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this is d.w. news a line from the lead of the john folds of the world cup in a tournament full of surprises brazil are out belgium's because diploid is scored the upset is belgium not become so versus advantage for the final four we'll show you what happened and find out what is next as brazil heads are also on the program all sorts. also on the program forces in tottenham and i do not know who we spoke playing around with that china imposes retaliate retirees on u.s. products after the u.s.
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prices levy some pittance of dollars' worth of chinese that imports beijing is describing the dispute as the largest trade war in history. i don't sources thailand slowdown the aphis to free the children the trapped in a flooded cave system to fishel leading the rescue operation says the twelve boys and the football coach are not yet ready to make the dive to think that rescuers want to give them more time despite fears the conditions could last. so welcome to the program belgium of just dumped world cup favorites brazil out of the competition with a two one victory in the quarter final clash the game and cazan has just finished and the images of fans absorbing the news belgium are braced and say well they would be fifth they were that belgium right center to know first half later before
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brazil pulled one back in the second half but it was robots or martinez as belgium who hung on and find themselves in the semifinals they will face france of tuesday so first it was germany the top ranked team in the world cup crashing out in the group stage now it's brazil the second round to take. the forces here so history another russian surprise welcome mark how did belgium do it well amazing isn't it brazil out of the will cope the favorites for the tournament and belgium deserved it it was too long it was tight at the end brazil really came back was in a gang but is the first goal which was i don't goal from finland denio very unfortunate for brazil and then those in power four with romelu lukaku then laying the ball for kevin the point i want to finish this is the world cup quarter final absolutely sensational a lot of people said belgium with a dark hole so this tournament is not as big a surprise as it might have been but still belgium never win the world cup before
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brazil a five time champions and they are out they gave a good go there was a bit of controversy with video as is the referees and penalties. this was a penalty then it was not given we've heard a lot about v.a.r. during this tour of course but by and large it's been good great ahead of that by right now to a good start to lead to make it to one brazil push and push and push for the equaliser it didn't come so belgium through to the semifinals belgium then going on to play france tell us about how france got past or why the other quarter final it was a bit easier for france they built beat year ago i too know for really deserved year ago our bit hamstrung the top player it isn't. he wasn't playing and it was a pretty poor performance from your guy especially from the goalkeeper we can see some pics now of the goals of france maybe wrong choice from the start silly season foul given away there by year ago i was gay friends a chance to grab and open a great head of that around into the corner of the net the goalkeeper didn't do
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much with that head but he'll want to not watch what we're about to see again here there was a shot for man to andries man it wasn't a particularly tough shot to say unfortunate for numbers lera basically threw it into his own goal reminiscent of goals of. liverpool in the champions league final but from frenchman shaun imo now we're playing belgium in the semifinal a big game that long for tonight was yet that's going to be a logs or watches us it is i mean obviously the next to each other and most of the belgian team are actually flemish speaking rather than french speaking says a bit more needle there between france and belgium belgium of only ever been in a semi final once before in one thousand nine hundred sixty france of course when the world cup in one nine hundred ninety eight so they got i was really at the moment and as we can see here the replay again here it's very unfortunate our own goal for the state league but this goal is if we being in the game and just said
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sation. people who've watched it all season for magic city in the premier league know how good he is and isn't just a terrific terrific finish as i say brazil did a really really push from that point onwards and probably feel they should have equalized at various chances in the second half to continue missed a golden golden opportunity but this will cut just keeps on shocking us germany out spain out russia through and now brazil the favorites gone at the quarter final stage so france against belgium is the winner of that match the likely winner in the final two think you'd have to say so because that half of the draw was the most difficult if you're looking on the other half of the draw we've got england playing sweden tomorrow. and the host russia playing croatia now only england out of that group or the winner will cup before but that was way back in one thousand nine hundred sixty six so you have to say france or belgium are now the favorites fold this will cup title but it's been a cup full of shocks so who knows better thank you very much
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for your business update that now with javier gave us for our business ask and it's here this trade well we call it a trade war between china is it a trade what i have heard that before i think yes now it is definitely a trade war china has imposed thirty four billion dollars in retaliatory measures on u.s. goods it was an immediate response to american tariffs which took effect as washington's clock struck midnight on friday china's measures match the american levies dollar for dollar instead of making trade truly free and fair and says he wants it to be the measures could up ending a dollar or causing a downward spiral of trade barriers as america's partners retaliate the chinese say they had no choice. the response to trump's tariffs on chinese goods was swift. but at a meeting in bulgaria premier league was quick temper sighs his country's reluctant resolution to come out on top. our view is
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that creed war is never a solution for china would never start a trade war but if any party resorts to increase terrorists then china will take measures in response. so far beijing has mirrored washington's tariffs slapping twenty five percent duties on goods ranging from cars to soybeans and seafood. the u.s. signaled it could up the ante announcing fresh levies and hinting at half a trillion dollars worth of chinese goods could be in the crosshairs the threat of a full blown economics arms race has many observers worried. and if it doesn't is it up than it is and the united states is trying to get it advantages through pressure and threats that if it doesn't work then we'll be in a dangerous spiral and there can only be losers the losers also include americans who rule states has supported trump could be especially in hard hit many export agricultural goods to china but for now at least regime is looking elsewhere to
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feed its population. alright it's a very complex topic that i now want to discuss with our colleagues in the united states in washington we're now joined by our correspondent clear richardson the dalai financial correspondent joining us from the new york stock exchange and yes i want to start with you let's start with the immediate consequences here what can you expect will happen to the u.s. economy. well i mean that really depends on what steps we might see further from you as president donald trump and i made it pretty clear that they're not going to be the first movers so for now we do see the consequences on the agricultural sector for example here in the united states you have a couple of companies who are all dead already feeling the pain from higher terrorism but having that said so far we're talking about tariffs and the amount of goods and
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the amount of thirty four billion dollars about the u.s. economy has the strings of a total of about nineteen trillion. dollars so so far. the u.s. economy can probably deal with those terrors and then we shouldn't forget the u.s. economy overall it seems to be rather strong we had a very solid jobs report here on friday so far the damage is limited to certain areas but stock about another type of damage with you clear china's tariffs actually hit some key regions for trump's base as we know what kind of support does he have for all of this considering how controversial his decisions tend to be. that's right javier well it's interesting that this doesn't split directly down party lines like you might expect a lot of top republican lawmakers are making a lot of noise about this because they're facing tough reelection battles in this november's upcoming midterm elections and the states that they're representing where they're facing these races are some of those that are going to be the worst
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hit by the retaliatory tariffs from china now at the white house has said what much of donald trump's base likes hearing which is that unfair chinese trading practices have closed down american factories have taken away millions of american jobs but that's going to be a much harder sell as these tariffs really hit the agricultural heartland of the united states we're looking at goods like soybeans and cotton a big swing against america. and farmers and many of those who backstrom in the twenty sixteen election and the republican lawmakers are going to need it to keep their seats come november so generally speaking also if u.s. manufacturers pass on these costs to consumers i think the american public is going to be unhappy to see a hike and prices for some of their electronic goods things like computers and phones and that is probably going to happen anyway now back to you we know that trump has repeatedly said that winning a trade war is easy he wants to force china to correct this misbehavior as tara was
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explaining it can we expect china to just simply give in to make this trade war stop. so far there's no sign that china is really going to bed of any time soon we shouldn't forget also the domestic market in china becomes more and more important even if china depends more on exports than the united states does actually china is still trying to a certain degree to deescalate things they have not for example chinese consumers to boycott you as good something like that has happened before with other trade fights that china has other asian countries that is not happening yet and also on the washington side donald trump is the not starting to block the chinese investments in the united states to the united states or in a certain sense where we do not see a full escalation of the situation and that might also be a reason why wall street at the moment remains rather calm and actually in the past
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couple of days we had a rather strong showing here of wall street after the drop a good thousand points in the second half of june so there's still hope that things might not escalate but at the same time there's no clear sign that china is going to back off. that escalation could happen in many fronts to get a bit of a bigger bigger picture here clear this whole hardline strategy from donald trump not only with china but with many other countries are supposed to give the us a better deal in general that's what trump always says is there a sense that this strategy will actually get the u.s. trade deals well that's right this is part of a wider pattern of trump's america first policy is hard line the approach to trade he's had all of united states top trading partners over the past few months and it's worth noting that many of them canada mexico the european union have hit back with their own and now china of course have hit back with their retaliatory tariffs
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and so it's clear that they're not going to be taking this lying down now many would agree with trump when he criticizes things like china's intellectual property theft and that it's creating barriers to entry for u.s. businesses and that perhaps these have not been addressed adequately by past administrations but many of business leaders and economists here in the united states are very worried that these tariffs are not an effective way of addressing these problems and that they fundamentally misunderstand how the global supply chain works so we've already seen manufacturing construction other sectors that are heavily reliant on trade taking a hit from these tariff wars and without any real concessions to speak of it's not clear what the trump administration's endgame is with these tariffs don't from keeping us guessing their character soon in washington is called the new york thank you very much both of you for the analysis. that's all for business for now expect to fill in the ongoing situation in thailand that gets things havea yes indeed tile floors is of war in that the twelve children trapped in an underground underground cave system i'm not yet ready to try to i'm bishes escape plan rescue workers have
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been teaching the group to dive would say it's still too soon for them to swim out through the flooded caves the stress of moment soon rains unfolding oxygen levels marine rescue workers may soon have no chance no choice the bigger part of. it's dark dangerous work. water levels are high narrow passages flooded. and still the volunteers continue their mission but with news that a former tiny navy diver has died no one can ignore the risks involved. salmon pune and who was thirty eight had successfully delivered tanks event to the trapped boys and their football coach but he lost consciousness on his dive back it is very risky please think about it a navy seal just passed away last night so how about
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a twelve year old kid. there's a renewed sense of urgency to find a way to free the twelve boys and their coach they've been stuck in this cave for almost two weeks with oxygen levels drilling and more heavy rain expected officials are aware there is no time to lose. previously we thought the boys could live there for a long time. but now everything is changed by we really only have a limited time. for the boys relatives it makes the waiting even harder. i watch the news and it is still dangerous to come out. of there i'm worried he's never dived but can swim a little a. rescue is a trying to provide a line of air to reach the youth football team but as they're trapped for kilometers inside the cave nothing about this operation is straightforward.
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and mills brought in to gaze a cave rescue expert based here in germany welcome to d.w. what sort of dangers are facing the boys and the rescue as they try to get a. good evening from germany yes there are different parts we have to focus on one. described a lot of itself so the passages have to be dived. and some has the just try where you have to crawl or walk and on the other side the boys are a long time in the cave they are maybe not in good conditions better than my lower and they have to have enough. force
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to came out but the main thing is the diving problem because we have a break current in the cave we have syrah visibility on the water and you never can dive if you have problems because there is a ceiling or roof of the cave right so with monsoons all the way water levels likely to rise quickly what do you think of a likely to risk going ahead with a rescue attempt. it makes no sense to. take a higher risk to children because of water rises it's every time the best that the divers which are on side in the cave made the fish and . boys can die on the ark. and has the rescue team got enough time to prepare we've heard reports of some of those condoms with years ok swimming is not a big problem is you can give them some support in their swimming passages
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like the life jackets or something like dad and the main thing is the diving itself and last. time to learn diving on one side in a swimming pool or so but diving into caves really really difficult and we have just a few experience in the world which can dive under such conditions really safe so it's a big risk or a big problem to learn them diving as much as they need it so let's look at it then from from the rescuers point of view we're talking so that the technical challenges facing the divers and the rescues you have. it's really the main thing is that you're always die meaning safe and there you
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need a lot of equipment and also a lot of experience in diving in caves it's not enough to be a really good diver you have to be a really good cave diver and such loading conditions. we've seen in the news where one very experienced diver has has already died as a result of running out of oxygen how does an accident like that happen. i'm not sure what are the correct conditions but there as i know from the rescuers network he has not enough. air left and his bottles and so he get problems. but this diver was not experienced cave rescue or a cave directly was when i will from the swat team from the military and so it's really experienced diver but diving in
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a cave really really different to diving outside his i.q. for your time your expertise brought exactly. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world a course in turkey has sentenced two prominent journalists to jail shahin al day and his colleagues were sentenced to eight years and nine months in prison for that links to he's failed coup in twenty sixteen both worked for a newspaper with ties to cleric for to the glenn anchor of blames for instigating the coup attempt. residents of a bedouin village in the israeli occupied west bank of ma for devon about the demolition have been celebrating victory after an israeli judge blocked the demolition proceedings human rights groups say removing the batteries will allow israeli settlements in the area to grow and further fragment palestinian controlled territory. british prime minister says her cabinet has agreed on that pressing
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negotiating position on trade and customs cabinet meeting comes as corporations criticize the prime minister's approach the c.e.o. of us which employs forty thousand people in the u.k. so that mrs may's government has no clue about the. pretty severe and repeated a warning that jobs could be lost. and rebels in the south of syria say they have agreed to lay down their arms in another major victory for president assad the fighting in syria's there are provinces intensified in recent weeks the spacing around three hundred twenty thousand people the truce was brokered by russian rebels sources say under the terms of the deal they will not be allowed to leave their off for another insurgent stronghold in the northwest of the country. zimbabwe is gearing up for elections at the end of this month as in times and i doubt well is looking to seal his position and secure a popular mandate it took over from the country's long term dictates of robert mugabe last year following an army coupe and probably just
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a break from the mugabe days but accusations from his past are dogging is election campaign. you know when and when your cleans the grave of his son it's all the hands left to remember him by he was killed at the age of fifteen along with other local children. while word says his life changed forever thirty five years ago when soldiers turned up at his village. they walked away with nine of the children. were all. after three days we found them dead and their bodies smelling. they'd been beaten up with large wooden logs on their entire bodies who were so painful remembering the size of the logs that be deaf last. after that of a shotgun and suv almost gone. zimbabwe's army carried out a series of massacres during the one nine hundred eighty s. all here in the region of matter bt land rights groups say twenty thousand people
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lost their lives. the man who is now president and is an man and god were from the zanu p.f. party was in charge of national security at the time it may be decades later the voters here in the town of pull away i have not forgotten the massacres that go by the name of. the it's due. to me and muslim and that is it all. so basically out in what was i don't i don't think. voters in ma to be learned account for fifteen percent of the electorate so man and god what is keen to win support here but he's not address the issue of the massacres he's cast himself as a reformer and is invited international election observers to zimbabwe for the first time in years last month he held a campaign rally here that was targeted by
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a grenade attack. the celebrate atmosphere quickly turned to panic. man and god escaped unscathed he later dismissed the attack is the work of outsiders thought mo and when your doesn't trust him he along with many others here plan to vote for the opposition movement for democratic change. l j p t activists in taiwan have suffered a setback in their fight for equal rights last year the territories top courts recognize same sex marriage just and asked the government to legalize them a year later nothing has happened and a raft of public referenda proposed by civil society groups unhappy with a change of left algy bt activists fighting a battle. joyce and her friends did imagine they will be doing this trying to convince people to vote for same sex marriage in a possible public vote but people don't seem to care not laying down now no one
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wants to take the leaflets paul says by a totally indifferent that's the situation with facing now. besides indifference society's also deeply divided but. i support bt. even the pope said homosexuality is something you're born with or. hasn't been going to legalization of same sex marriage will influence the moral fabric of the family i strongly disagree. taiwan's l.g.b. community is disappointed only a year back it seemed they were on their way to marriage equality. and. support had been strong and very visible for same sex marriages a landmark ruling by the highest court gave authorities two years to pass
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legislation that would have strengthened gay rights but with elections around the corner the government has been reluctant to do so. your main to support same sex marriage in taiwan she's candid about why the government is dragging its feet in the matter. the president doesn't did pass a bill in line with the top judge's ruling because many of her supporters a strongly opposed to it chose a friend and they worry that society will be ended if such a bill is passed. and. joyce then and her girlfriend nicole certainly hope society sees their point of view and allows them the same marriage rights as millions of other taiwanese says. the running of the bulls festival has begun in spain's northern city of pamplona
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a festivities started for half a firing of a traditional. thousands of people packed the streets dressed in white fast never changed i just seconds it morning starting on saturday the race for the bulls along an eight hundred and fifty meter street course leading to the complainers bowling more than a million visitors a ten nine day yesterday i think. a quick reminder of our top story out there is our belgium have dumped world cup favorites brazil out of the tournament after observer won't win in the quarterfinals of. belgium now face favors from spend most of the final.
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austria's fortifying its borders with the reason soldiers are practicing how to repel migrants. but some locals find the drills totally inappropriate so. it's fear mongering i'm really feeling that's because very few migrants are now crossing into the outcry in public. in sixty minutes on t.w. . the fast pace of life in the digital. shift has the
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lowdown on the web showing new developments and providing useful information though with these fines and interviews with makers and users. in forty five minutes. i'm not proud of and they will not succeed in dividing us. well not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of his dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters d. w. made for mines. is the world trade at risk. let does the fish the cycle of trade barriers for terrorists and tough talk. what
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will it mean to the major economic policy the united states china and. d w looks at the causes and presents analysis and expect discussion if the trade disputes are topic on the top of the news and business. well it started and so far we're all still here today the world's two largest economies the united states and china started what beijing has described as the biggest trade war in economic history imposing tariffs on billions of dollars worth of each other's goods so how worried should the rest of us pay could this tip us into another world recession i feel gail in berlin this is the day.


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