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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 3, 2018 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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surfers fighting against unseen pollution of the sea torch july fourteenth column d. w. . this is d w news live from berlin mission not yet accomplished authorities in thailand warn it could take months to rescue the twelve boys and their soccer coach from the cave they've been trapped in their ordeal is far from over also coming up a new deal on migration reached by chance or on the american lender hard line interior minister plus a home phone calls for camps for migrants after german border. also coming up he's
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keeping his job got him live will stay on as german national team coach that is despite his team crashing out of the world cup. and belgium to three two win over japan in pain thanks to a last minute goal from nasser chadli the belgians can now look forward to meeting brazil in the quarter finals. i'm sumi so much going to get to have you with us well there's huge relief in thailand after rescuers found twelve boys and their football coach alive in a flooded cave more than a week after they went missing as a monsoon rain continues rescue efforts are now focusing on preventing water levels from rising authorities say could take months before the boys can be brought out safely an army spokesman said they may also have to learn how to dive.
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a moment that many will remember as a miracle the international team of expert divers finding all thirteen of those missing seemingly unharmed the divers had to explain what day was and just how long the young group had spent trapped in the darkness we're. looking at complex stretches some ten kilometers into a mountain diving crews had to navigate a labyrinth to reach the group at points swimming under long stretches of water. the rescuers cannot say how much longer it will take before the boys and their coats can be brought to surface. if they can if we're not one hundred percent sure that it's safe we will not bring the kids out so i cannot give an answer and confirm how many days the kids will have to stay in the
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cave. but even if the group couldn't make it back to the surface immediately the news of their survival did. was greeted with jubilation by relatives and loved ones some had become increasingly desperate fearing the worst. today's the best day i have been waiting for my son for so many days i thought he only had a fifty percent chance of survival. it was a rescue effort that gripped the country for well over a week as crews battled terrible conditions to wrench all down pools and more flooding it is monsoon season in thailand and rescuers have to pump rainwater out of the cave complex as fast as he seeks in there is one final challenge after delivering food and medical supplies rescue teams now need to work on a plan to get the group out. and we can speak to reuters correspondent punter one
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chap who is outside the cave where the boys are trapped he joins us on the line hype on you is there any indication how long it will take to get the boys out. for the time frame is not in fact. the pirate party has to be prepared contingencies and. installing communication lines to escape that area where the twelve boys and their coach currently replied and to enable them to be able to speak that pamela sometime tomorrow however. the party also stresses that when the conditions are right. that would mark waid process in time periods when the conditions are right and when that side and they died as well as the international guy the thing that it's a kind of a sense take for the boys to come out of the case then they would certainly go for this and that and extraction but if it is too soon we don't know it when the
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exactly that's and take place because the water levels relatively high. we understand at the ration but believe a. few key in bringing him out to a mosque for the boys inside as a possibility of them coming out to the water we have to do some sort of sporting duties very mad ok ok now part of what are the biggest hurdles that authorities are facing in getting the boys out. well look the biggest hurdle remains the water and of course the cage structure itself in many of the areas away from the beach what they actually have a natural one two ways which is very difficult even for experts divers so that's the key concern. fardy has that that most of the for
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the rest is a good condition a little weekend but much better than anticipated out of a it's a fix to ask them to really dive like that would a been able to dive in to receive a reading matter waterways so the key factor remains draining the water but at the same time building capacity to enable. a successful extraction and yet the company said these boys are doing well but what's being done to keep them and their coach healthy and in good spirits while they wait to be rescued what we were told today about a party that at least one doctor and several support team. inside the cage been keeping the boys company and that the few people take. in keeping the boys company and then talk to them and and continue to accept them as well as supplies of
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different kinds of food as well as provisions of medicine sort of deliver that being ready to drive the case constantly this is an ongoing operation involves many teams from the time navy as well as the international divers so steps are being put in place where they want to get out. a healthy baby if you like inspired the baby and preparing for the right moment which is for the boys to come out all right borders correspondent pano one joining us on the line thank you very much for that update. now to some other stories making headlines around the world the bodies of three migrants including one child have been recovered by libyan rescue workers after their boat capsized last friday at least two hundred people are estimated to have died off the libyan coast last weekend more than a thousand people have drowned this year sailing from libya to europe. the united
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nations says at least two hundred seventy thousand people have fled their homes in southwestern syria after russian backed government onslaught many of the displaced have headed towards the borders with jordan and the israeli occupied golan heights but both countries are refusing to open their borders sparking fears of a humanitarian crisis former malaysian prime minister najib razak has been arrested following an investigation into how billions of dollars went missing from a sovereign wealth fund he found that a decade ago a probe into malaysia's one n.d.b. corruption scandal set up by his job successor has engulfed him since his spectacular defeat in elections in may. the main defendant in a german neo nazi murder trial has delivered her final address as the five year trial comes to a close the after cheaper denied involvement in a series of racially motivated killings between two thousand and two thousand and seven the court in munich is set to deliver its verdict next week and she faces life in prison if convicted. german chancellor angela merkel has averted the
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collapse of her government by resulting in a dispute over migration with her hardline interior minister they will for both hailed the deal as a success but already the plans are running into resistance the junior partners and merkel's coalition the center left s.p.d. are voicing doubts and it's unclear if neighboring countries like austria are willing to take back asylum seekers as is required by the deal. bangle americal wanted to look like she was getting back to business taking her seat and the blonde is talking there who wants to see how far. the two conservative parties they had had been at odds over immigration. now there's a show of harmony. that followed a late night compromise merkel c.d.u. agreed to demands from the hopefuls c.s.u. for tighter restrictions yet the third coalition partner the center left s.p.d.
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must also agree the party's leaders said it would be pressured it's a deal the city you c.s.u. damaged each other in recent weeks the bloc damage the trust and confidence in our democracy in this respect we still have as you see much need for consultation we will take whatever time is needed for this new to get started name opposition parties criticize the c.d.u. c.s.u. compromise. here this was not a question of policy these discussions were all about power and as we see it merkel went very far toward getting her way with you opposites. because that the two parties agreed to establish transit centers on germany's border with austria where asylum seekers would be evaluated those who already applied for protection in another e.u. country would be sent back but that would require new agreements with those countries the heated asylum debate has yet to cool off and the coalition partners
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plan to hold even more talks today. germany's national football coach york him live will stay at his post despite his team's world cup failure germany's football association confirmed reports in several german newspapers the two thousand and fourteen world champion was heavily criticised after germany's early knock out in this year's world cup have had asked for some time to think about his future. to the action now and on monday belgium stage there were a market will come back to the japan three two and advance to the tournaments quarterfinals the red devils scored a dramatic injury time winner becoming the first team in forty eight years to overturn a two goal deficit in a world cup knockout game. the goals came in a frantic second tough right to the stars big game he kept his cool to put the blue some arroyo in the lead. only minutes later takashi you know we have a good second for japan i the next big world cup upset appeared to be in the making
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. but midway through the second half belgium started to exploit their height advantage young for talking and surprised japan's age economy shima with this looping header after sixty nine minutes. belgium were back in the game it took them just five more minutes to equalize tomorrow one for the lady. then in the dying seconds of the game deep united time belgium launched the most amazing move of the tournament so far twelve seconds from goal to goal i don't know the substitute not so gently snatched a dramatic belgium win. great for japan. belgium face brazil in the quarter finals. belgian will have to be at their best to stop neymar in that match he starred in brazil's two no victory over mexico in the forward scored one and set up another as his country made it through to the last eight for the seventh tournaments in a row the first goal was
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a move that started and finished by neymar willian there picking up the slack in between the slow process purcell strongman with a simple finish just after half time and here that goal is again. and brazil cemented their victory with just two minutes to go in the match neymar this time the provider for a substitute for back the city meaning to nail the final. today sees the final matches in the world cup round of sixteen with sweden taking on switzerland and colombia playing england gareth southgate's youthful side have impressed in the group stage and as we're about to see the england supporters who travel to russia also seem impressed with the welcoming atmosphere of the tournament so far. england have made it to moscow they have even brought a few supporters with them. plenty of fans had been kept at bay by the worrying picture that was painted over the dangers of this tournament but the festival of
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violence has not materialized it's a great thing and i really hope that the brits who do come here will get a chance to see what it's really like. the players seem to be enjoying their trip just as much as the fans youngsters like marcus rushford and jessie ling god have been handed the chance of a lifetime and so far south gates faith in them has paid off the manager's come in with theirs and a great idea. of the way one has to play. another song nation says this is perfectly you know the team's version is amazing at the moment has come to the really abundant you know right side and enjoying the we'll call home. but south has faced some criticism inside the u.k. his decision to rest big players like harry cain in the final group match against belgium was seen by some as a mistake against colombia the big guns will no doubt be wheeled out again
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a win in the round of sixteen would take england further than they've made it in a world cup since two thousand and six but they don't want to stop there they're dreaming of returning to moscow on the fifteenth of july the ultimate goal nothing less than a second start on their crest. still to come is the global car industry already suffering because of the trade dispute then fill in with that story and your business headlines coming right up. front be told. his works god is for tonight. the maestro. bought twenty two.


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