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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 6, 2018 5:00pm-5:15pm CEST

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this is live from berlin the race against time to rescue the trapped children in thailand authorities say the clock is ticking for the twelve points and their soccer coach stranded in a flooded cave system monsoon rains are forecast and oxygen levels in the caves are falling a situation which killed one rescue worker also coming up. china slaps retaliatory tariffs on certain u.s. products after the u.s. imposed duties on billions of dollars in chinese imports beijing says it's the
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largest trade war in history. and as the world cup quarter finals kick off this week as it has done brazilian fans have descended on the russian city ahead of their big game against belgium tonight but which version of neymar will turn up. i'm having and welcome to the program rescuers in thailand say time is running out as they work to free twelve boys and their soccer coach trapped inside a flooded cave system just how dangerous that mission is is even more evident following the death of a professional diver working on the rescue of oxygen levels dropping and more monsoon rains on the way authorities warn the window of opportunity to extract the group is limited. it's dark dangerous work
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water levels are high narrow passages flooded. and still the volunteers continue their mission but with news that a former tiny navy diver has died no one can ignore the risks involved salmon pune and who was thirty eight had successfully delivered tanks event to the trapped boys and their football coach but he lost consciousness on his dive back it is very risky please think about it a navy seal just passed away last night so how about a twelve year old kid. there's a renewed sense of urgency to find a way to free the twelve boys and their coach they've been stuck in this cave for almost two weeks with oxygen levels drilling and more heavy rain expected officials are aware there is no time to lose. previously we thought the boys could live there
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for a long time. but now everything is changed we really only have a limited time. for the boys relatives it makes the waiting even harder. over then use and it is still dangerous to come out here. for the i'm worried he has never dived but can swim a little. rescue is a trying to provide a line of air to reach the youth football team but as they're trapped for kilometers inside the cave nothing about this operation is straightforward. journalist tim newton joins us now from thailand temp thanks for taking the time rescuers originally said the best option might be to wait for water levels to recede after monsoon season but why is this no longer a viable. well you can imagine when they found the team the
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announcement that they might be giving them provisions for a four month white for the monsoon to pass was surprising a lot of people now the problem with the monsoon is that when it rains here in thailand it's torrential rain so they've had to respond for around about four days as the ryans held back even an opportunity to get some of the water level down but if the rhine starts again it makes the exit out even more complicated complicated further today with the death of the thirty eight year old former time navy seal some mancow nun who died was working as a volunteer to try and help the team that died on judy mom you mentioned professional diver who died on duty can you explain to some of our viewers that are watching around the world the makeup of this cave and why this is so dangerous well this is not a small cave the team are actually almost six kilometers into the cave from the
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entrance it's an eleven kilometer cave system and it goes some five hundred meters underground not only that the prospect for example of trying to drill in from the top will drill in from the side you've got kilometers of solid rock to drill through so it makes the prospect of drilling almost impossible which means really the only way they can get out is the way they came in and the path back to the entrance is that long it's cramped and it's at least partially submerged sam talent interior minister is scheduled to speak we've been waiting for that press conference what can we expect to hear from the minister. well i wish i knew what he was going to say i don't know the problem is here it's just off to ten pm on friday evening it's a rather strange time to be holding a press conference i imagine it would be centered around the urgency of the urgency
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that the writing is about to stop again in the next couple of days they've had a few days without crying which is giving them everybody good opportunity to get things sorted out but once those running start again it's going to make the mission much more complicated my tip is that they might try and get some of the future boys out as soon as they possibly can but off to day's death it just makes the whole process so much more risky journalist tim newton in thailand thank you for your insights my pleasure to a trade dispute now between two of the world's biggest economies china has taken its first shots against u.s. goods and what it calls quote the largest trade war and economic history it's responded immediately to new american tariffs by imposing its own and says they're already in effect the u.s. lobbies affects on eight hundred chinese products or talking cars planes and hard drives to the tune of thirty four billion dollars meanwhile china has metalhead
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story tariffs target u.s. agricultural products such as soybeans and the chinese are turning their response into a propaganda victory. ever since u.s. president donald trump first announced tariffs on chinese exports beijing has been open about their own plans for a tell you treat tariffs on u.s. soil beans among other products for american farmers soybeans used to be one of the top exports now china is working hard to increase its own soybean output furthermore beijing is scoring political points by opening its doors to other asians soy produces the chinese government has announced plans to scrap tariffs on soybean imports from india bangladesh laos and sri lanka they also announced that they would reduce tariffs on other products from asian countries despite president trump's claims that it would be easy to win a trade war american farmers are already finding themselves on the losing side.
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meanwhile the president is ready to further escalate the situation announcing tariffs on an additional sixteen billion dollars in chinese goods taking effect in two weeks. from said the u.s. is ready to talk of a total of five hundred billion dollars in chinese imports. discuss this further g.w. senior business editor joins me then as a businessman and now as the leader of the world's biggest economy what's trumps strategy here with regard to this dispute it's pretty much to use and abuse his position as being in control of the world's biggest economy and he's having some success in that everyone is listening he's got everyone's attention that's for sure and he's bullying countries into doing how he thinks business should be done except that his concept of business is pretty much stuck in the one nine hundred fifty s. the world has become very interconnected and it's a very different business well to the one he was introduced to as
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a young businessman and his strategy could well backfire i mean until now it's just been threats but we've seen the effects of those threats over the past half year this trade dispute is what if. if of china's stock market value it hasn't really hit wall street but this could just be a taste of what's to come gabby and we're talking about a total of fifty billion dollars in tariffs trump now flagging five hundred billion dollars in tariffs on chinese imports that's basically everything the china shipped to the u.s. last year yeah he's threatening to impose further tariffs does either side then have an upper hand in this dispute well the u.s. does have the upper hand in that it is still the world's biggest economy but the question is how much longer when we take a look back through history a lot of millennial is wouldn't realize that although the u.s. is the world's leading economies it's only been in that position for one hundred fifty years back two hundred years the chinese have been in control for centuries
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so who is going to lead the economy in the next say decade or half a decade who's going to be setting the standards who's going to be in charge of the world order now the impact of this dispute will eventually start to trickle down who are the biggest losers and this is all fat and on you and me. you and i going to be the biggest loses the consumers. i mean there are going to be no winners in this everybody knows that all analysts and experts agree on that point but who's going to be the biggest loser the consumer prices are already going up in some respects. those tariffs hitting today and this steep tariffs you know not all companies are going to be able to absorb those into their profits some companies do promise they will so if you're going to buy yourself how the davidson do it now because in the short term they reckon they can absorb those those prices by
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shifting their production abroad and a lot of multinationals can afford to do that they've they've got different production locations all around the world but the little guys start to w. senior business editor ben physio and thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world the junior partners and german chancellor angela merkel's coalition government the central of social democrats have signed on to her new tougher line on migration it was a key demand of interior minister horse a hole for leave merkel's conservative and sister party the c.s.u. . divers in thailand have scoured the hull of a boat that sank in turbulent waters off the resort island of two cats the death toll has now risen to at least twenty one rescue workers have pulled around fifty people to safety but dozens more remain unaccounted for. pakistan's anti corruption court has sentenced former prime minister nawaz sharif to ten years in prison on corruption charges he was convicted after failing to prove
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a legal source of income for luxury apartments sharif is in london and was not present for the trial he described the charges as politically motivated. japan has executed seven members of the doomsday cult which carried out the nine hundred ninety five staring gas attack on the subway including its leader shoko he had been on death row for more than a decade or two hundred people died in the attack and thousands more were injured. the world cup quarter finals have kicked off in russia and france currently in action looking ahead to tonight's game it's brazil facing belgium and cazan star neymar has been criticized around the world after his dramatic displays of simulation and exaggeration and brazil's last game against mexico but he retains the full support of the fans and on this coach meanwhile roberta martinez's belgium
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side of pro-choice the game having completed the comeback of the tournament thus far in their round of sixteen match with japan a talented squad with a fierce attacking playing style makes them the most dangerous opponent of brazil have faced so far. the brazil have carnival two. two games from the final that momentum is picking up and the fans aren't fussed about the criticism their star neymar has been receiving for his play acting antics all games people try to hurt him like. his he's only doing what anyone in his place would do and everybody's criticize him but it's hypocrisy because everyone does it every player in soccer does it so. there's no doubting the magnitude of name os talent to make a difference against mexico with one goal and want to see but coach teach a says there's much more to him than just attacking flair no we're strong you know it's
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not just with the ball and not just dribbling there are moves and defensive transitions so if you look you'll see how much he's been participating in the team it was call it use. one man who will have been watching closely is belgium coach rubato martinez he also has plenty of talent in his own saw its champions league regulars and premier league winners abound but brazil have one thing that belgium doesn't brazil is the team that brings that mentality of knowing how to win world cups that's probably the biggest trend and that's something i would have told the called on there on the night and brazil don't just know how to win world cups they also believe in their own rights to be champions nonetheless the belgium game will be their biggest test of the tournament so far. the air invited to a birthday party that's a bit different type marking it giant hand as fifth birthday and celebrating with
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not one but two birthday cakes or caretaker says the sweet treats contain her favorite ingredients one of melon apples and grapes in a sure. fire she wanted to watch the daily news thanks for joining us. waste. pollution. time for. africa people and projects that are changing are meant for the better. or for. the w.


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