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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 5, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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this is newsnight from another couple apparently poison your soil police say the man on woman are in a critical condition after being exposed to not another may have come into contact with remnants for the reasons attack from a former russian spy in the same area also on the program. they've been at odds over migration for years but now german chancellor angela merkel is calling on hungary's prime minister the top to bottom line on asylum and we'll bring you the latest from those talks involving.
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welcome to the program police in britain have confirmed that two people who fell critically ill near the city of souls break well poisoned by a nerve agent from the nabi chalk family now this is the second time the area has been at the center on the poisoning incident in macho former russian spy and his daughter were attacked to their home kristie miller road that's less than two kilometers from queen elizabeth gardens where it's thought the latest victims came into contact with the substance but its health minister says the second poisoning looks like an unfortunate after effects of the first investigation is being led by counter-terrorism police. this is the british couple at the center of a new mystery surrounding an english town charlie rose lee and dawn sturgis were exposed to the nerve agent novacek the couple are in
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a critical condition at salisbury hospital it's the same clinic the treated former russian spies. and his daughter yulia after they were nearly killed by the same nerve agent britain blamed that attack firmly on russia today the u.k. to cooperate in the police investigation the eyes of the world are currently on russia not least because of the world cup it is now time that the russian state comes forward and explains exactly what has gone on here. prime minister to resign may has been holding talks with angela merkel in berlin said her thoughts were with the victims to see two more people exposed to the novacek in the u.k. is obviously deeply disturbing and the police i know will be leaving no stone unturned in their investigation in relation to what has happened. charlie rose lee and dawn sturgis which taken ill at their home in ames bring on saturday after
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visiting soulsby the previous day a friend of the couple was with rowley when he began displaying symptoms start that sort of. prick. it's. so at first that. detectives are now investigating how the couple came into contact with the nerve agent they say there's nothing in the pair's background to suggest that they would have been deliberately targeted police have cordoned off places the couple have been before falling ill including a church community center the british government is urging members of the public who visited any of these areas recently to wash their clothes and wipe. any personal items as a precaution. is a good move doubly correspondent to get to mass in london so it doesn't look like these two spies are written for with spies and what more do we know about charlie
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rowley and don't. we don't know very much just that they lived nearby southbury that there were a couple of the women is this quiet as a mother we know from what from what is in the public domain right now is that they have no connection to this group whatsoever so they must have come across somehow this now of age and suspect they would not have suspected what happened to them they must've somehow come across it speculation is that maybe in salisbury in the park but of course this is what the police is going to determine just now. the last poisoning of the script russia was blamed for russia denied it of course and now again the fingers being pointed at moscow russia of course enjoying great press coverage at the moment with his hosting of the world cup is this latest apparent attack likely to escalate tensions between moscow and the west.
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well for sure in the u.k. the relations with russia really have hit rock bottom since the screwball case and we've also seen today i mean this is the members of the reason mace cabinet hitting at russia the security minister challenging russia to actually come forward and to help clear out the case and to help the author a tease find the nerve agent if there is anything left basically i think this is what he meant when we when he challenge russia to to come forward and said these were fairly polite words but if this is stablished is that there is a greater security risk in the u.k. because of russia's actions then maybe these words will not stay that polite but we could see see an escalation of the tension between certainly the u.k. and russia and so it's pretty the you know this happened that finds itself at the center of a second poisoning incident when he said barely recovered from the first i want people that tell you things well yes and it's such
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a sleepy little town in england people are not expecting to be subjected to dangerous like this they don't have to expect anything like that and the authorities say that they were very thorough with a clean up from the screen paula case that they determined where the screen went and that they really cleaned up all the oldest places but of course they don't know yet who the perpetrator was and they have not established the whereabouts and where where these two have a trace and where of course they have left any of the left over not reach out for example save for the people unsolved story the the worry is far from over i would say look at mass in london thank you. germany's chancellor and hungary's prime minister have traded accusations of migration policy talks here in berlin anglo-american met with viktor orban as part of her efforts to win support for her tough new migration policy despite germany's
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newest stricter attitude chancellor merkel said she wants to protect to europe's humanity mr obama or of a believes the german proposals do not go far enough. gary in prime minister viktor orban arrived in berlin one thing was clear he was not here just to agree with germany on the contrary or bond as a critic of german chancellor because migration policy he wants to turn back most to sign him seekers at europe's external borders and is also strictly against distributing them within the e.u. . should last updated at the minute because only i would like to inform you that the un garion border is guarded by eight thousand armed troops twenty four hours a day. barely visible would a keeps migrants from coming to germany if it weren't guarded four to five thousand would cross this border every day about that solidarity in solidarity. as at sometime egypt may going to get
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a saudi dutch sent them. as quickly became very clear there's very little common ground between markel and when it comes to refugees. get a mention this is about people who come to us that involves europe's fundamental message humanity we need to protect our external borders with the goal of simply shutting out the world. and none the less the chancellor needs help in fact she needs all the support she can get within the european union to maintain the current asylum system it's an e.u. principle that the country in which a refugee has been registered is responsible for the sign of process most refugees should stay in spain italy or greece by their first reach european soil but many try to get further north through germany crossing through or still hungry and these
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countries fear that germany could just reject migrants at the border german interior minister whole see all far tried to allay those fears this thursday when he visited the austrian cup. vienna he's trying to perswade austria to take back migrants rejected by germany vienna is very reluctant to do this so the whole far left empty handed two visits and no results refugee policy remains angela merkel's most difficult challenge. let's get more from d.w. political correspondent thomas sparrow welcome tums the chancellor merkel seems to need hunger support more than they need or want. what can she offer them. phil what i'm going to a certain e.u. level is other leaders who can think in a similar way and who can act in a similar way. and that's something that she will certainly not find in be told when in fact she knew that right before this meeting and that was absolutely evident when they met today in berlin and they see the migration issue in germany
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in that direction in which europe should go in a very different way so it is certainly very difficult for i'm going to try and find any type of common ground with all but at least some people have been saying that they met and tried to discuss the issues something that hadn't happened in the past so often so at least are seen by many people here as a as a positive development but again what was really evident today was that i'm going to merkel and viktor orban see the migration issue in an absolutely radically different way because. the other part of this mission impossible was germany's interior minister in vienna reasoning with the courts did he get it own any better germany and austria have also had problems when it comes to migration in the past and in fact also importations mentioned that they were rather skeptical about the agreement between horse a whole thought i lease from wholesale was meeting today there was at least that goal that they wanted to work together on an issue that issue is as they describe
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it's trying to shut the southern migration route so there will be a meeting next week and only between germany and austria but also including italy so at least from that perspective there was an evident goal to try and work together when it comes to this idea of shutting the borders whether dots is something that other politicians in europe will agree on that is still absolutely unclear. let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world syrian and russian forces have resumed as strikes and shutting against rebel held areas in southwest syria the u.n. estimates that more than three hundred thousand people have fled the fighting in daraa province in well syrian rebel negotiators on the russian military commanders are reported to have resumes negotiations on a final deal to end the fighting in the province and how to control back to the. one body has been recovered and dozens of people missing after two boats capsized in rough waters off the tight tourist island of polecat most of the missing and
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thought to be chinese tourists authorities say eighty people have been rescued so far with the search operation reportedly been suspended for the night. staying in thailand officials are warning that rescue workers are facing a race against the water to save a young football team who is trapped inside a floating cave complex for twelve nights forces being pumped out around the clock refusing flood levels by around a centimeter every hour but heavy rains are forecast which could jeopardize the complex of rescue operation. i woke up football fans have converged on russia from all over the world bringing vibrancy and color to moscow on the other host cities for some it wouldn't be a party without a special outfit the hospital following three fans who want to stand out from the crowd. these three fans want to dress to impress. on affecting the budget if not if i'm to come to us before the game
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they want to show that love for their teams with these costumes. the employees of this shop have been busy with fans for three weeks they don't just rent out the costumes they make them in-house and for football fans there's a discount twenty percent off that these costumes really put us in the party mood when i go out dressed like this so i feel like i'm in brazil because you do want to keep. this isn't rio it's moscow a city that's not known for its openness and party spirit that makes it all the more surprising how quickly the joyful world cup atmosphere has taken off and spread through the city. here the results of the match is secondary to the party which rolls on twenty four hours a day. nikolai dimitri and dempsey have arrived at the fan fest in front of moscow's state university they quickly catch the attention of other
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fans. to fix an amazing feeling like being at a real con of all. the wrong costume i have to act strict in serious but here the party starting out. as this if you set out and went on until late into the night. at the end of this tournament only one color will remain that of the winner until then the fans are enjoying a sea of color in moscow. north korean basketball players have played their first family game for fifty years two joints north south teams took to the court in pyongyang on team peace he's facing a team prosperity north korean leader basketball suggested the match to south korean president. during the first summit in april there neither leader actually went to the game which somehow ended in a drill one hundred two to one hundred ninety. five so to come here on day doubly
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new hopes for the european car industry as washington suggests a compromise in the chance of not to outrace disputes the chancellor merkel says she's open to the international talks on cutting cotter's. france's open will have a vote on the rest of the old business update in just a moment i'll be back with the latest world news of the top of the day. is going to. do no good today nothing would change you know the banks clean. and so was the language of the bank. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made for mines. in one thousand elephants need. those of us lastic bundle turned into a paving stone why do.


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