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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 3, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin camps for migrants at germany's border that's part of a new deal on migration reached by chancellor angela merkel and her hardline interior minister of course they will but will the rest of the government except the incarceration of some would be refugees also coming up the mission not get accomplished authorities in thailand warning it could take months to rescue the twelve boys and their soccer coach from the cave they've been trapped in need their own deal is far from over. and after world cup in russia belgium when from true
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goals down the three two win over japan in their last sixteen match came thanks to a last minute goal from nasr chadli the belgian can now look forward to brazil in the quarter finals. i'm sumi so much gonda good to have you with us germany's angela merkel has managed to avert the collapse of her government by resolving a dispute over migration with her hardline interior minister of course the who for both hailed the deal as a success but already the plans are running into resistance the junior partners in medicals coalition the center left s.p.d. are voicing doubts austria is also concerned more of that in a moment but first this report. this could be the end of a dispute that has been shaking germany for weeks horsed zehava is bavarian c.s.u. and chancellor angela merkel c.d.u.
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have found a compromise for their ongoing fight over germany's migration policy. after very intense negotiations between the c.d.u. and the c.s.u. we've reached an agreement we have a clear arrangement for preventing illegal migration at the border between germany and austria in the future. the two sister parties have decided to set up so-called transit centers on the german austrian border from where asylum seekers who have already registered in another country would be transferred. would also. in addition we will undertake domestic measures to cope with refugees countries of origin as well as with other nations. we will set up transit centers and from there we will consult with other countries especially as island seekers home countries and the countries where they are already registered in europe then
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we will make it possible to return those asylum seekers accordingly this is precisely in accordance with the spirit of partnership in the european union shaft no peace when you're in a vault if the c.s.u. and cd you hadn't reached an agreement this could have meant the end for the current government coalition it could have even meant the end of chancellor merkel's career. it's now up to the social democrats the third partner in germany's grand coalition to accept the deal. but bring in our political correspondent. at the bundestag where more important decisions are being made today so how does this agreement change germany's migration policy. this agreement between uncle americal and her interior minister holds zeal for is all about toughening up border controls here in germany in order to reject asylum seekers who have already been registered in the e.u.
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countries one of the already mentioned transit centers but these would only exist at the german allstream border in bavaria something of the bavarian based see as you ponty off interior minister holes the will for it was very keen about to get another measure another plan that is already on the table something that comes from a self. this means that she wants to introduce a dragon at controls on all other german borders in order to make it possible to filter out such asylum seekers who have already been registered in other european countries and all of these measures to get that would mean a fundamental change to the open border policy this government has been holding up to until now some two hundred shouldn't forget there's also the yes i'm sorry and there's so there's also the smaller coalition partner in the social democrats who have already said that the that these transit centers highly problematic for them
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however that leads exactly to my next question you know this is far from over what does happen next with this agreement. well as i've already said the social democrats now have to position themselves and they already started it today saying that they are highly skeptical especially about the transit senses the transit santa is a rather old idea which has already been on the table three years ago said you and sees you then said that they wanted to have these transit center send these social democrats then said no way we are not going to do that right now the c.d.u. and sees you are trying to sell this to the social democrats in a way of well there's only going to be three of them and they're going to be rather small and we only are going to introduce them at the german austrian border hoping that the social democrats than it would given we're going to know more tonight there's a coalition meeting between the holes the will fund the social democrats leader not
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as being said up until then the social democrats have to position themselves what they what they're going to do with this agreement awful seal funding. for it this is been a long and difficult to speak for the chancellor what does this all leave her authority phil intact. while the last two or three weeks didn't really help in making. strong go even bigger here in germany but not only he in germany also in europe we shouldn't forget that machall how did reached an agreement with the other european countries just at the last european summit last week and nashi has to go to the to these countries and tell them oh how found a solution within germany but you have to position yourself to that when you have to take back some of the refugees i don't want to have in my country this is going to be highly difficult for us from what we have heard already from austria and italy this is going to be very very complicated so in the and whole thora he is in
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danger not as a leader here in germany but also as a european leader did obviously look at video reporting from the bundestag for thank you. as we mentioned austria has already reacted to germany's plans the country is taking over the e.u. presidency for the next six months and our correspondent max hoffman is standing by for us in fact how is the austrian government responding to this immigration deal that was struck in germany they have announced that they would prepare safeguarding their southern borders if germany really starts rejecting migrants at the austrian german border overall though the reaction wasn't too negative what the austrian government apparently wants is clarification more details what does this so-called compromise really mean for austria and cool it's the austrian chancellor took this this discussion in germany when he gave
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a speech here at the european parliament to emphasize again that this also showed that it was necessary to secure the outer borders of the european union something he has been demanding for quite some time though what about other countries in europe max could they end up following germany's lead for example setting up transit centers on their borders. the transit centers have been mainly a german idea so far i really haven't heard any other countries floating this idea as strongly as germany has but of course what you mean here is a possible ripple effect what happens if for example close its southern border to italy will this mean that the populace government in italy says all right if you do that then we're going to stop processing all those migrants that arrive at our shores by the mediterranean will the migrants themselves look for other routes maybe via slovenia or via freds and if yes what will those countries do will they start shutting down their borders if we really have this domino effect it would
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mean that real european solution would be farther away than it is now. max huffman reporting for us from strasburg max good to talk to you. now there is huge relief and highland after rescuers found twelve ois in their football coach alive in a flooded cave more than a week after they went missing as the monsoon rain continues rescue efforts now center on preventing water levels from rising authorities say it could take months before the boys can be brought out safely an army spokesman said they may also have to learn how to die. a moment that many will remember as a miracle the international team of expert divers finding all thirteen of those missing seemingly unharmed the divers had to explain what day was and just how long
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the young group had spent trapped in the darkness. the cave complex stretches some ten kilometers into the mountain diving crews had to navigate a labyrinth to reach the group at points swimming under long stretches of water. the rescuers cannot say how much longer it will take before the boys in their coats can be brought to surface. and i think even if we're not one hundred percent sure that it's safe we will not bring the kids out so i cannot give an answer and confirm how many days the kids will have to stay in the cave. but even if the group couldn't make it back to the surface immediately the news of their survival did the announcement was greeted with a jubilation by relatives and loved ones some had become increasingly desperate fearing the worst. today's the best day i have been waiting for my son for
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so many days i thought he only had a fifty percent chance of survival. it was a rescue effort that gripped the country for well over a week as crews battled terrible conditions to ranches down pools and will flooding it is monsoon season in thailand and rescuers have to pump rainwater out of the cave complex as fast as he seeps in there is one final challenge after delivering food and medical supplies rescue teams now need to work on a plan to get the group out earlier we spoke to reuters correspondent. who told us more about the main challenges rescuers are now facing. what the main challenge now is water apart from the fact that the cave is still flooded in many that continue to be rain. with more rainfall over the coming days and part and
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only include monsoon season like knowledge in my community oh please don't want that level within five days but what you have argued from the two beyond the pumping water is that attracted by water faucet off them off in a while to make sure that water that at all from the rain doesn't go through the case so this is a huge that a war of attrition through law against some kind of nature of operation is still ongoing in the search operation and authorities say that even gets rescue that's enough to do this operation which didn't need more to be done the bringing the water and i thought it was a that was reuters correspondent pun who won't speak to us from outside the cave in thailand earlier today now to some other stories making news around the world the united nations says at least two hundred seventy thousand people have fled their homes in southwestern syria after a russian backed government onslaught many of the displaced have headed towards the
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borders with jordan and the israeli occupied golan heights but both countries are refusing to open their borders sparking fears of a humanitarian crisis. australian archbishop philip wilson has been sentenced to twelve months detention for covering up the sex abuse crimes of a priest in the one nine hundred seventy s. wilson is the most senior roman catholic cleric to be convicted of concealing child sex abuse a court will decide whether he can serve his sentence at home. disgraced hollywood film producer harvey weinstein faces new sexual assault charges new york prosecutors say they involve alleged crimes against a woman in two thousand and six weinstein has already pleaded not guilty to charges involving two other women more than seventy five women have accused him of wrongdoing a massive wildfire in rural northern california is forcing evacuations and sending smoke and ash as far south as san francisco investigators say it was started by an
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illegal camp fire more than one hundred homes have been destroyed by the fire and thousands more are threatened. and the main defendant in a german nazi murder trial has delivered her final address of the five year trial comes to a close they are to cheat by denied involvement in a series of racially motivated killings between two thousand and two thousand and seven the court in munich is set to deliver its verdict next week and she faces life in prison if convicted. you're watching news still to come on our program at the world cup in russia belgium make history as the first team in forty eight years to win from two goals down against japan in their last sixteen match belgium scored a last minute goal to secure a three two victory. but first a decade after the financial crisis finally some good news for the spanish labor market helena sumi that is right unemployment figures in the country off finally starting to fall last month they hit the lowest level since two thousand and eight
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and the labor ministry says that in june just under three point two million people in the country were without work that said at fifteen percent it remains one of the highest levels in europe growth is looking good steady at a rate of three percent in recent years reviving struggling industries like construction and record high tourist numbers as well they have boosted the service sector. well german business is breathing a little easier now that i'm going to battle has reached a deal regarding migration with her interior minister horst zia who for the prospect of the government collapsing caught on settled investors in the german business sector in late last week german industry bodies well they got together to jointly sign a letter to medical demanding that germany and the e.u. adopt a unified approach to tackling migration. so let's bring in our financial correspondent contacted who's in frankfurt for us today called out crisis averted it seems for
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now how all the markets reacting. there's been a positive reaction on the markets the german share market has opened higher this tuesday so obviously market participants are relieved that we still have a government in berlin but let me tell you helena many many people in the financial world are still very upset about how this conflict was handled you know businesses in germany at the moment are really that big eighteen through difficult times we have the looming trade war questions about the future of business with china you know iran the oil prices in focus again all this means that business is one from their government berlin a sign of unity of security and trust but the way how this conflict with was handled really has not said such a signal kind of that we've also had eleven core shares looking pretty shaky at the
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moment sleeping ten percent explain that to us. well the world's largest commodity trader received a subpoena from the u.s. department of justice the american of thora he's one clinic or to deliver documents related to glenn calls business in nigeria the democratic republic of congo and in venezuela dating back to the year two thousand and seven now let's not forget that glencore is not just any other company it's the largest commodities trader worldwide it is the largest company in switzerland in terms of revenue and also it is a company with a reputation of shady business i would say it's legal see it in switzerland is a part of switzerland that's considered a tax haven the other legal seat is on the island of jersey another tax haven and also i have to say that allegations of corruption and bribery against glencore are
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not new now with the american all. authorities are getting getting into this this means that those allegations get a completely new and strong drive absolutely and if you wouldn't mind can i just bring us up to date with the latest on the german bank amounts bank we understand setting off part of its business. yes collapse bong sold its derivatives trading the equities and commodities department it's called to associate isn't it which means that also come out spun just like deutsche bank ease becoming a bit more local again concentrating on its corporate customers here and at the same time large banks to cities in it is showing that they can do what german banks could not they can do business with the best the corporate customers but as well they can do business on the international financial markets our financial correspondent canada who's in bringing us up to date with the latest from frankfurt
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thank you. meanwhile asian markets have been tumbling as trade tensions rise shares on the hong kong stock exchange were down two and a half percent this is the us in china the world's two largest economies prepared to slap each other with tariffs on billions of dollars of each other's products come friday and for the most part it looks like its consumers while it's which are set to take the biggest hit. a large number of u.s. imported products including nuts cheese meat and whiskey are said to be affected by the tariffs with just days to go before the next round of tariffs kick in customers at an international supermarket chain in beijing are distinctly unimpressed i think it's stupid that no one is getting anything. really stupid. retailers are also concerned about the trade dispute and they say the prospect of a hefty a shopping billed will lead to declining sales of american products which they
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stock. jazz just see if these tariffs are added to then we will definitely have to adjust our prices if customers feel that the price is a very high after the adjustments and sales will go down shall go down which again . most people aren't thinking about the billions of dollars at stake on a national level it's the direct consequence is the trade war will have on the hip pocket that worries them they're pushing the whole she's smart and think it's a good thing for the politicians shouldn't create trouble for people americans buying chinese products need them to be cheaper likewise the chinese people buying american products also need them to be cheaper that way everyone would be happy right article said. but it looks like trump's trade war will have chinese customers saying cheerio to american imports. meanwhile u.s. president has won the world trade organization that if it does not treat the u.s.
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as he feels it should be he will quite be doing something about it but he's also announced a meeting with european officials over the trade dispute ought to be renewed its vows to fight back against his threat to impose a twenty percent tariff on call imports and a lesson to washington the european commission also said the move could cost the us up to fourteen billion dollars in g.d.p. or to make as in both sides of the atlantic half want that high and levees could harm business. westpac i've seen now for all the latest world cup action thank you how not well on monday val jim staged a remarkable comeback to be japan three two and advance to the tournaments quarterfinals the red devils scored a dramatic injury time winner becoming the first team and forty eight years to overturn a two goal deficit in a world cup knockout game. all the goals came in a frantic second tough right at the start of it he kept his cool to put the blue
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samurai in the lead. only minutes later takashi in we added a second for japan. the next big world cup upset appeared to be in the making. but midway through the second half belgium started to exploit their height advantage young fatah and surprise japan's eiji kindly sheena with this looping header after sixty nine minutes. belgium were back in the game it took them just five more minutes week rise tomorrow one for lady i think in the dying seconds of the game deep in knotted time belgium launched the most amazing move of the tournament so far twelve seconds from goal to goal and another substitute nasa chadli snatched a dramatic belgium win. heartbreak for japan. belgium face brazil in the quarter finals. well belgium will have to be at their very best to stop neymar in that match he starred in brazil's two no victory over mexico the
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forwards scored one and set up another as his country made it through to the last eight for the seventh tournament in a row the first goal was a move started and finished by mark williams picking up the slack in between the low cross last name or with a simple finish just after the it there that is that goal again and brazil did to cement their victory with just two minutes to go in the match neymar this time the provider for substitute for their top fair mino to nail the finals for their whatever. ok now today sees the final matches in the world cup round of sixteen with sweden taking on switzerland and colombia playing england gareth southgate's youthful side have impressed in the group stage and as we're about to see the england supporters who travel to russia also seem impressed with the welcoming atmosphere of the
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tournament so far. england have made it to moscow dave even brought a few supporters with him. plenty of fans had been kept at bay by the worrying picture that was painted over the dangers of this tournament but the festival of violence has not materialized it's a great country and i really hope that the brits who do come here will get a chance to see what it's really like. the players seem to be enjoying their trip just as much as the fans youngsters like marcus rushford and just feeling god have been handed the trials of a lifetime and so far southgate's faith in them has paid off the money just come in with great ideas and a great idea. of the way he wants to play. another full nation says see this is perfectly you know the team's prison is amazing and the moment has come to go really abundant. journey will call him so he don't know but south has faced
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some criticism inside the u.k. his decision to rest big players like harry kane in the final group match against belgium was seen by some as a mistake against colombia the big guns will no doubt be wheeled out again a win in the round of sixteen would take england further than they've made it in a world cup since two thousand and six but they don't want to stop bad they're dreaming of returning to moscow on the fifteenth of july the ultimate goal nothing less than a second start on their christe. germany coach your him live will stay on despite his team's world cup failure that's according to the german daily build newspaper the two thousand and fourteen a world champion was heavily criticised after germany's early knock out in this year's world cup had asked for some time to think about his future. now let's go on to in case you didn't get enough of this early it's time for
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a world cup play of the day. belgium's counterattack in the last moments of their match against japan let's have a look at these twelve seconds it goes from a goalkeeper to zero to kevin de growing to. find time to. even find announcer chide me to find the back of the net football haven't for belgium and misery. ok we just have time for a minder of our top stories that we're following for you here on t w german chancellor angela merkel and her interior minister haas they hope to have resulted dispute over migration that threaten to topple the government say hold her head said he was ready to resign over the issue but he will now stay in office but now calls junior coalition partners the s.p.d. still have to sign off on the deal. and rescuers in thailand have found twelve boys and their football coach alive in a flooded cave more than a week after they went missing but the military warns it could take months to get
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them out of the camp. don't forget you can always get your news on the go download or out from google play or from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and you can also use the you have to send us your photos and your videos. thank you for watching t.v. we'll be back at the top of the hour. do
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you know these european cities close the box of hot for a major attraction this movie is still a monster expose the be extraordinary places which make the treme suggests a body different take on euro on a serious this was the best news on the job.
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in a scum man he's already missed on. was the youngest employer to ever make it here pearce national team. boss feet once more details of plenty of fish will be intimidated by this. company to head on his search for clubs in europe. sixty minutes to. form or. a. clash of cultures in india. a clash between those who believe in the range to manage those who want to marry for love. in. a club that's
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shaky for. police and society to the core. i thought it would be and sometimes i think i'm with the day. starts joining t.w. . i want to welcome to another exciting week of euro max i'm your host meghan li from russia with love to berlin on high we are on the road a lot today here's a look at what's coming up.


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