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tv   Kick off - Who will win Russia 2018 The World Cup Show  Deutsche Welle  July 6, 2018 9:30am-10:01am CEST

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a clash between those who believe in arranged those who reported. that she came. to the core. my father would be angry sometimes i think the way he did. start. to w. football is a simple game twenty two men chase a ball for ninety minutes and at the end the germans the croatians the english raj shah the euro why and the belgians the brazilians the speed the farm boys the french always win. hi my name is coming welcome to a walk well cup show formally known as at the end the germans always win the knock
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out stages have started the whole universe has changed and that has won a penalty shoot out no in the world cup for the first time. and now they beat sweden and then russia a question and then a nightmare england what do you think daniel how. he could be coming home but. i actually don't know who's going to win this world cup has been so exciting in this so many shocks i have never been so many own goals but welcome it's ten. so what is your guess who will win the title i have to say i was very impressed. or does it i'm going to go with brazil. i find that there right now at the moment i'm the most balanced team i mean people talk so much about the attack you know there's so much focus on neymar
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but if you look at this tournament they've only conceded one goal and i was really surprised that they didn't concede one against mexico mexico can score goals and and the way they experience that yeah the breakdown sites if they make it look easy like you looked at beldin and they they struggle when it came to breaking down japan but belgium gun a deal hence helps you to mean championships and then you go with brazil you went to watch the game at the fan mile how was a bad oh it was super we have to take a look there's a lot of music a lot of dancing a lot of celebration. you get the that's how you might act. revue is off the bat is this dog or harry will be there to build exile tell you album the belgian is a very good thing but brazil has like five stars now you have. given you call.
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the church like it for this film and what do you make of the bad company here so i guess everyone is super excited to see the next big quarterfinal game brazil against belgium maybe danielle you can start with the starting eleven if you are the brazilian coach what neymar be in your starting eleven of course he would be i think neymar probably made his best performance of the tournament yeah i mean all the men p.p. played for the. and if you saw the one mil how you track to three people and then gave the ball to two. billion and then made the mythical that was excellent yeah i mean we love to hate him every loss to hate him because he doesn't make it easy like theatrical. zero.
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zero zero. zero at the end of day neymar is a world class player and he has the ability to make a difference in a game so of course he is he's a world class player actor but play acting i see that with suarez i think that with the english crime maguire you know they all do that sort of over who historically i mean that if it's been a part of football it's not the nicest part of the italian especially oh they train that that was years ago. ok you know but yeah i think diving aside sciatic this side he's a quality player he scored a goal and he got an assist last game so i think maybe he started to come into his own and be the neymar that everybody now. you fielded fed on didn't you know for. yes so cousin mero suspended because he hasn't really but you think that he can replace him yeah i do because previously for now i do you know starting so i mean
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for nineteen you know man city you're not losing a lot of quality when you when you make this change so i mean such a strong guy and yet if you're gonna you to have read and you know come off the bench let's see that most teams of want to have but i think that also. maybe we don't know because marcello is ok arguably the best left back in the world has problems with this matter and yet you tell us it's not just his back we don't really know but myself so great he's he's good in the defense but he goes get forward very honest but this guy just states that he looks he gives. he gives a little bit less of an attacking option than marcello does that's for sure but that being said he came into the system and he's been playing very well so the decision will be pretty tough because you know he can provide stability in a defense against a team like belgium which is very strong attacking wise so that's what it would be
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interesting to see the limo mentioned already that this team is very balanced. i really wonder what is there where is their achilles heel i don't i don't mean think you can say that they have won i mean i think ok we have seen flashes like for example the mexico game mexico could have scored if they were a little bit more clinical in the final third which is something that a team like belgium is they're very skilled in the final third so if brazil has those lapses and they you know give them those have chances somebody like lou kaku or. they'll be able to capitalize so maybe if we consider that the next killie's he'll but i mean this is a very strong team from the back to the front of let's solve on this board around to take a look at belgian numbers of brazil so then you know if you are the belgian coach why didn't you bring in nine gold on this this this this cold she left one of the
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best players at home like like we live yet and i think that that's a great point because in the last game against japan a player like now would have helped the game one hundred percent we speculate but the nationally in the defend yes because they went so that's all and a bryanna ok they cover a lot of ground but the decider lacking a little bit of that defensive quality and i think the that created a weakness that was exposed by japan so somebody like an angle on would have been able to in my opinion in my opinion be effective in this area where is. ok very very effective going forward but you know against a team like brazil look brazil is going to come at you and they're going to attack you and they're going to bring a lot more than japan did nothing to take away from japan and name golan as a experienced chain smoker. but oh yes. i mean what he did at japan with the. like that was like a master class that was almost like
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a gene paid off you brought on flanery brought on chadli and immediately made a difference and belgium's games lately is that's why they're more in your gloves for you and he brings them on and then he sets you makes up he comes on and he's difficult to defend against he's just like that awkward moving thing you know that's. dany you field it six players from the premier league is this an advantage that of the team is playing in the best football league in the world arguably i don't think honestly the there's probably going to be so many people that kill me when i say this but i don't think that defensively or tactically the premier league is the best league in the world defensively and in this league it's the most exciting it's the most exciting fast paced song ever but like tactically you know it's not and they are all in in the premier league and you know their defense times they look a little shaky i mean they have
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a problem the defense they they conceded too many goals and this guy he made long the his header eighteen meters long that was the longest header in the work of history yeah that's a fun fact for you but in fact how about the other thing you oh yes if you want. yes yes i mean i mean we could talk for hours but we should do the prediction game you are right. now i ask you to join our prediction and this threating encounter brazil versus belgium who's going to win. i think brazil is probably the most complete team but i still with my own opinion it's going to be belgium their plan is to notify them and they will go to the penalty shoot out. i want to say belgium because i feel when.
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i'm going to go to brazil because i think they're just they have a little bit more. and i agree absolutely on what they need. i'm also going to go with brazil that ace. ok and now we want to talk with our man in russia ali do you hear me guys hi we just talked about brazil and belgium will one of them be the world cup winner yeah i mean look those two the teams are the best chances right but they've got a tough run to fight if i get to play each other and then they've got to play to win is a france year ago i and then of course it doesn't matter anyway because the weather gets through the middle east of england because it's coming nah i see you you're never russia house happiness here do the people really believe that russia could possibly win that thing too i mean it's except england you know some people some people are saying that. at the start that's what no one believes before that five
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million saudi arabia a lot of people here thought that the national team was going to flop and that they wouldn't get out the group a millionaire even win a game. obviously one win also another has changed more and more people's minds about what this team can day and it's kind of a snowball effect you know the more people believe it the more the team believes it and the more you think that anything could happen thank you very much ali by c. o. o. o o mate i see. rush rush rush made it to the quarterfinals who had to fold over the fence for laughing at me when if you think that russia last week he's like yeah i did like i just yeah yeah he's home advantage i mean you shouldn't drink so much vodka but that's not what i want to tell you all the time is home advantage the only reason. no no i don't think so i think the
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twelfth man obviously makes a difference yes but for me i think it's i think russia i think somebody mentioned this in his mind i think he came to. and i meant not really having like the biggest of expectations and it's like every step that they take it's just it's like a bonus for them i mean and i think they also keep building on that confidence the beats being so for me it's also maybe it's a bit of momentum and the confidence and i don't know if this is helping but the fact that they did not qualify didn't have to go to through qualifications could mean that they fresher they had more time to perhaps train with one another i don't know if bought also and now they're going to play against croatia and you watch the game i play shogun thrushes someone berlin you know it's funny because some of the creation fence where like well they're only going to give you soundbites if crazed when so they've really they hardcore fanbase her. own load. what do you think are your chances against russia but there's
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no. fire no there's. only. do you thing i guess you stick with the underdog or always just russia's going to win i mean they kicked out spain that is the biggest sensation spain made the most passes in i don't know workup is three one thousand hold on one thousand one thousand one hundred fourteen pace passes in one game but i don't know i mean i presume yes seventy nine percent not when there is more that's all it was they don't win get who's going to make the difference and have the russian team well i think that's that's the think it's not about who's going to make a difference is the team that makes a difference because russia has showed us that's one of you and that was here it is so that didn't work over germany i know you'll be living not only out because chuck church has of the coach of russia he was a goalkeeper in spoke during the time while you were live was there now it is
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reaching for the stars here it's a little with russia there's a little bit of germany still in the eye but russia has shown us in. this world cup that it doesn't matter what your team looks like on paper because player for player if you look at on paper they were not better than spain but russia had this is they knew what spain was going to do they were patience they were disciplined they were compact you know they knew that it was going to try to come out and try to pull them out of position and try to find the species didn't allow it and they won the game does so has a chance against russia yeah who is was has a chance against russia because look at croatia they have a lot of skill on their team they have quality midfielders you know quality strikers it's more more that attracted to each pair said to david. my my my guy but he also that we creationists head up i think they have a bit more directness with their players you look at somebody like meant to pitch
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parrott yeah they really are off of that what do you mean with that i mean i dismiss that i think for me creature can like break in between the lines better and that particularly not vertically or horizontally both ways i think with what is it with spain i think it's on the because probably just out of the sas pass pass pass pass but no one could really break in between the lines and i think razor and month this is like a good guy and. you can target man is going to boil over. russia. i don't know no no way i saw that but i've been saying from the beginning i think pretty shocking all the way so i have to like you i have many questions yeah i mean. ok let's talk about the next quarter final game it is the euro why against for its. euro why france it is the jewel of the teams that sent home messi and ronaldo
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so the question is is the time over for one man show teens. well football has always been a team sport and i think it happened only once and then the history of the world cup that there was a superstar nine hundred eighty six madona he made it possible. for the stilted team i was using a cell needed team to me all this time around would have produced who are you going to. do the starting eleven for. the france let's start with france. you need help with h. no no then you're all right here is who would who would be in your starting eleven this is how i think that france will probably line up ok they have it with a suspension as well so i think that you know to leave so he did start towards the
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beginning of the tournament so it's not going to be that big of a quality loss because there. i see you pointed to him bobby i didn't see is he going to be the superstar i think i mean we started to see something that was you know very scary in the last game bobby really exploded and i think that that if he can maintain that form i mean he can only get better like he's so young they are so sweet. pelley who was saying congratulations. on two goals in a world cup so young puts you in a great company good luck for you i have you actually was the other day i was laying there was the other younger with seventeen nineteen hold on fifty eight here's another one all right this is nice we've got to get out of the past we've got to live. day to. when i see your team. i see some norris names like like grease and i'm like told you saw.
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they have so much quality yet amazing players but in the end i have never seen a convincing game of france why yeah i think it also comes a little bit from the top. not he's not the most convincing coach in my opinion but i think that the last game that we saw france play they looked a lot better in terms of team and playing as a team so if they can bring that into the next game against uruguay it will be important and i think that it can give them a good edge because you're why is a very organized team they know their system they're good defensively and that's going to give them a little bit of difficulty is specially you know greece man and good being in the famine is coming from the same club so but i think that important a player that's really important is content who doesn't really get enough credit because he has like stars a grease monbiot they doing ridiculously fantastic things and nobody really sees
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the work that he puts in behind the scenes he wins tackles he literally can run for two games st so he's very important to them but i don't have. any also pop i think he's been doing a lot better yes like he has improved there's over one hundred million i tell them i am popping out like the two have been jennings passes i thought that was so impressive i was like wow but honestly i didn't see a plan there. off of a french team but the problem is why and sawed off the gas i had the feeling that those guys knew what they were doing especially if. i'm here for your why i think they have a good defense i think we should also mention that a lot of these players did play in italy. playing that are really important in life tactically they laid the foundation for the. rest the t.n.a. there is a good spine so this will be very important and then playing against strikers of the caliber of france is going to be very important that they're very organized
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they're very compact and you know they have a good game which is going to be very difficult to have the right kind of them now here this is what worries me a little bit about about uruguay is that they have midfield for midfield i would say that france has the edge with. because can take can cover a lot more ground than maybe these two players here i mean. he plays in italy as well for something and you know he in that is maybe people don't know him a lot about him but somebody had a very good season and he was a big key for that he's a good in the defensive role so he'll probably be a little bit more behind to provide the link between a defense in the midfield and then better he plays for uva i mean maybe didn't get as many minutes as you know with a team like you but he is also responsible for providing like now he's very young so it's going to be it's going to be difficult to to play against that french midfield so i think it'll be interesting to see danielle let's talk about. you know he went on the last game with a calf injury and he was limping the other day when we saw the videos of it i
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really really hope that he will play because he's a big man hemant suarez have been together for a long time in the national team they know each other they know how they play i mean he found suarez suarez down cavani for the first goal is just it's like they don't even have to look they know where the other one's going to be and like i said this is why strikers cost so much because putting goals in the back of the net is important and so many teams are struggle with this in the world cup these these two players don't struggle putting balls in the back of that half a chance and that ball is going to be in so i hope that he plays so who's going to win france. why don't have health flag we don't have a flag i don't just drove why. have there alarm back so there was going to. i don't have. so much i'm going to go with friends although i've. said this is a tough one with friends i don't have a flag but i go with france do you have one because of the lack of flags i go with
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your one there are many flags you know no one not a friend. i think if you please we can have a match and we could maybe see your guy win but i don't know if he doesn't plan to go to france for a talk for our first learn if we show you a little then let's look further into the future and there is another quarterfinal a lot against we did yes ali moore you've been followed i was with hundreds of colombian fence in berlin like the entire community like in the colombian community came out to watch this game it was like but he won for under seven hundred people but you also had a few very very brief and so take a look. was painful to watch. which i guess these will be i mean you know what you have to go away it's like a very english style so in a way we should have
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a play against very good thing they've got that they're very organized and. they could cause trouble but we have. a big thing is that we just want to know if you know germany went out in the first round that doesn't happen that way because. i weaker when this first of our cars is gone and the curtains gone congratulation to that england. is that reason head off to make it to the finals or will it take them to the final i think they have a really good chance i know people say they're on the easiest side of the bracket but it's so open then in the end i have to say like i'm not in england fan but you have to like for these guys this generation like they have to watch you know they have a great coach and i find it's like they've left the demons behind and i like the energy on this team. it's you know and and we also have to say like they want to penalty shootout usually in the past they would have folded and you saw that when columbia equalised dominated in extra time but then to help put there like help
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stay composed. but they don't have an easy apartment no sweden is super surprising to me what do you think they mean i think sweden is i mean right now in the post is latin area there is a lot of there they are better as a team they're more organized they know their system and everyone you know everyone kind of has their feet on the ground they don't have that you know the god figure who doesn't work on the system that being said they struggled to create goal scoring opportunities so you're like ok that how because in the last game a few times there you know you would put some of those chances away but that being said they did advance it it's not maybe the prettiest football to watch the game in switzerland was you know at times a little bit you know so i'd say boring but it's football and at the end of the day what you have to do is win the game or you know when i'm probably saw there however
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you need to when you need to win to advance and the best team doesn't always win and the best team doesn't always advance but i mean. when it's good sweden is a little bit like you care you know it's it's nice but it's a little bit boring i would say so i'm not very you know i don't look forward to the scam england versus you know i think it's not at the end and then there's going to be up front and when this thing what do you think england versus sweden i don't know i've been underestimating sweden for a long time but i still i am who i think and i like what i see. i'm bitter still because sweden eliminated italy so i am you have to stick to me and i like harry king and i like so. i. i think england is riding a huge high right now so i'm going to go with england sweden scares me i go with sweden and england where things are going they're all you can go in and there isn't
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a coming home the english will watch it. we say god save the queen. goodbye. football is a simple game twenty two men chase a ball for ninety minutes and at the end the germans the croatians the english but i shot the euro why is the belgians the brazilians the swedish the from the french always win. feel.
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cut. cut cut cut cut cut. cut. cut. cut. cut. come on our move. to montreal or international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week it's premature mole to us week in german politics chancellor angela merkel faced a rebellion from the interior minister full seafood from the government to be said step into the abyss so is the stability of the. beach split up shortly on poetry.
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quadriga thirty minutes w. o. o. o. b a. moving the fund betokened. she's works goddess for tonight. the munsters entries which. children searched bottom twenty two. how's your view of the world. where i come from but oh is that it does this go it's just like this chinese foods doesn't matter where i am is it always reminds me of coke after decades of living in germany chinese food is one of the things i miss the most but that taking
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a step back i see six hundred to differentiate knowledge plenty of fluids a person as an articulation that exists to add a part of the whole to haven't been able to mention it in china that's new undock of chinese people wondering if their foot is a picnic but if i have a ride to learn how to do that is this is the job of just either of them how i see it and at the supply enough my job because i tried to do exactly this hour a day by name of the uninsured and i work at it up here. is world trade at risk od. live does the dishes cycle of trade barriers for terrorists and tough to play what's will it mean to the major economic the united states china and. d w looks at the causes and presents analysis in the
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us for discussion this plan to trade disputes on topic on g.w. news and business. model. to the. this is g w news live from birth land authorities announced and the time is running out for twelve boys trapped inside of a tight chain dropping oxygen levels and worsening weather of the end of the rescue workers may have just days not months to get the boys out and the death of a rescue diverse serves as a stark reminder of the caves dangerous conditions. also coming up beijing calls it
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the biggest trade war in history this after the u.s. imposes tariffs on the.


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