refugees and now the c.d.u. and sees you have a great on exactly this so this is going to be very very difficult for them tonight
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at six o'clock so c.d.u. c.s.u. and the social democrats are going to meet again and then we'll find out if the social democrats are going to follow. and holes it will fall on the lot then the government crisis could all start again ok now as the social democrats as you pointed out they haven't quite signed off on this deal yet and they are key to chancellor merkel's coalition governing coalition but i understand that party leader under their knowledge of the s.p.d. she has offered qualified support. you know this good decision it's good that the two sister parties now agreed on one issue which appears to have been very controversial. which tended to skip the feel of flag there are still a lot of questions which need to be cleared up which is why we will take the time we need to come to a decision. as speedily leader then i was there saying that there are questions
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that need clarifying what could those questions be open. one of the main questions i already tried to point out is about what kind of center is this going to be is this really a detention center can the people who are going to be vote there where the asylum process is going to take place do they have to stay there do they come they move freely this is going to be one of the key crucial points of this whole decision because in the end what the s.p.d. says is we don't want to have any detention center we don't want to have anything like even looks like a prison meanwhile c.d.u. c.s.u. especially have said we want to have these control centers to prohibit these people coming into germany so i don't really see how they're going to find common ground on this front where the compromise could be but as we have learned in the last post a compromise can always be found even if journalists like me liking the fantasy people from outside of the country they're looking at what's been happening in
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germany and they're wondering where does all this leave uncle michael is her survival as chancellor as shirt. should has been nothing yet and what we have right now is that cd you and sees you the conservative local fungal americal has found some sort of agreement that brings a little bit of quiet and calm peace back into the into her party but that doesn't really mean that she's going to find and the agreement with the social democrat so the governmental crisis isn't over yet it could start as soon as tonight again well but thank you so much c.w. political correspondent repeat of all there you're welcome so as the german government tries to overcome this political crisis let's get the economic perspective helena's here for the well one thing you can say is that investors business industry probably waking up a little bit easier breathing a sigh of relief this morning off to i'm going to reach is has reached a deal regarding migration with her interior minister who see who for the prospect
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of the government collapsing had unsettled investors on the german business sector in late last week german industry bodies got together to jointly sign a letter to makkah the morning the germany on the european union adopt a unified approach to tackle migration. and we can bring in our financial correspondent susan is following the story for us now from the frankfurt stock exchange con had a crisis over for now can we expect that sigh of relief to play out on the markets today. something like that can be expected but make no mistake what happened in berlin's government in the last two weeks or so has upset a lot of people in the financial world but also business leaders as an international level there are so many different problems to tackle tackle you know donald trump the looming trade war china and the way we're doing business with them
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iran you know the oil price has been getting back in focus at a time like this what businesses want is a sense of security and trust at home and this can only be supported you know by an image of a unified government that really knows its way sure that the german economy is strong should we really be that concerned. well the german economy is strong that's true but we are the most interconnected economy in europe and obviously in such an economy economic strength is very fragile and we've been getting a number of warning signs the german share index daxter in the last two weeks has lost around about six percent we've been getting a number of profit warning from companies like dime look continental past and others business sentiment in these things like the the full index of business climate are pointing to the downside at a time like this what you know one should expect here is
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a government that addresses new trade agreements that supports large institutions like the w t o all the european union and not a government that gives an impression of being weak who we did see the german business community weigh in on writing as a letter to the government to communicate their concerns how much of this way did they actually have. well of course this is very difficult to evaluate from where i am but i think it's remarkable that for large business organizations which usually have very different different and diverse agendas you know the employers' association bta the p.d.i. which is these association for the german manufacturing sector the chambers for industry and commercial and the chambers for skilled. the all came together to call . for a more european approach and against renationalisation i think it's remarkable that
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they came out with this statement at all and it should be heard in berlin or at our financial correspondent canada who is in first at the french stock exchange good to talk to candy thanks. and elsewhere on the global markets of note we should say that hong kong's hang seng has been trading shot down yesterday was a holiday that today investors are waking up and worried about the prospect of u.s. tariffs on china which are expected on friday meanwhile u.s. president donald trump has wound that the world trade organization that if it does not treat the u.s. as he feels it should be he will be doing something about it he's also announced a meeting with european officials over the trade dispute off the vowed to fight back against a threat to impose twenty percent tariffs on car imports in a letter sent to washington the european commission also said that the move could cost united states up to fourteen billion dollars in g.d.p. carmakers on both sides of the atlantic of warned that higher levies could harm
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it's. well monday was another dramatic day at the world cup in russia with brazil and belgium pulling off a big quarterfinal wins joined by barbara more in moscow and tom get annoyed here in the studio good to see you both or let's start with you belgium battle their way out of a hole to beat underdogs japan tell us what happened there well i would say in the end belgium showed a remarkable performance because they managed to turn something that looked like a very embarrassing defeat into a great victory as a spectator though you have to go through these three very different emotions of face the thing that was clearly disappointment in the first half and then the shock right after the break when japan's court to go its but then in the end astonishment again amazement absolutely for the belgian performance they managed to score three
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goals one at the very end and the very last moment three very beautiful gold say we just have a look. a frantic second half saw all the goals and right at the start of it kinky had a gucci kept his cool to put the blue samurai in the lead. and then minutes later to kashi anyway he added a second for japan and the next the world cup upset appeared to be in the making only now midway through the second taf belgium started to exploit their height advantage young fred tong in surprise japan's age. with this looping header after sixty nine minutes belgium were back in the game and it took them just five more minutes to equalize to mother one for ninety and then in the very dying seconds of the game deep in injury time another substitute nasser chartley snatched the dramatic belgian heart breaking for japan feels he will play brazil in the quarterfinals. so barbara that was
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a rather uncharacteristic performance from belgium who have pretty much rolled over their opponent so far yeah i think that's true for the first sixty minutes at least quite disappointing and belgium had also shown some fun rip . some south to be vulnerable and in the end i say they have just done once as so many favorites have done here struggling against a so called the underdog who was seventy playing a perfect game but i think it's more important that they actually have been able to fight back and so the strong performance and yes what is a victory like do barbara for a team like belgium. yeah i do think it will give them a lot of positive spirit of course having this experience with them knowing that they are able to fight back actually this does not happen very often at knockout stages at that word cops so i think this is very strong and it does give them some
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more push momentum and positive energy for the next. let's bring in tom. now belgium will face brazil coming up there in the quarterfinals after brazil beat mexico of course and monday's early match how strong did brazil or mexico strong brazil look in that match very strong is about long and short of. brazil at the moment look like the only favorite you know the only team who were pronounced favorites before the tournament who really was the of that name we see how spain crushed out against russia we saw how germany completely flopped and didn't even out of the group stage last night was a real. brazil look like a well oiled machine they really performed together well as a team. the center of attention was however still one man and before we take a look at the pictures and see how the game went on if you can guess who that was.
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let's start with. this was a move started and finished by neymar really on picking up the slack in between his legs crossed needing brazil stop man with a simple finish soon off the hof time they dream it was no more than brazil does have to offer a sustained spot of pressure. i made sure of that victory with two minutes to go mame obvious time to provide after substitute for mean i i to name it finished neymar in brazil cranking into gear it just the right time this is the seventh straight tournament mexico as well copies ended in tears at the last sixteen states. plenty over night. of course that but i think jonathan hit the nail on the head when he said that brazil are cranking into gear at the right time the thing about having stars like neymar you know team you know they're brilliant talents they can be relied on and actually what
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a lot of people kind of know is that they do they distract from the fact that the team is performing so well people who spend a lot of time talking about name i was a brilliant performance yesterday you know a couple of diving antics that probably going to be talked about quite a lot as well but what could go unnoticed and what ought to be praised is the fact that brazil defended very well the players looked like they knew where they were on the pitch at the same time everybody was performing better role there really growing into the tournament and they're looking not fierce opponents for anybody who has to come up against them and ok well that's quite a glowing endorsement for brazil so tell us how do you think they're going to fare against belgium when i think belgium is going to be diff real test is the first time that they'll play against a team of what people lots of cool top quality and so far we've seen them play against switzerland costa rica. and mexico and those are dangerous teams but talented as this squads but if you take a look at the belgium squad and see the report yesterday that far to go was just
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four weeks was to deploy finished all by chadli there were a lot of premier league top two winners in the belgian team never players who were ways playing regularly in the champions league and the fact that they were able to come back to middle down yesterday against japan in the second half showed real grit a really fantastic comeback if i had to pick a win i think i would still go with brazil off to having some surprises so much that just because they are performing so well does it seem just because they seem to be picking up momentum at the right moment but that is definitely going to be another fantastic football match kick fantastic football match that's what we want of course at the world cup let's go back to barbara in last webber what i've got to look forward to today. yeah i hope we're going to have two more fantastic football matches here that two left for the round of sixteen that's switzerland against sweden and thank you know sport and then england colombia and the stadium right behind me spar talkee and moscow and i'm of course looking forward to that
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one specially with the two superstars kane and comments on the different sides lots of fans here in moscow of course so i'm very much looking forward to that one we are to barbara more in moscow and time again over here in berlin thank you both very much. now let's move on to thailand where people been celebrating after rescuers found twelve boys and their football coach alive in a flooded cave more than a week after they went missing but authorities are now warning it could take months before the boys can be brought out safely in an army spokesman said they may also have to learn how to dive. it was the moment that the international team of expert divers had been holding out for finding a whole thirteen of those missing seemingly on home to the divers had to explain
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what day it was and just how long the group it's been trapped in the dock miss found alive deep under the ground but having to wite a little longer to be brought to the surface. where. the cave complex stretches some ten kilometers into a mountain docking crews had to navigate a labyrinth to get there at points swimming on the long stretches of water. but even if the group couldn't make it back to the surface immediately the news that the survival did. the regional governor was the first to inform the community who had been anxiously waiting for news i had the latest from the navy seal unit is that they went in and bandaged to reach the elevated budge called patatas beach but apparently that has flooded then they went about three hundred to four hundred meters deeper to another elevated spot they found that our young brothers are safe
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. the announcement was greeted with jubilation by relatives and loved ones. some would become increasingly desperate fearing the worst. new life today is the best day i have been waiting for my son for so many days i thought he only had a fifty percent chance of survival. it was a rescue effort which gripped the country for well over a week as crews battled terrible conditions to wrench of downpours and more flooding. the group has received emergency aid and supplies now the rescue teams next challenge begins working on a plan to get the mount. for more now let's cross to thailand where reuters correspondent tom to one shop owner is standing by just outside the cave where the
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boys are trapped we're hearing reports that the boys in their coach might have to stay underground for months before they can be brought out is that a real possibility. water authorities certainly not ruling that possibility out because it says that there will be some time needed to make sure that the boys can come out of this safe safely as two issues that the first one with the help. that he does have on the ground ball more than nine days the medical doctors the divers who need to make sure that they are ready to talk conditions to be able to make the difficult journey out of the jays in wescott of the cases do not it and second of causes the level of water. before is because this doesn't have any training in terms of diving so many many possibly right now used to require to die fluids and this is the problem so far the trying to come out as much
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water for the brain as much water as they can from the case through pumping groundwater around the mountain where the cage is located to really help. ease the burden on the diving pod a lot for the walk out of the day so we know that the boys have been underground for more than nine days as you pointed out so we know how they managed to survive that long. well it's difficult to say we actually haven't heard the details assessing the facts health just yet and we haven't heard details of how to access the fire but what we know is that some of the parents upset that when they went into the sama boys they had taken some food with them so they were not without food at the beginning of the journey and. also a possibility that they could just survive by drinking want to test which we need
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more details. from the health assessment which may come later today or tomorrow ok soon now the focus is on getting the boys out alive the boys and their coach what are the biggest challenges that authorities face in getting them out ok . well the main challenge now is water apart from the fact that the cave is still flooded in many parts of that country meet with the rains with more rainfall cause over the coming days and thailand was falling through its monsoon season like now and it is not really helping the water level with the size of a so what we have argued trying to do beyond just pumping water is that are trying to decipher what is bosses off the mountain as well to make sure that it was that it falls in the rain doesn't go through the case so this is a huge it's
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a war of attrition if you like against mother nature this operation is the ongoing the search operation and therefore he set up even this rescue that's one of the this does operation was to be more to be done in terms of bringing water and they're going to water. that was reuters correspondent penny wong speaking students a bit earlier there. now some other stories making news around the world the bodies of three migrants including one child have been recovered by libyan rescue workers after the boat capsized last friday at least two hundred people are estimated to have died off the libyan coast last weekend more than a thousand people have drowned this year sailing from libya to europe. disgraced hollywood film producer harvey weinstein faces new sexual assault charges in new york prosecutors say they involve alleged crimes against a woman in two thousand and six feinstein has already pleaded not guilty to charges
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involving two other women more than seventy five women have accused him of wrongdoing. and the white house says u.s. secretary of state mike pong peo will visit north korea for further talks on denuclearization this week it would be pumped his first trip since a june summit between the u.s. and north korean leaders at that summit county vowed to work towards ridding the korean peninsula nuclear weapons. and australian archbishop philip wilson has been sentenced to twelve months detention for covering up sex abuse crimes of a priest in the one nine hundred seventy s. wilson is the most senior roman catholic cleric to be convicted of concealing child sex abuse a court will decide whether he can serve his sentence at home. and forgo just a reminder of the top stories we're following for you here today on news. and her interior minister hosts a whole have reached a deal in their dispute over migration policy defusing crisis that threaten to
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topple the government say hope i had said he was ready to resign over the issue but he will now stay in office. and rescuers in thailand have found twelve boys and their football coach alive in a flooded cave more than a week after they went missing the military warns it could take months to get them out of the case. you can always get news on the go just download from google play. store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news can also use the details to send those photos says. news for now back to the next hour of war thanks for watching.
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